Why Digital and Computerized Radionics does NOT work.

By | October 18, 2022

Understanding the natue of Radionic energy is critical to build effective technology. Learn why you common electronic machines cannot handle radionic energies.
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Welcome everyone Dr Thor here get ready For gnosis Excuse me Let's talk about uh digitalizing and Digitalization and why it doesn't work With higher consciousness bioenergies Uh this is something that is completely And totally misunderstood and the Shortcut simple tins that want to Digitalize everything uh to make it some Sort of sophisticated Computer-based item is kind of amusing I Don't really think that computers are Very Advanced at all and certainly AI Has been caught in a corner of doing Nothing the imbecilic Elon Musk can't Really do anything the man's a giant con Man that has produced absolutely nothing And I'm going to be doing something on Him recently uh coming as well following His new con man attitudes out there Which have been documented of his Complete and total trickery and Producing nothing now we need to Understand uh first of all the if you're Going to look at digitalization on the Actual Taking of energies and digitalizing them We have to look at the concept that goes There now there has been in the field of Digitalization oh we can start with the Fact of CDs DVDs going from what's Considered a videotape or analog signals Into digital

This means that you're using Huge amounts of data now from what I Understand the DVDs are about uh your Average DVD Is I'm not sure what it is to be honest With you in terms of the amount of info There Um I think it's just 1K and of course Then you have a Blu-ray which is Dramatic Improvement which I think is Um Maybe it isn't 2K I'm not sure if DVD is Even up to okay because I think a Blu-ray uh where uh which has a really Fantastic picture if anybody has any Blu-ray DVDs and I kind of buy them Exclusively now because I do appreciate The much better picture that you get I Believe Blu-rays are 1K and DVDs are Underneath that they may be five Hundreds of whatever's under 1K maybe They're not got up to 1K and then we Have the 2K the 4K that are coming out Now and this is the amount of Information to put in a crude way uh These I believe are the number of pixels Per square inch or whatever it is Technically but we can say the the Amount of data that is uh processed so The more data you process and a Digitalized picture uh the more pixels The finer the quality of the picture and It is radically different Um if you look at at um the difference

Between obviously VHS tapes which are All pretty poor even a good VHS tape was Not very clear unless you had really top Picture top televisions and top Recorders when we jumped into the format Of music when it went into a CD quality Oh I heard instruments I've never heard Before CDs are really perfect and Beautiful people are trying to cry how Much vinyl is better and there may be Some voice factors but when I played Records even on the finest equipment With the finest needles uh certainly There was a voice telling that was Interesting but half of the instruments You couldn't even hear when you actually Played them on DVD or CD I should say You could hear everything every little Bit and it's quite amazing especially if You had a good music system and I had One of the best of Bose five speaker System which which was fantastic with CDs and it was even okay with records Because the system was so good but There's no nothing comparing to actually CDs The same thing goes with the Blu-ray Compared to a regular DVD which are Still you pay premium dollars for Sometimes quite a bit more to get the Blu-ray quality now Blu-ray transfers That large amount of data through what What do you think is called Blu-ray for That's a blue Laser Now DVDs use red

Lasers because you're not I should say CDs because you're not transferring that A large amount of data because it's only Sounds compared to video which takes a Huge amount of data to get those Fantastic clear pictures So we need to understand how that all Works and as people excuse me move into The better formats which are basically Higher amounts of data that are being Processed uh things start to change now Pictures were good right from the Beginning with laser discs this was a uh Competitor to Um uh videotapes for a period of time I'm not really sure why they didn't Catch on more but they were very Expensive uh you couldn't copy them you Needed special machines but you were Laser discs and they had such better Quality of picture because of the Transfer of the laser and of course back Then they were still using red lasers And couldn't quite get the quality and We have used red lasers as well in our Radionic type equipment in the past and Um just doesn't carry enough information Certainly is better over than anything Else and the junky garbage that you see From these fake computerized units that Are made by people out there that have a Tiny little calculator on top of scalar Antenna this is kind of a big joke uh It's really junk technology that

Somebody wants thousands of dollars for Which is just junk like all of that so We need to understand how things are Working out there and what kind of data Are we dealing with Biophysical energy which is a Combination of many different energies That the bio Factory Produces Amplifies and connects to remember You're connecting to your drawing energy In you're producing energy this is an Amazing machine the human reality it is Not just a chemical battery Factory as a Lot would like you to believe now Certainly there are those aspects of it There's a tiny electromagnetic uh aspect To the human body but that's only one of The very detectable and primitive Energies that the human body produces But there's more than just producing Energy which goes into very high Realms Of energy production that really can't Be measured properly we've seen this Even in a cruder way with the meridians The QI flow through the body which has Been verified through different Scientific methods it's a proven fact That there are meridians and energies Flow through them and they can be Measured through our primitive uh Instruments of today now in general the Energies that flow through the body have Not been able to be properly measured by

Typical meters and this is mostly Because of the lack of interest and Funding to do it could it be done of Course it could be done I've done it in Different ways and if I had the millions Of dollars or just one I don't know how many billion it is or Hundreds of millions that one stinking Little rotten tank costs uh I could have Already done this so there are many ways To measure the different bioenergetic Fields and there are many of them as I Said it's a very complicated system of Energies the human reality if you open Up to it and you start experimenting With that's why people can build uh Energies within them by building Qi and Drawing chi in and then they're able to Strike at a distance and this is real People they can put their hand over your Leg which I personally have happened to Me and they can burn your skin without Touching it by putting Chi that way so Is this an inexhaustible energy of Course it's not and she burns out very Quickly and you certainly couldn't do This for long periods of time but it is A fact And certainly Chief fighting while is Very pop uh very possible and real is Not really something you can do Practically after you've dissipated a Certain energy as well so those are Other complicated subjects that we'll

Talk about in the future but the bottom Line is that you're talking about this Massive amount of bioenergies that Connect to Cosmic energies that you draw Into you and that's what all this kind Of technology is about now you as an Entity are more of a channel than you Are a producer of energy even when you Build Chia up in your body you're Building it from outside sources you're Not really making it yourself a certain Amount you do by eating and exercising While your body starts to produce higher Levels of bioenergy and this is uh Internally most Chi is considered to be Accumulated from the outside but it is Not what you think it is in terms of This accumulation of Earth energies per Se it's a complicated factor and there Are many variances in these kind of Energies Chi is not Oregon it's not Prana it's not they're all not the same They're quite different and while there Is a similar energetic value to them to A degree uh the it's the difference Between different sources a difference Between gasoline kerosene or coal Etc Yes they all burn and create energy but They're really quite different when you Do the type of understanding and looking At it there's a big difference between Gasoline and coal Etc even though these Are things that produce energy so we do Have to keep that in mind to understand

And this is what sophisticated research And understanding of energies is all About it's not easy pzp people it's not Quick and simple to understand these Things it's not some mystical Understanding of the world or Contemplating your navel or sitting in a Lotus position and calling some this is Real energetics Situations that and energy that can be Measured that can be used Etc and of Course there are always spiritual Aspects of everything this is part of These energy So these are areas that are really a Difficult situation to fully explain it Hopefully I'll be laying this entire Thing out and going through the Different energy bodies how everything Works in my subtle energy physics course And my other energy courses in general And of course you have to know what These energies are if you're going to Harness them if you're going to make Technologies and machines that are Manifesting machine Then the fact is you have to make sure That you know what energies you're Accessing so this isn't some sort of Placebo nonsense energy that common Medical science likes to Bow over to Because they're such failures this has Nothing to do with that of course that's Basically what you could call that is

Primitive psychic energy and it does Work in some instances I don't believe Any of the studies that pretty much Anybody does no matter what side of the Aisle they're on so the whole idea is That we have to be very understanding of What the facts are what the gnosis of it So that we can properly make decisions Uh to all these things not just Slavishly follow nonsense uh that Someone tells us because they're an Accreditated a certified boob from a University or an uncertified boob that's From The New Age they're both both Certifiable in my book so so we get all That uh to understand what's going on There but let's get back to this data And I don't think people understand I Think a lot of people see the new 4k Coming out which is 4 000 Um Digital energy lines or not energy line I think what is it 4 000 uh pixels per Square inch or whatever it really Doesn't matter but you're going That you're transferring and by doing This you can hone colors you can check You can do anything if you digitalize Something because then you control those Pixels virtually individually to change Colors create sharpness things that Weren't even there so and that gives you A certain understanding of uh doing that With things that can be handled easily

And that is video that is photography That is manipulating photographs and Videos now this is ultimately remember That's only the top right now from what I understand is 4K or 4 000. That's the top they've got to well That's right because Blu-ray as I now That I remember there's only 1K and it Looks pretty damn good I don't know what We need 4K for and how we can even tell The difference but you can manipulate The picture better and of course there's A radical difference from regular DVDs And of course a video so and this is all About the amount of information Processing you can do So where do we get where does this come Into information processing which you Get into the biophysical well the bottom Line is that when you produce Biophysical Informational energetic Fields they're In the hundred if not thousands of Terabytes So a terabyte is a huge amount of Information and some people aren't Buying memory sticks that have five ten Terabytes on it and they think they've Got something for the rest of their life Because most things don't take up that Much actual storage particularly things Like books and printed material or even Photographs when you start getting into High digital content or megabyte content

Like videos and stuff well then you Start eating up a terabyte still slowly But it does happen of course there's Compression going on there and Everything else now but the problem is Is that uh you're talking about still Huge amounts of information now the Average excuse me the average email only Allows you to Send about 20 megabytes 20 megabytes which is Tiny amount so in Email that's all they can really carry To have any value Most storage situations in terms of Email and other things uh don't allow You to store much uh megabytes there and Probably no gigabytes whatsoever so what You have to do is go to a storage place Put your whatever up there that has this Large file and then you have to download It from there and that can take hours to Download these types of files even in This day and age now how do they speed That up well not very well but the way That uh has been working to uh to make Cable faster is using fiber optics now Fiber optics is a fancy term for laser Down a plastic string so the whole idea Is you're using photons to move the Energy through a cable to you which is The fastest possible way to carry huge Amounts of data there's no other way to Do it now Advanced Computers were Supposed to move into Photon use

Relatively quickly because they can't Move too much data through mechanical Means so the whole idea is chips can Only go so fast and computers can only Go so fast and that's why they're moving Past this into these quantum computers Etc whatever that means they're even Getting smaller and going even past Photons which is really probably a Stupid way of doing things the one thing Nice about photons is they're also not Affected by electromagnetic fields you Could take a laser carried fill of Information send it through the middle Of an electromagnetic generating power Plant and it wouldn't distort the Information so you can see how powerful It is and you can also see why some of This is so overlooked and of course Lasers are something that seem to still Be mystified with people even though That we use them every day every time You go to a store Supermarket in particular but all of the Stores now have laser scanning there's a Red laser that scans a barcode and that Then produces the price and helps them With their inventory it's a fantastic Tool for business business so every day We're exposed to it and I don't think People think of it at all maybe they Think it's a little LED light but lasers Not only carry information but they also Can pick up information as it does off

Of a DVD or CD and then makes it into a Picture so the laser goes up into the Informational source and then brings Back the information because it's so Dense if a computer had to do that and Figure all that data out it would take Minutes or hours to get even the most Basic information the only way you can Get it quickly and fast is by using Photons now how does this fit into Radionics there's something kind of kind Of sum this up here well informational Energetic Fields produced by radionics Are huge 100 terabyte at basic even the Basic levels it could be up to thousands Of terabytes of information that an Average informational energetic uh Energy field has So how are you going to transfer that Through analog systems all these people Thinking they're taking analog signals And they're somehow using this in a Radionic or psychic fashion they have Machines on computers yet there's Absolutely no sensing devices whatsoever You know I I recently got an email from A doofus who was doing bio feedback Which is interesting and has been around For about 60 years and biofeedback Machines that sense bioenergies and the Tightness in your body and how you're Responding to different things uh Commonly run several thousand dollars And of course there's been minor or

Smaller units that have been out there As well and these were sold in the 80s And 90s for a couple hundred dollars That uh you put your fingers on they're Kind of like a little lie detector thing And lie detectors kind of work uh off of Biofeedback is one of the ways there's Several ways they were work and as I Said we don't have time to cover all That but the bottom line is that you put Your fingers on it and you would then Give you a sound and that sound would Start off very high pitched and you were Supposed to relax and bring it down Bring the sound down and this but of Course these apps you get on your phone That someone has ripped you off for Can't do any of that but you got pretty Graphics well if there's no sensing Demise from your actual phone a some Sort of meter and this is a problem I've Had before people say well your radionic Stuff well where's the end plate now Play where is it going to or you look at A screen oh where's the energy transfer How is it sensing things well none of These computers have any kind of plugins To do that they're running a program of What so if a computer has some sort of Plug-in sensor well that would make a Little bit of sense but the bottom line It doesn't It doesn't have it none of these systems Have anything that plug in uh to sense

What you're doing some programs do Particularly those that are sensing uh Your brain activities Etc well they give You a headset with a sensor on it Usually your fingers are connected or Other things all of these are kind of Biofeedback information but you have to Connect to something if you're not Connecting to it and you don't have a Way for technology to sense what you're Doing this is all just garbage out there So and this is of course what we get Into there so how are you going to move A hundred terabytes of information Through a computer that can barely Handle watching a movie barely can Handle your emails barely can handle Anything and oftentimes is super slow And streaming what is that you mean Pictures move on your computer Oh Mondo it looks like an old Crank Movie well I mean this is what many People experience of course streaming is Getting a little better but that speed Again you're moving information at a Faster speed thanks to hopefully fiber Optics and things like Cable cable has Its own problems and when there's Massive use of cable the speed tends to Go down phone lines are even worse but They're all figuring out ways of getting Large amounts of data but the data is a Problem so and of course you can get Some faster long lines dedicated

Catalyze all this kind of nonsense that They talk about and of course this is Possible if you live close to some place And you have a rocket on your head which Draws in certain energies whatever the Nonsense that these things are but let's Remember that so it's data again So when people think that they can Digitalize these kind of energies They're complete morons it doesn't make Any sense we have to understand that There is if you're digitalizing if You're using regular Hardware you are Then getting regular Hardware results Etc things cannot be Amplified you Cannot amplify these signals through Digital things this is all nonsense that A lot of people like to talk about Now do digital Products such as CDs DVDs Etc have information in them of A biophysical basis well they do but the Levels of it are very low and the Transferring of it is extremely Difficult so what you're doing is you're Making stuff into an inferior format Because you somehow think that those Lumps of poo that are called computers The black boxes from hell that they are The box of nightmares that computers Often are almost daily causing one Problem or another uh you somehow think That that is advanced technology and You'll get some boob like Elon blofeld

Musk tell you how great his Technologies It doesn't work none of it works he's Achieves zero And he's a giant con man thinking that And he's telling people that oh yeah We've got this in a year or two years it Never happens just like his drivable on Their own taxi cabs and cars that draw None of this works just like his solar Houses that don't work they were not Even built at the time that he went out There and talked about it these were Nothing but con man ways to push his Stock up to build more of his high techy Tesla car Tesla's turning over and as Great as a car that's a piece of Like that named after him So what an insult A battery driven car I don't think Tesla Even looked at regular batteries he Certainly was much more advanced at that Trying to draw in Cosmic energies to run Engines as is being done with neutrons And tachyons today We use a 150 Euro Cup technology but Also different yeah our batteries are Bigger we spit further and you better Believe I stink more than anyone else Come close to me and find out I'm Bloomfield so the whole idea is that all Of these things are that go with this Nonsense is what we have to look at so So if you're going to move massive Amounts of information you're gonna

You're gonna have to use very particular Type of Resident Technologies at this Particular time the best out there is What's offered by radionic Tech of Course which is using tube amplification To pick up these unique huge energy Fields and the residents of them and They are able to pick up lots but not Quite all that you need ultimately and Of course we're always improving that The only way you're going to get massive Amounts of energy that you can move from One place to another or project to a Particular person place or thing is by Using a particular laser system this Will pick it up not only that if you're Going to do anything digital or analog In terms of the way that most people do Things well analog Works through mostly Higher energy psychic and Powers but They're biophysical in nature and They're tapping into the higher aspects Psychic powers are the low level this is The kindergarten when you get into the Biophysical you're getting into very Advanced Energies these are not Digitally able to be uh copied it's as Simple as that digitalization is great For photographs it's great for videos It's great for everything that you want To use in those areas but when we start Digitalizing informational energetic Fields it doesn't work it actually hurts The energy field so we have to

Understand that you're using massive Amounts of matter and to do that you're Going to have to use different Technologies some people claim to get Results from using some sort of Holographic but the whole idea is we Just don't know with any of that Generally that kind of stuff is a big Failure at this particular time so we Just don't know there's certainly some Interesting information there and that's Taking a energy form and making it Three-dimensional which is basically Increasing or carrying the huge amounts Of terabyte of information to its Target But I don't think like it in any way can Copy or produce the results that Photon Based laser-based technology can so Understand that that when you're using Informational energetic fields of a Consciousness biophysical level you are Using huge amounts you're using hundreds Of terabytes for the most simplest Visualization the most simplest Manifesting energy are using huge huge Amounts of data that are staggering to The regular computer field that's out There which has trouble handling any Type of data and of course they want to Keep compressing that data so that it Can flow faster but in general most Things that we download upload Etc Depending on where you are and what your Systems are are pretty pathetic

So the bottom line is you don't take a Huge informational energetic field and Reduce it down to digitalization anybody Doing this is an idiot they don't know What they're doing Now you have to use the correct Technology so that we can actually Find these things to do correctly so we Have to learn how to grab these energies Transfer them through machines amplify Them and then deliver them to the Target Now the problem with of course Laser-based units is the fact that they Do cost a lot more and it takes a unique Type of technology that only radionic Tech knows about the other situations Um where people just want to digitalize Things or make computer things is kind Of a joke and to think you can take Numbers and then shoot these numbers Into scalar antennas to produce results Like the quasi-computerized units are Out there they're really junk technology That these so-called computerized units Are is wrong it shows a quite Problematic situation with the thinking Of the people with that and the bottom Line is just not technology and these People seem to now be mixing with those People that have been of involved in the So-called free energy con game for many Years that they seem to be friends with These con artists that were free energy People the same free energy people that

Now are hooked up with satanists and Involved with organized crimes so it Appears so all of these things seem to Be a very uh Difficult and typical destruction of Technology move people back into crap Technology that everybody thinks is Advanced people think I basically your Portable cell phone is a great Achievement well what does it do that Is unique what does it do Does it do anything different than your Home phone did well not really uh does It do any different than well all it is Is a miniaturized computer to a certain Extent and to a large extent it's Inferior Um Yeah you don't have to carry the Yellow Pages with you you can find different Things but again you're talking about Internet that really has nothing to do With the phone so they've combined the Phone with internet and you can carry it Around with you uh at different levels Of potential toxicity and problems they Certainly are not safe devices Especially to put next to your head So we all need to understand that as Part of what's going on here but uh all Of this people overestimate what Technology is there's only really one Technology that is Advanced only one Technology that ultimately has great

Value to you and that's manifesting Technology Next Level technology that Radionic Tech offers life is about Manifesting do you really need to carry A phone we all do it now because they're Cheap and it's easy but you know people Live for a long time without it you Really need to access the internet on a Tiny little phone well what's all that Kind of crap or all that seems to be Quite bizarre to me us and to give it That it's something special and the fact That people are using their phones Mostly because they are cheap and don't Want to get a computer number one number Two there are two ignorant technically To use computers which if you're going To do any kind of serious work if you're Going to view any kind of serious info Creation or even read well you need a Decent size screen it certainly isn't Even the larger phones of today some Tablets are okay I use a Kindle I find That 11 inch size to be okay but you Know I work on a 24 inch monitor screen As my normal screen and that's wonderful And I don't have to squint and I can see And read everything easily uh all of This stuff is not technology it's Nonsense it's toys for stupid people and They're not doing anything different Than the original invention did and the Fact that you can have a yellow pages in Your phone or you can find a restaurant

In your phone but that's not even really Phone technology as I said that's Internet technology and you're Connecting to the internet on an Inferior device because you carry it With you this kind of crap technology is Very typical of being embraced by an Ignorant population it was fed the Largest bunch of poo that possibly can Be offered to them and they're more than Happy to gobble it up and then tell you How good it tastes so we have to get Away from that when it comes to Advanced Next Level technology offered by Radionic Tech Manifestation technology ultimate Technology is producing results for you Manifesting something in your life not Helping you find a restaurant not Messaging somebody not talking to Somebody on the phone these kind of Things while our common good tools and Things that everyone uses it's not Really technology it's not really Something that adds to your life per se These are conveniences don't carry a Phone book talk to somebody you don't Have to waste your time on a stupid Little phone uh to keep yourself stupid Ignorant and disconnected from the world Oh what a dream So the whole idea is that that's not Technology technology would do something For you technology would take something

That is uh difficult to do and make it Easy now most software doesn't do that Most software is so difficult to use it Takes something simple and makes it hard Because computer programmers are dumb Idiots buffoon slobs that should Be kept in a cage until their Older and then we should close the cage Permanently while it is so the whole Idea is that these are the type of Things that we actually run into so we Need to keep this blatantly clear of What's going on with technology and Next Level technology is going to be and Still has been and is being used to this Day and has been for many years Photon Based it's always going to be light Energy based light is energy light does Everything lasers do just about Everything that you can possibly think Of and most people are just mystified by It or they think they're ray guns and if You use a laser you're going to burn Yourself these are the kind of nonsense That people run into and are believing In stupid technology the bottom line is Most technology takes 15 to 20 years to Get to the public it's being a little Faster now but it's not really new Technology new technology still takes a Long time to be mass produced and get to The public it used to be 20 to 30 years That is cut down a little bit but new Technology not really I don't see any

New technology out there and of course The only technology that has value is How do you manifest in life how do you Empower what you're doing so you're Successful at it so that you can achieve The goals you want in life no matter What that is from a higher spiritual Level to a higher Financial level to a Higher Consciousness level to Healing Yourself and all those critical things That we all need to do to survive in This world and grow that's the next Level of technology and this is not Coming from primitive digitalization or Computerized garbage people that think Like that are thinking really back 20 30 Years ago and all of these computerized Junk out there really have never Achieved anything they have a bunch of Really delusional morons that are not Producing any results and of course if You buy a piece of junk for five Thousand dollars you're gonna say that It works doesn't it just like most People who bought a lot of very Expensive and luxury cars they all love Them they love them because they Invested all that money in it and they Would look like an idiot if they said They didn't like it so it's the same old Nonsensical story that we get from Everything but the bottom line is none Of that stuff really works it doesn't Work well and if it is working it's

Working because your primitive psychic Energies are going into a scalar antenna That helps that manifest has nothing to Do with the little dial on there that Tunes in a bunch of stuff and the 20 Cent a little computer built into those Things it's all nonsense it's plain and Simple is nonsense and there's nothing There certainly a computer as I've just Mentioned and a scalar antenna of the Nature that they are a cannot handle the Terabytes of information that are poured Into that it's never been tested and it Certainly doesn't work so all of that is Part of this delusional nonsense Perpetrated by people who are basically Uh been compromised and are working for The bad guys plain and simple and they Feed you expensive garbage so this is Where we are looking at in this day and Age and that's what you need to Understand the informational energetic Fields are hundreds and hundreds of Terabytes full of information this Cannot be transferred in any other way Except through high level biophysical Functioning with the help of resonant Technologies like tube amplifiers uh That can handle this and amplify it and Ultimately the finest way and the best Way to move this energy is through light Or Photon beams which is a proven method Of moving large amounts of data so Hopefully really everybody understood

That hopefully people understand that it Was put in a clear enough way if you Know anything about data about lasers Others probably you don't I don't know If people really think about that but if You've ever tried to send a large file Or get a large file there is a nightmare To all of these situations to the fact That you have to wait hours and hours to Download huge files and while this has Improved somewhat it's still a nightmare So if to think that you're gonna Download terabytes of information that You're going to Easily do this and be able to use it is Impossible and that's exactly what Radionics psychotronics and all these Other tools are all about they're all About huge informational energetic Fields that actually create energy and Matter that you manipulate do you think That's going to be what 30 gigabytes 200 and maybe oh no it's one terabyte Well I don't think so Huge amounts of informational data Require huge uh ways of moving that Information so you can use it in life so Hopefully that's clear and this again Fills in another little hole another Little space in your understanding of What subtle energy physics are all about And what radionics and the quote God box Really does until next time