Tom Bearden Radionics 1990

By | September 11, 2021

[Music] [Applause] [Music] Good morning ladies and gentlemen We are honored this morning to have a Very special speaker Details of his background are in the abs In the program along with the abstracts I won't go into a great deal of detail Tom bearden has an extensive background In Physics nuclear engineering weapon System he's retired lieutenant colonel From the army He's been one of our most popular Speakers he has published many many Books there are several of them in the Bookstore here at the conference His topic today is Action at a distance the fundamental Mechanisms of radionics please welcome Tom bearden [Applause] Thank you very much It's always a pleasure To be back with the uspa Actually i think the first meeting here Was something like 78 at oglethorpe University And that was the first time that i Attended a uspa conference Of course over the years Many of the people at uspa have become You know very fast friends

So it's just like coming home To come back to uspa every year And give a presentation and i really do Feel at home and i'm glad to see all of You and i hope you're all having a good Conference and have been able to see Some excellent speakers that have been Scheduled for you this year For my subject this year i'd like to Turn to radionics Actually the uspa started off As an idea in the brain of jerry Gallimore and it started off as the u.s Radionics congress the first year which I did not attend But it started in the field of radionics And fortunately the absolute Forefront of physics In an area in which only about a hundred Physicists in the world work in Is now at a point where we can now begin To put together An actual physics mechanism To explain radionics and that's what i'm Going to do to the best of my ability Or trying to do here today for you So if we can have a change in slide We'll get started First of all one of the great Inspirations of my life early on was Thomas Galen hieronymus And the hieronymous device which needs No explanation to this audience

A radionics device this was the early One in his patent And i got interested in it because Of the fact that he could detect the Different elements And at the time i wasn't interested in This kind of stuff I was out in el paso and west and i was Doing a lot of rock climbing and Mountain climbing and looking for buried Treasure and some of the old spanish Stuff And i needed a way to identify gold and Outcroppings That were very difficult to get to up in The mountains And i hit up on a possibility of maybe Being able to adapt one of these things To do that And i saw an article by john campbell of Course i'm sure all of you are familiar With that article Which really just inspired me knowing That there really was a different kind Of energy The human nervous system could sense it We may not know what it was in terms of Physics but it was real it was a matter Then of learning the phenomenology and Learning how to deal with it little did I know What a long thing that was going to put Me on but that's what i got started in Trying to find a metal detector based on

A hieronymous machine i never did get That metal detector by the way but it Got me into an awful lot of other things And Of course i'm happy to say A lot of other people got into radionics Too and that's why we're all here next Slide i want to point out however Something from the absolute forefront of Modern physics That reality is not at all as simple as We've all been led to believe over the Last several hundred years as a matter Of fact if we believe what physics today Forefront physics has to say about Physical reality it's very strange i'd Like to talk about that just a little Bit First of all the vacuum the emptiness Itself is not empty it is a plentiful A little particle will form out of Nothing this is quantum mechanics this Is not tom bearden It will form out of nothing and it may Be hotter than a firecracker and then Almost instantly it will disappear it's Continually being created and Annihilated That's called a virtual particle it's Virtual because it happened so fast And then disappeared again That you couldn't grab it and look at it What's called observable But if you have enough of them doing

This and they're boiling away all the Time That's called electric charge when it's Photons Actually in the vacuum we have Continuous creation and annihilation Of every kind of particle or whatever You could think of in the world And it's at such an incredible rate That it defies human imagination We use numbers just to guess at it as You know 10 to the 200th or something Like that times a second in one cubic Centimeter But the numbers are meaningless because They're so large essentially it's Infinite The fact is however that it's real there Are experiments that show these little Critters these little ghost critters Really do exist and the vacuums really Built that way It has been experimentally established In spite of the fact that ninety percent Of the physicists still don't believe it It's true Now the other thing that happens is Assemblages of these critters form for Example just for a moment you had the Assemblage it just happened to get right For gold for a gold atom The next moment you might have an iron Atom for example the next moment you Might have a molecule of some kind and

Hold on to your hat the next moment and This is a little beyond quantum Mechanics you could have a living Breathing being formed for an instant And then gone Everything every possible combination That is possible is forming all the time In the vacuum And disappearing all the time they call These ghost forms and most quantum Mechanics foundations people do not like To talk of them Because it's horrible now you're talking About The density of reality Because everything suddenly became real It's only how dense it is And if you take a ghost form and you Were to increase the energy in that form That form would eventually materialize That's just an extension of ordinary Quantum mechanics Quantum mechanics however is totally Insane to quote richard feynman Nonetheless you do have ghost forms and This changes the idea of reality reality Is not a brick it's not solid at all You have an unlimited number of Forms Of a very ethereally thin density but Not zero all the time everywhere And if you build a structure which adds Energy to one of those forms in the Vacuum

You can do anything Physical reality Is hypothetically engineerable and here I'm going to tell you for real how to Engineer it and tell you where the Papers are and the fact that it works on The bench But theoretically if you have a way to Structure the formation of energy into Those forms any form you wish to name Anyone whatsoever Can be materialized In other words we are free to engineer Physical reality If we but understand the phenomenology And how to do it Physical matter Is not like a brick at all A particle of mass in this violent flux Is just bubbling like a Fiery cauldron all the time an emptiness A particle of mass is really nothing in The world but a stable form In equilibrium in that mass in that Fiery cauldron It's under a continuous exchange With that vacuum of these little Particles these virtual particle flux Now That form for example let me give you an Analogy we've all seen a fast river A log falls in the river The water comes by and swirls And makes a swirl behind the log

Now the squirrel stays put and is a Fixed form But at any moment the water that's in The swirl is different from the water That was in there the moment before are You aware of that the water is going Through all the time in great speed But the form is stable it's an Equilibrium And a piece of mass in this kind of River Is in equilibrium just like that swirl Behind that log Now if you disturb the log You can disturb the swirl and you can Change it or make it do whatever you Want to if you control the log and the Type that goes in the river You can do the same thing in the virtual Particle flux river The moment the thing to remember is what We call negative charge Is divergent What do we mean here this is these Slides are very deep we could spend Eight hours on this slide along we're Not going to do that We're going to move on But the atoms of the world the way the Forms are stable in this level of Reality Are bind largely shielded with electron Shells negative charge And there's a peculiar little

Characteristic of an electron When a photon comes in and hits the atom It hits the electron shell the shell the Electron pops up into higher orbit more Energy and somewhere around there on the Other side it drops back down and Squirts out another photon which may or May not be in the same direction Usually it's in another direction so the Photon Interaction with negative shells of Atoms is a scattering process I hope everybody sees that because That's where entropy comes from More and more disorder if you have nice Ordered photons marching in order Into this electron shell it's going to Spit them out every which way so you're Going to wind up considering things Statistically if that's all you think About and treat them as random variables [Music]