Using Orgonite® Pyramids without an Orgone Generator®

By | June 30, 2021

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In this video, we show how to use Orgonite® pyramids that are not linked to an Orgone Generator®.

We discuss core concepts of life energy, how a pyramid will function when it is not connected to a generator, and what you can do with a basic pyramid set.

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Hey everybody this is dave from and in this video I'm going to show you how to use Orgonite pyramids when they are not Linked to a generator I've been getting the question lately You know i have organite pyramids but no Generator How can i use these are they still Useful so what i'll do is Just cover some big picture topics that We talk a lot about And then are in other videos but then Apply it specifically to Using pyramids without a generator so The The first topic to really cover is you Know what are the pyramids doing when They're not Linked to a generator and the answer is They are accumulating Ambient life energy okay so uh the Pyramids are made of orgonite Organite is the best substance that we Found so far To accumulate life energy and if you go In life energy chi Orgone um non you know It's it's had a lot of different names a Lot of different cultures but basically Universal Life energy that's what we're talking About and orgonite will accumulate Ambient orgone and harness it and

Concentrate it Okay so much better than we believe a You know a crystal people talk about Crystals having energy they talk about Different substances having energy We believe that organite is the best Substance To accumulate harness and concentrate Life energy Uh within these structures and it can Work with pendants as well We believe the pyramids are very good They're a lot more organized in the Pyramids than Say the pendants right in front of me I've got the four large plus one small Pyramid set you notice there's no Generator here Got a plant right there i'm going to Talk about that but if you go back Through the history of orgone You know it stretches back uh a couple Hundred years you have Uh mesmer who used oak barrels and iron Fillings for animal magnetism Uh you have reich who built accumulators Out of Uh wood steel wool sand uh glass wool But and then along comes carl so we Believe that Those things were um effective at Accumulating ambient oregon and Accumulating oregon but We believe this is much better you know

As technology progresses you expect it To get Smaller and more powerful i mean just Think about computers so That that's what what organite is is Basically You know each of these pieces is a A powerful orgone accumulator if you Will okay So and it's more powerful which we Always talk about because of the layers So when you look at the pyramids you Don't see Visible layers right these are nice and Shiny they're very very dense So you don't see visible layers which is Different from Orgone accumulators in the past but By not seeing layers it means there are Tons and tons of layers you have tiny Iron particles and epoxy particles Bonding tightly together In so many layers that it looks dense And so you know in in the past like i Said is open barrels and Iron filings or steel wool and Wood layers but those had visible layers So while they were effective We believe this is much more effective We believe that in essence these are Very very powerful Organ accumulators so what they are Doing just by leaving them in your house They are accumulating organ they're

Accumulating life energy Um positive or negative but i think most People's places are You know at least neutral i think it Takes a pretty nasty environment to have Negative life energy around everywhere But you know this is basically Accumulating ambient life energy and Eventually hopefully becoming saturated With it and then passing up hopefully Becoming saturated with positive Uh life energy and then uh passing it to The surrounding area So many people when they get our Pyramids or the pendants they will You know they can feel energy coming off It you know some people are very Sensitive to energy When they attempt to feel You know the the type of energy coming From a lot from the pyramids a lot of Times they're pretty happy with it um Even if it's not connect to a generator Now we believe connecting things to a Generator makes them much more powerful But that's not to say that these are Useless without a generator they're not Now uh one one quick trick and the Reason i have the plant here is If you want to uh You know if you want to clean the Pyramids a lot of times we we recommend People you know it's been accumulating Life energy positive or negative if it's

Just been sitting around A lot of times we recommend people put The pyramids out in nature for a little While Next to a plant like i've got right here Because In in natural areas natural areas are High organ Plants themselves are orgone generators And and positive organ generators So by putting a pyramids next to a plant We believe that the plants is giving off Life energy And then the pyramids are accumulating It harnessing it and concentrating it And then amplifying it So this can be a good move if you have House plants for instance i've got a House plant right here If you leave pyramids next to those that We believe that will Lead to more positive orgone in the Pyramids faster But you know putting them out in your Garden would work as well putting them Next to a flowing stream You know leaving leaving them in the sun To an extent um Those things you know hopefully Generating positive orgo i mean Definitely next to a plant And then that will make the pyramids Have better positive energy And more positive energy in them faster

So just to cover how to actually what to Do with the pyramids If you don't have a generator so if you Think of the The equation we talk about all the time For manifestation target plus trend plus Life energy Right um you know without a generator You have less life energy the generator Is itself a generator of life energy However you still have your own life Energy and you have the life energy That's being harnessed And concentrated and amplified by the Pyramids Okay so in essence you can still use the Pyramids For to energize your manifestations even Without a generator We think that the generator will make it Much more effective like when linked With the pyramids the generator will be Much more effective At amplifying your intentions But let's say you don't want to get a Generator you just have the pyramids you Could still use the pyramids as an Additional source of life energy In order to uh to manifest your Intentions And if you think about um gurus back in The day you think about Spiritual seekers a lot of times when They

When they needed to do serious spiritual Work they would go out in nature Right because nature is a very high Organ environment i mean across cultures You can see this he went up into the Mountains for five years he went out Into the forest he went out into the Desert You know in all these sorts of stories You have A spiritual seeker who is you know or a Spiritual guru Who is going out into nature and doing Serious spiritual work And that's because those are high organ Environments so they're In a lot of cases they're pulling from The life energy you know i think it's Amplifying their own life energy because We're human we love nature It fits with us but they're also pulling From life energy of trees Of rivers so i think that's an important Point you know we can't always get out Into nature now But the idea is basically they went to a Place where they had the most life Energy To do their toughest spiritual work And with the pyramids even without a Generator You could do that same type of work and These will provide you an additional Source of life energy

Right better we believe that than your Own intentions without organite Okay because like i said these are Accumulating ambient organ it's better At attracting Harnessing and concentrating and Amplifying life energy It's the best substance for it so if you Didn't have the substance You're not going to have that additional Concentration of life energy So you can still energize intentions With pyramids Um and we think that will do something That we we think it'll be Better than you doing it by yourself With no pyramids and no generator okay Because in essence i've just got like a Well of uh Of positive life energy here that's been Accumulated it's coming from the plant Here It's coming from the surrounding area You know so I could still so i have additional life Energy to pull on and life energy is is The thing that pulls the target and the Trend together you know it gives the Umph To allow the manifestation to uh to come Into being So you want as much life energy as Possible when You when you're trying to manifest

Something when you need to energize your Intentions So i showed a lot of this in the in the Video where i showed how to use pyramids Linked with a generator And it's a lot of the same principles a Lot of that stuff will work even if you Don't have a generator We just believe that the generator Provides extra You know much more extra um than the Pyramids So um but but like i said some people Are getting pyramids and they're not Getting generators these will still do Something for you so Let me show you how to do that um so What you could do so as we talked about In the other video Um you can by By being a source of life energy by Having additional life energy around Them You know you can energize intentions by Putting a written intention Under a pyramid so and i'm going to use The example i'm also going to use So i'm going to use this example love And joy You want in essence you want you know You want to put this in a room You want the room to be filled with love And joy that's your intention Okay because this has extra life energy

In it the intention is going to be Charged More than say you just holding that Intention in your mind And i'll use an example with a trend Card i would recommend If you only have pyramids and you don't Have a generator Do not get the trend cards okay uh we Recommend for you to only get the trend Cards when you actually have a generator But i want to use as an example because It would work to an extent So let's say that uh these are in my Living room or one of these is in my Living room i've got people coming over I want the room to be filled with love And joy You know i can simply write the Intention put it under And it's getting energized more than if We did not have organized you know if You put this under A crystal uh we think the org night Would work much better Okay um if you put it under some sort of Uh Say like a figurine or a statue we Believe the organize is gonna work much Much better Okay because this is the most powerful Life energy attracting accumulating Substance um that is currently known So you this will work to an extent like

I said it'll be better than Other options because it is an Additional well of life energy of Concentrated life energy for you to pull On with your intentions Um just to show you you know this is a Written intention If you have trend cards let's say for Some reason you have trend cards and Pyramids No generator you could use a trend card So i'm saying like a new love Um you know you could just put a trend Code on the pyramid and you're gonna get The same Sort of result again this is showing When they're not connected to a Generator So but it's an additional well of life Energy accumulated from the surrounding Environment accumulated from the The plant here You know another example would be You know deep sleep let's say you want To keep one of these in your room you Know i love that trend card Deep peaceful sleep you know your Intention is to have that Your intention is for the vibe of the Room the energy of the room Um to give that to give off this so We believe basically orgone that's been Harnessed and concentrated And is being amplified by the organite

Will charge this intention and therefore Once this is a Has accumulated has become saturated With oregon in the room it will start Spreading that orgone around the room Colored with this intention it makes Sense it's kind of a Windy way to say it but basically you Know i've used in the past with a Generator i've used In in the past the idea that like they Turn into orgone lamps and once they Become saturated from the generator They start passing off or going around The room um In this case you know it would be harder To get them saturated you know you'll Put them out in nature for a while Um i think that would that would be Really good but um You know the main point is that it's Harder to get them saturated Um quickly if you don't have a generator But once saturated it would work in the Same way probably wouldn't work for as Long because it doesn't have that Continuous stream of orgone But we think it would work to an extent Um so you know deep peaceful sleep I could put it under here i could throw Under the trend card You know either with or without the the Written intention And it's gonna work to an extent um

So and it's definitely better than Nothing it's uh definitely better than Uh Than not having organite um You could you know you could do written If you wanted to charge yourself That's another good one so you know you Can still use structural links with These You know in those first two examples i Showed how to use a pyramid Where you are not using a target link You just want to pass it to the Surrounding room so in a way like the Room is the Implicit target what if i wanted to Connect myself to my pyramids Could i do that well i've got myself a Target link i want to charge myself with Uh Positive orgone you know i've got my Target link i've got my charge with life Force I put it under and i'm gonna get So it's connected to me right target Trend life energy i have all of those Things present even though i don't have A generator So i don't have as much life energy Present um because i don't have the Continuous stream of positive orgone Linked to the pyramids but i do have More than if i just Left this on my table you know if i did

The same thing and i left it on my table Where's my source of life energy you Know it's probably myself really Maybe you know a little bit from plants Like it's probably myself and just my Desire to be Filled with positive energy that will Work to an extent but Um i'm just showing you the example that You can still do a number of things You know you can still link the pyramids So target trend Source of life energy that's probably um Better than just no pyramids better than No pyramids better than no organite Um so you're getting something done Um another example so you could actually Still link the pyramids i don't know if You would Want to but you know you could just Easily as we did last time You know this is a structural link i can Just link it under the pyramids And so if i wanted to link all the Pyramids and keep them apart i take this I put it underneath all of them as shown Before And then you know uh can put Trends uh so then i can put trends under You know multiple pyramids it would just Depend so you can still link pyramids You can still You can structurally link a lot of Things even if you don't have a

Generator The question is are they going to be Energized by something So um so that's a uh you could put Frequencies You know we did a frequency in the other Video 7.83 hertz i could throw this Under a pyramid and charge that Intention With the ambient or with the orgone that Has been accumulated from the Environment the surrounding environment Not a generator From plants whatever uh if if this has That in there Then then the intention will be charged Um i could also you know if you wanted To put all four pyramids around Uh say the place where you meditate you Know here's you know Aid meditation i just put these under Each pyramid As they surround me and once again If the pyramids have accumulated Positive life energy From the surrounding environment they Will have some to energize that At that intention so and again you know I would i would say that's better than Nothing Some people feel the pyramids energy Pretty strongly again People are um uh have different levels Of sensitivity to

Uh to cheat a spiritual energy um And you know if i if i were going to use These you know If i want to maximize um If i want to maximize the effect of the Pyramids without You know if i'm if i'm going to try to Like energize intentions without Uh using them or without without a Generator linked to the the pyramids You know you could you could make this You know you could put them together Really tightly You know now they're all hopefully and You know put plants around them Put plants around them and then just put Your intentions Uh you know if i want to target myself i Don't have a I don't have a paper clip but let's say You know i want Deep peaceful sleep got a target link Okay i've got target i've got trend now I've got my source of life energy You know i can put it right there and Hopefully you know i've got plants Around it so these are accumulating as Much positive life energy as possible And thereby energizing the target link In the trendline so Um you know i was thinking people can Put stuff around Places that people put pyramids you know They put it around altars

Um they put it around kind of places Where they do like spiritual work Um um intention boxes prayer boxes you Know Different sort of uh so and these would Fit and and Energize you know they would work with A lot of different systems but um Just showing you that you know these are An additional source of life energy Because they're they're pulling the Ambient orgone in From around from around them and they're Accumulating it Harnessing it concentrating it and Amplifying it Much better than other substances You know crystals not as good um Different types of stone not as good Different metals not as good We really believe that this this is the Most powerful life uh Accumulating substance so i just wanted To show you know a lot of these things I showed in in the other video a lot of These big picture concepts we uh We talk about a lot but i just wanted to Specify it down Since i've been getting the question a Lot lately you know how do i how do i Use these what can i do with these if i Don't have a generator So uh that's the answer they're still uh We believe they are still uh very useful

These are Basically the largest pieces of organize You're going to find i mean this is the Four large set the giant set is larger The giza set has you know four giants Four larges Four medium and four small um So really these are like the largest Hunks of Real uh authentic organite available Anywhere So if you like organite then uh then and You want a lot of it This is uh uh the pyramids are a great Option So that's all i've got for now uh we're Back with more videos Uh and we'll talk to you soon