Theory, Research Compared To Development

By | December 29, 2022

What does all this mean? We hear these WORDS all the time. You should understand the REAL meaning.
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Welcome everyone Dr Thor here get ready For gnosis Well I want to talk about Theories And what this is in regard to science So we have theories we have research and We have development So let's cut these down to what they Really are now what you have and what Most people who call themselves What they really are is theoretical Physicists meaning uh this is what Einstein was Einstein was a theoretical Physicist so was so many other people Particularly popular on YouTube who talk About Multi-universes string theories The big man in the sky the Moon being Cheese and all the other things that They have through dummidamia come up to A hypothesis which is another word they Like to use around Neil Degrassi Tyson Likes to use the word hypothesis which Means something that's basically proven But it's really not Theory Is the word that is used all the time uh Einstein's theory of relativity and we Hear this word theory come out and Theory is something uh that is Um thought to be something that may Manifest in the future but we haven't Proved it yet People don't agree upon it and the Bottom line is a lot of people don't

Agree with Einstein even today and Rightfully so he gave a theory And his theory wasn't even his own he Re-explained in a theory that was a Hundred years earlier than his writing Of the new interpretation of that old Theory and was given so much credit and I believe it was four pages and the math Was wrong and everything else I mean Einstein uh in his own way who was a Genius at a at the same time he Couldn't even talk I believe until he Was four years old Um he was turned down for a high school Teaching job got a job in the patent Office in Austria which I guess has low Standards and Um Wrote a paper that everybody just Flopped on oh yes the guy's amazing Um and everybody bought into this uh and As you said it's totally contrived Wasn't his idea but he just kind of Explained it better and people say oh it Kind of makes sense But it's a theory and a lot of people Don't buy what he says now and there's Uh a lot of discussion and we know that He was wrong when it comes to quantum Physics and even the uh the major belief In science which is the fact you can't Possibly go faster than the speed of Light so they've limited themselves Without proof of anything else but the

Proof that they'd like to have is their Theories that this has String Theory Well this is a theory again a lot of People have now discredited this saying It's ridiculous But a theory is a theory and people are Paid lots of money and given lots of Credit for coming up with maybe's ifs And ands this is kind of what we think And they're never really able to prove It a theory is an educated guess That's exactly what it is it's a guess And the bottom line is that's what Pretty much most things of Life are They're guesses Um I guess you could say an educated Guess is a little better because you're Assuming somebody in a field would know Something Matter it's a guess It is not engineering which has to work Or should work works on paper and works In the Practical world or it in Engineering if something is engineered And it breaks that in engineering that Doesn't work So we can get back to theoretically it Was supposed to work practically it Didn't work so it is important to Differentiate between the two but it Doesn't matter anytime we get into Theoretical anytime we get into physics In general the studies of physical Matter which is what physics really is

About we don't know nothing we basically We take two uh things and smash them Together in switchy land that's what a Collider is and the Poo that comes out Of that is supposedly uh what the Universe is made of that presents itself For a billionth of a second uh that they Then say oh yeah you some proof of that Because they have to have something Physical that they claim something Happens and how you can even judge Something that happens for such a uh Quick period of time we're talking quick Billions of the seconds whatever it is It's something ridiculous or something That's left over that's tiny for tiny Periods of time so this is really very Contrived these are people protecting Their jobs trying to say they're doing Something when they're doing nothing And because they're physically based and Not energetic or vibrationally based uh They have to come up with something Physical so it's kind of like a Demolition derby and we're supposed to Figure out how engine is made by the Cars crashing together And a couple crashed together really Hard and the the hood comes off and A carburetor pops out And another one the starter pops out and We're taking these bits of parts that Really don't know what they do and They're little bits and pieces and of

Course they're not even getting you know Something that concrete but I'm trying To explain this in a matter you would Understand and they're trying to say Well this is the essence of creative Part of the essence creation are these Is the starter and the carburetor but You could never hit those cars together Uh at a high enough rate that it would Take the internal engine and show you That's what it was made from but that's What schmientists are trying to do from The Madame hey Read the certificate here I'm a Official but official And I make hundreds of thousands of Dollars a year And the problem with these people is not Only they're arrogant in that way but They're committing crimes against Humanity because they are the biblical Speakers to the common person well I Don't believe no fantasy and them Fantasy books With Scientists So the whole idea is they claim they can Prove something when they really can They can't prove anything they haven't Proved anything physics as a study has Not improved for 200 years there's been No breakthroughs and you could really go Back to Newton 500 years nothing new has Been learned Because there's nothing for them to

Learn in their biblical science reality They have horrible dogmas and anybody That comes in and says differently is Thrown into the trash disgraced or Thrown on the street Scientists themselves state that science Moves ahead with the death of every Scientist because somebody is standing In way of progress well I think it's time for Guillotines are maybe a machine gun in Your local Physics Hall maybe this way we can move Science ahead very quickly by getting Rid of a whole bunch of these uh crimes Against humanity criminals these Traitors that should be executed After a proper trial of course That wouldn't be too difficult what have You done in 200 years We made Velcro Oh well that's amazing It locks together So the whole idea is that Um We need to fully understand that so Anytime somebody tells you it's a theory And then you get the Twisted goobas out There they want to tell you a little Different like Neil Tyson Degrassi who Wants to use a different term a Hypothesis which is an educated guess Based on the knowledge that we have uh Is my understanding of it and the whole

Idea is that they pretty much uh wants To somehow we you know I've heard uh Tyson state that oh we really understand All that we know what's going on we just Can't solve any problem We can't build anything worth the dam So it goes on and on and on with these Things uh these are nothing more than Guesses and if your education is wrong It's a guess that really sounds good but It's really based in what in wrong Education that doesn't make sense Now with the place where radionic Tech Is at is that we're in the development Stages and have proven technology that Works particularly with our new Scion Generator which I have been testing for Years and is based on Proven technologies that have worked for Over a hundred years And there are thousands tens of Thousands possibly millions of people Who have used similar Technologies Of course this is a very advanced Technology the Scion generator But has used similar Technologies to Manifest and change their world So this isn't a theory this isn't where Researching that's the other term we're Researching we're taking the information We have now and researching if it can Work That's what research is you go from the Hypothesis maybe okay is maybe you know

I spent 12 years in school I got a Certificate did you see it I talked About it I got this whole school getting hundreds Of millions of dollars and all of them And doing this great research We got plastic and velcro now So we've got all this but at least Plastic and velcro are fully develop Technology It works we plastic is plastic velcro is Velcro and they do some damn good work We use them all the time I'm a big Supporter of uh Velcro So the whole idea is that Um We need to understand it but that's not What physicists talk about they talk About well where did the essence of Velcro come from uh we don't know That's what you'll get a physicist that Tells you stop so they're trying to Figure out how the world works with no Answers whatsoever nothing to do it and They're methods of doing things are all In the research area we're going to Research it we're going to smash stuff Together and do this and of course we Got to do it faster we need a bigger Collider it's got to go faster with more So he can smash things at higher Velocities So we can knock a spark plug out of that Engine and we're gonna say yeah look at

The spark plug yeah what is a spark plug I don't know but it's a part of the math Part of the magic of creation Of course then you have imbeciles that Some mythical being in the sky called Gotti Make everything it's got it he makes Everything So the whole idea is that Um these kind of things of course are Sir it makes no uh sense whatsoever and The bottom line if you start getting Into beings that create things well who Created God So we have to understand and of course These are basically unknowable questions You know what came first the chicken or The egg uh the whole idea is that um Just really unknowable How did the universe start well there Seems to be some spontaneous process but To think that this is so Random as Scientists like to say make the offense Is it unrandom that it has to be Controlled by some God it just shows you How stupid they are I don't think there's anything random in The universe period in all of my proven Research shows there's not there's a Very intelligent energy that does stuff Or you wouldn't have any no it's just Right Just ready That's what scientists say because they

Have no other way if they get into the Non-randomness then they have to think a Little bit past that and they would have To get their math right Oh let's go to Newton when you don't get Your math right or the math doesn't add Up to what you're saying Invent your own Calculus Newton invented calculus to Explain his theories Where's the scientific proof that goes There where is his compatriots figuring Out this and justifying what he's saying Because yeah I tested it too science Now We make it a math here and of course This guy was an alchemist a raving uh Spiritual Um or religious nut job Who lived in almost a Monkish life uh All sorts of stories about him and his Bizarre if any sexuality uh so I mean You know these are some pretty Disturbed People and maybe that's why they come up With things of course Newton has some Good Basics but uh and if he was allowed To do other but most of his time was Spent Alchemy meaning Guess what Spent in Alternative science Otherwise known as subtle energy physics He was working in subtle energy physics As everyone Tesla Etc all these people

That did great stuff Um but of course with Newton they just Want to pick and choose of his stuff Just like so many other scientists who Are child molesters racists and Everything else let's name something After them the Hubble telescope Because he was the biggest jerk we could Find and we're scientists where you have To Ego head each other our big salaries And you're living in your fantasy world And protected by your little Introduction I don't know I want named after me even though Millions of people make a telescope Technically It should be a general term no one Person did anything maybe we should name It after the guy who dug up the metal to Make the telescope or the guy who made The fuel do shoot that piece of garbage Into space Nah he don't count no Some other idiot So the whole idea is that all Israel From I understand the Telecaster was Invented by uh Galileo that should be The gallery space Telly at least he Invented something that come close to What was used up there not hubby hubby The monkey man So the whole idea is that who apparently Was a horrible racist Just like Schrodinger was a child

Molester all right you could call him Pedophile underage girls humping in the ABS with his other asterian scum book Yeah just pumping the island so the Whole idea is that um this is the kind Of creeps that are in science to begin With and there's a long list of these Deviants Um But certainly they don't deserve to have Things named after them particularly Something so generic as a Space Telescope what egomaniacs and I hope you Understand the problem there so this is The reason why science is the crime Against humanity that it is But when we get into it as I said you go From theories His hands and Bots me educated Me thinky this way Into Research so you're supposed to then take The theory and then research it to see If it makes any sense is there anything Practical you can make of it And that means can you materialize Something now if you're trying to Materialize things in a physical manner You're already having problems if you're Looking for energy vibrations uh subtle Energies Subtle energy physics then you're in the Real world everything goes from energy Into physical form that's the way

Everything works now physicists believe Things are physical and then turn into Farts I guess I'm not really sure what They think physical turn So the whole idea is then they have to Make up all their stories and um yeah it Doesn't have mass but we can measure it To which we heal They actually gonna tell you that a Neutron how much it weighs because they Have to weigh something for it to be Real instead of getting into vibrations And all the other things and energies Um that manifest in physical form a AKA Can't wrap their head around I know It's not in the book The Bible says That's Hershey Because this guy told me 500 years ago I mean this is the kind of Madness That's written but let it be assured That people who really know what they're Doing and produce technologies that do Do something and control matter and Manifest for you are not in the stages Of theories or develop or um I should Say research they're in developmental Stages meaning we know what's there how It works and we're developing it into a Practical affordable mass-marketable Tool so everybody can use it that has Any kind of breaks we don't want the Schmientists to use it we don't want Those idiots to use it we don't want Those religious goofballs

All the people who who have basically Committed horrible crimes against Humanity by stopping the progression of Free thought to higher levels haven't You have long enough religion with your Anywhere from 1500 to 4 000 years to do your job that you have a Hundred percent fail that And modern science has been given Trillions At least for the last 50 years if not Longer and what have they produced Nothing in 200 years of study of physics They have not had any major Breakthroughs now regular physicists Will admit this And really there hasn't been any Breakthroughs since Newton who figured Everything out Part-time by the way while he was doing Subtle energy physics and Alchemy and Writing religious books and researching The Bible all the things that really Make you wacky but the point is that's What he was doing Part-time the only spent party's group Most of his life was spent in alchemy And writing religious books in his hobby It was figuring out physics Very very interesting So the whole idea is that this entire Field of subtle energy physics is not Either being Theorized or all research asked it's

Being developed and that's one of the Key factor is uh you know and life is Really about developing something Getting something in its form that works And that and then getting it to work Better Faster more efficient and of course no Technology has value if it costs too Much money you know I see this all the Time oh we have this thing and you can Get this medical test and you can have This treatment only ten thousand dollars Or the criminals in the pharmaceutical Industries that want to test have you Pay eight nine hundred dollars for a Pill or thousands for pills Um so that's not that's not a cure we Don't even know is it guaranteed will Any of these people guarantee that and You know if you're gonna charge uh over I would say five dollars per pill it Should be a guarantee where you bring The pills back and get your money back I Think that would keep a little bit of Honesty in a crooked profession But the bottom line is that you're Supposed to make something better more Effective and ultimately have a price Point that is practical so that it can Be afforded uh by everyone if the need Be If it isn't that it is not been Developed to the level it should be Most likely it's just in some bogus

Theory But it's very important to understand The process that regular science goes so It goes from me thinky me educated e in A system that has produced nothing To me research that same bogus belief System That's what they do and that's why Nothing ever happens But in the real world people that Develop products that work they go from Those three phages into development Development means we have something that Works we're just getting it in a Condition to offer it to the public and Of course that's what radiotic tech has Done in our new psionic generator is the First generation of the massive new Technology the new reality the next Level technology that actually manifests Something for you Basically from your reality and from Your capacities This is not a magic lamp things don't Pop up in front of you it deals with Energies and it makes them denser and Denser that are within your reality Everyone needs to understand that it's Not some fantasy reality perpetrated by A bunch of liars out there like your Common scientists do that claim they Have answers when they have absolutely Nothing they're living in theories There's nothing being developed they

Have nothing to develop That's amazing how most of these Physicists particularly those who've Dedicated their life to this are all Quitting and going on to other things Because there's nothing to research it's A dead end And they have made it that way and they Don't have the courage to get up and State that what we're doing is long Let's try these other things Because they will be ostracized or be Thrown out of their jobs they'll be Thrown on the street that's how science Works and that's why science itself is Bogus and will never achieve anything And really never have Most things have come down to an Engineering feat so engineering Departments have figured out how to make Bridges how to make plastic how to do These other things and a large percent Of the time we get some sort of usable Product at it the lower it gets down to The consumer the crappier tends to be I Still don't quite understand why they Can't make plastic that doesn't crack All the time Particularly Plastics that are placed Outside and in the sun they can't seem To figure that out too much for Engineers So all of this stuff is still in a Difficult position but at least we have

A workable product which we don't have With physicists we have their thinky me Thinky we have their researchy they're Researching that produces nothing But when it comes to real technology and Technologies that matter which is Manifesting life is all about Manifesting this technology has been Known uh for technically thousands of Years through the ancient alchemical Schools the old magical lodges now it's Come and moved into modern times to be More a little more technologically based But it's still the main situation with This kind of technology and all real Technology is basically the user Can get the most advanced uh computer Program there is the most advanced Airplane spaceship whatever you got to Know how to use it that takes a trained Personnel that's the interaction of the Consciousness with the technology and of Course when it gets into manifesting It's the same thing you have to interact With the technology this is a way of Protecting the use of the technology and Allowing only a certain amount of highly Trained and balanced people from using It Instead of the average Physicists grabbing it and using it Because it won't work for these people Because they're morons and morons Technology like this doesn't work for

They are corrupt they are ignorant they Know nothing of what they do and they Stand on soap boxes arrogantly saying How wonderful they are and they have Many many followers and of course that's Really the problem with this reality is And that's the reason why there is Technology like this that takes a Certain consciousness And a level of understanding To use it and for it to work for them Ah That's the ultimate protection against Corruption And destruction Which visits this Have more than welcome and given Technologies to the worst tyrants of our Time giving them unbelievable weapons of Destruction who did this your scientist Did this they did it because I have no Morality they're worse than your worst Lowest and they are they Sell their soul that's what a is a Horse sells their soul for silver Per coin for profit That's what they do and that's what they Are people should get off the childish Understanding of relating it to Some sort of prostitute your prostitutes Out there that are destroying your Society are your scientists that arm all The scum buckets Happy to do it But the bottom line is is that real

Technology that does something of a high Level not just a phone not just a Computer not just a program not just a Filing cabinet not just a word processor These are tools of really A Primitive Nature that basically was able to be Done before in a cruder way certainly All the stuff you store on a computer Could be easily stored in filing Cabinets I did it for many years sure You need a lot of them that way but We're not talking about space here we're Talking about what it does so it's a Filing cabinet and frankly I was able to Find things much easier in my paper Filing cabinets than most of the time I Am with computer files which can easily Get stuck in different places or not Filed correctly Just another little folder somewhere Well when you had physical files you had To look at that data is it filed right You had a stack of them that you wanted To file and of course that had to be Done Now you just shove a folder in another Folder and God knows where that folder Goes so Um this is the reality of what goes on Out there you just understand the fact Of really what everything is based on And who is really in the development Stages well radionic Tech is in the Development stages we know all of our

Products have been developed and the Best products ever offered in the Manifesting field and they all work and They work Individualistically for you depending on What you need and how you need it It's not the fact that it just works in One way and that's the other Genius of Manifesting Technologies is that's going To work within your own personal life But don't think this universe is based On some lying Theory by some con man you Know you can make 30 interest and by Investing in this and all the other cons Or people have not lost billions and They've lost their entire savings and Their entire retirement accounts because They were greedy and people lied to them And they're lying to you right now Science is that's not how it works You have to be understand the principles Of manifestation how it manifests in Your life and use those and you will Become unbeatable And you can pretty much and we have to Because people's minds go into the sewer You have to understand you can pretty Much manifest whatever you want or at Least whatever you need to live well of Course that's with that a lot of people Think they need rolls royces and Gold-plated toilet bowls and all that so That's not wealth that's disgust that's Evil

While other people are living on the Street Now we've reached a time where that kind Of desire and the fact that you live in A 15-room home and probably only use two Rooms are evil and this should stop and You don't need a hundred thousand dollar Car While everyone else is suffering what a Low-level piece of garbage you are if You operate like that of course you Could never afford to take care of your Workers or give them medical and of Course an entire country like the United States can't afford medical never forget That that scum Bucket from Arizona who Thank God he's dead uh saying on the National network they couldn't afford to Pay for the medical prescriptions of Their people while we just gave 50 Billion dollars to the worst dictator Corrupt place in the world Ukraine Oh we got money for that huh but we Don't got money to take care of the Older people and giving them even the Crap drugs that benefit your corporate Companies So this is the kind of evilness out There and this technology is not going To work for these people I built it in there it's going to work For those people who have brought their Consciousness up to a level that they Start manifesting something of value and

In the end the only manifestation that Really counts is the manifestation of Ascending out of planet Prison camp hell planet Earth That's the only thing and that's the Only thing you can take with you you can Have a 50 50 houses filled with gold Bullion it ain't going with you baby Not unless you want to bury in the Ground next to you like these stupid Egyptians that everybody else did Burying stuff with them you know the Vikings did the same thing it killed People and put them in Graves and of Course they were going to take them with Them to the afterlife I mean what kind of stupid ignorance is That And of course we found where that went That went in the looter's pockets who Had plenty of it so the whole idea is That's the only thing that really Matters the rest of it is controlling Your environment and not being a slave To the environment you're in and you can Only do that with manifesting Technologies your life is on the line With this stuff your well-being your Finances everything is on the line as Times get tougher and tougher are you One of those who are out doing something Empowering yourself or not And here's the technology to do with It's as simple and as difficult as that

These are tools people they are Instruments you have to learn how to Play them to make beautiful music and You have to be in a certain headspace a Certain vibration and have uh positive Excellent thoughts To make this technology work for you if You're corrupted you're bad don't do it These things will turn on you and they Will make your life worse of course That's what's out there right now in This entire industry which is building a Bunch of toxic Criminal garbage that they have the Nerve to call radionics Remember people It comes to the right people who should Get it and that's how life always has Been if you're going to allow yourself To be Fooled and tricked by this low-level Evil group that's out there exploiting You through their junk technology which Is almost everybody out there I still Have yet to find any kind of tools that Are worth a damn no matter who has come Out with it some things are okay and That's about it but I've never seen any Great results from all of these things Out there and there's been hundreds of Them and the life-saving supplements oh Coral Calcium garlic it's going to Change everything in your life it Doesn't

These things may be a minor help but I've never seen any major changes for Anybody except people who were so messed Up because of their own personal choices That when they change that they then Give credit to changing that from a Substance or something else it really Has nothing to do it has to be the fact That you know you lost 30 pounds that's Why you feel better now not because you Took vitamin guppy goo from the company Of monkeys It's not the way it works But I'm sure this wisdom is wasted on Most of those listening to it but it's Very important to understand when Anybody tells you that they are Researching well this is a terrible term Radiatic Tech ain't researching people We are developing a potent technology That we know works and has worked for as A primitive tool for over a hundred Years now we have developed it into an Awesome tool combining a synergistic Relationship with what has been Discovered by goofball scientists that Has value and you got to be smart enough To know what is uh what what has value And isn't so we understand some base Level stuff but we want way past it of Course we get our information from People who understand people like Tesla People that understand subtle energy Physics

And there's many of these people in the Past and they have expressed this and Then pushed under the table the theory Of The Ether which Einstein was big on Well this is where energy comes from the Theory that there is this energy within The void of The Emptiness goes back Hundreds of years This is not something science discovered All they're doing is mimicking now what Others have said hundreds of years ago To try and justify their position Because they've been wrong It's not complicated but you don't need To know all the basics stay with Companies that know what they're doing Who have good intentions who have Intoxified who aren't pulling something Over you and get the finest and best Tools available because ultimately That's where you have to start If you don't have the right equipment You're never going to be able to do the Job properly And here's your chance to get it Scion Generator has been released it's been Out there for a week or two we have sold Out with our first run we are making More this is a great time to go to our Website check out the unit there are Beautiful photos up there of what the Unit looks like how it works and now you Can get in on so get get your purchase In save money it's temporarily on sale

Has been discounted a few hundred Dollars and of course these take about Four weeks to manufacture and because They're manufactured with you in mind And charged as well but we do take time To accumulate some of the parts and to Get things assembled everything is Handmade hang constructed hand tested And hand empowered to you as all quality Items are So do check that out follow the link Below change your life change the world And do something that works for a change Until next time