The Modular Radionics Manifestation Systems | Manifesting Your Desires

By | October 16, 2022

Hello! Everyone, Welcome to our channel Modular Radionics, Today's our channel first video is about The Modular Radionics Manifestation Systems, Manifesting Your Desires.
Would you want to learn how to use a radionics machine? As a result, this video is for you.
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Welcome to Modular Radionics! For years, Radionic Machines have been know as the ”Law of Attraction on Steroids”. At Modular Radionics, we have brought this technology into the 21st century. These are the only true 100% digital radionic machines on the market. It also includes our patent pending ”Intent Detector”. Designed to broadcast your intention with laser like accuracy! Click on this video and find out all about these awesome machines!

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The Modular Radionics MR-200Q Radionics Manifestation System is a very high quality, compact, professional 2-Channel Digital Quantum Radionics Manifestation Device. The MR-400Q is our 4- Channel model. Our machines are completely software-driven Radionics Machines and include the most comprehensive, advanced and easiest to use Radionics Manifestation Software in the market, featuring our unique, patent-pending Quantum Intent Detector technology.

Don't let the compact size of our devices fool you—these are professional grade Radionics systems, exactly the same, in fact as the ones we ourselves have used for years in our very successful Radionics service sister company. What we did to miniaturize the equipment was to first move all the controls over to the software (where they belong!) and then install a powerful ARM Cortex-M0+ 32bit 48MHz Microcontroller in the base of the pyramid(s) to generate the Frequencies and Rates and to control the LED visualizer. We then wrote the worlds most sophisticated Radionics Software ever, and set up a high-speed USB communication link to the device. Additionally, we built an Entropy Generator into each device for use by our unique, patent-pending Intent Detector system.

Modular Radionics has taken the art of Radionics into the 21st century—ours is the only digital Radionics Machine in the market that offers Radionics Frequencies, Radionics Rates and Chakra Balancing all in the same system.

All of our Quantum Radionics Manifestation devices feature a set of Radionics Pyramid Quartz-Coil amplifiers that are used to manifests your intentions with laser-like precision.

The Software-Controlled Orgone Pyramid Quartz-Coils combine the power of advanced Frequency and Rate trend manifestators that allows you to use either one of our 100 Preset Frequencies and Rates or else our patent-pending Quantum Intent Detector to use your intuitive mind to access the right channel for the specific intention.

And all of it is controlled by your mouse!

You won't find clunky knobs and 70's technology. Everything is controlled from the convenience of your Windows 10 (or Windows 11) PC computer or laptop.

With this sleek, modern and simple to use interface you can visually create your Radionics Programs, easily set your Radionics Frequencies or Rates, insert your Target, Trend, Intention and Trend Cards with just a few mouse clicks, and either select a preset sound track from our large collection (included with your purchase) or else use your own MP3/WAV sound files or Affirmations.

Also you'll find a groundbreaking, patent-pending new feature, our Quantum Intent Detector that can set the Frequencies or Rates BASED ON YOUR MIND.
Our Quantum Intent Detector is based on the seminal research carried out at the PEAR Lab of Princeton University and it is the only Radionics Technology available today that is based on peer-reviewed, real science.

This creates the most accurate Radionics Programs (rates and/or frequencies) for extreme precision targeting. This information is sent digitally to the Modular Radionics Microcontroller inside our Radionics devices, from there to be relayed to the Pyramid Orgone Quartz Coils in the device.

Money and Financial
Love and Romance
Protection against Evil

Additionally, you can always set it to use your own custom frequencies or rates and then use your pendulum, or our built-in Electronic Rubbing Pad or (better yet!) our unique Quantum Intent Detector to set your own frequencies or rates.

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Allow us to present to you the modular Radionics mr200q and mr400q radionics Manifestation system we offer a Professional grade two or four Channel Quantum digital radionics manifestation Device that is completely software Driven and includes the most Comprehensive Advanced and easiest to Use radionics manifestation software in The market it features our unique Patent-pending Quantum intent detector Technology Tune in and code your wish it's that Simple we did the hard part no one else Has this product we are the only ones in The world to have a Quantum machine with Our unique intent detector technology This is the only radionic device in the Market that is based on actual real Published scientific research money love Opportunities family Harmony romance Power success it's all at your Fingertips the quantum radionics Manifestation software detects your Intention and tunes the device to the Right frequency for Success money wealth Happiness See your projects take off see bad luck Disappear See your life move forward be happy be Rich it's not for other people All of our Quantum radionics Manifestation devices feature a set of Radionics pyramid quartz coil amplifiers

That are used to manifest your Intentions with laser light precision Software controlled Oregon pyramid Quartz coils combine the power of Advanced frequency and rate Trend Manifesters this this allows you to use Either one of our 100 preset frequencies And rates or else engage our Patent-pending Quantum intent detector To use your intuitive mind to access the Correct rate for the specific intention And all of it is controlled by your Mouse It's now a storm is coming stagflation Is now a word We're looking at the tip of the iceberg Inflation scarcity stock market Collapsing War Our global economy is on the verge of Fragmenting and it will shake every Single Foundation of our society Secure your future now tune in and code Your wish You don't need to know computer science You don't have to be an economist this Is not magic but it works like magic This will work where others have failed This is your own wish machine write your Own ticket help yourself help others The program will find the frequency you Just have to wish it [Music]