The use of samples and photographs in radionic experimentation

By | September 4, 2022

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The use of samples and photographs and Radionic experimentation [Music] Pictures in radionic are used to fix the Mind of the operator and serve as a Connection between him and the target Through the radionic device Saliva drops or a drop of blood sample Can also be used if available In the event that a positive radionic Action on a person or living being Assault through the sample the Appropriate vibrational information is Transmitted to the subject who is not Present This which until a few years ago seems Something magical can be explained Rationally with the so-called quantum Entanglement by which a particle can be Affected and a result can be obtained Both on that particle and on another Twin located kilometers away [Music] It is important and interesting to note That when using radionics it is not Necessary for the person being acted Upon to know that they are being Benefited by radionic therapy This person will be benefited and will Be able to experience appreciable Improvements without being aware of it This fact invalidates the theory that Radionic only acts at the placebo level The same goes for working with animals

The sick animal is not aware that a Treatment is being carried out for its Recovery however its improvement will be Appreciable and measurable [Music] What is your opinion Leave us a comment [Music] In other words it is possible to carry Out balances at the energetic level and Introduce positive vibrations in people Animals and plants at a distance using Elements that act as subtle links You can even seek to modify the Circumstances that alter the proper Functioning of an ecosystem eliminating Pests or imbalances caused by abnormal Dysfunctions in these ecosystems The use of radionics on agriculture is Proof of this When we consider this last aspect of Radionics we can say that it can affect Seeds crop fields irrigation water Deficient elements of the land or Insects that attack plantations Generally samples of each thing Mentioned or photographs that serve as a Structural link with them are used Radionics greatly facilitates operation And positive results in a large number Of fields of action Always remember to use an effective Device with a broad spectrum of action Easy to use and with associated features

That enhance and accelerate the expected Results It will be the best way to get the most Out of this extraordinary methodology of Therapy personal improvement achievement Of objectives and action on the Environment [Music] If you want to know more about radionics Subscribe to this channel or visit our Website and Download our book on radionics for free We are waiting for you You