Tesla Purple Plate Necklace Empowered With Tachyon-Neutrino Energy

By | November 26, 2022

Exclusive Radionic Tech Tool you must have! Bring pure energy into your life with proven Purple Plate energy with a fantastic boost from Tachyon-Neutrino Energy Cell.
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Welcome everyone Let's talk about a new product I've just Placed on my website that Tesla's purple Plates now these have been around for Many many years probably 40 years now Almost 50. And they've come out with some really Nice ones that are actually made uh in His home country and these have there's His image on the front of it here which Is kind of nice and these are actual Um thick plates that you um wear like a Necklace and that's what I've been doing With it and it has some nice energies But of course like everything that Radionic Tech does we've made it a lot Better by putting one of our special Tachyon neutrino graviton cells on the Back which produces huge amounts of Positive energy but this is a nice Rugged metal uh it comes on a purple Little string but you can put that on Anything you desire it comes with this Cool little uh booklet here And in that booklet There's a lot of information on how to Use it the effects It's a really nice little uh brochure Built into the actual Um holder when you get the necklace and We also have plates as well and we'll be Showing those in other videos but Certainly is something that is nice and Of course these have been around for

Years uh it's good energy but of course The original uh plates which people Claim so much are didn't have the real Kick that I liked uh so that's why we've Updated it and we have them now with uh Actual Um tachyons on them so uh this is Something that um As usual is unique to radionic Tech We're the only ones that have these Cells we're the only ones that um uh Give you that kind of boost now let's Show you the energy here and you can see Uh what a giant energy flow you get from Uh these plates with the tachyons on Them Look at how strong that positive spin is You don't see that that often you get a Real strong positive Spin and that's What you're looking for a lot of things Have positive spins a lot of things are Have basically okay energy but are they Strong enough to do anything now these Plates without the tachyon on them They're kind of mediocre they're okay a Lot of people tend to like the energy There and they call them Tesla purple Plates but Tesla really had nothing to Do with it some other goobah Um got the idea from Tesla's information But these are really nice and as I said They come with this purple string but You can put anything through this put it On with something else these don't

Conflict with anything else you can so You can wear this uh with other ones as Well but it's really kind of nice what They've done now with the beautiful Brochure it comes with and then of Course it has this nice image of him Um uh printed on there So check out our website check the link Below and these are available right now Um they do take a little bit to Customize for the customers but as with Everything with Supply chains and so Forth in these modern times Um these still go up pretty fast to you So do get you've got to have our Tachyons this is what makes it and these Are tachyon neutrinos graviton antennas They draw the energy in which is 100 Pure and very powerful So I hope you've enjoyed that check it Out along with the many other new things On our website and enjoy and let your Future be empowered