USPA Intro to Psychotronics Dr Rubik

By | September 11, 2021

Greetings i'm dr beverly rubick a Biophysicist and board member of the u.s Psychotronics association i'd like to Tell you a little bit about Psychotronics and our upcoming Conference In july 2016 in the chicago area First of all what is psychotronics it's A term that was coined back in Czechoslovakia in the late 1960s early 1970s To rename a particular area of Parapsychology You probably know that psycho means mind Tron means apparatus or device And this field started with people Making devices that worked with mental Intention to do practical things such as Move matter Heal sick organisms improve crop yields Even to sharpen razor blades which were Scarce in those days behind the iron Curtain So psychotronics today is the study and Application of intention energy and the Physical world Early psychotronic generators Were certain geometrical forms that Could store or move subtle energy and Have powerful effects People use crystals Pure metal forms cones and sacred Geometrical shapes To to move and store this

Powerful energy This is the chiap's pyramid and out of Egypt made in ancient days And we don't fully understand what it Was there for but probably Had psychoactive Effects And today 150-foot pyramid near moscow And other pyramids placed in russia on Oil fields Has been found to enhance the yield of Oil mine as it reduces the viscosity of The oil some 25 percent I played with pyramidal structures over Our bed And found fascinating effects on our Health On our dream life And even on our future Especially when we put wishes written on Little cards suspended in the pyramid as Shown here More modern Psychotronic devices are purely Electronic such as Dr bill tiller's intention host device That gets imprinted with information via Frequencies which it holds for up to six Months and has been found to Improve health And even change the ph of water in Scientific testing The goals of psychotronics are several We want to understand the full human

Potential and its relationship to the Physical world the interaction of our Minds and this energy to change reality We're exploring and trying to understand A new form of energy that seems to be Activated by us and exploring the Distant interactions between living Things such as Healing at a distance We're interested in expanding science to Elucidate all the laws of the universe The physical the biological and the Psychic And to develop new technologies and Other practical applications for health Agriculture new energy resources And in some cases military applications It's no secret that There has been warfare applications of Psychotronic weapons This document can be found online by the United states air force But on a more positive note We're looking at the energies of life For example counting the particles of Light coming out of the chakras And the palms of the hands And their association with healing And extraordinary interstates So-called biophotons And that's just with ancient ideas from Theosophy about a hundred years ago Who activated healing centers in the Body again the minor chakras in the palm

Of the hand and the worlds of energy Coming out of the fingertips but of Course all of this goes back to the Ancient eastern cultures Many thousands of years ago who Elucidated the subtle energy bodies And today we have new scientific tools That give us windows into the etheric or Energy body of the human this is the bio Oil device that comes to us from russia And is a form of high voltage Electrophotography Made digital Such that a fingertip is put into the Black hole of the device Electrified on a plate and lo and behold A circle of light comes out around that Finger Yielding a beautiful pattern of light Such as this which can be software Analyzed here's an example Of biowell photos from the fingertip At ordinary baseline in the normal Resting state The on the left hand side here it Doesn't look Ideal because it's not a perfect circle Of light it has some gaps and discrete Sparks and after treatment by a sham or Placebo Actually the energy field is improved as Shown here With some of it filling in making a more Perfect circle of light and after a

Subtle energy treatment the fingertip Energy looks even better than placebo Showing that these things are indeed Effective stronger than placebo effects What really is subtle energy we're going To explore that question on a panel at The upcoming u.s psychotronics Conference In that conference we have top experts Who will speak about subtle energy Research psychoenergetics Parapsychology The latest psychotronic equipment as Well as equipment from former centuries And decades ago radionics which is Another form of psychotronic equipment Energy medicine and all of its varieties From devices to laying out of hands to Subtle energy applications and other Health and agricultural applications You can find out more here's a poster From our website the conference is july 15 through the 17th 2016 at the windham Suites glenview hotel in illinois Close to o'hare airport It's our 38th annual conference so we've Been exploring these areas for a very Long time And this time the conference is on Subtle energy past present and future Featuring A number of experts such as dawn paris William tiller carl merritt ellen camby Ludy larson linda lancaster dean rayden

Myself glennrine and others you can find Out more and register online at And we also have a facebook page we look Forward to seeing you there