Wizard Electronic Divination

By | November 26, 2022

Part of my electronic divination collection. Merlin – Ask The Wizard.
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But not certain One thing that I collect hello everyone Dr Thor here what I collect is actually Fortune telling little electronic Machines I think they're a lot of fun This is a pretty cool one in terms of uh The actual holder of it it's a little Wizard Um You can see how the crystal ball flashes Ask Merlin So this is a pretty cool one it's a Pretty big one what is this about eight Ten inches high it's got the Hat it's Got a nice stand I don't know if this Was in a game at one time or not but This is pretty rare you can't really Find these and I find them interesting And I generally like to use them in a Fortune telling manner I mean you can Push the button many times like this That Way you kind of get a Randomness to it And I've used these uh even a serious Manner as well by Um actually pushing the button many Times then pushing it again to see if That No Now this is a really crummy voice which Is the real uh problem with it also um It gives very short answers there are Ones that are a lot better which I'll be Showing you as well but this is another

Cool collectible for those that are kind Of into the uh more interesting little Metaphysical devices out there and like Everything Uh they have serious aspects if you want To use them that way let's check them Again Now why don't you concentrate on Something that you have a question of And we will ask Merlin I think not Hmm was that correct for you So this is a fun item as I said this is Pretty rare you don't find these very Often and there's lots of these little Uh fortune telling statement type things I have a Yoda and a few others I'll be Showing here as well so I'm going to be Showing you my actual collection of These uh they are a lot of fun and Um can answer life's questions Yes And the ball lights up And my answer is I hope you enjoyed this