Shemyaza Group Ritual Update | J.S. Garrett

By | December 4, 2022

Shemyaza Group Ritual:




All right what's up guys JS Garrett here With Lawless metaphysics and I've had I'm making this video because I've had a lot of questions Regarding this upcoming group right that I'll be performing on December 6th the Group initiation right with shimyaza and The questions that I'm getting are Js Should I should I sign up for this right Is this something that I should do at This point in my path working And you know what if you got that Question in your mind and the answer is Probably no you know the answer is Probably no all right this right is for Serious practitioners all right serious that are looking to take Their practice to the next level it is Not for dabblers it's not for beginners It is not for people who just want to Dip their big toe in the Deep black Waters and see what happens all right This is something that I've been asked To do by the public for a very long time And I've refused to do up until this Point however I've reached the point now where where I'm I'm probably going to take my career In a New Direction and it's now or never So yes I feel like performing this group Initiation with shimyaz and the Watchers Is something that I need to do before I Leave the scene And I don't recommend this to anyone who

Has to question whether or not it is Right for them What I expect for those who participate In this right to receive is a Roller coaster right it is not going to Be easy it is going to you're going to Step onto the roller coaster of Forbidden knowledge and you're going to Be on that Ride For Better or For Worse Until you reach the other side and if You do in fact reach to the side then I Think that you'll be very Pleased and glad that you did so however If you do not reach the other side then You'll probably wish you'd never done it All right this is some serious this Is not dabbling this is not Playing around this is a blood pact this Is a life pact this is asking to Gain initiation into one of the most Potent And Powerful currents that exists on This physical plane And if it calls to you Then maybe it's for you but if you have To question that then it is absolutely Not for you And I'm not encouraging anyone to do This and For that matter you know I just want to Say once again that that initiation You're not you're not paying me to Initiate you if you sign up for this Right I cannot initiate you the only

Thing that can initiate you is the Entity Shimmy yaza And as well as yourself And you know I've never I've never Really known anyone to be denied Initiation who was not willing to if They were not willing to to put forth The effort And offer blood Sacrifice that it takes to gain Initiation so so we make ourselves Worthy by putting forth the efforts to Obtain power All right to exchange Power on the place of empty promises Is a great sorcerer once said And You know I consider it an honor and a Privilege to be performing this ritual On behalf of all those who desire it I I don't expect a lot of people To do this and a handful of people That I did expect to do this uh have Signed up so far but I think that this Is something that that that is exclusive For those people who have a deep need Desire and hunger To chase the rabbit As far down the hole as it will go So This ride will be performed on December 6th I'm going to leave this ritual Available for purchase up until noon on

December 6th I will be getting started performing This ritual On that night at 11 PM and Performing Through midnight and December 7th and I Will probably get done somewhere around Six or seven a.m in the morning Depending on how many people sign up for It This is going to be intense this is Going to be the one and only time that I Do this for the public And I consider doing this as a part of Fulfilling my personal pact and path Working with the entity known as Shimyaza In order to gain and receive the Knowledge that I have received from him And then I'm probably going on the Ground for a while because I'm going to Pursue other career options And that's my personal choice that's What I want to do So this is your one and only chance to Sign up for something like this I'll see you if I see you in the flames On December 6th Pales [Music]