The EMF 5G Fix Part2

By | September 25, 2022

T-Mobile just launched 5G Nationwide on December 2nd 2019. Now just two months before that there Was an article in Scientific American That stated there's no reason for us to Believe that 5G is safe so are we going To listen to the scientists or to the Industry [Music] So just to be on the safe side I'm going To dive deeper into what I call the 5G Fix reduce Transform and enjoy Welcome back and I'm so excited that so Many people have been giving such Positive feedback about the previous Videos and then we had so many views By now you can see that making a few Small changes in your lifestyle can reap Enormous results both mentally and Physically My name is Dr Don Paris and I'm the Author of regaining wholeness through The subtle Dimensions which has become The Bible for scalar energy research and Radionics I know that most of you are looking for Ways to protect yourself from the Onslaught of 5G and live a happy and Healthy life free from the intrusion of These unseen electromagnetic forces In this video I want to show you some Things that actually work and also try To dispel some of the myths around EMF

Protection and some of the products that Are on the market Now when I started looking into EMF Protection over 20 years ago I was way Ahead of my time and there wasn't much Of information available about this Subject but luckily I was involved in The research of subtle energies and Radionics and so I got to meet some of The people some of the Pioneers starting This field I remember one company had a Digital clock that they had modified to Create a protection field from the emfs And also I remember the Tesla watch From Andrea pujaric and it purportedly Put out 7.83 Hertz which is the Schumann Resonance frequency and that also helped People from protection from these Different emfs now this was way before Cell phones and Wi-Fi and smart meters But people were already concerned back Then from other electromagnetic sources I tried many many of these different Devices and I tested them with the se5 And radionic equipment and I found that Most of them did very little to change The way the body handled EMF I remember talking with Dr Willard Frank Also known as Bill Lawson the inventor Of the se5 about this when he was alive And he came up with a circuit that put Out bio-friendly frequencies through a Scalar field And that turned out to be amazing he

Sent me a prototype and I remember Taking a flight from Seattle to Germany And it was the first time I didn't feel Tired or exhausted after a long-haul Flight like that it was amazing [Applause] Since that time there have been Literally hundreds if not thousands of Products that have come on the market That supposedly helped people protect Themselves from EMF pollution And I got to thinking how can anybody Know if something's actually working and What placebo effect is happening so I Set to work to test more and more of These different devices and I'll share Some of that research with you in this Video Before we go there I would like to talk About some of the myths surrounding EMF Protection number one muscle testing Proves that the device is working and It's protecting from EMF Well as strange as it sounds the testing Person can actually influence the Strength of the person that he's doing The testing with with his expectations This has been proven over and over now a Good practitioner can get his Expectations out of the way and can get Good accurate readings so muscle testing Is a very good way to test different Things but it doesn't actually prove That the device is working

Myth number two eating certain foods or A specific diet will protect a person From EMF pollution A study was done by Dr Beverly Rubik That showed unhealthy cell changes in 9 Out of 10 people when they were exposed To 4G cell phone radiation The West in A price foundation sponsored The study for Beverly to find out if Their diet would help with protection From EMF pollution The results of the study were shown that It didn't actually really help at all Myth number three if I keep my mind Focused I can prevent EMF pollution from Affecting me Now while this might be true of a Qigong Or Kung Fu Master or a strong meditator Is that what you really want to do with Your life is spend your time focusing Because this frequency pollution is Going on 24 7. So do you want to spend your time your Whole day and your whole night focusing To keep this from happening doesn't it Make more sense to take some practical Steps to reduce the MF pollution around You and then take some steps to protect Yourself from other people's EMF Pollution That makes more sense to me and it's More practical Then I'm free to get on with my life

Now I know some of you are thinking this Is way too much I don't want to become An extremist I'll have to change my Entire lifestyle but let's just go back To the basics did you take the one week Sleep test from the last video Three easy things if you didn't try them This week number one turn off your cell Phone at night keep it out of the Bedroom Number two put your modem on a timer A timer costs like 10 or 12 dollars and You can set it so that as soon as you go To sleep your timer will shut off your Modem and you'll sleep better I Guarantee it and number three stop using Bluetooth and use a wired headset better Yet get a air tube headset which then The frequencies never even make it up to Your head But just start there and prove it to Yourself Go back and review some of those tips in The previous video and prove it to Yourself you'll find out within one week Do the one week sleep test and I Guarantee you'll see a change in your Life Now I've been getting the question how Do I know if I'm being radiated by Microwave radiation Now I guarantee most everyone's being Radiated by microwave radiation at this Point but how can I know how much and

How strong it is So there are some simple meters out There and some inexpensive ways and I'll Show you some free ways to test your Microwave radiation But first I'd like to introduce my good Friend from the future Dr Chio and he's Going to show you some of these meters And in my next video he will come back And really give you some great tips and Ways to protect yourself from EMF Radiation So let's hear from Dr Chio coming back From the future Dr Chio here I just arrived back in your Time zone and before I left I grabbed Some of these antique measuring Equipment so that I could bring him back And show you guys what's going on and What kind of meters you might need I'm Just going to show you different meters And what they do and then I'll show you What to do with them in a later episode This one's called an acoustimeter and This one picks up your microwave Radiation like from cell phones Wi-Fi Smart meters things like that and as you Can hear there's quite a lot going on Here so we're going to check this out Later I'll do a real evaluation we can Walk around and check out different Parts of a of a house for example Computers Wi-Fi things like that we've Got the Google homes now I've heard all

These different things from Alexa Google Home they're all emitting different Types of microwaved radiation Now this one is a low frequency meter That tests for Electro and magnetic on Different wavelengths it's but it's Pretty low frequency this is going from Like two kilohertz to 100 kilohertz That's pretty low frequencies nothing Like the microwaves uh like the Acoustimeter Now this one's real important to know About this one measures radiation like From an atomic power plant if it was Leaking for example this is ionizing Radiation and that's not what we're Using or talking about with Wi-Fi we're Not talking about it with smart meters Or your cell phone there's a totally Different type of frequency it's much Much higher frequency and that's called Ionizing radiation and we're talking About non-ionizing radiation and the Dangers thereof now both of these meters Are called tri-field meters and they Measure three different levels so They'll check the Electro and the Magnetic and also the RF or the radio Frequencies so we're most concerned About Radio frequencies with your cell phone And your smart meter but Actually there are problems with Magnetic fields and also with electric

Fields so these meters are handy to have They're inexpensive and they'll give you A pretty good idea of what's going on But they're not so accurate like the More expensive meters So thank you Dr Chio And I would also like to tell my Audience here that most all of you Already have an EMF testing device that Is your cell phone if you go to your Wi-Fi settings and you hold it down you Can see a list of all the different Wi-Fi signals and how strong they are Coming right into your phone which means They're coming into you as well Also you can check your phone signal now That's a 2G signal going to the cell Phone towers and you can see how many Bars you have The more bars the more microwave Radiation it's pretty simple there's Also a free app called the tri-field Meter and it works similarly to the one That you saw from Dr Chio it's a pretty Decent little meter for free Now as you know I've been doing a lot of EMF testing and that's how I came across The bioarch disk when I was doing some Of these different products and testing Them with the dynamica heart rate Variability testing device that's a six Thousand dollar piece of equipment from Russia and they use it in the hospitals There and if you know how to read it

Properly they tell me that they can Predict the exact day when a person will Have a heart attack so this is really High level technology And today I want to share some of the Results with you and see how these Different devices measure up now one of The first ones I came across was called The Arc Crystal from nasin Harriman and Let's have a look at those test results So we did see an energy increase in the Energy resources the age dropped to 45 From 48 we had an increase from 48 to 55 Percent in the overall health and the Spine had some corrections Aura got a Little brighter Chakras went up pretty much across the Board and the meridians balanced out Quite a bit now let's have a look at the Arc Crystal compared to the bioarch disk The bioarch disc actually outperformed It dropped him to 39 years old from 45 Had an increase to 73 percent and even More spine correction Up to 73 percent on the aura and the Chakras across the board got brighter so I think the bioarc disc for 1995 Compared to the art Crystal which is Well over a thousand dollars I think is A really good deal Thank you Now as we go through the different Devices remember what Trevor Constable Said in the first video

Only results count so I don't have any Bias toward a specific device but I Wanted to find out how they really stand Up with people and if they're really Working so the second one that I came Across one of my clients here had a Bioelectric disc now I had one of these Many many years ago and I don't think I Ever tested it So let's have a look at those test Results and see how it measured up with The bioarc disk Well this is just with the handphone on The left and this bioelectric shield on The right and it looks like it actually Decreased your energy Supply and Health Supply Things got worse instead of better as You can see in the aura down to 14 Percent now she did say that she needed To recharge this in the Sun and that may Be why it had such low readings But let's compare that Shield then with The bioarch disc And the bioarch disc still improved even Though she's wearing the shield that Dropped her energy down from 14 to 31 Percent she was using the bioelectric Shield at the same time The bioarctis still improved across the Board This is a new one that I just came Across and it came from Russia so let's See how that one looks

So on the left just holding the Handphone and on the right you can see It did decrease the biological age and Improved the overall health scores got a Little better on the lower spine there The aura brightened up And the chakra is pretty much across the Board went up so that was a pretty good Improvement Now we'll compare it to the QI organizer Now with the QI organizer this was just Like so fantastically different that I Could hardly believe it it just was Night and day compared to the Chio So in my next episode we'll actually go Through using the biowark disc together With the Geo and then we'll see what Really goes on at the top [Music] So we tried it one more time with a Different person and there was some Improvement again There was Improvement in the spine in The aura In the chakras We see some nice improvements But again now we're going to combine it With the QI organizer So this is just with the Chio on the Right decrease the biological age Increase up to 72 percent so this isn't Just a one-time deal this is much better Using the QI organizer than it did with The

From Russia looks really good Back in the 1980s we used to use this Thing called a diode and we would stick It on the back of the CRT of the Television set and the old style Computer screens and that helped to Reduce the MF exposure So later on in Switzerland I found this Pendant called The Life Shield and it Looked very similar and they were doing The same kind of things with it So let's have a look at some of these Test results So here is just holding the handphone And then using the Life Shield and it Did increase a little bit we got it one Percent increase on the overall health And the aura went up by a percentage And overall some chakras balanced out But it did improve the heart chakra and The spleen Now compared to the bioarc disc we saw a Little bit of improvement in energy Resources the level of harmonization Went up biological age stayed the same We've got a little increase in the Overall health The spine looks pretty much the same we Got one point increase on the aura Chakras some of them went up And meridians we got a little higher on Several of them If you've been enjoying this information I would like to ask you to share it with

Five more people this week who you think Could benefit from EMF protection and Learning in general more about microwave Radiation I really appreciate all of you that have Been sharing it and we've been seeing a Lot more Activity thank you very much Now in the next segment I'm going to Talk about the ultimate EMF protection That I've found to date I'm also going To invite Dr Chio back to educate us a Little bit more about what he's found in The future and coming back in time to Tell us about it so thank you once again And stay with me [Music] [Music]