The Final Word on the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and The Process Church

By | October 19, 2022

Get the facts on Best Friends / Process Church. Case closed!!
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Welcome everyone Dr Thor here again Ready for gnosis well here's my final Um actual video on uh Best Friends Animal Sanctuary I've just completed Reading Um two books written about them in terms Of uh they're more kind of uh guides That you'd find in their gift shop And of course they show the different Animals and talk about them and the Stories of how they were rescued Etc and Of course there's the famous Um dog Town TV series that was done by National Geographics and there's a Actual Um Book about that the work they did Etc All of that that goes with that so what That really means uh to everything is The fact that Um Looking at everything looking at what's Been done really in the past 30 years uh There's absolutely no wrongdoing by Animal Sanctuary whatsoever now to Constantly look at everything and blame Them when we sit in a rotten stinking World of corruption is a little bit Naive and I have to wonder what's going On with the this whole thing that uh Basically useless human scum seems to Have an interest in murder cases that go Back and refuse really to deal with the Issues of that which is basically the

Satanism that has taken over many Industries and the organized crime that Goes with that but they don't want to Face that they want to go back and look At people like David Berkowitz and claim That he was something special and Everything else went uh he was just a Psychotic murderer and there's really Not much anything else that they don't Want to deal with what's really that Case is all about which is police Corruption and the incompetency of your Police departments certainly there's no Brownie points to be giving from them Either so they don't deal with any real Issues and when they get involved in So-called satanic groups what happens is That they ignore the fact of what's Going on now and refuse to talk to Anybody that knows something about it These people involved in these research Are really the bottom of the barrel Ignorant buffoonish slobs that should be Ignored and of course they want to then Express their opinion on what they're Doing and you know these kind of Information that goes on including People who some of them who are sincere Etc the few honest cops Etc well they Don't know anything they believe what People tell them someone comes to them Who comes off sincere otherwise known as A con man and they buy it and of course Certainly you would think uh you know

Cops who think everybody's dirty to Begin with are also very easily fooled Because they want information and they Want to get it from a source they Consider reliable so they can go out and Do their bad Deeds so this is all the Things that go on so the bottom line is That the processed Church which was not A satanic organization whatsoever many People have labeled them that Um were they involved with a lot of Strange well they were a street group in A time where there was huge amounts of Drugs and crimes and a really bizarre Time in American history called the 60s Or where there was massive amounts of Counterculture children who by the way Were very misunderstood to this day why Were they a counterculture because They're psychotic parents particularly Their fathers coming back from Traumatized in World War II from the Atrocities uh that they had seen and Committed themselves beat the crap out Of their children Tortured them mistreated them Etc you Know the most famous uh decorated American uh soldier in World War II Audie Murphy Uh who did amazing things uh was Traumatized by that war and stated that He got no help and neither did any of His people now we have all these pdsps And all these other programs and they're

Probably badly funding because we have To fund the Nazis in Ukraine uh that um Have to give them lots of money So it goes on and on and on and we have A real serious problem here of all of This but you know this is the nature of The human race and uh to go after this Organization Um is kind of comical there's zero People who have come out that have said Anything about this organization in Recent years we're going back to uh Bogus claims because they were very Active in many different places and of Course they were out murdering people Because that makes you money right That's what a nonsense it's just Nonsense now the fact that organized Criminal satanic gangs are out there Making lots of money buying everybody Off and that the police are working with Them and supporting them is a fact and None of these people want to deal with It so if we want to in some way think That this is a bad organization well if They are they're number 10 million on The list of bad organizations to Eventually get to Now the problem with the non-profits in General and this goes across the board With everyone is the fact that Non-profit organizations are usually con Artist scams to begin with They're supposed to be helping people

What percentage of their money goes to Help the people they're supposed to well You know their business records which Are open to the public if you're Non-profit you have to keep all your Records open at all times to be looked At by government and others well you Could look through all those things now Uh the animal sanctuary publishes all This and it doesn't seem like their Money is top heavy in terms of they're Spending a lot on other things They like to criticize organizations of This type and others because oh they had Some planes well you know if you want to Get around and service so many different Uh organizations like they have Different animal uh sanctuaries or what You would call Um animal facilities that they run for Cities and other places if you expect to Get people around places and get them on Schedules and everything else you can't Uh fly normal Airlines generally planes That you own are also rented out Constantly so others use them as well They're seen as kind of a multi-purpose Taxi to a large degree but you know if You're an organization that takes in 50 To 100 million dollars having a few Planes is not necessarily excessive Uh they do tend to take care of their Own at the top in terms of keeping a uh Family type or friend uh management

Is that bad or is that good is that Nepotism or smart management who can you Trust the bottom line is people have Always trusted their relatives and so Forth Tom Cruise's manager is his sister Who's also a die-hard Scientologist Here's one of the biggest movie stars in The world making hundreds of millions of Dollars and his manager is his sister Wow and this goes on and on with so many People who have wives sisters brothers Etc or friends who are their managers Etc so I'm not sure that that's uh Necessarily bad any really good job is Never open to the public you go to the Movie industry the aircraft industry you Can find out that there's a bunch of Related people there you bring in Sons Relatives everybody because these are Good paying jobs and if you can get Someone in and there's few of those you Do that so I'm not sure there's anything To that as well I do find some strange things about the Operation they have Um in general but I would have to really Go there and see things on a long-term Basis and anyone who wants to pay me Tens of thousands of dollars to do that I'm more than happy to do the Investigations but uh from what we know Right now and from the many reports and It is an open facility now let's Remember the Dogtown book that I wrote

Which talked about Dogtown uh was a TV Series done by National Geographics they filmed on location There meaning their people were all over That place and I've had movie Crews uh Interview me and have had contact with Movie Crews you're talking about a lot Of people with a lot of trucks wandering About with cameras so if there's Something terrible going on there Certainly it would be seen So this series went on for a while I'm Not sure what it's happening with it now But it showed what was happening with These animals Etc Um and I don't know if National Geographic paid to do this or not Probably not did they pay royalty or Anything else or was this just news you Know news that you know what in the Movie industry what news means it means Unpaid to you baby the staff gets paid Like the bogus goofball scum bucket who Interviewed me from the BBC it means you Don't get no money and they just write Books and do series and make all this Money off of you because it's a news Show So the whole idea is we must remember That now from what we can see from the Uh the animal the Best Friends animal Sanctuaries they have put through some Pretty good laws including the uh making Sure that FEMA sets up places where

People can house and take care of their Animals in a national emergencies and Catastrophes now this came uh very much To the head I believe it was Katrina Katrina that hit New Orleans area and The uh massive amount of chaotic Nonsense that happened there and the Lack of Aid and of course the Federer The people expected you to leave your Dogs in your homes or throw them in the River to die Um I've even heard reports of them giving Guns to people to kill their own animals The American way So of course people didn't go to centers They took care of their animals as they Certainly should the next thing we'll be Due is to follow the Nazi tradition of Murdering children the Nazi Japanese Tradition I should say and also we can Keep that thought form going So the whole idea is this is the kind of Stuff they walked in and changed the Laws making sure that there were Facilities for that You know you got to remember the US Military I left thousands of American War dogs in Vietnam to be tortured and Murdered by that knees Ah Heroes Heroes let's get them special for them Seals out there big heroes so the whole Idea is that all the garbage that goes

On with this uh foaming mouth bucket of Manure uh called uh your political System and the corrupt people in it are Really pathetic so but uh Best Friends Of Animals trying to tie them into what They never were they never were an Organized satanic organization they Basically were a Christian cult Who also dealt with the fact of the the Nature of humans Mankind and general I Mean after all was in Judah The Satanist Of the Christian disciples and of course John his homosexual lover so the whole Idea is that it wasn't all this already In the Bible So the fact that dealing with Satan to Kind of get people's attention because Nobody talks about Satan and Lucifer It's one of those things that is kind of Swept under the carpet so they got Street action with that from a bunch of Tortured children that came from Horrible families whose parents were Traumatized by a terrible War Does everybody get that I don't think People get any of it Uh but to demonize the process church is Just hunting squirrels when you think You're hunting deer it's ridiculous They've never ever been tracked to Anything we all know that the number one Enemy of Scientology for many years Who's a vicious vindictive organization In general I mean everybody's after them

And nobody's got anything good to say About them oh not oh Tom Cruise does Apparently uh but um the bottom line is Is that Scientology they stole Scientology information and even AE Meter that they copied and were copying Scientology this of course elrond Hubbard went through the roof and did Everything possible to go after them Including to make sure that he was Contacting police and other agencies to Say that they were evil murderous Murderers including particularly with The incident that happened at uh the So-called Manson Murders that happened There which he wasn't even there so The murders out there that were Committed by uh Tex Watson well I'd have To tell you something right there Um so the whole idea is and his psycho Um women that he had following him and He murdered somebody just next door to The uh uh Um babianka Tate people I think it was The labiancas he just broke into their House and tortured and murdered them to Death and his typical Um good American way which is cowboy hat On Uh we I voted for George Bush sticker Well of course he didn't run quite yet Then but if he was you would have had That so the whole idea is that these are The kind of things that we have to look

At in the bigger picture and of course Manson wasn't there and Manson of course Wasn't a Charming dude but the bottom Line is that um he was not this Mass Murdering psychopath that everybody Thinks uh he was and neither was his Quote family uh so the whole idea is uh Which uh is all misunderstood you should Listen to my lectures on that but the Process church was never linked to Anything they were never arrested for Anything and if that's if they're so Guilty we should be looking at the Police departments that seem to don't Have a clue whatsoever just like they Think David Berkowitz was a perfect guy Until he went into the military and took Drugs I mean that's how ignorant these Buffoons are they don't even know his Entire childhood history which is Fraught with all sorts of mental Problems uh poisoning pets setting fires Beating up people all the things there's A long history of what he was into uh That we know about certainly didn't Happen because you took drugs and taking Drugs doesn't make you into a murdering Psychopath if that was the case we would Have people killed every second out There because most people have taken Drugs to a large extent and there's a Huge amount of the population that takes Hallucinogens

Ayahuasca uh LSD Etc Hundreds of millions of people have Taken this in the United States alone And we don't have a group of murders Psychopaths linked to drugs just just This is the kind of crap research and Other things and you got to really Wonder what's going whom are these Corrupt police protecting So the whole idea is that um they're Protecting their wall and all the people They get all that money from so the Whole idea is that um Linking them to anything has never Happened Never will and is a Fool's errand to go On it so they after their periods of Kind of very bizarre Street activity and Bad management and broke up Relationships Um started this animal sanctuary which They were kind of into anyway this was a Way of them getting money and always has They always had lots of dogs Particularly apparently German Shepherds Uh that Um the actual Runners of this the head Of their particular organization or cult I had these and there's many of Information on this at times 10 or 10 or 15 uh dogs that they took everywhere With them and took care of and they used To go out and this is a great way This is a great way to get donations

And I think people even do this today You see a lot of people that are on the Street asking for money and if they have A dog with them they do much better People like to help the dog not Necessarily the person and I hate to say It but I kind of feel the same way even Though I generally give to all of those People Um but the bottom line is that this is What so they would go out and they would Set up things and they would say they Were a dog Sanctuary helping dogs and This way they raised a lot of money I Don't think they were going out there Telling people they were this Christian Church trying to get money because I Don't think people care so this is what They did this eventually turned over Into an animal sanctuary and by doing The animals Sanctuary stuff uh they have Created this huge organization which Went through an awful lot of trouble and Pains and of course are they a good Animal Sanctuary organization are they Run right do they care about people are They doing everything correctly well you Know I think they run their uh charity Like the Red Cross like the hardest so Appreciation everybody else I think that They're very self-centered while there May be some good work going on here Probably a lot better work than you'll Get from the Red Cross who gives people

Their own personal cars who does all Sorts of things who has Executives that Are paid millions of dollars a year and Underling Executives paid 500 000 and More that's where your money for Red Cross goes Anybody gives the Red Cross is a Complete Bojo and that goes from most Organizations because where is the money Going to you know there is uh these Organizations are misunderstood by the Public they ran as businesses and they Claim that if you want a good business Executive I mean you want somebody to Run your organization right well you've Got to get a Harvard Business School Graduate and you're going to have to pay Them millions of dollars a year to do That that's how it works so remember That so it's no different uh than if it Was running Coca-Cola or anything else You're gonna get people in there that Know how to run things because they're Business people and they're not going to Do it for the love of whatever the Charity is they're going to do it for The money it's a business you want me to Work for you you want to bring this Talent make you successful well you know I usually get paid a million dollars a Year so that's what you're gonna have to Pay me that's the way all those things Go so the whole idea is that this is a Bunch of nonsense so all the stuff that

Goes with that is completely and totally Um Has to be understood by you so So when they went through these tough Times and barely could feed the animals They had there and tried to build stuff And how people work themselves there to Build everything Um there is a kind of a strange uh Turnaround where they were always Apparently making fairly good money Uh they were able to buy things where Did all this money come from what they Were involved in well you know unless They're getting paid a lot of money as Some Hitman organization and I'm not Sure there's a lot of money in contract Murder anyway uh the bottom line is is That like most people in the uh 60s and 70s which was boom boom boom time for Drugs Um everybody was selling drugs now they May have been selling drugs as well and There is a lot of Gossip unproven Information that a few of the people in That organization were connected to that And of course if you're selling drugs Who you connected to Father Flanagan in the Catholic Church Ah Yes my best friend here father Flanagan Who do you think you're gonna deal with When you're dealing with drug dealers And all these people that involved with

It and Prostitutes prostitution and everything Else these are the worst scum businesses You get into that victimize people who Do you think Uh is involved in that as I said you're Going to get the stand-up Society people Well you meet them because you have to Pay them off with little envelopes and Their little badges that people wear Like that and of course all the other People involved with it but the bottom Line is is that you're going to deal With people who are rough-neck people Who are involved in everything if you're Involved in selling bad drugs if you're Involved in prostitution well you know Murder uh and all the other thing ain't So different behind there and you're not Going to go to prison for 20 years so if Somebody gives you problems you're gonna Kill them And I know what kind of real world People think yeah they know about but They apparently don't So the process Church of course went Through these many incarnations and they Softened themselves up first starting Out as a Scientologist organization Which really didn't fly in their little Group which started out in London but They became well known to everybody and The fact is is that um the particularly The Church of Scientology who's had them

On their hit list for years they Reported them to Vincent puliosia the Los Angeles Um district attorney as the big people Behind all these murders so that they Would be investigated and harassed now This has been documented so the whole Idea is we know that's where it came From the bottom line is is that uh this Whole thing about uh Charles Manson Everything else was again contrived by Vincent billiosi trying to labor label Him as this psychotic murderer when he Never murdered anybody and his history Of doing violence was relatively small So the whole idea is that he was just a Cult selling drugs that's the what Everybody did after failing in Hollywood Um it's as simple as that and why was he Named that why did they do that well the Point is is that the the place where Those people were killed has been stated And alleged to be a huge Mafia drug Place and they wanted the attention Taken away from the mafia an Investigation into the drugs going Through there by labeling Charles Manson With all this mythology that we have so There's the story there again for those Who haven't heard it the first time but The bottom line is that um well I am Still suspicious as I am of every Organization I'm not suspicious of their Satanic connections or if they're

Involved in some sort of murder nonsense It's just a joke what I'm suspicious of Is that they make a fortune they're Taking in close to a hundred million Dollars a year and nothing shows where That money goes to in terms of their Sanctuary now they do support which is Very very expensive they do support Different places I think they run major Animal sanctuaries or centers or what we Would call dog pounds in Los Angeles and Other big cities and these of course Cost tens of millions of dollars a year To run people don't understand how much It costs to run everything But they seem to have an awful lot of Money and the bottom line is with all Their land and all their Um money they're only taking care of 1500 animals now that's not a lot of Animals if you have tens of millions of Dollars there also doesn't seem to be That much development there where is all The money going now as a non-profit they Have to tell you that and there is stuff Up online Etc Uh whatever that means but of course These are official numbers you have to Report to the IRS so if they're lying There they're in Fairly big trouble if They ever get caught The point is when you have close to 100 Million dollars and you're supporting

Three or four centers that's eating all Their money up well it could I mean does It take 20 million dollars to run a Center every year well it could and that Would eat up most of their money they Have all sorts of other programs they Are taking care of the animals at their Sanctuary they have this huge piece of Land there but there's no water there There's no way to develop it anything You do there is very difficult uh to get Going so I'm not sure how much Development they can put in there they Wanted to put they have a little hotel If they wanted to pick a big hotel there Well it would be a problem there's no Water in that area So it is stated and while it's beautiful Rugged land they have there hundreds and Hundreds of Acres apparently uh over the Thousands uh what do you do with that You can't really develop but I don't Even know if it's legal to develop and They you know putting in electricity Putting in water to put anything is is Unbelievably costly the fact that They're a bunch of friends and relatives Running the place well I'm not sure that Again as I've stated already that that's Surprising they have a couple of planes And the fact of course that they don't Treat their employees very well and They're low paid well that's a big Shocker

What can we follow our best friends Amazon Walmart Target or we can go down the List of all the big companies that Really don't pay anything So that's not really surprising and they Tend to use people and of course Everybody wants needs bodies hands to do Things but they don't want to pay for Them because it's expensive and they Don't want to give them benefit so the Bottom line is that's very hard to Assist this company there isn't very Many properties there or hotels or Places you can stay and certainly not Inexpensively so what happens is that You run into those kind of problems and They're not trying to eliminate that so We understand Um We don't know and um there's a lot of Criticisms of mismanagement in their Programs you know kind of like the Red Cross and the Heart Association cancer Trillions of dollars in cancer research And cancer is being cured left and right Right No Nonsense none of it's being Cured and the death rate from cancer is Going up and more people have cancer now Than they've ever had So the whole idea is we go through the Same thing so they are little top heavy Technically in terms of family members And paying themselves big salaries and

They keep the salaries down they they Get suckers in there that are doing it For the love of animals and they abuse Them Hmm kind of like Disneyland huh the Happiest place on Earth but there's a 10 Or 15 percent of Disney employees are on Food stamps They can't afford anything they don't Pay them They keep raising their prices claiming Their costs go up but certainly they're Not paying their people because they Don't have to So I mean it's you label them that so The fact that they started at a terrible Time where everybody was involved in Certain criminal activities which while You're even consider selling drugs was Not considered in the 60s to be a Criminal activity by those doing it they Considered that this was a perversion of The laws and there was nothing wrong With drugs and everybody used them as They did is there any person in the United States that hasn't tried Marijuana and I'm talking about when it Was illegal Well I don't know anybody that hasn't Had marijuana it doesn't matter where You live everybody's had that and Everybody's taken some sort of drugs uh There so the point is that there is no Basic stopping of drugs or anything else

Because of the corruption in police So the whole idea is that we get all This stuff together and what happens Well what happens is uh Exactly what there with a lot of Inferences without any proof of it There were satanic Cults going back in That neighborhood which apparently seems To be a hotbed of neighborhoods Um in New York City they're suburbs uh That have had satanic Cults there since The 1920s and there's news articles Written about them Well isn't that interesting So it goes on and on with all that and It certainly is a major activity area Today where most of the street gangs or One of the largest street gangs is in Massachusetts which runs most of the Back East so all the things that go on There and that are tolerated to do that Because the police do absolutely nothing So as we Um get involved in all these things and Look at it we need to know so the bottom Line is there's absolutely nothing with Best friends animals Sanctuary that we Can anyway other than a typical charity Mismanagement just like all the churches I was just notified about a whole giant Problem in Australia with the churches That are misusing all the funds they get Starting businesses it goes on and on This goes with all these

Um so-called non-profit organizations They're uh most of them are abusing Their particular situation particularly Churches and everything else so is this Anything new so if we're going to look At corporate abuses well we're going to Have to look everywhere so the fact that There may be corporate induces and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary well it's like Any other organization They don't treat their workers well most Likely or probably or it has been Alleged that there probably is Corporate Misuses of money here do they need these Planes they need these other things well You know this is a huge organization we Just don't know And of course it's the same old story Which I personally find a testable with All companies is that nobody is making Any kind of serious money to live on So the the employees there can they work Very hard because it's very difficult Taking care of animals it's a lot of Hard back breaking work that has to be Done and people are doing it for the Love of the animals and I think they're Kind of naive to do that but I certainly Understand it and certainly support Their Um willingness to do it Ah but what is going on there I think They could run a much better business And make a lot more money but again when

You're non-profit and when you start Running businesses selling products uh You get into certain problems as well So all of this needs to be looked at and Looked at carefully of what's going on But there are certainly no difference it Also amazes me you know I look at so Many things in this world Um here's an organization that Unequivocally is doing some really great Work just the fact of the FEMA situation To make sure that people have places to Put their animals in National and Catastrophes and problems is something That has to be done they've worked on Other laws as well trying to normalize Uh these things and taking care of Traumatized dogs and trying to get laws Going through and helping them and they Do seem to uh take dogs that basically Nobody else wants one thing I do notice From their literature their books Etc is That you don't really see any particular Breeds I don't know how many people know About animal rescues but there are lots Of animal rescues of particular breeds Doberman Pinschers uh Greyhounds and there are people that Save this breed of dog and take care of Them and adopt them out that's what they Do So uh you don't see any of those dogs There because I'm assuming that those Rescues grab those dogs and I don't know

If they're actually helping those Rescues or not giving them money Etc I Don't know they don't seem to though They don't have a good record of being Friendly and helpful to others they run Their own organization and there's a Highly jealous hostile population of the Local town there but I wouldn't be Surprised either this is a Mormon town With a bunch of people that move there To be away from people and now this big Organization comes there and brings a Lot of traffic there you know kind of Like any tourist nobody likes tourists Everybody hates them but the bottom line Is that they bring lots of money so if You want one you have to tolerate the Other It also amazes me that we think it's Perfectly okay to deal with the thieving As rotten as scummy cultures that have Murdered hundreds of thousands of our Own people and two world wars uh and This is perfectly fine and that we want To support corrupt horrible regimes like Ukraine uh the bottom line is they Killed a million and a half Jews oh Let's forget about that and never Prosecuted anybody they have an army Division who basically runs that country Called the Adolf Hitler division oh was That a misspelling they used the SWA Sticker all over the place in their Little Modern Way

But it is still very clear Ironically Ukraine has ran by a Jewish Guy which is all part of the corrupt con There they're the most corrupt country One of the most corrupt countries in the World they're number three in the world Number one in the West It's a horribly corrupt country with Nothing but corruption going on and the Weapons that have been sent to them many Of them are now uh showing up in Different terrorist zones like Africa You send them weapons they resell them To someone else and put the money in Their pocket But it's okay let's send them 50 billion Dollars while our people sleep on the Street and why we don't have money for Uh Medicare or anything else to take Care of our sick and elderly but we have Money for that so these are all the Things that we constantly run into and The fact that we're more than happy to Deal with cultures that have mass Murdered 50 to 100 million people the Japanese murdered 20 million uh Chinese They um they killed 80 000 civilians and Nanking uh and set Pictures home oh look at me I got Chinese head I cut off oh got sushi so The whole idea is this is the kind of Culture that we have no problems and to This day they're very race racist Hateful people but we think it's

Perfectly fine dealing with them and They're like that because they weren't Eradicated as they should have been in World War II where their culture and Their language was wiped out of course The same thing goes for the Germans who Are nothing more than Nazis to this day Causing all sorts of problems but it's Very okay uh to deal with these people And we we don't forget that you know as Far as I know the animal sanctuary Didn't cause any wars or kill millions Of people If any of the stories are true what is It a few murders For some deity like all the Christians Did when they murdered tens of thousands Of Aztecs and so forth where they butchered Them or let's not even take it off the Continent let's go to the Inquisition Where they murdered millions of their Own people hundreds of thousands of the Witch trials and everything else just so They could get their money So this is all part of the reality that We're looking at here and it's amazing How people want to Center on these Particular people who are basically a Christian organization who recognize the Fact of the dark part of the soul that Everybody has With a bunch of nonsensical hearsay by People that claim this person or that

Well I don't care Our entire Senate are basically all Christians so that means that these Criminals that are in our government are Then directly linked to the churches so We should go out and of course arrest All those church members as well I mean what is this kind of nonsense So to be holding something over an Organization has been doing excellent Work for 30 years uh with absolutely no Proof whatsoever with a bunch of hearsay And a lot of trumped up things Unfortunately some law officials who Claim they talked to somebody who Approached him oh or should I say Allegedly was paid by Scientology to go Talk to this guy and tell them all the Terrible things that the animal Sanctuary was doing and he bought it Hook line and sinker but he buys a lot Of stuff Hook Line and simple Sinker and I'm a little bit uh sad that um someone Who appears to be legitimate buys into So many stories and really doesn't Understand the real world either So when we get into all these types of Situations uh that we want to criticize An organization who is doing a lot of Work even internationally and certainly Domestically uh to stop the killing of Uh pets uh particularly dogs and cats And other animals so that there's a No-kill policy they don't want any dog

Put to sleep anytime whatsoever because Of the policies out there and they have Dramatically reduced those numbers and Statistically we know that What is the Cancer Society the heart Says oh yeah less people are dying of Heart attacks and what reality are you In with maybe we should call He-Man to Figure that one out because you're Living in He-Man world and you probably have a House called Grayskull So the whole idea is you've got to Really understand the fact of what is Going on here and this forgive and Forget things that everybody does with Everybody that we buy massive amounts of Products from China who murder more People than anybody on this planet Who pollute all the oceans who steal Copyrights who do everything possibly Underhanded who are constantly Threatening War let's send them more Money and then let's borrow money from Them let's make them as rich as possible But here in organization who had a Cloudy reputation for a short period of Time has to be demonized to the time Haven't they done enough to make up for Their poor reputation in the past which I don't buy any of it I mean they said Outrageous things like everybody did in The 60s but their philosophy was quite Quite interesting and the people

Involved there were basically Trained Architects and the fact that the Woman who ran that we don't really know Her history but so what what was her History claiming to be a prostitute or Anything else but who the hell knows and What does that have to really do with Anything uh these people eventually went Out and worked uh to build an animal Sanctuary saving a lot of animals and Certainly putting their money what Appears to be into PR to stop the Killing of animals in generally and Backing that up apparently with money I'm sure I could dig up a lot of garbage On as I said on their poorly run Business but I'd like to know any Business that's run well I don't know Any Nice single one So all of that so is part of it but you Know let's forgive and forget people who Kill hundreds of Millions And let's go after this people that Maybe were involved let's give them a Big number let's get a big number of 50 Murders Well I want to get to 50 over the 100 Million let's give another billions of Dollars to people that killed a million And a half Jews and over 300 000 worked indirectly to assist this Process yeah Ukraine Great place

So the whole idea is that that is Forgiven that is supported so our Massive terrorist countries that have Been poured trillions of dollars into Them uh so that they are can pop prop up Their crappy societies of psychotic Maniacs uh that these civilizations from These countries from World War II And all their buddies like Spain and Scandinavian the cowardice icelanders Who had to be invaded to stop them from Going Nazi Because that's what we do So that's the whole reality of the world But nobody wants to look at any of the Facts out there nobody cares about What's really going on there so Demonizing this organization as I've Said what are they 10 000 on the list to Check into and there probably is a list Of ten thousand I could make up pretty Easily but the bottom line is they're Way down on the list of problematic and Troubled people and in the last 30 years Not a zero has come out about them Nobody has accused them of anything There's no dirt whatsoever and the Bottom line is you think an organization Like this which has lots of celebrity And media supporters that if there was If there was something going on that This would be Something of a horrible nature and that People would fall away from it

But there isn't any and there's no truth Whatsoever and there's not other than The usual misconduct of not paying Employees the town don't like them yet The townies don't like the big school Yeah boy I wonder if that's an old-time Plot And people keep coming out criticizing Them for absolutely no reason whatsoever They were a Christian Church they wore Christian crosses They preached the Bible Of course people want to forget all the Incest Rape murder and everything else in the Great Bibble uh that Pagan Old Testament Document or the bizarre babblings of the Made-up New Testament So they want to believe all that crap But they don't really want to look into The words of it and of course God forbid You actually deal with the fact of evil That permeates your society that most Christians are more than happy enough to Support They fund it they fund these giant Churches that are particularly in the South they fund all the criminals that Keep this world under all under the Guise of Jesus And I know I worked with ones and they Were the lapping at the butthole of the Criminals against anybody that was good The 400 pound abusive scum that they

Were that wouldn't even pay the child Support for three children they had with Three different wives couldn't keep it In the pants well Jesus couldn't either So the whole idea is that we have to Understand uh the reality out there and The demonizing when we allow true demons To go on and perpetrate and make them Our buddies is the ultimate insult of All time And of course The average population is more than Happy To get on that train of nonsense Perpetrated by their authority figures You know their teachers their Miniatures And where are the ministers why aren't They out on the street can you name a Minister or a priest that is in the Headlines you know other than Jesse Jackson who I guess is retired now or Maybe even it must be close to death he Must be in the 70s can you name me one I've never where are they where aren't They aren't they on the media talking About taking care of the people helping The homeless where are these people They're nowhere where are the people Where we have tragedies and problems Going on right now in countries that are Trying to free themselves like Iran Where are the callus where are you in The streets why aren't you out there Supporting your people you're hiding in

Your sewer cowardism like all religious People do they're rotten stinking Cowards and of course that's what the Big C on the Christian Church stands for It ain't Christ which is a made-up thing Anyway it's for coward word and you'll Find that from every Christian you ever Meet unless they're victimizing children Or there's some gang that's hanging and Lynching some poor colored man and They're real heroes then on there They go to church the next day because They hung a bunch of black people or Others that kind of garbage that goes on With these crap that we have called Southerners So the whole idea is that we have to Fully understand what's going on here so Demonizing this group on something that Happened 30 years which is totally Alleged unprovable yeah I saw him at my Meeting and I was a murderer oh you're Oh Tulsa tell me your credibility is You're a murderer drug taking scumbucket Liar Satanist and you said these people Were involved I'll believe you I'm a reporter or even Better I'll put that in my book I'm a Teacher I will teach my children these Facts so they can go out into the world And be uneducated dumb idiots like we've Produced oh isn't that wonderful So this is the kind of nonsense we're on So let's get to important issues people

I've about had that you know the people That are involved in that whole area uh Of uh from beginning to end are the Worst scum ignorant slobs you will ever Meet The gardeners the Private Eyes the cops These people are what's wrong with this Society and you need to recognize that And to get information from these people Oh the fake loser actors all the idiots That we have involved in there so the Whole idea is that we have all these Scum that are involved in all these Cases for what reason and people follow Them and give them money monthly well I'm not surprised look at the shape of The world look at what's going on it has No interest the importance of old cases Is what if they left where are those Satanic organizations that supposedly Are behind what are they doing today and I'll tell you right now they're really Acting they're everywhere but you're not Going to hear it from those cowardice Scum who won't talk about the real Cults Out there in their own neighborhoods Probably in their own houses and that Are running everything because they Ain't got uh balls to do anything and They're certainly not going to be Protected by those so-called they're not Really police they're terrorists that's Unfortunately the good cops don't come Out and take care of their dirty house

So this is what goes on with all that But the bottom line is that after all This time with the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary converting over to this Sanctuary in Utah there is not a single Incident that has come out to uh connect Them with anything illegal whatsoever And if this was possible they would lose Their tax exemption yet there's none of This happening there's nothing at all Except proof that they have built Something proof that there's 1500 dogs Or animals they are being saved and Proof that they have animal sanctuary or Centers stopping the killing of animals All over the country and even extending To other parts of the world there's Proof of that Well I like to deal with proof in Everything that I do and it's not Contrived proofs by some scientist who Has Gung in his ears and stupidity that He's been taught by his teachers and Religious leaders I seek truth and There's truth that can be verified and It ain't coming from all these scum Buckets As I always said people seek truth seek Gnosis and you will go to a higher level Get involved with these dung-infested Stinking feces and you will get what you Deserve you'll endlessly reincarnate Into their sewer of reality otherwise Known

As Earth Until next time