Upcoming Supreme Protection Rite | Group Rituals

By | February 21, 2022

In this brief podcast, we discuss some updates and JS's new group ritual. Ritual Date: March 15th
***Seats are limited; Reserve them while you can.***

Supreme Protection Rite:

Prosperity & Abundance Rite:





[Music] Is my okay Your beard looks fine it's perfect it's Beautiful Okay yeah what about man it's like a Pretty round your beard looks good too Bro all right cool we're good to go Good good good as long as that's in Check we're good all right are we gonna Count ourselves in let me do it Three two one or just like yeah yeah I think we should count to five Okay count to five kind of fun Are you counting or i'm counting Oh you're counting okay Five three one What's up guys i'm eric douglas this is Js garrett we're with lawless Metaphysics but of course this video is For your old channel The js garrett channel For those that have still have yet to Come over to join the dark side as it Were The lawless metaphysics We decided to take this time to make This video to tell you guys about our Upcoming group ritual which is the Production vegetable so take it away sir Tell us about it all right guys so so What's up i appreciate you all tuning in And and yeah if you have not come over To our new channel lawless metaphysics Then please do so alright so so we've

Done several group rituals in the recent Past and we've had an amazing turnout We've had amazing results from those And an overwhelming amount of requests To do more of them all right and the Number one request that we've gotten is For a group protection right that is the That it like that is the number one Thing people are asking for and you know Let's be honest you can't have too much Protection like protection having a Significant amount of protection Eliminates the need for a lot of other Uh methods of self-defense So What we're gonna do is a group Protection right on the 15th of march This is a sacrificial rite where i will Be offering a sacrifice of burning flesh And blood on behalf of each person who Participates Now you will have the option to add an Additional sacrifice on your behalf Specifically But um this is this is going to be this Is going to be something really powerful That everyone can benefit from All right we'll call it the supreme Protection right instead of the Bulletproof protection right because Sure enough somebody will you know Attempt to shoot themselves and Prove whether or not it's bulletproof Like bullets will not balance off you so

We're not going to call it that all Right the idea is to keep you from being In harm's way all together So so this is gonna look very similar to Like one of my three pillar rights where Where i'm going to Summon three of the most powerful Spirits of protection and existence And make a petition on each person's Behalf and then offer them i will place Each per each person's name into the Cauldron And then Offer a sacrifice of burning flesh and Blood which will be a large rooster On behalf of each of those people Spilling half of the blood into the Cauldron and then half of the blood into The fire itself After the blood has finished draining Then i will place the body of the Sacrifice onto the fire to be fed upon By these entities that we're going to Call forth And then i will pour some Everclear or something something Flammable like ghost coast ever clear Into the cauldron and light those names On fire with that blood combined with The protection elixir as well as several Herbs and implements that are going to Be Added into that brew per se so it's uh It's it's going to be really badass i'm

Going to ask for A familiar spirit To be assigned unto each person who Participates Tasked solely with the task of Protecting them from all types of harm Both physical and spiritual And it's going to be pretty Straightforward and over the top That's that is awesome Now Are you offering this as a recorded Right as well so everyone signs up where I get a video of it yeah absolutely i'm Going to film this ritual so you will See and hear everything that happens Everyone who participates this won't be A public video but everyone who Participates in the ritual will receive That video afterwards and uh You know i i love filming the rituals Like it's kind of it took me a while to Get comfortable with filming my rituals Because you're like in a very you're You're in your rawest state like when You are when you are fully immersed in a Ritual when you are bearing your soul You feel Like you are vulnerable to Those who are watching like you are in Your purest rawest form But i find that that there's something Extremely beautiful about that because Those who participate the person that

You are doing the ritual on behalf of Can see and hear everything that you did And not only does this provide Rock solid proof that you did as a Practitioner everything that you said You were going to do But it also There's there's there's a time Barrier there that does not exist all Right time At least on the fourth dimension where These entities that we work with Does not truly exist so all time is Present to these entities and it's it's Pretty crazy that like when people can Watch the video it's almost like they go Back in time and tune in To the ritual working itself and it's as If they were there in real time So uh it's it's really it's really Priceless um You know getting getting that video Because it's like you get to participate In the operation yourself Absolutely oh yeah i 100 agree with that Uh just uh just for clarification uh we Will be Uh muting out The names and birth dates of anyone who Who uh signs up for this right So if there was any any fear of that you Know Yeah i mean I've had people write me and tell me

Different things some will say okay i Want you to mute my name out and others Are like okay i really want to hear my Name spoken Like okay so so how do i How do i make both types of people happy Because some people are very like Conservative and private about this And you know i will say that that okay For the group ritual we're going to mute Out the names so that anybody and Everybody who signs up for the ritual Cannot hear that person's name be spoken As well as their birthday Because i do ask for the name and Birthday But those who sign up to are elect to Have an additional sacrifice offered on Their behalf They will receive an individual video Because that is basically an individual Ritual that is performed on their behalf To give this extra oomph Now those people will absolutely hear Their names and birthdays in the video Because there's no reason to censor that Because they are the only ones receiving That video so um yeah it's kind of we Kind of have to be careful Not to uh upset anybody and and to To Not put anyone's personal information Out there so We're going to go out of our way to do

That and accommodate everyone as as much As we possibly can Absolutely i think that's awesome Um Here's here's another question i'll Throw at you Now you did mention earlier that you Were going to also Uh assign a familiar To each individual that participates in This right For the purposes of protection and Whatnot now let's say you went ahead and Booked that personal sacrifice to have On you done on your behalf Um Can someone also opt to be like well i Would like uh that sacrifice to go Towards the new familiar that i'm being Assigned with to strengthen them but That'd be something that you would offer Yeah absolutely yeah absolutely they Would just need to uh You know they could they could either You know write me an email and specify That that's what they want their Sacrifice offered to is that familiar or They could purchase two additional Sacrifices you know one to the spirits Of protection and one to their familiar It's um you know it's it's up to the Client you know essentially and I'll also say that It's up to the entities that we summon

As to whether or not they do in fact Offer you a familiar spirit or assign You a familiar spirit you know that is a Request that i'm making on your behalf i Am i'm making it on everyone's behalf And it's it's not up to me i'm Essentially the middle man at that point And they could always say no However i will say 99 of the time that Request has been granted and i've Received positive feedback from those That have done this on their behalf Stating that they could actually sense Feel and even interact with that Familiar After the ritual has been performed so Um yeah it's it's uh You know we're making this extremely Affordable it's a group right so that so That anyone and everyone can participate In it but It's it's also priceless in In The fact that you're getting Something like this you're you know There's nothing more priceless than a Familiar spirit being assigned to you or Having three of the most badass Protective entities in existence having Your back so um yeah this is something That Someone has been highly requested for a Very long time and i'm doing this for The for the sole reason that that my

Audience has requested it so i'm looking Forward to it and i think everyone who Participates will be pleasantly Surprised Oh i have no doubt i mean i'm excited I'm stoked for it i hope my name's on The list your name is absolutely on the List my friend can i get can i invoke The Best friends discount Absolutely best friends discount yeah Very cool very cool well i'm looking Forward to this man and i'm i'm sure Everyone who um signs up for this right Will be pleasantly surprised um But uh yeah i do also want to say that Uh seats are very limited because of Course there's only so many that we can You know do within a group write um so Get it while you can The last group ritual i did i had like 84 participants And Half of those Actually it was it was 48 49 of those Participants Elected to have an individual sacrifice Made on their behalf so the ritual Lasted for nine hours okay not only did I spend all day setting up for this but From the time i lit the fire and stepped Into the circle and completed all of the Sacrifices which was a total of 50 Sacrifices that night

Nine hours had passed and it took me Like a week to recover from it so i'm Going to say that that was my limit if We do If if we surpass you know 80 something People then i'm going to have to cut it Off but I'm gonna have to cut off I can only do so much in one night guys But but You know i'll say anything under that I'm willing to undertake So uh we're gonna leave we're gonna Leave this option open up to the to March 15th the very day that i'm gonna Perform the ritual and if uh if booking Gets to to be too much to the point Where i feel like i'm unable to do so Successfully then i will cut off the Sign-offs right then there Sounds good sounds awesome All right Plug before we go Like my new painful course All right Yes my new painful course i was i'm Calling this like the most evil curse All right this is something that i Developed And recently filmed a how-to video as Well as a real-time demonstration of me Performing this operation And put it on our website Lawlessmetaphysics.com this is something

Like it's idiot proof it means whether You've ever done a spell or not you can Watch this video and follow the steps And smash your enemy into the [ __ ] Dirt okay like this is extremely nasty And it got almost instantaneous results And i'm extremely proud of that because You know the the one thing that is just As important as protection is self Defense and that's what i consider this Is self defense being able to defend Yourself against those people who want To destroy you So that's a really a really badass thing That you guys might want to check out Our new website Absolutely Absolutely it's listed on the courses in Our new website and speaking of Protection and our i should say not only Protection but to self-defense The death notes will be done tomorrow Yes so all those that have been looking Forward to this wonderful masterpiece And those that have bought the the book And have been waiting patiently for them It'll they will all be complete tomorrow I know it's been a long time coming We've been putting so much into it and I'll be happy to say it's finally going To be done tomorrow yeah Just a reminder yeah we've been working On for nine months guys like yeah They're not we have not cut any corners

Nothing has been done half-assed Everything is 100 Top-notch top shelf quality And There's nothing else like this anywhere In the world that i know of so uh You know you've our we've already sold Five of them out of nine so there's Gonna be four available by the time we Complete this ritual tomorrow and i you Know i'm gonna say if somebody else Doesn't buy it then i'm just gonna buy It from us Because I mean it's almost on Like after we're dead and gone like Seriously like Uh the whole idea of doing this was Crazy as hell to begin with And the way that it's come together Is even crazier and like like dude i i Wouldn't miss out on this Like i would i would sell my left Testicle in order to be able to purchase One I mean you said it just how it all came Together i mean you know channeling These different entities singing wants To be part of it and see even their Enthusiasm and everything i mean just Seeing it all come together It's just like man this is this is a One-of-a-kind thing and uh It's hard to even let go it was like a

Part of me doesn't even want to sell Them yeah But yeah i honestly don't want to sell Them either i want to keep them all [Laughter] That's how you know you got a really Great product is when it it really hurts You to sell it Right It's a true sacrifice right there like Okay But All right man was there anything else You'd like to add Nah brother that's it man i just want to Let everybody know that we had this Upcoming group ritual and we're gonna be We're gonna probably try to do a group Ritual every month and we're gonna let Our audience dictate what that ritual is Centered around whether it's wealth love Protection revenge retribution and Whatever it might be the most requests That we get for the majority of the Requests that we get each month because We get a lot of them is going to dictate What rich will we do that following Month So that's yeah and if if you haven't Checked out our new youtube channel Lawless metaphysics then please check it Out new website Lawlessmetaphysics.com check that [ __ ] Out uh we are rocking and rolling and

Kicking ass in a major way so um yeah You don't want to miss what we got Coming up next Always going always building [ __ ] man All right guys take it easy You