Vintage REVITE Protection From EMF – ONE OF THE FIRST!

By | November 28, 2022

Rare Tool from Mapleton Trust UK – 1990's
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Welcome everyone this is a classic tool Called reunite Produced by the Mapleton trust now this Was a famous radionic manufacturer out Of Britain uh that I think closed down Around 2000 the late uh 1990s I'm not Entirely sure uh and this was one of Their products which was an Anti-radiation Um EMF field Um device it's probably one of the first Ones in that particular time uh and Mapleton trust did made a lot of nice Products they took a professional Edge To it which is always nice to see like The box with the name printed on it and Uh so forth it made a lot of radionic Instruments and other things so um this Is all pretty interesting now Um Pull out the actual little Um Brochure here and we'll take a look at This So they were an interesting organization I'm not sure what happened to them what Was the problem I know they ran they Were starting to talk a little stupid With uh the subtle energies so here's The front Mapleton trust again Revite the revive background our Research So I can get some lag here has indicated

That 70 percent of adverse energies Emulating from color TV screens mobile Phones microwave ovens are measurable by Current scientific instrumentations our Studies in these other more subtle Energies have enabled us to produce a Small device that transmutes harmful Energies into beneficial Energies The revite is so designed that it can be Moved from sight to site when operating Computer mobile phone Etc our purpose is Dedicated to market the revite to help People who are adversely affected by all These uh energy Fields how to use Your revite so that you can move your Revive from place to place we have Mounted it your relied on a velcro Square and Supply you with a Complementary strip which you can put up So that it can be stuck onto your Microwaves or silver phones Etc Foreign If you have any questions you can ring Us here our wish is to help you and all Who are affected by these and here is The old Mapleton trust all this and Um All this of course this company is no Longer Um in operation Okay let's take a look at this actual Now here's the actual device here Um Let's take a look at it here

I don't know why it says Dallas on there Dallas E5 That's some sort of battery that's in There I'm not really sure I can't really Read the rest of it And let's pull it off here So the device is stuck on some velcro Here So then you can put this other strip Anywhere and then stick it to it or put It next to it Etc Um I don't know almost looks like that's a A type of battery that they modified Foreign So it doesn't come off this so basically You put this anywhere where you have the EMF problems and this is supposed to Transmute it Let's find out if this has basic Positive energy in it in general and What we can do about that I mean how it Rates as a jetty you always check things Check their energy spin does this have Positive energies move it out here wee Bit does this have positive you always Get your pendulum going a little back And forth does this have positive or Negative energies in it what does the Energy flow to this Foreign Usually you get something a little more From that but I think it's interesting That's what's called a neutral meaning

It's it's a neutral energy it's not good It's not bad it is neutral or there Isn't much energy there at all so that's Interesting Um some of these kind of devices may be Neutral maybe the fact that they're Neutral energy it neutralizes negative Fields it doesn't make them I think it's Said it transmutes them but generally That's not how things work you actually Neutralize them you don't transmute them To better you just kind of uh Um deactivate them so to speak Foreign so this is and what the size of This is I don't know if you can pair it To anything Kind of the size of the US dime but uh Very thick that's about a quarter three Quarters of it of an inch I would say And thickness as you said it's on that And you get this with it so there's Really no way to test this other than The fact that we know that it doesn't Have negative energies in it but it Doesn't seem to have a particular Positive spin uh to it so I'm going to Put this next to other places it's one Of those things that is kind of a Historical item that's why I bought it Was inexpensive Um so it's one of the first of these Kind of things that was used to actually Change the energy or negate the energy From cell phones microwaves routers Etc

So it is kind of one of those things That is part of history and of course The Mapleton trust is a famous Organization that made lots of radionic Equipment in modern times Um there's people who've made it in the Past and of course they've always had Copen in England uh but once Copeland Died Um there isn't much going on there at All even though there's some a semblance Of a company there I'm not sure what's Going on And um But they were very active they were Making all sorts of interesting units And they were relatively fairly priced When I can tell Um so it's part of uh radionic history I Hope everybody enjoyed this Revite