The Singularity & AI – Dumb Guy Science!

By | November 3, 2022

The usual scientifc fraud. What Happened to the SINGULARITY ? What happened to Artifical Intelligance?? All science lies!! #sciencefraud #sciencelies





Welcome everybody Dr Thor here get ready For gnosis well I want to talk about What happened to The Singularity what Happened to artificial intelligence Well that's a little bit ridiculous it's Like saying military intelligence there Is none Uh The Singularity which was a big Propped up bunch of nonsense uh by a Particular Professor so he could sell His books of course could never happen And would be quite stupid we already had The first wave of that that was in the 1970s it was called bionics they made a TV show The Six Million Dollar Man which Shows you how long ago that was like six Million dollars was a lot of money but Was a way of integrating or making Somebody into a cyborg type functioning Entity We need to understand that this is Fantasy robots that form like humans are Not possible it is way too difficult and I'm not sure why we'd want to do that Anyway but trying to have a robot walk On two legs and move like humans which Is extremely complicated process of Functioning that we take for granted is Absurdity we again are listening to the Fraudulent buffoonish Liars known as Scientists it's really shocking when you Look into the nonsense they fed us and The poor results that the society Produces when we really get into

Anything of importance nothing can be Done we have no advances in real Technology certainly no way of healing Ourselves our planet is full of Lead it's full of radiation and all These things which are in the atmosphere Nobody really cares about the answer Sure is of course let's go uh tell us What the answer is Elon Musk My name is Bluefield where we have to go To Mars give me 50 trillion dollars and I'll do it you you will new commands and Make it a hot plan So this buffoonish idiot is such a Representation of common science but at The even at a lower level than the Common scientists who have absolutely Nothing to answer for and now the common Scientists the physicists in general Want to go into philosophy with a Scientific spin on it because they're in A in an industry or a thought form that Is completely and totally failed Now I covered the singularity Um before and the singularity of course Was as I said making you into a cyborg The fact if this stuff ever worked which Is near impossible What machines work Worth a damn anyway So the bottom line is machines really Don't work well computers don't work Well they're okay I mean they're great Tools and so many areas but they're very Hard to deal with they malfunction all

The time you have to end end up trying To figure out how to get around the Problems because this doesn't work and You have to bang it on the side and Stand on one foot to get to that Particular website And so many things are blocked and we Use junk stuff like Google and the worst Search engines on the planet just Garbage So the whole idea is they're somehow Gonna make you into this super bionic Man now it would be the six billion Dollar man uh to be able to do anything Special like eyesight or the use of Limbs and so forth well all this is a Giant complete fantasy there are certain Things that they're working on Particularly of course who else the Military and how to make man better so He can kill his fellow man uh that are Still super super expensive and pretty Poor nothing overcomes the human brain The human consciousness and the human Body in general which is a fantastic Although weak and feeble tool But that's what mankind is based on Mankind is all about taking your really Pathetic reality your very weak Structure your small uh capacity of Muscles and you're using the one thing That you have better than everyone else And that's your cunning and your group Mob or gang activity so this basically

Overcomes everything but you know Mankind has to overcome everything from Wearing shoes and clothes and building Structures well I've never seen an Animal make a shoe have you so the whole Idea is all these things on the inferior Human species is able to by its numbers It's gangs and it's very cunningness to Achieve things and cunning can turn into Certain genius and the capacities of the Reality of the quote Earth being Homo Sapien it's quite staggering when it Gets into the areas that are most Suppressed in that that is metaphysical Functioning from astral projection To all the psychic sciences and all the Things that go with it is quite amazing While animals have a lot of these Abilities they're unable to use them at The capacity that humans are or so this Gives a super superiority to a degree So but this is of course suppressed and To go into basically low-level thinking That we get from everyone else So the point is is that very few people In this day and age can afford uh Medical Treatments of any great extent To begin with to go in and of course People do have a lot of cosmetic surgery The rich people of course uh and even This is relatively affordable if you're Going to go in and have major surgery And have things connected into nervous Systems and brain waves and so many

Other things these things would cost a Fortune this technology is not even near Being ready for anything but the dump So the whole idea is that technology of This sort is way too advanced and Anything that is really Advanced cost Hundreds of millions of dollars Everything uh all of these scientists Not only want to be great failures but They want to be paid a lot of money to Fail as well and of course we're going To put all this money into the Singularity combining you with some Worthless technology that oh you want Better eyes you ever heard of binoculars Well you can get some really good Binoculars for a pretty good price now Very low price by the way but let's do That let's connect it to your eyes and Spend 100 Millions dollars to do that When you can use a twenty dollar pair of Binoculars that you can buy on the open Market now so this is the kind of Nonsense and why that went nowhere There's no way you're gonna enhance Human Technologies or anything else what You can do is assisted So by assisting human Technologies uh by Making a calculator a computer program But ultimately what goes on there is That you are controlling the program and The outcome of it it assists you do you Really want to sit there and add up Multiple lines of numbers and other

Things or go through equations when you Can have a machine do that for you that Doesn't make the machine smart it Actually makes the machine stupid Because it can't do anything but handle Equations while you can do everything so These are all the insane uh realities And of course the constant pressure to Put on quote human beings that they are Stupid and worthless so we have to give Our power away first we give our power Away to comic book gods and ridiculous Governments and stupid religions and of Course now we're going to give away our Power to idiot machines that cannot Really make any decisions properly yet We keep allowing them to do this and Allowing them to have some autonomy when They really have no idea what's going on In the bigger picture and this will be Done to her own Peril as we move closer And closer to actual movie Matrix Reality created by whom those of course Psychotic evil people otherwise known as Scientists yeah the ones that built the Atomic bomb that built all the toxic Stuff that support criminals uh to Further uh their bank account goes up by Putting out toxic uh chemicals putting Out fake healing things producing really What is a bunch of garbage that really Doesn't help mankind all for profit and Who's out there ringing the bell and Writing the checks I should say cashing

The checks your good old scientists Who've done nothing So you don't hear anything about the Stupid Singularity anymore people need Operations to live we need medical Facilities that help heal people and do Operations that are life-saving and Prolonging not to make you be able to See 10 miles away that you could do with A bloody binoculars for 20 bucks So the whole idea is the joke of that And the imbecilic people who support Making themselves into some sort of Quasi machine is beyond understanding Machines there are to assist you the Human race does what you make tools These tools then build machines to Assist you in your process I would Certainly like to use a bulldozer to Level in clear land than doing that with My fingers or even worse with a shovel So all of that makes sense so you make Tools to build machines to do a Particular purpose uh that you as a Feeble weak human physically can't do It's amazing how human beings have grown Into being more weak and more physically Inferior all the time and when somebody Is really big you know big muscles tall Um you know people who are over six two Six four or in a big muscular you think That this would be a type of human that Would live longer the bottom line is big People in general Die Young it's a fact

So this doesn't even make sense so that Even goes against Evolution shouldn't we All be about six feet 300 pounds be able To move stuff I mean we live in a world Where we need to be very physical and You say we don't well I don't know where You've been but you're going to have to Hire somebody who is physical to do Things like clear the snow from your Driveway do other physical acts that are Required So all of that doesn't make any sense But that's the reality that we're in Here So we have to look at all these Ridiculous things artificial Intelligence has been a big failure it Cannot and do anything that really People expect it people live in some Sort of fantasy world thinking that this Is some sort of bizarre movie and uh not The reality that we live in so all of This is something that we need to keep In full understanding of what is going On here and we have people that Continually put out fake informations They can drive their company's stocks up Based on fantasy uh people look at uh Without looking at anything more than Their comic book Um basically uh Press conference they had and not Looking at anywhere behind it people Think someone's a genius because he uses

A 150 year old technology we're a little Modifications it's still an electric car And basically it's an overpriced piece Of junk and nothing there that was Promised has ever come from it so we Must be very careful it's also very Interesting to note that Um so many things that science continues To want to take credit for like the Research into black holes well this was Already talked about and they were Called black stars this goes back Hundreds and hundreds of years the Actual scientific understanding of what Black holes are black stars not that Crippled little freak that came out and Changed his mind every 10 days on what a Black quote hole was and what a crappy Name that is is Right science didn't Want to use that because they're really A bunch of little namdi pandeys and Thought it was kind of obscene you got To wonder where their reality is but I Think a black star is a much better Understanding of something as well So the whole idea is that is not a New Concept nothing is new that we know of Physicists have come up with absolutely Nothing and everything that has been Looked at here and thought to have any Great value to it like Einstein's uh Rewriting of already known information But the physicists were too stupid to Understand it so him being the kind of

[ __ ] guy he was put down four or Five pages explaining something that These new scientists could kind of Understand now his math was all wrong Most his conclusions are all wrong and They still wave this guy around as being Some sort of Genius what a joke none of This was created by them nothing was Created by all the people who are taking Credit for things now the original Thoughts of these the original Discoveries of all these things just Like black holes black stars goes back Hundreds of years and they want to out Act like they invented it well you have To say you did something 200 years of Modern physics has brought us absolutely Nothing there's no breakthroughs Whatsoever they keep moving more and More of course into quantum physics Because everything now becomes more Energetic in nature and the massive Things don't really exist but they kind Of exist You know they don't want to of course Push forward anything that uh has some Real possibilities to it they want to Grab onto this same illusion of physical Matter so we run around in circles here More and more with these buffoonish Ignorant overpaid just garbage people Pushing their technology which is Nothing their crimes against humanity Because they are not in any way

Achieving anything while they are Milking the public out of billions every Year every year for their fake Are realities like the collider you know It used to be called the atom smasher Yeah that's right and that's a little Better but that was too crude for them Trying to do to scare them so the whole Idea is they want to use fancy terms Which is basically just smashing stuff Up and Adam Smasher is a much better Reality uh and really kind of gives you A picture of what's going on because That's what they do they smash things Together and whatever junk comes out They think that somehow this is a way of Discovering things because they don't Know how to do anything else so and what Has been gained by all those years of Using this quote Collider Absolutely nothing and they continue to Come up with the same theories that were Already there hundreds if not thousands Of years ago and their main poster boy Who discovered everything was an Alchemist and it goes back 500 years so We continue to go back to all those Things and nothing ever changes because They're living in the same dream world Of fantasy that because they can't Figure out how to do anything else and They have to grab onto the piddling Little straws of what they kind of can Invent and really can't prove whatsoever

So this is the kind of nonsense that we Get from science yet again and it's just Nothing but lies lies about black holes Lies about Einstein's uh relativity and all that Stuff which somebody else already had Explained but nobody could understand it Like like the dummies that physicists Are and now they want to wander into Philosophy because after all you got Nothing in the physics world do you Absolutely zero So and this adds right up to the Singularity that's why we're going to Have hospitals full of people going in There for electric surgeries spending Millions of dollars uh to get what we Can't even fix people's legs from Accidents and wars and everything else That they need all these extra Legs and arms and all that still hasn't Went really anywhere but we're gonna Make some Singularity nonsense this kind Of ignorant talk like going to Mars Instead of cleaning up our own planet is Really a complete crime against humanity This is rotten evil nonsense that gets Us nowhere let's spend those hundreds of Trillions of dollars cleaning up this Planet which we certainly could do for The cost of one little fake rocket ship To Mars the dead worthless planet that Has nothing on it Um period we don't need to go to a

Desert with no air no nothing thing to Discover what so we can bring our trash There so we can bring our Freaks and our Diseases and our perversions there well That's all that's ever going to be there And to think there's any value to that Planet at all is insane that's like Moving from Beverly Hills in onto the Street after all boxes are better than Mansions I can live in a box and I can Pay right in the street I don't need no Toilets I got the curb it's so much Better and this is the kind of idiot Talk that we get from these morons who Are really committing crimes against Humanity they are misleading people and The money that this Society in general Has to put into their pockets and to Destroy what's left of this planet by Leading us down Fantasy Land realities This is sad and it is evil and it needs To be made aware rub so we can move away From these people scientists like Everybody else that do not produce Should not be paid or kept in their Office generals that can't win Wars get Rid of them politicians who are corrupt And spend money and don't get results Get rid of them doctors that can't heal Get rid of them we don't need failure we Need to stop supporting failure and we Need to stop the uh supporting complete And total frauds like these scientists Are and the nonsense that goes behind

The most low thinking people we can Possibly think of people that haven't Had an original idea have no idea how to Do anything that have been given Millions of dollars to pull fraud on the Public they're pushed ahead because They're buffoonish ignorant Stooges that Do what they're told instead of building A car that runs on hydrogen which has Already been developed let's have an Electric car let's make sure we have to Have lots and lots of generating plants And an infrastructure that can't handle It it's Madness and it doesn't work We need to move on we need solutions to Health problems that are plaguing this Planet and will get worse and worse People can't even get standard medical Care or even get the antibiotics they Need and they have to worry about the Fact of is my child sick enough so that I can take them to the doctor and spend Five hundred dollars well we're gonna Have to wait until you almost die son That's what you get from these pigs that Are selling you garbage at high prices And you're living in a comic book World Well it's about time everybody wakes up It's about time you wake up to these Losers and Liars that come from your Institutions your MIT your caltex these Are the worst people on the planet who Continue to live in a tiny little box of Failure just like everybody else in the

Society and what do we do we honor them We buy their books we support their Institutions we fund their projects and It's amazing how every scientific Project no matter what it is costs Hundreds of millions if not billions of Dollars you know they want to get paid a Lot of money to play with their Worthless toys that fail they want Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Dollars a year they want Millions to put Together on projects And what do we get from it nothing Well the uh as the same old story as Rome Burns all these people fiddle they Fiddle they lie they tell you stories While filling their pockets and they are The worst level humans on the planet They are destroying this planet with Their ignorance and they are sucking Every penny out of the public they can And the public is bending over and Pouring their pockets out to make sure That these losers who have done Absolutely nothing are continue to be Fed billions of dollars so it's about Time we recognize this fraud recognize The fact that black holes certainly Aren't a new invention they go back Hundreds of years they were called black Stars a nice name even the guy who Originally invented had a better name Than that so and then we have to go with Giving a person who basically was

Nothing more than a [ __ ] who could Barely communicate a god-like status I Mean what is this but that's science for You honor something that deserves no Honoring a person who never came up with Anything of value whatsoever who changed His opinion every two days if you could It would take that long for him to spell It out anyway and it's unfortunate that People have disabilities but it doesn't Mean that we have to slavishly follow Somebody like that and then all these Theoretical physicists who have done Nothing but repeating the same Information from hundreds of years ago Isaac Newton came up with the original The Alchemist that he was even the Religious fanatic that he was he spent Most of his life studying that and while He was studying that he figured out some Of the laws of physics which of course Are still upheld to this day but we must Remember it's still all invented because It's all proven by mathematical systems That are invented by people Newton Invented calculus to explain what he was Doing what well yeah you invent Something to explain it so you def you Define something you define what you Invented did using your name and your Calculations nonsense nonsense all sucks So it's a whole idea is that this is the Kind of bogus lies that have been Perpetrated upon all of this society and

Will ultimately kill it the bottom line Is the society is so corrupt and so bad It supports everything that makes Absolutely no sense and basically is a Society that supports failure if you're Going to continue to fund and support Failure guess what you'll have the Great Society we have today which basically Has done nothing who's living a toxic Pool of garbage and allows the most Worst level people at every level to Just exploit them fill their pockets and At your detriment and your destruction Well your family can't afford Medical Care can't afford to live in a decent House can't buy good food because your Rich buddies that you keep voting in Refuse to give you even what is needed To survive at a decent level in life and That's perfectly fine That's where it's all looked at it's Okay to do that it's okay not to pay Somebody or give them medical insurance So they have to worry about how to have Their children survive when they get Sick or maybe even you That's okay that's the American war That's a good Republican and of course The sellout Democrats who certainly have The power to do so many things who never Do anything so it's just the reality of War because we support failure the Bigger failure are the more people will Support you that's how sick rotten and

Backwards of society is but if you're a Person on the path of Gnostic thinking If you look and seek for gnosis you Understand all this it's pretty blatant And pretty clear if you don't get any of This you're the dumb person who's part Of the problem not part of it you are The problem and that's part of what Society is of course my listeners Generally are the smarter people but This is all the things that you have to This is how you wake up this is how what As a person who is seeking gnosis which You should be you understand all this Stuff you see it clearly it's just so Clear it's shocking that anybody would Support these kind of horrible people Programs of what goes on today and it Doesn't matter how much facts are out There the general populace is so Ignorant so stupid that it nothing will Ever change and of course they want to Blame their government who basically is Them You know it's interesting people say That you know if government is the Answer then there was really no question Well what is supposed to be there what Is uh what is there other than Government and government generally is The people putting their will out there And controlling things and particularly In a quote we're not a democracy we're a Republic we let other people do our work

For us yeah yeah so the whole idea is That the bottom line is you're supposed To vote people in that are listening to You and they do the business because You're busy trying to survive well the Bottom line is is that means that he's a Representative representative of the People which should be you so what else Is there we're going to appoint a Dictator well we've had that we have Government that doesn't represent us in Any way whatsoever so it's not that we Need to have less government well that's Always that's a joke we need to have Honest government non-corrupt government That does what's right and does the will Of the people all plain and simple again It's twisted and you'd love to think you Have governmental problems because it's Corrupt not because it isn't a good Structure that's the whole idea you need Somebody to go do what you tell them to You need to have government agencies That regulate do you think the Government agencies was created only by Politicians for money the agricultural Association was created because of the Spanish-American War hundreds of troops Died because they were given bad food it Goes on and on and on government Agencies are created to take care of Serious needs that the corporations Don't give a damn about they're supposed To be doing protecting the General

Public They don't do that They don't do that because they're Corrupt so we need to have corruption Laws and people who uh want to use Government funds and want to basically Commit crimes against humanity should be Imprisoned for life and all their assets Should be taken away from them and maybe Even their families assets we need to Start clamping down on corruption and we Need to have honest systems that work The bottom line the systems are all good The people involved in them are all Corrupt that's the problem so and you Are going to buy into this kind of stuff And uh believe in all these things we've Had the latest fraud come out with these Latest pandemic problems it just never Ends all for the profit of corporations That they make billions of dollars and The side effects could be your life Ruined so we all have to look at these Things and we have to come into complete Awareness of what's going on and the Whole idea is that these representations Out there that so many people like to Buy into and give credit to these losers That produce absolutely nothing is the Epitome of stupidity It's really sad so wake up every people Seek gnosis it's all there right in Front of you pay attention to it and Know what's going on because in the end

That's what will Empower you save you And you will prosper because you know The truth until next time