Updates & Group Rite | JS Garrett & Ruric Douglas

By | January 17, 2022

@Lawless Metaphysics In this brief video, Ruric goes over some updates as well as introduces the new group ritual for February 1st: Prosperity & Abundance.

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[Music] All right what's up guys i'm js garrett And we are lawless metaphysics i'm here With my good friend and business partner Douglas where i'm going to be Interviewing him and talking about an Upcoming group ritual that he is Offering through our website Lawlessmetaphysics.com How you doing brother Good man how are you doing yourself I'm doing great man i've been having a Blast with this you know we've been We've been working our butts off lately And uh coming up with some really cool Stuff some badass content and you know We've actually got a lot of projects uh That we're bringing to the forefront Here stuff that people's no one ever Heard of you know so Uh the first yeah i definitely wanted to Get on and talk to you about this group Ritual you're offering because you Stated you know you know you and i had Talked And you'd also stated in a previous Video you know like we offer some really Badass sacrificial rights but they're Also very pricey all right not everyone Can afford those and there's a lot of Different things that can be done with Magic other than a big sacrificial right That brings phenomenal results and so we Want to offer something to everyone

Something that everyone can afford and Participate in and so you uh you have a Group ritual coming up to be performed On february 1st That uh you've made very very affordable And uh it's actually It's actually a really elaborate ritual Like i'm surprised that you're offering It at this at this price tier so i Wanted to ask you some questions about That first of all what is the ritual Called and what is it for Yeah absolutely okay well first off Yeah we did uh Decided to compile a list of rituals That are non-sacrificial rights that are Available on our new website So this new Group right um is one of them it is the Prosperity and abundance ritual Um so in this ritual i will be offering Instead of a Sacrifice of flesh and blood i'll be Offering personally my own blood on Everyone's behalf so i'll be calling on Sun to lock zazel and entourage to not Only Invoke wealth and prosperity into People's lives But to also create the avenues through Which that can manifest So it's it's it's a kind of a Multi-faceted right oh yeah all right so As everyone knows i i work with centaul

Pretty much exclusively on uh matters of Wealth prestige and success i have great Success working with that entity but You've added some some other aspects Here like zazel and entourage like you Know these guys These guys really i i really think that You chose the perfect combination of Entities to work with on this because i Mean you talk about like Exploding through obstacles and you know Mata ratsu is a miracle worker i mean we Were looking at his description and Talking about him earlier like he can Really he can really align things and Abolish things that are standing in your Way as well as influence people In your in your general vicinity or People that you work with or even Clientele to to really uh Give you an edge in the spirit realm It's like you you do the work on the Physical realm and they are doing the Work on the On the unseen realm the occult the Unseen hidden realm And so i mean You know i've had you know throughout my Life especially before i was a magician I've had like several instances where i Had would have like an opportunity for Success And then that would completely go to and things would fall apart for

Reasons that were completely beyond my Control like unseen forces were Sabotaging that all right i couldn't do Anything about it so even though i was Doing everything i could on my end i Didn't have anything helping me on the Unseen end so like things can just as Easily go your way as they can not go Your way and that's where these entities Really come into play Because they are they are making Adjustments and influencing the Situation from an unseen vantage point That we can't even comprehend so i mean Before i would go into any type of you Know business venture or taking a Financial risk a gamble a project Anything like that that had the Potential to affect me financially i'm Going to be doing a ritual with with Entities like these to influence that in The realm of the unseen Absolutely absolutely i mean it just Adds another layer Of um This word i'm looking for I don't know It's advantageous for you Yeah on it to make sure that things go Your way Absolutely Yeah i mean so so you mentioned this was A non-sacrificial right but i also Noticed in the write-up that you gave an

Option for people to purchase a Sacrifice along with this ritual like For them personally an individual Sacrifice which which obviously is going To be a little bit more pricey but uh so So how is how does that work are you Going to do the group ritual and then do The individual sacrifices afterwards Because i know several people have Already signed up for individual Sacrifices so how's that going to work Yes exactly how you stated um So i'll be um Calling out the names and everything of Course due to privacy reasons i'll have That section of the ritual muted But all the sacrifices for those who Book sacrifices for this ritual Will be done towards the end so yes There will be an option To add a sacrifice as you wish to add an Extra potency to it and the link will be In the description for that as well Oh yeah oh yeah so i mean i've noticed Like you know offering you know I can do a lot with like a candle magic Ritual with a sigil you know just like Offering my own blood onto the sigil Like uh i've watched you work miracles Just by doing things like that i mean It's uh it's extremely potent but when You when you add that that blood Sacrifice that sacrifices burning flesh And blood that's like

That's like adding rocket fuel to the Ritual you know that's a that's a really Badass power source but You know i i really think that that even Without doing that this is going to be Extremely powerful and the people are Going to get awesome results from this So are you going to are you going to Like Take each person's individual name and Coat them with your own blood and offer Them to the fire or like how how's this Ritual going to work like are you going To evoke all three of these spirits at Once Yeah well i'll be calling on them one at A time but yes Each Person that signs up for this right i Will With their personal details um petition This appears to work on their behalf And i will be offering my blood on their Own behalf and yes burning each name one By one Awesome awesome so that's going to be It's going to be similar to like a three Pillar right Similar yes Yeah all right very cool so i imagine we Will be taking out a lot of blood from Your arm On the night that you're going to Perform this um i will not be uh

Performing this ritual with him but i Will be filming it and assisting him so Uh yeah i can't wait to to watch you do This man and i i think i'm definitely Throwing my name in the pot like uh i Want all the help i can get in wealth And prosperity even though i do my own Wealth rituals i'm always happy to join In on my fellow practitioners rituals For for things like that like you can't Do too much in that area so one other Thing i want to ask you about because i Know they are almost ready and that are The death notes that you created Yes Yes so i got one here Death notes they're now available for Pre-order on the website Um so you can go ahead and head over to The website and and get one um Because the for people who have seen Uh the previous podcasts that we did on Our new youtube channel laws metaphysics Um you'll know that their Availability is pretty limited so we've Already have a few spoken for if you Purchased so uh getting one yeah you've Already sold like three or four of them And we haven't even we haven't even like Finished performing the rituals with Them yet so i mean that that's awesome Right there like this is going to be Like something like a one-of-a-kind Thing that you cannot ever purchase

Again i don't imagine Anyone else in the world will be putting Forth the effort to create something Like this And i don't know if we'll ever do it Again i mean you made nine four of them Are already spoken for already paid for And uh i i can't wait to to help you to Participate in the in the creation Ritual of this it's gonna be like it's Gonna be like 10 sacrifices that we'll Be Performing in order to create these Books and empower them and make them Living breathing things And um I have a feeling like when we get done We're not going to want to sell them Well you know i know we talked about Having kind of a screening process you Know just because these are going to be Powerful and potent you know it's like Holding an atom bomb in your hand you Know And you don't obviously just want to Have like spiritual assault rifles or Magic assault rifles you know you Wouldn't want just anybody having Something like this i mean hell they Might write your name in there i mean That wouldn't be cool i want to see them In the hands of people that i trust and I think most i think most of the people That would would actually go out of

Their way to obtain something like this Or mature rational intelligent adults That are going to use it wisely but it's Not up to us to decide how they use it Yes absolutely um well that's why i Decided to put it on the site even Though we haven't gotten to the ritual Portion of it yet Which is the final stage um I figured to put it out there and you Know i feel those that are able to Purchase it um That Will be probably Ones we'd approve of So um Yeah i'm kind of looking forward to i Wonder how long last Like it says several were spoken for so We'll see i'm looking i think i think They're probably all going to be gone Before before they're even finished at This rate it's like we did a podcast Talking about it like like a few weeks Ago and we started getting emails like Crazy people want them so um Yeah yeah i don't think they're gonna Last very long man But um Yeah so i mean that's that's really all I want to talk to you about and want to Let you guys know that we have a new Youtube channel called lawless Metaphysics and we have a brand new

Website called lawlessmetaphysics.com And we we named it lawless metaphysics In honor of belial really because he is The lawless one That is where all of this started and i Feel like everything that we do and Accomplish Honors him so that's a perfect name for Our website And um Yeah brooke actually uh coined that name We were sitting there we were sitting on The couch like what are we going to call The new website and he just like blurted It out and like dude that's perfect that Is freaking perfect so uh yeah that's Taking off and you know we're offering We're offering a lot of new Badass services and products you guys Check us out Please uh like and subscribe to our Other youtube channel lawlessmetaphysics And check out our website thanks for Coming on with me brother this was a Blast and i can't wait to see uh how This group ritual pans out i'm gonna be Witnessing the whole thing and i'm Excited Absolutely well guys who are interested In the ritual go ahead and look now the Link will be in the description and it's Only 35 so Can't really afford not to uh Participate here

That's uh that's definitely the most Affordable ritual we have ever offered So um yeah yeah you'd be a fool to miss Out on that So uh hell yeah brother thanks for Coming on with me thanks for answering My questions and this has been a lot of Fun man see you soon [Music] You