SE-5 “Radionic” Type Machine – Terrible Engineering – A HOT MESS!

By | February 3, 2023

A quick look at the terrible engineering, poor customer service and con pricing!! How many thousands does it cost? Complete engineering view on Patreon.

Well General audiences I wanted to show One little uh aspect of the sc5 uh when It was assembled that shows you the Problematic nature of all this kind of Technology now Um if you want to see a full examination Of this you need to go to our patreon Account you can see the internal guts All the electronics that are in there And how the flow of energy generally Goes through it but there's quite a few Problems of energy flows with this unit Just in the nature of what it is Uh which is pretty sad now Um there's also a problem of uh if you Have a problem with your unit Um the sc5 manufacturers uh will have a Problem fixing it uh older units which Are nothing at all like this the Original sc5 were two electromagnetic Wells just a bunch of wire wrapped Around uh and then around a particular Witness cup or well it's electromagnetic Well uh these those was all it was and You would put things in there and of Course that's an old way of doing things In a very poor way to manifest of course That's changed dramatically but the Bottom line is is that you couldn't get Those fixed and of course you can't even Get these older models fixed uh except At very high prices I've talked to Several people and they quoted me Anywhere from 800 to 1200 is what the

Se5 people wanted to fix their machines Or test them Etc so there isn't much Standing uh behind the products these People do they don't want to work with Their technology they don't want to fix It and people who have invested in these Well good luck after a few years and I'm Not sure what their warranty is the Other problem with the sc5 is you can't Really get a price on it nothing is Listed online you and you call them up And I guess they see what number you're Calling from and if you're calling from Uh Seattle or Beverly Hills you got one Prize and if you're calling from Somewhere else or maybe you're Japanese And they want to charge you double the Price so you can't get a figure on it to Me that's very disreputable what is the Cost of the se5 and why isn't it listed Online well I just told you what it's All part of the con apparently he's very Good at bonding people from India where He spends most of his time with a very Ignorant practitioners that are out of India that don't really understand this Technology One of the other problems is the fact That and here's a blaring problem of This course you get a cheapy little Um computer that goes on this This little piece of junk here that just Basically is a number generator but Here's one of the major or two major

Problems I'm going to show you with this Unit that they don't they refuse to Repair you can't get proper pricing on It you know what are they hiding but Let's take a look this is what you call A rubbing play I like to call them out Plates but this is a rubbing plate right Here okay a big roaming play Which is something I'm you know that's The kind of advanced technology they Have they still give you a rubbing plate And I just shows you how backwards they Are but let's turn this over Well that's interesting because there There's no connection to the rubbing Plate There's no electrical wires going into The circuit there's no connection Whatsoever well isn't that interesting Well that's pretty bad Tech you know You're either electromagnetic or not you Got this scientific connection here uh But connecting to what We also have another problem with the Actual witness Blade the end play And let's show you what their end plate Looks like now you insert in here your Witness Uh this can be anything and they used to Use Polaroids but they have other plates Which go plastic to plastic or insulator To insulator And of course He's right here uh it's obviously copper

Well it is cut a dumb guy But not in the inside And of course on the outside again it's Copper again So why is there copper on the outside But your energy goes in the center here And it's supposed to then actually Connect and go through it doesn't make Any sense at all so it just shows you The kind of horrible horrible Engineering that went into this not Understanding the energies they're using Or not now if this is non-conductive Energy which is what real radionic Energy is why are you using conductive Material like copper and other things And this is really boring stuff the Technology in this is so old so Primitive and so common that it's Laughable it's really just a rip-off the Bottom line is there's nothing Inventative or good or high quality About this unit whatsoever uh it looky Like a little computer but we're not Talking about primitive stupid Computerized stuff we're talking about Advanced Technologies uh of course uh The se5 ain't nothing when it comes to Advanced Technology they know Advanced Technologies in there certainly not this Piece of junk neither are the little Items that they have in there uh that Are their processors their processors Are processing what

If they are processing something uh They're they are not in any way Automatic you got to tune this thing you Got to run programs through it which are A bunch of numbers and where is the beef So this kind of horrendous a ridiculous Way of a witness plate And then we get into the ridiculous uh Rubbing plate here which is just a piece Of plastic and let's see if we can see If I can get that off there a little bit And Thank you See if there's anything underneath it Um so It's pretty much a complete and total Junk So you know again there's no advanced Technology here and digitalizing Something just shows you how ignorant You actually are because you don't know What the energy is Um I can't find my good knife Okay here we go Foreign Okay so let's actually see here now that We pried this up but it doesn't matter There's nothing going through it yeah And the whole idea is that Um let's see if this is any kind of uh Foreign It's high techy look at that It's glue oh man what a genius so the Whole idea is this is just a plastic

Plate that is connected to nothing That's glued on the outside of the box That's the kind of tech you're getting But of course you don't know how much it Costs because they won't put that online They want to give you a pricey that fits You you know let's rip somebody off Let's not tell people cost factors uh so The whole idea is that kind of con game Is something they want to get you on the Phone they want to get your email so They can sell you so they can Get your number and try and convince you And give you a bunch of lies and other Things uh to get you to buy very Expensive technology uh that is nothing More than a giant piece of bad Engineering and bad Tech hey you can get Plastic with glue on it Yeah nothing higher no conductive energy That flows through the atmosphere but Yeah we gotta have electromag magnetic With it so the whole idea it's such a a Confused uh hot simmering pile of poo uh That it's really affronting I had no Idea it was that bad until I finally Took one of these apart but the bottom Line is you've got no Tech here Whatsoever it's a bunch of uh Digitalized garbage which actually Weakens the process and of course after 30 years they have no proof of anything But we do have proof of their followers And and others who are dead they died of

Disease and it's as simple as that like So many other people that they're Connected with and certainly uh there is Nothing coming out of this person's Organization that is high tech or Advanced whatsoever and they have Dubious connections So I hope you've enjoyed that if you Want to see the guts of this entirely And go into more details remember we Have this completely taken apart showing The internal guts on our patreon account And you'll get to see a very close Intimate look at the actual uh uh wiring Of this all the other aspects of it it's All there and of course you know these Things cost money even this unit uh cost Me money hundreds for a piece of junk uh That uh I actually I think I traded for This with some other equipment but the Bottom line is nothing is free out there If you expect to see stuff like this Talk about it and you can make your own Judgment if you think there's something Special about the processors and the Scalar antennas that are inside of this Well you'll be able to see that and You'll be able to make your own judgment For it and state your own situations uh But this all needs support to do that we Need to find out what this technology is And does it work or not you know I have This stuff I would never buy any of this Stuff again there's not nothing out

There of any value to be found from any Other place but radionic Tech because We're the only ones doing serious Research we're the only company that Really is ran by a subtle energy Physicist who understands this energy And how it works Um the rest of the people are just going By what basically is a bunch of nonsense And they know nothing and they've Achieved very little except filling Their own bank account so all of this Stuff and uh the other aspect of trying To move away from this ain't radionics Well it certainly isn't radionics this Is some sort of jumbled hot mess and you Get to pay thousands to buy it so I hope You enjoyed it make sure you support us On patreon to see inside of this and see Inside of so many other units it's Really fascinating and you know these Are people who are into this kind of Stuff have seen these instruments and Others uh for many many years but you Know it's kind of a mystery what's in There people think something special is In there what's in there is a hot mess And many times it's a toxic hot mess you Want to bring that into your house well Educate yourself and support an Organization that is really trying to do Something and support our Tech we have Great Tech we have good powerful simple Tools and we will have more advanced

Tools coming soon hope you've enjoyed