Spooky2 Radionics Quick Start

By | April 14, 2017

Spooky2 software, radionics quick start guide. Intended for users who are new to Spooky2 and want to start using the Berkana Labs Spooky2 Radionics instrument straight away.


[Music] Hey I made this video because a number Of users were coming too spooky to crew Back on alerts and it was their first Time using this lucrative software they Had number of questions about how to use It so what we're going to do is Highlight a couple of settings first We're going to start with the general Preset this requires the radio device to Be connected to either out one or out Two on the XM generator or on needs Spooky boost 3.0 board first we select The installed presets here which come Pre-loaded with the latest software we Select speaker right on external this One is preloaded with Shimon resonance Seven point eight three Hertz so we can Go straight away and start using the Device by clicking control and I have The selectivity or is overwrite for a Single generator through multiple Generators in is best to remove but Override function there so this is a Generator control box we click that and It loads the frequency of Schumann Resonance and click start it loads the Frequency into the generator And the generator activates this will Run on a loop so you decide to stop it Which we do here now I will show you the Beat any settings or healing mode which Is an increased amplitude and voltage Gives more power to the device first we

Erase this here we go back to presets And we select the healing preset I just Thought that come pre-loaded with Schumann so you can add any frequencies You like for instance if you were trying To work on abscess you can set these Lines here you can type anything into The box and it will display a whole list Of frequencies to use so with the BN Setting need device is unplugged from The general ports out1 out2 and Connected to BN on spooky boost 3.0 so You need the boost board to make the BN Work go back to control Liezel new Frequencies click start and it runs Through a generator now also run on loop Until you decide to stop it I would like To point out here that plant growth also Works on the general preset settings so That means it is connected to out one or Out to come up will be temple so for an Updated version of the software we will Make this one in your description here That's all for now thanks for watching You