Spooky2 Radionics Presets

By | June 9, 2016

How to install custom presets in the Spooky2 software

Okay some people have asked to have a Video showing how to install the custom Presets and speculative software and You'll see the presets here or Recommended presets and the customers Would slightly bottom this preset list The first thing you must do is exit as Purgative software And now we need to extract the rejoins Presets valve this works the same for Any custom pursue an extract straight to The desktop And if you open this folder you can see The text files which we need to copy and Put in the preset folder you can control C to copy these or you can want clicking Copy if you will do for the purposes of This video now we need to navigate to Computer my computer and C Drive which Is where speaker 2 is installed on this System we hope not speak to and we find The presets folder which is empty this Is about a custom preset code so right Click paste or you can need to control V And there in the preset folder it close This window Now with you now as you I cannot speak To software again You wait for database to update Okay we should see in this list As a custom precepts here so most of Time you need to general set in if you Connect in straight out one and you can Apply your frequencies as usual so for

Example which human and Schumann Resonance and this is what we recommend A standard for copying remedies there Isn't that books and start to channel as Usual The So this is for standard connection Bost is slightly different and my stats Farm you'll only need to use the heat in Program running boost and what it does Is it it has particular offsets here That are required for it to function With the radiomics device and Accessories you'll see with the killing Mode that the offset is reversed and Sorry about these offset changes then The spooky boost doesn't work properly With the radio in its device that's all For now thanks for watching You