Use Orgone to Increase Gas Mileage?

By | June 10, 2021

In this video, we show you how to use an Orgone Generator to increase fuel efficiency. For years, we've received anecdotal reports that energizing gas in a car can help increase miles per gallon. Now we're revealing the technique to everyone.

Test it for yourself — and email us the results!

Hey everybody this is dave from and in this video I'm going to show you How to charge the gas in your car with Orgone Uh to get greater fuel efficiency this Is something that carl came up with It's very simple and straightforward you Can do it with any generator i got a pfc 2000 here But you can do it if you have a ju9 a Rad 5 any will work Uh and and we've gotten anecdotal Reports over the years from a lot of Customers who we've told this trick to That Uh that they do see basically they don't Have to fill up as much They can go uh longer on the same tank Of gas um One person one time estimated fifteen Percent farther uh we think that's Probably You know that could be true maybe it's a Little high we kind of think five Percent Eight percent ten percent uh but if you Have a generator And you have a trend card i'm going to Show you what to do And you can try it for yourself and let Us know the results this is just a nice Easy trick that helps you out with Something that you already have okay

So here's all you need to do this you Need your generator on Okay you need a structural link to your Generator so this is just a card with a Code Right um so you need this on your Generator And then you need the charge with life Force Trend card the charge with life force Trend card is just A a basic you know energized with life Force Uh trend so this is like it's not Neutral because it's positive but this Is just Send energy to someone if i want i could Put this next to a plant i could put This Next to you know or use it as a coaster For a cup of water Um but you want to if you want to charge Yourself with your life force or a pet You just with just basic and no other Trend just charge that Charge that object with life force this Is what you use And if you notice on the back I have the same code that is on the Structural link of my generator Can't quite see but so Right and this is what we talk about uh Structural link code so these are just Random letters they don't mean anything

You can make your own minimally unique As we talk about But you keep your structural link on Your generator And now via structural link this trend Card Is uh connected to your generator so i Could walk around with this in my pocket And it would work To charge me as well i'm going to show You what to do to Charge the gas in your car so i'm going To run out to a car i'm going to show You where to place this And talk about a little bit more okay so You can see here and sorry if i'm Shaking a little bit because i'm holding The camera But uh you can see i just have an open Gas tank okay I've got my card it's connected Uh to the generator via structural link All i need to do Is place it right there in the uh the Little door Little gate you know i can tape it there I can You know tape it right here you know This is metal right Uh metal conducts oregon you know oregon We're talking about electromagnetism Um and so metal is a conductor Of life energy so what i would do is i Would just take this

And then close you know and go about my Day And the life force will go in and will Charge the uh Uh will charge the tank of gas now how Long does it take Uh it depends so you know the the bigger Your generator The faster your gas will be energized All right so if you have a ju9 Uh that'll take you know we're not sure Exactly how long maybe say an hour If you have something larger it could be Faster but this is the type of thing That you could just leave it overnight And you'd for sure be good So um what i would want uh to hear from You Is i'd like to see you try this out and Then i'd like to uh to hear reports of Whether you think it works We always want to test stuff we actually Have something in mind to test this Theory much more uh scientifically You know as i said these are anecdotal Reports that people are saying You know it's five percent eight percent Ten percent better And like i said someone said fifteen um And people kind of know how much they Drive so it'll be interesting if people Think that they're using less gas But like i said it's very simple as long As you have a generator you can't do

This with just pure organite You need a generator and you need a Charge with life force trend card And then close it up and like i said you Don't have to do anything crazy you Don't have to put it in the hole You don't have to put it right here There you could but the door is really Easy That's what we tend to do so take it Close it up And now your gas tank is connected to Your generator the gas is getting Energized So that's a quick tip hope this is Helpful Hope everyone saves some money with it And we'll talk to you soon