The Real Story Orlee Stewart Left & The Bullying & Harassment of 2 communities by Yuri McGlinchey

By | June 28, 2021

In this video, JS Garrett addresses the story about why Orlee Stewart really left BALG and the harassment, cyber-stalking, bullying, and doxxing that has lead to the complete terrorization of our family. We have been dealing with this silently for over 6 months.

Doxxing is serious! It can lead to rapes, kidnapping, and even murder!! It is not a joke. It is serious and life-threatening.

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[Music] This All right what's up guys i'm js garrett And i wanted to make a follow-up video To the last video that i dropped the Video where I'm making fun of orly Stuart and yuri mcclinchy whose real Name is joshua Nobody seems to know that but Most of you totally understood what that Was about Most of you got it because most of you Have been paying attention to what's Been going on for the last six months But some of you didn't get it some of You left some pretty crazy comments And i want to address that uh one of the Number one questions That people asked is why would you make Fun Of these two people well i'll tell you Why Because these two people have been Harassing Me and my family non-stop for the last Six Months and the harassment first started Three years ago Okay and i'm not just talking about Talking [ __ ] on facebook i could really Care less about That now i'm talking about giving out my Personal address and legal information

To random people Not only encouraging people to hurt me Physically But also sending mail to my house This is this is from today guys This is just from today i've had a full Mailbox Almost every single day for months These are different pamphlets from Different Churches christian propaganda That yuri has signed me up for and given Out my home address to Now the only reason they know my home Address is because orley Used to live here for a short time when She needed a place to stay You know i you know i i really Considered orly to be My best [ __ ] friend i really did Until recently until six months ago like The sister That i never had um i was always there Anytime she needed anything and when she Needed a place to go She came here Not only not only have i been You know getting mail in threads But they also filed a fake cdc report On me and my wife sent it to both of us And so the way you go about this Is you go on to your little profile on The cdc website And you name your sexual partners okay

So yuri apparently has a profile With the cdc went on to this website And not only named me as a sexual Partner But also my wife and it was sent to both Of our emails This was done in an attempt to Make us think that one of us had had an Affair on the other one Trying to cause problems in my Relationship All right and now this may have worked Except for My wife and i spend all day every day Together we work from home and we work Together So it would not be physically possible So that was never even a question The next thing that was done by these People Is orally contacted the founders of Become a living god the publishing Company that we all Worked for at the time and accused me of Sexual harassment Based on the comments that i made to Yuri In our disagreement on my personal Facebook Page where i was being attacked and Insulted By him now i'm not sure Where you get sexual harassment of orly Out of the

Conversation because i never mentioned Her name Not one time never said a word about her This was entirely between yuri and i And the story that was told in the Accusations that were made Against me pertaining to sexual Harassment Was entirely made up and fabricated And you know luckily Ea and timothy are intelligent Reasonable people And reached out to me and asked me what The hell was going on So i showed them everything that was Said and the conclusion was The js has not done anything wrong here So the next thing she did was give them An ultimatum Well i'm not going to work for the same Company As this bigoted transphobe so you either Fire him or i quit I hope they said oh sorry you feel that Way we'll see you later And then the rest started in The the harassment the mail the late Night phone calls the emails the false Reports All of that stuff followed directly Afterwards So Yuri has previously publicly stated That he wanted to infiltrate become a

Living god And take it down from within that was The plan All along and then a few months later Orly is moving in with him now Three years ago just nearly four years Ago is when this started I've never heard of yuri never talked to Him Nothing he comes onto my personal Facebook Page and starts throwing insults Against my practice against me Personally and trolling me So i didn't pay any mind to it i just Deleted the comments and blocked him All right but when i found out that orly Was moving in with him Then i was concerned so i asked to speak With them both Face to face we sat down on skype We hashed it all out yuri apologized to Me And we virtually shook hands and Agreed to put it all to rest and then i Went out of my way To be friends with this person That person didn't want to be friends so A few months later He starts trolling my wife starts Insulting my wife Then orly made a made a phone call To uh the co-founder of become a living God

And attempted to get my wife fired For what reason i don't really know um Other than Not wanting the competition maybe i Don't really See others as competition i think that a Rising tide elevates the entire ship Alright so whenever something You know humor is is my secret weapon Whenever Something gets under my skin or pisses Me off Or really upsets me my way of handling That is to make fun of it When someone trolls me or Slanders me publicly i make fun of them You know i mean It's it's it's not really that big a Deal you know but it does Make light of the situation and It helps me not take life so seriously All right so i put up with this [ __ ] for Months before i said anything for months And months Of receiving piles of this garbage in my Mail Of receiving false cdc reports Doxxing giving out my address and mine And my family's legal names to people That want to hurt Us okay The next thing that happened First of all i noticed that Yuri was trolling in some of these trans

Groups and that's one of the things i've Been accused of By this person is being a transphobe Okay And the reason for this is because i Have a trans Son my son is 18 years old and my son is Trans And my son is actually going through the Transition They live with me and we fully support Them in their lifestyle and how they Want to live So i created a ritual That was designed to help people Transition To help them transition both Psychologically and physically I was attacked for that and called a Transphobe and a bigot And a nazi all right i don't Understand those accusations at all Because i'm about the furthest thing From Bigotry and nazism as you can possibly Get But that's kind of where i drew the line You know when you when you talk [ __ ] About my family when you attack My children and attack me as a father That's hidden below the belt okay The next thing i was accosted for was Being a veteran All right and yes i'm a veteran of the

Military I don't advertise that i don't tell People that i don't wear it like a badge Of honor and i don't wear it Like a shield whenever someone disagrees With me There are some very nasty comments made By these people About veterans now They really should have more respect for Veterans people who Have sacrificed everything some of them Their lives So that we americans can enjoy the Freedom To live however we want to You wouldn't you wouldn't appreciate This fully unless you'd been somewhere Like the middle east Where they chopped people's heads off For that kind of thing So the next thing was dick pics Not only did i receive dick pics from Yuri But i've also had four separate females Contact me and send me screenshots of Unsolicited Dick pictures that this person has sent To them And that's not very ladylike but it's Also Predatory this is a person who Trolls the trans community As well as the occult community

Under the guise of being trans and Attacks people and calls them bigots and Nazis Whenever they disagree with them now the Number one People that i have watched this person Attack are other trans people members of The lgbtqia community So i wanted to make this video to clear Up Exactly why i did this why would i make Fun of these people Well that's how i deal with things and You know if you're gonna slander me Publicly And put me and my family at risk Then i'm gonna make fun of you you know It's only fair right Because that's a better way to handle it Than getting angry Another thing that i've been accused of Is spells Supposedly casting spells against these People Oh no no um Yeah that's uh that's kind of like going Around shooting people that piss you off You know like magic ritual magic real Ritual magic is like a loaded gun So i don't utilize that to settle petty Disputes or attack People who disagree with me or friends That i have a falling out with All right now

Funny enough back when orly lived here She cut Off a lock of hair it's not a very big Lock of hair but that's more than enough Hair To do some kind of nasty spell on Somebody there's about a hundred Different spells you could do With someone's hair and she gave this to Me as a symbol of trust Saying here js i want you to keep this In case you ever need to help me But also to assure you that i will never Turn against you or betray you and i in Turn Promised that i would never utilize this To harm her Right now she didn't keep her promise to Me But i've kept my promise to her because I'm not going to I'm not going to put a death curse on Someone just for behaving like an [ __ ] So here's what i'm going to do with this I'm going to throw it in the garbage Where it belongs Then was contacted pretty recently By a trans woman someone who had Seen and heard about the harassments and The accusations that were being made Against me By urine and they told me the most Disgusting story i think i've ever heard

This trans woman was a rape victim Someone who had been brutally raped and They were in The same one of the same facebook groups As Yuri he offered to offer his counsel To do a free consultation with them to Talk about Their trauma so this person gets on Skype with him With her with them And tells her story And then towards the end of the story Yuri has an orgasm And the woman realizes that he's been Masturbating Underneath the table while she is Telling the story of her brutal rape Trauma That is disgusting that's one of the Most disgusting things i've ever heard This person is a predator they're a Predator Who trolls the lgbtqia Community as well as the occult Community And does it under the guise of being Trans You know not to mention that but this Person doesn't even pretend This person has facial hair this person Wears guys clothes They're in a relationship with a female You know they're not doing anything to

Transition but that's none of my Business I could care less what someone Identifies as But whenever i see someone trolling the Trans community And accosting people for their beliefs Or how they look Then i have a problem with that so this Really all started because i was Sticking up for the lgbtqia community And because of that i was labeled a Bigot and a nazi And uh an assist male transphobe by this Person The other thing is racial slurs this Person has used Several racial slurs towards me as well As Other other colleagues of mine Specifically ea coeding now i don't know What this person's Obsession with me or ea co-editing It seems quite unstable to me It seems like there's some mental Illness going on there And i've been tolerating this person Harassing me slandering me and attacking Me For months and i haven't said or done Anything about it the only thing i did Was send them a cease and desist Order from my attorney because they were Attempting to

Damage my business and harassing my Clientele Well they stopped tormenting me for About two weeks And then it started again the public Slander and harassment The next thing and this just happened The other day He accosted a friend of mine with Cerebral palsy Accosting them and making fun of them For their disability That's disgusting behavior that's Predatory behavior So for those of you who think that this Video i did was in poor taste You're absolutely right it was mocking It was absolutely intended to mock the Poor taste Of these people's actions i think That giving out people's Personal information and their address Is in poor taste Sending people boxes of spam mail every Week Is in poor taste slandering Other trans people is poor taste Okay accosting veterans Is in poor taste filing a fake cdc Report against me and my wife Is in poor taste and I refuse to tolerate it i'm not going to Lay down and allow a bully to Step all over me just because

They say they're trans all right i just You cannot use that as a shield it is Not Okay and it's extremely disrespectful to Those of you who are Trans or transitioning is disrespectful To the entire Lgbtqia community and its disgusting Behavior So with all that being said That's really all i wanted to say i Wanted to get on here And clarify for those of you who Misunderstood this video and took it Wrong Humor is how i deal with things and if You're going to Terrorize me then i'm going to make fun Of you It's that simple and it's fair so if you Want to find the perpetrator The real perpetrator in any situation Nine times out of ten Is the loudest screaming victim the Person making the most noise And it's a type of gaslighting and Manipulation To accuse somebody of exactly What you are doing to them while you are Actively Doing it to them So that's about all i have to say i do Apologize If i offended any of you and i

Absolutely am an ally And a friend of the lgbtqia community Half my family are members of this Community And more than half of my clientele Are members of this community so to call Me a bigot or a nazi That's an extremely poor taste that's All i want to say Take care guys You