Shemyaza Initiation | Group Ritual

By | November 18, 2022

Group Rite:




[Music] All right what's up guys I'm JS Garrett And this is Lawless metaphysics I want To jump on and say a few words about the Upcoming group ritual that I'll be Performing on December 3rd this is an Initiatory right with shimyaza and the Watchers utilizing the master key which Is also the Sigil of shinyaza as well as Our business logo So this is a this is a request I've been Getting for years ever since I published The master key and um in the Anthology Was Zazzle and gave away that initiatory Right people have been asking me to do a Mass group initiation right so At the time I wasn't ready to do that But I feel like it's time to do it and This is going to be the one and only Time that I perform this ritual so a few Things I want to make clear I'm not initiating you I cannot initiate You the only person or the only beings That can initiate you are the spirits Themselves and As well as you yourself by making the Effort I am simply facilitating this Initiation and each each person who Participates will have instructions that They perform on their own I'm going to Perform or I'm going to record a a Private video that I will send to each Person who signs up for this group right And giving them very simple uh

Step-by-step instructions of of how to Make a blood offering on the master key Themselves on the night either on or Before the night that I perform the the Mass working and so I've also got a uh An option a second tier for this ritual For those every single time I offer a Group right we have people uh asking you Know so every time I offer one of these Group rituals I always have clients Asking if they can purchase an Additional sacrifice for themselves so So what that would mean is that after I Performed the mass ritual for everyone Then I would make an individual Sacrifice on behalf of the those who are Left to do so and that often is Available on the website as the second Tier for this working and something I Thought would be cool especially since This is the only time that I'm ever Going to do this and my friend I have my Friend Knox make a bunch of these sigil Plates you know they're just round Wooden plates where he has carved the Master key into the plate and it's not Too reflective there and it's painted Red so so this is just something cool Like I'm not charging um for the place This comes with the second tier so those Who sign up to to have an individual Sacrifice made on their behalf I will be Consecrating this sigil plate with the Blood of that sacrifice and I'm going to

Send this to him in the mail to put on Their altar because if you're uh you Know if you're serious about this and You're you know serious enough to to Have an individual sacrifice made and I Think it's I think it's cool to have Something from that ritual to put on Your altar Um so uh yeah that's that's what I'm Gonna do just as uh just as a little Something special special for those that Do so so um I want to say lastly before I go That this this ritual is for serious Magicians all right this is for people Who are actually going to path work the Current who are actually going to work With work with the master key and work With the Watchers all right if um if You're not a practitioner you don't Practice magic and you sign up for this Ritual I don't really know what you Would expect from it Um I mean of course any anything can Happen and you might uh you might not You might not like the doors that it Opens for you if if you're not a Practitioner of magic but for those who Are what you can expect to get from this Ritual is is amplification of whatever It is that you are doing all right Was famous for teaching root work magic And sorcery and shimmyaz is the person Who or the entity that has channeled me

Most of the groundbreaking rituals that I've created as well as the one who Channeled me the master key in the first Place So for magicians who who initiate into This current who dip into this current I I would expect for your magical Operations to intensify significantly And I would also expect for you to Receive a level of gnosis and Understanding and knowledge from Shinyaza himself that will take you to The next level that is what it did for Me that is what it's done for every Single person that has path worked this System and that's exactly what I think It will do to you if or for you if you Are accepted and you choose to initiate Into this current it's it's a a powerful Current a circular current that we all Feed into and draw power and energy from In our workings And uh yeah I can't imagine I can't Imagine why any sorcerer would not want To work with the system So I just want to get on here and tell You guys about that I'm gonna let the ad Run until December 3rd up until the Night that I perform the ritual you will Receive a video of the entire operation And for those of you who like to have a Sacrifice done individually for Themselves uh you also receive you know One of these sigil plates as something

To remember this by and something Permanent open blood consecrated master Key to keep on your altar so that's all I want to say thank you all for watching Please like And subscribe to this Channel check out our website lost and hail the infernal Empire [Music]