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By | November 6, 2022

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[Music] All right what's up guys I'm JS Garrett And I wanted to jump on and talk to you About a couple of new products that we Have available on our website Lawless so I've talked about Radionic machines a lot and we sell Several different kinds and my favorite One so far has been the vampire box Um it's simple effective easy to use There's no dials and anyone could pick It up and use it so I called a doc Mulder the guy that builds our machines I was like hey man I want you to build Me a super radionic vampire machine uh Something that I can hook you know Multiple plates to multiple machines to And drain multiple people at the same Time or animals whatever it is you're Trying to do so this is what he sent me All right this is made of plastic and it Has four input plates And they're all wired into a single Output plate so the way this would work Is I would put a picture of myself in This slot and then I would take four Different pictures and place one upon Each of these input plates and turn the Switch on Which of course this plugs in and a Little red light comes on so you know It's got power going to it and it also Has two input Jacks so that you can hook Potentially two of the machines up to

This or are you gonna plug in two extra Plates into this machine so you can have Up to six operations going at one time So um I don't know I've tested it out I'm happy with it I think it's awesome And it's definitely more powerful than The original vampire box that you sell So I want to show that to you guys let You know it's available on our website Now and this other thing is pretty cool Um sorry my camera's not really focusing Too they are moving around too much this Is a handheld radionic box all right it Has a infrared light And you whenever you hit the button the Light comes on and Doc calls this the Radionic magic wand all right and so it Was invented by Uncle Chucky the guy who Designed most of our machines Um as a sex toy originally so Um the idea is that you can point this At someone and either speak an intention Or intently visualize an intention hit The button when you point it out of them And it will amplify the personal Power and effects of the person holding It all right so it has quite a bit of Juice juice coming out of it on its own But um if you've got some if you've Already got some juice behind it Yourself this is a way to concentrate And amplify that so I've been Experimenting with this you know I'll Take it at Walmart I'll take it in you

Know a bar nightclub something like that I like to say I like to use a series of Magic words that that I've discovered Over time and different books or Different papillons single command words That call Spirits into action when you speak them With an intention and so if you were to Walk into a room full of people and say The word Uma o u m a which is a magic Word to make new friends it calls let's Call the little people into action to Influence the people in your general Vicinity and so if you're stating Something like that whenever you're Hitting this button and pointing it Around the room then what you're doing Is you're amplifying the power of that Operation Now uh If you wanted to uh If you want to get a little bit uh nasty With something like this you could Absolutely do that too but it's it's a Powerful way to influence a situation And apparently apparently there's a Lawyer that doc made one of these for That uses it in the courtroom that's um I don't know an attorney's using it he Thinks it works in the courtroom and That's that's pretty good testimony to Me so I've been playing with it I've Been experimenting with it I'm satisfied That it works and so this is available

On our website now as well So if you would please like And Subscribe to our Channel longest Metaphysics and check out the website And put the links to the products in the Description below and That's all I have to say alien frontal Empire [Music]