Webinar SE 5 1000 2000 PRO Software

By | December 17, 2022

Introduction into the SE-5 1000 / 2000 PRO Software

So I'm going to just go ahead and get Started and I'm going to Dive Right In And and show you guys the software Like I said it's been a very exciting Journey Um three years of of development and I Just want to give you a little bit of Background Um the programmer who has programmed all This is an se5 practitioner and I think That's what's going to be the biggest Difference between the old software and The new software now the old software I Had it designed in India and they did a Really good job I mean considering that They didn't have a clue what we were Doing But uh But I was able to get the software Working connected with the se5 this was In 2010 and 11 probably 2011. and then When I met Zenon he Uh has an sc5 practitioner at one of my Seminars he said you know I'm also a Programmer and so he's the one that has Fixed up the old software and kept it Running because it's you know it's it's Doing really well but it's it's dated You can tell it's dated and as we've Added more features and more things like The PSD and things like that Um the old software is we're always Having to try to keep up with it but I Mean it's still very good software I

Know you guys have all been using it for 8 or 10 12 years And uh and I still use it it's it's Still very good but as I'm getting Transitioned over to the new software I'm finding we're in a whole different Ballpark now I mean it's just so much Easier it's faster you can do analysis Is way faster it's easier to use it's Easier to track your clients uh you've Got more uh information you can put in About each each of your clients and uh You can track the the log you can check For each um session that you've run to See if it actually completed or if it Partially completed there are just a Whole lot of features in the new Software that that make it just easier To use and Um and more functional for what we do as As practitioners Um the one thing I want to bring up Right at the beginning is that this is Not really an upgrade to your old Software in other words this is a Completely different software and so I Don't suggest that you try to Bring all your your old sessions into The new software you can bring all your Clients and I'll show you that we do That where we can import the clients but Um I would kind of start fresh with your Clients as you're making a new session

Go with the new software and then build From there just because there are some More other features and also it's a Little time consuming to bring over uh Sessions it's not terrible but you have More more flexibility and more uh Interconnectedness with the new software With your new sessions which you'll see As we get going So I'm going to go ahead and Jump Right In oh there's a chat button here we go Raise hand under is under reactions the Smiley face oh okay I see reaction smiley face And then I can say okay you see that Okay Very good Thank you so much Um And I'm going to go ahead and share my Screen And go right to the software And there we are So This is the the look of the new software The interface so it's very different Than the old software And I'm going to show you here at the Bottom first thing review device list Now normally when you start your Software it's going to count how many Units are connected I'm going to click On it right now And it's showing that my Precision stick

Detector is not connected so I'm going To turn on my Precision stick detector And now it's going to find that one as Well so you can do this on the Fly That's why I'm showing you this as as Opposed to starting it from from uh Scratch is that if you want to unplug Something and plug something back in it Will go back and re-detect that other Instrument now you might notice that I Have the Precision stick detector here As well as the se5 in the Boi uh I mean Let's do it the other way around I've Got the Precision stick detector Connected with the sc5 1000 and the Boi And the reason for that is that we can Actually run the se5 and the Boi from The same software And that's where it gets really Interesting Okay let's go back to settings and see If that did anything With a PSD There we go I'm going to lock my sensitivity and I Go through how to Um set up the uh How to set up the PSD In the training software so that you can See it Step by step how I do that Okay let's go try this again Save the settings when I lock it And

Close this window Okay let's try this again so this time I'm going to update a session And it probably didn't save anything Because I didn't put any tunings in so I Don't have it yet Let's go back and do a new session again Choose my database Come on There we go okay so I'm going to go back Over here to the intake clearances and Now my graph is running down here Now we'll see what happens Take a reading And then I get the beep and I don't know If you can see this now that one it Stopped right on the number but one Thing that I've noticed here is that if I keep turning after the beep You see I'm up To 24.6 Yeah that didn't work It's it's it talk it stopped it at 3.7 And I kept turning it on purpose and it Moved down to the next level so it locks The amplitude here And then moves you down to the next next Level I'll try energy purity And that's 99 Interference a Interference And C The

Looking pretty good And then General Vitality let's see Where my general Vitality is oh various Report we'll do that once more Okay See where my general Vitality is today That's pretty normal for me 95. now you Notice The the waveform locks at the peak of Resonance here And then it goes to the next level and Then it only releases once you start Dialing your knob So once you change the the amplitude Knob that releases the the PSD graph 98 is pretty good Okay So now we're ready to move over and do Some Some testing this is something I wanted To describe to you if you have the sc5 2000 You'll have a button here that says menu If you have the sc5 1000 it says delete So in the old software That button Works to delete things but In the new software it uses that button To go to the next menu which is over Here the initial tests so I press that In your my case it says to lead on it Because it doesn't have the newer Buttons on it and now I'm over here so That when I change the change the knob Then it will work on this level on the

On the level of the programs So I'm gonna just Go into the subtle balance program Without measuring it I'm going to double Click on that And just check a few of these tunings Like align chakras And oral balance Autotoxicity Balance Blockages so I think I think at this Point you can probably see how much Faster this is than the old software Because every time I I get the reading Um then There's one that's a bit lower Um it goes right to the next one and Puts it into the session for you Yeah So that's the basic idea you guys all Know how to do that Um in the in the normal software this is Just much faster And more accurate because it locks in The resonance Peak as soon as you get That resonance Peak it locks it and puts It into the session even if you keep Turning further And that's one uh one thing that I Really like about this new software Um let's see if there's anything else in This window that's Uh there's some really cool things here Um

So the tunings that's where I'm at right Now is tunings you can also see sub Programs and programs now I didn't Measure the program or the sub program But I could But they always will lock the tunings Together with the subprograms and the Program So if I go to a different program These are the arrows to go back and Forth and you can also use the close Button on your sc5 To let's go to Let's check some non-positive IDF Patterns And I'll just check some of these things And what will happen is that you'll see That it adds them but we'll add them to The tuning level We're about to see it switched back to The tuning level for me automatically See if there's anything in here they're All pretty low How good my psychiatric one wasn't so Bad I always always concerned about my my Psyche Muscle skeletal that's doing better too I was having some issues a few months Ago And the spinal level Okay well we got a bunch of stuff in There Now you're gonna see

At the now we've got non-positive IDF Patterns and subtle balance programs And we've got the same thing in in this Case the same thing in the program level Now what's really cool about this is if You want to change the order of your Programs of where you want things to Balance you can just move them you click On them and drag them and that changes Everything it moves the sub programs and It also moves all the tunics so it moved All of these at the same time And you can also go to explore mode And see all of this at the same time Move this out of the way a little bit And so for example if I put the subtle Balance programs back up top Then it moves everything same thing if I Do that in the sub program level it'll Move everything below that as well So it's pretty it's all tied together Now you don't lose uh track of where Which tunings come from which uh program Or sub program Okay what else is in here there's a lot Of fun stuff in here but Um We'll come back to word tunings but this Is your word tuning area so everything's In the same same window but you also Have like the word tuning level but this Is pretty cool because Um I think I'll show you one we'll just

Make a new one here So let's say I want to do a new word Tuning and I'm going to put in the Description a new Word tuning Whatever that is Now if I want to get a tuning for that The tuning scanner is right here And so I click on that And this one right here It comes up with a frequency tuning for It and it says do you want to keep this Now if it's a positive tuning It'll put a plus in front of it and if It's not in this case it was negative Because it was checked off that way Then it won't put the Plus in front of It so I say yes and it adds it you see New word tuning and I've got I had done that once before I guess and And it'll show you then That new thing So every description that you word Tuning that you put in here it will find A tuning for you you can also put notes In Um and let's make this a little bit Bigger there we go Um you can you can resize these windows So you get a little more space You can also balance directly from this Window here so let's say I wanted to do [Music] Um

Whatever this one eliminating uh Remove blockages from eliminating a Virus for example if I just wanted to Balance that one thing I can click Balance and it will immediately send it To the se5 and turn on the balancing but You might want to set up your timing You'll need to do that so Normally I would measure for that you Know find out how many seconds I should Get And in this particular window it is not Connected to the to the amplitude so You'll have to manually type these in This was a very very complex thing So we'll say five seconds on that one And number of Cycles So it's three Cycles And then you save that And when I go click on balance then it Will balance that over here you see it's Went into balance mode and then it'll Balance that particular Um tuning Oh you notice that I have a word tuning In here for the highest good eliminate Crashes in software so I also use the Se5 when we're in development to help Put this together and keep it keep it Working So that's pretty good So I noticed it went down on the one That I wasn't on a different one that I Was clicking on you got a little

Progress bar here But you can also do what's called batch Mode as soon as this is done we'll go Into the batch mode there we go it's Done you can go into batch mode and you Could select like three of these Different things and then go into Balance and it'll balance one after the Other after the other so it's kind of Like a miniature little session just for Word tunings Which is pretty cool The other thing you can do of course is Add those word tunings to your sessions So I had added these uh into the When I did the measurement it added them Also into my session so you can balance Them and or put them into the end of the Session You can put many of them into the Session too if you want so if I wanted To put those in there and I click on Selected only when I do that it puts all Of those in there that I selected Now this is very similar In terms of programs Let's say we want to do a different Database now And we go back to turn the word turnings Off and I'm in a different database Let's say I wanted to add like a program To all of this let me go to the add-on Programs actually If I wanted to do like an entire

Balancing of a Um of a program and add it to my session All I have to do is highlight that and Then click plus and it'll put This over It'll put it in the program and Subprograms and then also all of those Tunings will be added into the session As well And you can go into batch mode for Example here And you could do if you wanted to do Just specific ones You can highlight more than one and just Do the selected ones but if you want all Of them you just say all and it'll move All of those into that session Like that So it's really easy to move everything Into the uh into a session if you wanted To do a whole program it can just move Everything over for you Like I said it keeps everything Connected so the the main program the Sub programs and the tunings are then Are all connected and if you move these Up or down Then it'll rearrange everything in the Sub programs and in the tunings In the order that you would prefer to Have them [Music] Um You can also add just a tuning like say

I wanted to have this specific tuning in A particular place Like near next to let's just say I Wanted to have it next to us cell solved Then I could say I want that tuning to Go above that tuning or below that Tuning let's say I want to do the Calcium fluoride first and then add this One underneath of it Yeah of course it's not going to do it For me today oh I'm in batch mode that's Why okay Let's say it was chemical imbalance and Um so I put it then above that tuning Which is the calcium fluoride or I could Put it below it as well Let's see And I'll put it below the tuning Whichever tuning you were highlighted so Those are just some of the things that You can do inside of the Um About the measuring window in the Analysis There are a lot more things you can do Once you've rearranged everything that You want hit the way you want it to be Just click save sequence And then next time you open the session It'll keep all the sequence for you You can also close this window once You're done the setup window the intake Clearances and if you want to turn them Back on or off you turn

With this button right there Stacks them out gives you more space You can also pop out the win the The picture especially working on Agricultural stuff you might want that Bigger and you can make it full size if You want Um To fit the frame of however big you make It You can also remove the frame and just Have the photo some people like it like That That's pretty much it in the In the analysis window So when you don't have to save this all You have to do is close it and as soon As you close it it'll it'll save Everything for you so you don't have to Think about whether you saved it or not And then You want to go to balancing and this is Where it gets really exciting So I'm going to go to balancing And you notice I have two timelines here So this works kind of like a kind of Like a video player or a picture thing You can put these on the timeline and Set your sessions up one after another So It's running multiple sessions like in Your run multiple session in the Previous software but this is all done Visually

So for example Let's say I want to use this first The one that I just did if I want to run That first And I want to do that On my sc5 Not on the Boi I can choose I can choose Which instrument I want to balance it on But I'm going to put the first one on The sc5 and then I'll do another one on The Boi So if you want to see your PSD while You're measuring these things you can Click PSD and I'm going to measure for How long to balance each of these Okay then press enter Go to the next one And So that's about 23 minutes So if I put this on the main display now I've got two displays hooked up here And I will uh let me see if I can Switch back to this other camera That'll work yeah so now you can see I Have two different displays this is my Laptop and this is a secondary display And so I'm going to put this particular Session on my main display which is my Laptop And I'm going to add it to the timeline And of course you have all these choices You can you can run only the positives If you want only the negatives and you Notice here it shows you how many of

Each of the tunings you have And the total number And then the total time So I'm going to put this one on on my Main timeline and then I'll do this Other session that I had going on the Secondary one let's measure it first And that's about 13 minutes now I want To put this one on the Boi And I'm going to put that on my Secondary display and I'm going to start It in full screen So what that means is you can either Have it fill the entire screen which You'll see in a moment And add that to the timeline And Or you can have it just as a partial and The reason we do that is that Sometimes there are situations where you Will want to have more than one unit and Run them all on the same screen like for Example If you're working on just one person On one client and you've got like you Know five Bois and your se5 you can Actually run a different session on that Person on the same screen you can have All your different instruments lined up And run that I don't recommend doing That with multiple clients that's why we Have two screens if you're going to do Two different clients I recommend having One on your secondary display and one on

Your main display Okay so these are ready to go I'm going To click play And it gives me Two minutes on this one because I waited Quite a while but this one there you go That one already started on the Boi over Here And then the other one is counting down Uh two minutes because I waited so long And I was talking it bumped it over a Little bit because it otherwise it Wouldn't have started at the beginning So it bumps it over on the timeline so That it'll start at the right time So basically all we have to do is wait For the second one to start and you know Just close your balancing window And then after in that timeline when it Starts it'll start on the secondary Display So as you can see there are a lot of Different Um This is like going up to a different Level and I don't know if this software Is for everybody I'm going to tell you That right up front Um If you're not working with too many People or too many clients And you're happy with the original Software there's no real reason to to Upgrade really I mean the old software

Is just you know it's working fine works Very well Um but you know if these features are Something that will save you time and You're working on multiple clients and You can do you know basically speed up Your balancing for example in this case You can run two different clients on two Different screens things like that Then the pro software is something that Will uh it'll be worth the investment But it's not for everybody And uh tell you that up front why would You recommend against running two Different clients on the same screen Um cross-contamination Um I this my thing personally I wouldn't Want to have them write on the same Screen with two different people Balancing at the same time so now that Second one started you see it popped up On the on this screen over here so I'm Running the Boi on here now if it's the Same person you could run several Different programs at the same time on Different instruments Um on the same screen it's my Recommendation you can experiment with It but maybe experiment with some plants First or some animals to see if there's Any cross contamination it's something That is my concern I can't say a hundred Percent that that is that is the case

So I'm going to go ahead and stop those Even though Um they're not finished and I did show You already once before With the With the session manager I'm going to go To people and I'll look at my My sessions and I'll go to the session Log and you'll see that this last one I Just did the webinar and the first Session did not complete But here's a really cool thing I'm going To show you one more cool thing there's So many cool things with this So I go to myself and uh and I'm going To look at my past sessions Now this one did not complete let me Turn off the PSD so it gets out of the Way the webinar one I'm going to Highlight that and here I can post that Again so it remembers not only uh where I stopped but I can just post that again And it keeps all of the same Measurements that I did over here so I Don't have to go back and re-measure Those again then I could either just Click run now or I could add it to the Timeline again and it would then start In this case this this one took up where I stopped it it took up some of the Timeline so it bumped it Forward 22 Minutes I would have to clear that first Clear the entire timeline And then repost it and then it'll start

In two minutes at one minute just one Minute it would start again So that's really a cool feature is that You can repost it any of these Sessions and it'll keep the timing Okay post again see it changed all these Numbers over here for me then I could Just either click run now or add that to A timeline like on the Boi for example Now You can also If I add more and more if I keep adding Them to the timeline You could spread these out So you could run one now and in an hour And another hour so you could set these Up and run the same session let's say You want to repeat it every few hours You just slide them on the timeline And set it up that way Um up here you can see let's say if you Want to move them way out like three Days they're going to be very small but Because these are short sessions but you Could put one up uh much further And you can also do that automatically Tell it to run you know every uh Every day for example for three days you Can do all of those kinds of things like In the old software as well Down here you can tell it to run with Your light cable balance with pulse or Balance with light Automatic amplitude or manual or set it

At 50. a lot of the features are similar The image sets you can add an image set To to the session I have a few of them here that I've done Already and then you just select it and When I post that one or run it whichever I want to do Then it will It will tell you Um When it's going to run and these this Little pop-up shows you all the Different sessions on the Boi timeline And you could rearrange them let's say I Wanted to do that one first I can just Move that up first to do the first one Lots of little features and I go through All this in the training videos And um Just so many things going on so much but I really I really love working with the Software it's so smooth and Um just has a lot of features that that The other one doesn't have But it is you know this is really pro Software I mean it's it's it's a big Step up from the old software Um let's see somebody else had a little Question no Okay Um of course you've got your session Manager And Um and your program manager this is how

You would uh add a new tuning And and you've got your tuning scanner Here as well too so if you want to just Create a new tuning And say we want to do a new one and Again we'll just say this one's just Going to be a new word new not a word Tuning but a new tuning and I get a Number for it It puts a plus in front of there because I said it was positive and then then you Can just save it and it'll put it in There I want to do one that's negative I Click negative and I'll just say new and Get a tuning for it And that one then makes it as a you see That these are also green and red red is Negative and And uh Green is positive Oh screen is not sharing again okay Uh interesting it says it is Okay Let me uh stop here and start over Because Ah I see Interesting I think that's because it's A multiple window thing I'm going to Just do the whole thing Their way that way you see everything no Matter what I've got on my screen The The manager window was a separate window So it's not it's like a little separate

Program so it wasn't going to show it so Let's uh that's a session manager sorry Come back to program manager There we go all right Try this again so this is the program Manager and uh this is where you can add Tunings or delete tunings if I didn't Want this one anymore I click delete And please confirm it I say delete There's a new tuning we can delete these And then if you want to do a new one you Say new And I would say new tuning Is that working now Don do you want to show that The Balancing window is editable Um maybe yeah um could you explain a Little bit more in the chat what you Mean by that Oh yes the balancing window yeah I know What you're talking about sure I'll do That that'll be really cool Um All right so this would be a new tuning And I can click on the tuning scanner Here and this in this case it's a Positive it adds a plus for me and then I can save it it saves So If I do a negative one I say it's Negative and we call that a new tuning That's negative I'll say new tunings So I'll get a little different number For that one

And then that makes it red so the Positive tunings are in green and the Negative tunings are in red Really easy to see There are so many features about this Um I will let you guys go through the Training videos uh on the school as well Because Um there's just so much stuff in here That are that once you start using it Especially like with the clients for Example I think this is just normal you can Rearrange these by dragging them now and Then save the sequence it's just it's All easier to use everything in this Whole software is just easier to use Than the old one you don't have to push A little button and say up up up up up Up up and then you know move them like That you can just drag them around and It's just super super fast But let me show you a couple more things One of the things on the clients that's A something I didn't talk about Um you've got your favorites here you See there's Stars here so if you have a Lot of clients which You know when you import clients I've Got like on my real database I've got Like you know 50 or 100 clients in there So and but you can star them so that They're favorites if you just want to See your favorites you click on the

Favorite list And and then you can set colors for Selected clients as well so the Greenhouse I don't think has a color Let's call him green for Greenhouse And so you'll see then that they're Tagged that way for each client you can Have a different color and that shows up In different places like in the Balancing for example on the timeline You can see just by the color which Um which client that is Which is really cool So that's just one thing but going back To the balancing window yeah I do want To show you how that works so you notice These are all turquoise that's my color And the sample one would be pink so if I Add that to the timeline then it'll be Pink let me make that smaller Six hours And just add that to the timeline so you Can see just by the colors even who Which color is which over here Okay Now I'm going to show you I'm just going to Start balancing a uh A session And this window here is totally editable That's when Xenon wanted me to show you There's a little box over here you can Click on and it gives you options So you can make this full screen you can

Show the window frame or not There are different options the counter The counter is really nice if you turn On the counter Um check there it goes Um It also will show you how much How much is left on the On the session but the edit session area Here This is the entire session area which Can be expanded To whatever size you want Because you might want to have your Image much larger For example Whoops so You click in the middle to make it Smaller or larger and then The gray bar on each side can move it Wherever you want And you have options of what you want to Show here you can right click here and Say I don't really need the session name In there Or this or the client name I just want the tuning and the Description for example And then your videos will show up here Your tuning image here and then we also Have Um the image set Which is one or the other will be Showing you can't run videos and image

Sets at the same time Um So you can turn any of these things on And off you may not want to show the Actual names While it's balancing Even though it still goes to the se5 let Me switch my camera back here too Um on the sc5 it still will show the Name and the tuning but if you've got Your computer in a room where you don't Want somebody to see what's going on you Could actually turn off the tunings as Well so it doesn't show anything here Other than the image and then it sends It to the se5 over here It's very very flexible there's just so Much you can do with this I'm going to Turn these back on And of course you can move these around As well and make them larger or smaller And um It's it's just totally flexible Especially for long word tunings for Example uh you might want to stretch This all the way across the screen And uh put it down here because that Would have your whole sentence in there Then And it'll it'll remember this so the Next time you run a session it'll come Up the way that you uh left it here You can reset everything back to the Default and I go through all those kinds

Of things in the In the training materials but Pull through that one let's see there's Some other questions coming in okay How do you delete a client oh okay oh That's very easy So you just highlight one like my sample Client and click delete and then it'll Get rid of it You can modify it but you can also Delete it and get rid of all your Clients that way That you don't want like if you import All your clients Um it might be a lot how do you add Music and audio Um that's in the balancing window So let's say I wanted to add a video or Audio you know whatever you can create Audio or video in this one And you can edit that here Create a new image set if you want for Your video set and we'll just call it New video set Three and I could put in the just the Throat chakra if I wanted to and add That to the set And then select it so that when I run This session now it's going to run that Particular video I'll just do that we'll run now And There we go Same with an image set so

In shot chromotherapy well that would be Done if in the um these are great Questions by the way that would be done In the image set so in the image set What I would do is so this one already Has a has a video in it Um and so let me check this one And Let's see Different Session here Okay I might have to stop that session first There's another question Uh within will installing the software On the same computer as a legacy no not At all no conflicts at all I run both of Them I've got my I've got my regular Software down here Um and yeah they won't work at the same Time but no you can go right back and Forth does there's no conflict Whatsoever With them Okay so Um So if you were going to run a new Uh image set that's where you do your Colors so I would I would create a new Uh New Image set Over here And call it dinshaw for example I don't know if I spelled that right but I think so and then you want to go to

Your colors Find your colors And there's uh there's one right there And I would add that to my image set And There's the green And these were the the dinshaw colors That I had scanned from a set of dincha Slides A long time ago so those are in your in Your image sets that you get now I Haven't moved all over all of my images Yet Um these are just some samples that I Moved over Okay so uh you can also look at View Mode and have a uh just see the names of Them instead of just the colors So or you can see the colors And then select it So now when I run this I'm going to put A delay in let's just say four seconds And then run it Foreign Then the colors will go for four seconds And change to the next one And then to the next one Etc so that's How I would do the din Shaw dinshaw Colors Um Right that's true Phoenix No that sorry about that Um no the if if you purchase a new se5 Um uh it's gonna come with the Legacy

Software this is pro software it's an Upgrade and I'm going to get into that In a moment of what the costs are For the new software like I said it's Not for everybody this is you know Um this is really amazing software but Not all of you are going to need it but For those of you that want to go up to The next level this is definitely Phenomenal Um we've also got an amazing potentizing Uh program And Um where you can set up your potentizing And Um I go through all of those kinds of Things in the yeah In the training videos you can do it in Virtual Mode which means you just create A potency and then you can balance it Right away which is really cool or you Can save them Um and Let's see select client Um you know I'm not going to go through All of these details right now in this One I just I took all I had a whole Politizing database in here and then I Um I'm on my testing software that I'm Using just for this Um I I didn't build up a potentizing uh Program for this but it's really awesome

It's very flexible totally flexible Um but you can you can do it to a Particular client or you can just keep Like I have potenti substances here as a Client Which then Doesn't have a picture that could be for Anybody Um Just gonna have a drink water And then you can create new A virtual program or new potentizing Program and you can add different Potencies in here just totally really Cool I mean it's just a really Well-designed easy Easy to use Program So we could just say test And Then you could do a virtual one And just put in a tuning Like arnica Uh 6X or something And if you wanted to just balance that Right away you can do it right from here And you just click prototypes now And it starts potentizing goes over to The sc5 You can also set pulse widths for these Um you can change the uh The intensity of the potency now you can Pulse it with different levels of Potency and besides the 6X but in terms

Of how how intense it it pulses the Information you can also set the cycles And there's just so many cool things Um now virtual program is not saved to The database this is just a virtual one Time you can set it up you can add more And more uh Remedies to it you might want to add Rustox or something As well 3x And then it'll run one after the other But this isn't saved but you can create A new potentizing program and then save It and then call them up as you need Them Can you import a text file into a Program Um Not sure exactly what you mean by that Are you asking can you import like if You have Um Uh to create your own program in a text File is that what you're asking Alan I Think that's what you're asking and the Answer is yes Um you can Import and Export uh things And it's a little more complex I will Show you a couple things Um somebody asked about in Phase or out Of phase Um that's up to your dial on your se5 if It's at zero then it's going to be out

Of phase and if it's at 100 it'll be in Phase But I didn't go into the um the program Um Importing and exporting of sessions and Uh programs but Um we can do that Um let's look in the session manager Um There are lots of different ways that You can you can import from your Previous se5 software which is really Cool Like for example if I can get down here Um This was my spinal balance program from The I exported this from my other Software And then it just brings in everything For you And then you can select a client for it And I would select myself And then you can save it to your local Database so now this will add this to my List of sessions and it migrates all That over So that's really cool So you can Import and Export into your Database And if you do import uh An external Source you can configure the Import format so that's what you were Asking about Alan But this is the the

Import configuration so you can either Use tab delaminated or comma or Semicolon delaminated text files and Then you tell each field which one you Want it to be so Um you would tell the first one to be The Uh the description and the tuning and Whatever else you have that you want to Put in there so yeah you can do that Yeah Okay Okay All right so Um Session manager Um I did show you how to do that you can Also now this is really a really cool Thing if you want to export your Sessions This Keeps together everything so if you have Videos Or images connected with the tunings in Your Uh in your session It will bring all of that over when you When you export it it'll keep all that Information and then import it so it's a Different import you can't put it into Your old software obviously but if you Go from this software to another Person's software they get the whole Package it's called a package deal and

It's just really really awesome Um same thing with importing Um another question Can I put all my work on a USB stick Um all your data sure yeah yeah from That database manager Which didn't open from here Um you can back up all your see if I Find that Go back to that Database manager you can backup your Databases and you can put them on a on a Stick sure of course that's definitely The thing to do I'm not sure why that's um not calling Up the database manager but Um here you can choose different Databases like if you want to work on That one and Um That's not actually what I was I called Up the database Try this once more Okay got me going here There we go I don't know why it's not Finding that Hmm Okay well still a couple bugs to work Out Um but yeah you can back up your Database and uh and put them onto sticks Or whatever save all your things the Really cool thing about this is that Um

Everything is in uh in your se5 files And so all your images all your media Subjects everything is in um a separate Folder and I I keep it on a different Drive but you can keep it on the same Drive if you only have one drive you can Keep it in the same directory if you Want Um When you import all of your Clients it will also bring in all of Their uh pictures as well from the other Software so you don't have to go and do That And then if you copy over all of your Images From your old software into the image Folder Any uh like if you move your database Over it might have connections to images Then it'll keep that intact as well So it's it it's pretty easy to migrate It over if you want to keep you know Everything intact You can move session by session over but It it would you know if you have a lot Of clients at a lot of sessions my Suggestion is go forward with the uh With the new software just move your Clients over and then Um and then have them Uh just start the new things so Okay well I'm gonna if there are any More questions

Um I'll take those questions and if not Um It's uh it's awesome you guys should Have already gotten an email I had an Auto responder thing set up for about Half an hour ago Um and uh which the cost of the software Is 8.95 but for everybody that wants all The sc5 users I put in a coupon code in There Um to save you 200 until the end of January So if you purchase it before the end of January next year 2023. um there's a coupon code in there For for you uh to use it and then it'll Be 6.95 but after that point it'll be 8.95 And it will include all the updates so If you have any uh updates if we have Any updates Um you'll get them and it's super easy To update the software I am going to Show you that Um Because I just downloaded one the other Day I mean a little while ago And so this update uh this was like a Software setup and you would get that as The um As the update and you just double click On it And it'll usually show things like this You know when you get something new just

Click on more info and say run anyway And then it'll ask you to update your Software Here or uninstall it but it doesn't Affect any of your data because they're In a totally different system that's why We split the systems so it'll never Affect your data so you just click Update And then it's done it would just that's All you have to do to update the Software so there will be some bug fixes As you as you can see Um that's always the case in any Software How does the scan Feature work in Analysis Um like a tuning you mean the tuning Scanner is that what you're asking about Um Yeah Um that's not really designed to be Working while you're doing an analysis Other than uh in the word tuning that's Where I would do that let me go back to The software again You can use it in the word tuning area So you would just switch to the word Tuning and put in the tuning that you Need and uh and then scan for it So let's say I was in an analysis I'll Update mine And Let's use the sc5 tunings this time

So Like in in here there's no way to Actually change the the tunings like if You have normal tunings you can't use The tuning scanner when you're in here But you can just go to word tunings And then click on new and put in Something that you don't know what That's for let's say it was for uh Coronavirus or something And then click on the tuning scanner and It'll get you the number for that like That and then add it to your word tuning And then you just click plus and it'll Add it over to your Uh into your session or you could just Measure it too but Let's see Um yes you can use uh Jan's database on This sure in fact we we actually a lot Of the features in this software were Designed to accommodate Um some of the things that he does that Are a little bit different Um to make sure that uh that it works Um May I use one software install on each Of my devices And the new ones coming Um So your question is yeah you can use the Same software you don't have to buy one Software for each one Um if you own three se5s and you're

Using them on three different computers You just buy one software Um okay how does that work can we use Um something I was thinking about when I Said yawns database Um Yeah you just you can just import his Database and then yeah yeah like Richard Asks is it true that it's just like the Legacy software and that we can load it On any of the computers that we want uh After downloading Yeah as long as you're not giving it Away to all your friends I've I've spent probably close to 50 000 On this software Um and so uh obviously Um We would like you to purchase it and and Be honest with it Um but uh yeah don't give it to all your Friends but if you've already got Several units I know several of you do Have several units and several computers Then um Then uh obviously you can use it on Those There's no software blocking key or Dongle or anything like that You know I've never had just so you guys Know I've never had issues with people Like stealing software or giving it away Or any of that stuff um in the last 30 Years of working with se5 people you

Guys are like Like gold I have a quick little story Um I guess it was uh two years ago I did I tried some Mass marketing Um for the uh the bio Arc disk and um And It was the first time in these like 35 Years that I was dealing with and the Normal public out there because we were Having you know the 5G thing and all This And after about two or three months of This Um Everybody in the office and everybody Said Um can we just go back to our normal Clientele But it's like it's like dealing with People that are not really wrapping Their head around this stuff like we've All done for so long Um it's it's very different it's a Different crowd So anyway Um Yeah so Um let's see if there are any other Questions or comments Um I definitely appreciate the questions They were really good and comments Um if you didn't get that email uh look In your junk or spam folder I know that Some of you didn't get my

Um My newsletter announcing this even and I Noticed it went into my own junk folder So Um I had to check it and bring it out of There [Music] Is it ready for shipping yeah it's Already I mean it's it's 99.9 clean you Will find a couple bugs like what I did Most likely Um and we'll get those fixed probably in The next day or two you know because the Thing is is about bugs we can fix them Like in one day but we don't all we Don't know exactly where they all are uh Until we do something that is not Um in a different order or uh you know You do one thing and then a different Thing and so you guys will be using them This is one thing that's really Important if you do find a bug tell us Like the sequence of things that you did Because I can't make anything go wrong And yet when I've had my beta testers do It they did it in a different order and It'll cause something to happen in the Software where there's a little bug but They're you know they're just easy to Fix we just have to go and change some Code So yeah um that email you got there's a Link on there you can click on it and Purchase it and download it and you can

Be using it later today I mean it's Ready to go and um and then also I gave You How did I give that in that email I'm Not sure Um okay so I'm going to give you I mean I think you guys all know this but Um radionic Dot online Um go to radionic.online and sign up It's a free course for the sc5 pro Software it's called Sc-5 1000 Slash 2000 pro software training And look for that course it's probably The last course you know I think we have 50 courses on there now between Ludy and And myself Um and Jan we've got like 50 courses on There so it's probably the last course Because it's the newest course so just Go down to the very bottom of all Courses and then you can sign up for Free On that and um Yeah Awesome Um the other thing I wanted to mention Uh and this is really important Um is that I will help help you set up The software if it feels like it's above Your level of of computer expertise to Get this going Um that's included in this I'll give you A half an hour set up time

Um to get it set up and running and make Sure it's working properly and get your PSD Um calibrated and uh everything that we Need to do to get you up and running on It so that's going to be included with This And yeah it's awesome Done with that With the screen sharing Um Yeah if you don't have any more Questions I'll I will get this recording Out to everybody that didn't come along I noticed I don't remember how many we Had in here but I had I had over a Hundred people uh sign up but you know They're in different time zones too so It's the middle of the night in in India And Indonesia so Will this work with all windows versions Um no it's not going to work with XP Um but but oh I see how easy is cold Scanning Um That's not something I showed you in There but Um it's okay let me go back and show you This one last thing because this is Really cool Uh let's see here Um I probably didn't answer that last Question but let's just look at these

For a second No you don't have to use the PST with The new software it just makes it faster You just press enter instead of once you Get your stick you just press enter so You don't have to use that Um okay let me just show you one thing Like in the case of uh let's see let's Go in here In the tunings Um you'll find sometimes an XX tuning And see if there are any in here usually Under disorders actually go back Don't happen to know where one is off The top of my head but Um you'll find sometimes where you have To cold skin for the tuning And let me go something else There's one okay So you see that it's Xx-09.5 so what happens when you do this Is that you're going to scan for the XX Tuning first To find out what that that is okay so 14.8 yeah is where I got stick now I go Back and now I'm going to measure the Actual amplitude You know if it was mashed fingers And it puts it in over here on the left Side you see that it took my XX tuning And then it Took the actual amplitude reading Does that make sense Um and

Um so it's it's really cool Yeah you can give it a week before you Get it to get the last few bugs Um there are not many bugs left but we Did find a couple tonight Okay thanks Mark and um Yeah it looks much more intuitive yeah Exactly a major Time Saver major Time Saver I mean it's just we're talking you Know instead of 45 minutes to an hour to Do it to do an analysis it's down to Like 20 minutes I mean it just goes so Fast Yeah From clunky to for you Yes yes Happy to see you on there And um yeah if there are no more Questions Um I will call it a night it's night here It's uh 20 minutes after 10. so thank You Genie thank you for that and thank You everybody and it's really awesome Really awesome to see everybody