Samhain Group Ritual

By | October 26, 2022

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Note: Group Rites do not include consultations.




Hey guys I want to let you know that we Finally dropped our group right for this Halloween so this group right is going To be unlike anything we've ever done Before we're in Our intention with this Ritual is for you to receive whatever That is that you're petitioning for You're going to be not only harnessing The power of sowing uh but also the Sacrificial energy towards your own Petition so come that night you'll have To write down your petition on a single Piece of paper and put a few drops of Your blood on it burn it and then just Blow it into the wing so we also have an Option if you want to get even more Power towards your petition or whatever Your Endeavor is we do have a personal Sacrifice option so you can not only be You know a participant in this ritual Get your seats but also have your own Personal sacrifice which is going to be At a lower cost than it is with any Other ritual that we have on the side so Seats are limited we can only do this You know for so many people so go ahead And book while you can I know this is Kind of last minute but yeah we were to Pick it for a while what we're gonna do This was it saw an open-ended ritual Where we make several sacrifices to Lucifuge Lucifer and Belial and it's Going to empower your own petition get The link down in the description below

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