Scientific Validation of the Human EM Fields#2 1988 M24 YouT

By | September 11, 2021

[Music] Good evening everyone For one piece of news that i'd like to Announce to everyone is that dr hunt has Agreed to give her permission to anyone Who wants to use a camera just a Photography camera with no sound during Her lecture tonight so you may take Pictures if you wish In the energy fields has taken her to The far corners of the world And to the antarctic and the arctic to Explore the effects of the earth's Magnetism and the human field She has personally studied ethnic Behaviors and esoteric healing in remote Areas of south america philippine Islands southeast asia and indonesia As well as shaman rituals in africa Micronesia melanesia West indies and southwest usa For the past 18 years she has conducted Basic research On the corona or human energy field Developing new equipment and techniques To intercept and analyze minute high Frequency signals not previously Recorded from biological systems She discovered these signal patterns had Direct relationships to pain Emotional experiences anxiety imagery Physiological condition and disease This work has been described By the one of the directors of the

National institute of health As quote innovative scientific studies Most important when science is Experimenting a breakdown of paradigms In physics Biochemistry molecular biology and Medicine Studies such as hers of highest Standards are of high standards of Scientific integrity with novel Approaches Are very vitally important Speaking on the topic of scientific Validation of human energy fields Professor emeritus of ucla dr valerie Hunt I'm very happy to be here tonight and Particularly to be what's called your Keynote speaker i'm very honored for That because my first work with this Group was last year when i came not in An official capacity at all I came merely to observe and to learn And as i came one night at 10 30 at Night bob bulek came to me and said will You deliver a speech tomorrow morning At nine o'clock and i said sure why not And so i did And i don't know who chose me for this But whoever you are i thank you very Much I come from california where there's a Lot of kooks And many many zombies

[Laughter] Now i i came and chose to be with you People because i think you're cooks with Credentials and some minds And i'm not so sure about all of our People in california Um I brought a dog and pony show for you Tonight Because i think after a banquet and You've had some some well a great deal Of very heavy information i'm going to Lighten it up a bit tonight so i have a Dog and pony show for you Now it's sound research but i'm not Going to present it that heavily i'm Going to present it lightly With some ideas that are connected with It You know the basic texture of research Comes from dreams So all of us are dreamers And we're mystical dreamers And the best research i think comes from A mystical dream And with that then we have a little bit Of reasoning i hope not too much Reasoning because it gets in our way in The early stages We collect an awful lot of measurement We measure and throw it on the floor and Keep measuring and measuring and then we Eventually come to calculations But

The point i want to bring tonight is That The great researchers are the dreamers The dreamers and Those that can go into certain states of Consciousness and still maintain Integrity and still maintain their feet On the ground and their head in the sky I want to tell you just a little bit About how i got going into this kind of Research because my background is Hardcore physiology And i was certainly a hardcore Physiologist researcher My specialty was neuromuscular Physiology And i researched that at university of Columbia university the university of Iowa and then the university of California But one day Something happened and this was about 25 Years ago I watched a dance concert can you Imagine my change of having watched the Dance concert And having seen some dancers That danced more magnificently than i Had ever seen them dance and i knew them And so afterwards i went to the back to Comment about the beauty of their dance And i said what happened to you people And they said we've been rolfed And

And with that i got very curious about What there was this stuff called Ralphing and then students came to me as A physiologist and said would you Explain rolfing I said i don't understand ralphing i Don't know what it is so i contacted Either pauline rolfe and i got rolfed By the master herself And i found out several things that Happened to these people because i was Curious And not only did they move better But they also had they said Higher states of consciousness now 25 Years ago that didn't mean very much to Me to have a higher state of Consciousness I thought that was something people Talked about out there ordinary people Didn't talk about that But in my curiosity i ran a research Project One in which i tested the neuromuscular Capability and facility of this group of People And i found fantastic things Just fantastic and so With that in mind a little later i Started a research uh Work that i will show you some of the Very original work that came from that Particular study Now it wasn't happenstance that within

Three weeks A shaman Healer From africa came in to see me at the Office And she had a hairdo that was out here She spoke a language i didn't understand This was not a black woman this was a White woman shaymin She spoke a language i didn't understand She talked about all these esoteric Things And for some strange reason i did Understand her but not by words [Music] And she said i said i really don't Comprehend what you're trying to tell me Will you come in and move for me she was A dancer Emily conrad dawud if any of you know of Her And so she went in and she danced for About 30 minutes it was the most Strenuous dancing i have ever seen in my Life And when she finished Before she started as a good Physiologist i checked out a few odd Things which is called heart rate blood Pressure galvanic skin response and a Few other things and after she had Finished With all of this violent exercise she Had not raised the heart rate she had

Not raised the blood pressure She had not changed anything she wasn't Sweating I was sweating [Music] I did not understand a thing that was Going on and i said how can it be Possible that you have moved this way And she said i create a field and i Write it Now that's something i create a field And i write it Which means he's saying to me i don't Have to use my neuromuscular system like You people think it should be used i Didn't sleep for days I knew there was something going on that I didn't really understand And it wasn't long after that That the same person came in to me and i She said i am going to heal A post polio person Who had post polio 23 years ago when you Record it And i said what are you going to do and She says i'm going to do a shaman ritual So here in this this laboratory we had The shamans And she came in with a person who had Polio 23 years ago and at one time i was In charge of the neurological institute For polio patients back in the 1947's When we had the great epidemics and when Sister kenny was here and i trained

Therapists and i thought i knew polio This was a person that had no muscles Below the knee on one leg You couldn't palpate them you couldn't Test them with electromyography you Couldn't get a chronoxy it was just a Bone And in two and one half years she had Normal muscles in that leg This is now written in the medical Literature She brought them back and she Regenerated them we have never known This to happen i will show you her field In a short time well that wasn't even Enough to shock me I'm getting real shocked now And finally she said I bring back a normal brain wave to a Very badly brain disturbed man who is a Psychopath And this is according to the Neurological institute of ucla will you Record what i do and see what happens And i said sure how do you do that i Have no idea but since we decided to Have a big party i brought in all my Friends My medical friends my physiology friends Everyone the university and i said we're Going to have a party we don't know What's going to happen but come on in And she said may i bring an aura reader And i said who's that

So she brought an aura reader she Brought rosalind briere one of the great Oral readers and one of the great Mystics in this country today And as they came in I got them over in the corner and i said To the arena what do you think you're Going to see And she told me And i said to the woman who was going to Do the healing what do you think you're Going to do and she told me And something clicked and i said would You please show me where the chakras are I don't know [Music] You