ZOLTAR Electronic Fortune Telling

By | November 26, 2022

Electronic Fortune Teller Fun!!
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Welcome everyone Dr Thor here another Fascinating little fun fortune telling Tools you know I collect these I find Them enjoyable and I actually use them To kind of Um Figure out what may happen in the future So here's a fun one called zoltar of Course that comes from the movie it Comes in this little box uh that's where You put the batteries in uh you turn it On in the bottom and that's where the Speaker is It's got a soft plastic front so you can See zoltar and Um it lights up you can't see it too Well in this light but there's a little Light there and of course the uh what You get from it is actually you have Different obviously fortunes [Music] Share your fortune from zoltar sometimes You can tell a wise person not only by What he says but also by what he doesn't Say remember it is much better to say Little than to say too much and Read so this is a cool nice little thing It's uh what about three inches by two And a half or so Um you can get these in most places I Think it's around fifteen dollars it's a Cute little item and again uh these are Things to place on your desk but you Know I usually push the button several

Times and then Foreign Hard work pays off over time but Laziness it pays off right now he need My advice Young One relax and enjoy yourself today you Deserve it I hope everybody can hear That this is a fun one it's got nice Things the voice is good and it's a Little low in sound quality and and uh Volume but there's not much you can do About that let's hear some more from This wisdom man Foreign [Music] Because one day they will be you know What I mean You're a fortune sometimes Not only by what he says but also by What he doesn't say remember it is much Better to say little than to say too Much and regret it later [Music] Hear your fortune from zoltar dream as If you'll live forever live as if you'll Die today that's right you must live Your days as if they were You because one day they will be you Know what I mean I'm not sure how many Torches is on the more limited than most But it's a fun little item again this is Something that you could place on your Actual uh desk and it's a cool little Item to have and uh it does light up a

Little and um uh it's not a 3D image Inside other than the bowl but it looks Like one of those little things you'd Put money in at a particular Um arcade or something so another really Fun item uh and these are readily Available in your usual spots