The amazing crop circles and radionics

By | July 30, 2022

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The amazing crop circles and radionics [Music] Since many years geometric figures Appear in different crop fields around The world They are perfect drawings of enormous Dimensions that form on crops such as Wheat and other cereals Plants band without breaking forming Beautiful configurations and drawings That amaze people by their complexity Commonly they can only be seen from high Ground areas or from the sky Many of these drawings appear on Plantations in the uk but they have also Been discovered in other countries and Areas of the planet [Music] Although many have tried to explain this Phenomenon the truth is that no one has Found an answer to its origin It is said that they are carried out by Groups of people during the night but This explanation is not credible Considering that it would take days of a Lot of effort and organized work Carried out by many expert people in Areas of difficult access and without Being discovered by the owners of the Cultivated fields [Music] Farmers do not welcome these drawings Because it prevents them from mowing the Fields easily and often incur large

Losses because of it What is your opinion Leave us a comment [Music] There are those who speak of alleged Extraterrestrial contact and others say That it is a simple exposure of ground Areas to terrestrial or atmospheric Electromagnetic energies Just as iron filings react to magnetism Forming drawings of the force fields the Plants would bend against some energy Whose slings are capable of developing Diverse geometric configurations [Music] Be that as it may when copies of these Drawings are used by radionic equipment Different types of results can be Obtained Some provide an extraordinary level of Energy in a general way to the human Organism and others appear to be useful For enhancing specific organs People who visit the fields where the So-called crop circles appear report Pleasurable sensations that lead to a Kind of revitalizing stimulus As if an energy is generated in them That allows them to improve in advance An energy that removes blockages and Allows you to look at the present in the Future with serenity vigor and renewed Strength It should be noted that not all these

Drawings have bioenergetic properties It is necessary to test each geometric Configuration and check if they are Appropriate for therapy objectives This verification is done easily using Radionics If you have your own radionic device You can experiment with replicas of These drawings and take advantage of Their positive properties It is what is known as shape waves in The form of drawings and various objects Remember to use a complete radionic Device well configured and easy to use You will have a tool with multiple Possibilities for action and Experimentation with applications that Amaze with their effectiveness If you want to know more about radionics Subscribe to this channel or visit our Website and Download our book on radionics for free We are waiting for you