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By | April 20, 2022

Enter into “Expanding The Presence” with Rich Braconi. Rich is a self-taught International Sprit Medium, Medical Intuitive, Best-Selling Author, and Spiritual Philosopher. Rich Braconi has a police background – specifically undercover, narcotics, and a criminal detective who worked on an emergency response team which is very high-stress. Additionally, Rich is involved in black-belt level martial arts and had his own school. In this episode, Rich discusses how he went down the path of a spirit medium.

”Over the past 10 plus years, I have enjoyed witnessing the natural shift of my spirit to the forefront of my life. My life seems to more naturally unfold because I no longer try to control it. I feel that I have attained a universal and profound philosophy based on the power and communication of unconditional love that equally affects everyone’s life. I can honestly attest, my initial endeavor to seek a more profound perspective of myself eventually opened a hidden spiritual communication which triggered a humble transformation of self that continues to this day.” – Rich Braconi

Being More of God: A True Story of Spiritual Evolution by Rich Braconi –

Being More of God is a truthful account of one person’s sincere effort to challenge his prior beliefs in order to validate or not validate the existence of his spirit, universal truth and a philosophy that is based on the communication of unconditional love. It is a detailed account and explanation of a personal journey that gradually led to personal miracles; a divine perspective; a co-existence with higher wisdom; a universal love based philosophy; living spiritually centered and a spirit based language.


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Good morning folks hey this is terry and Tom at the metaphysical mysteries Podcast Another exciting episode here today the Most interesting part of your day And we have with us today an International spirit medium also medical Intuitive which is rich burconi Uh he comes to us from a police Background with uh undercover narcotics Criminal detective worked on an Emergency response team which is kind of High speed low drag type stuff um very Involved at the black belt level uh Martial arts and i own school and you Turned yourself into a Spirit medium or you recognized what's What's real story there rich Um i always share with people that i'm Self-taught um it goes back to a time in My life where i was kind of at a low Point and I decided to try to change Myself and be open to the truth and in That process i learned that there's a Physical side to us and a spiritual side To us and in a nutshell i started Focusing more on the spiritual side of Us And that's when things just started Growing and changing Fantastic So you're out doing shows and things With people is that correct

It's been amazing terry um You know one of the things i always said To myself in the beginning i was very Skeptical of all of this And in my skepticism i said you know if God really exists if we really do have a Side of us that's spiritual and there is A communication that goes along with it That's based on love then i should see Proof of it And i've been doing this for about 11 Years Looking for proof and sure enough i've Watched my business just organically Grow all through word of mouth And now it's it's rare that my events i Probably do about 12 events you know 14 Events a month And it's rare that they're not sold out So it's been watching the proof of it All has just been amazing to me You know one of the challenges for Psychic mediums um Is Believing in what they're hearing seeing You know feeling uh how did you get over That hurdle because that's really where A lot of people are They just really don't want to jump out In the public when they really don't Know If they're getting it for sure Yeah you know what what you just said is So true

Um Being self-taught and In this process there has been so many Different challenges and obstacles that I had to overcome And so one of them is that in knowing The difference between our physical side And spiritual side i recognize as What voice i put most value in And so before i used to put a lot of Value in the voices of other people how They perceived me But then when you start to realize You're a spirit and your spirit is in a Coexistence with a higher wisdom i Started putting more value in that voice And so in that increased value in that Voice I was able to overcome my personal Challenges from other people that came In skeptical saying this is all nonsense And then the cool thing happened is that As the validation and credibility Started coming in my words and it Started growing people started now Looking at themselves and going oh wait Maybe there's something true about this Right absolutely So i think it's about faith i think it's About blind faith that there's two parts Of us and showing faith In the coexistence between us and a Higher power You know all three of us from a law

Enforcement background We get to see the real dirty underbelly Of the world and the average person Never gets to see so our our View is slanted as they say we're Deviant from the normal population People think that bad but Even it's just different in the way we Look at things um so how has your um Fellow Law enforcement officers taken to this Or how many of them actually know That you do this and have you had to Prove it to them Right now i'm retired and i'm kind of Happy about that but in the very Beginning you know my attitude was I didn't go and just share with people Because not all people are open to the Truth and it's something i think we're All taught when we're kids like You know that the truth isn't going to Produce the outcome that we want for Ourselves so people are skeptical Of there's a spiritual side But at the very same time i wasn't Ashamed that if it did come out i wanted To show faith in that side of us that i Feel that we were all created equally With But um when it did leak out Um yeah there's been many times where i Go back to my locker and There's the all-seeing eye on my locker

Or Some other kind of picture Yeah What i was suggesting Absolutely tommy you've run into that Too i know Oh yeah we've kept things very quiet Over the years Terry and i know each other 30 plus Years and we didn't know each other was Doing this kind of stuff That's how tight we kept it because oh Yeah right Absolutely Hey I have a quick story because we're Talking about humorous things if you Don't mind sure so in the very beginning You know keeping it under low key like Tom was saying Um i was doing just sporadic events Uh talking to people um that were on the Other side And again keeping it keeping it low key I had a database of people That i would send a flyer out to just Saying hey you know if you're interested You know i'm going to be doing this Event I also had a database of Prosecutors names assistant prosecutors Names if you record judges that have Worked in the past So as i'm putting this flyer out to

Advertise a future event of mine At one o'clock in the morning which is When you should never work on the Computer at one o'clock in the morning I then sent the flyer out to the Database with all the superior court Judges All the assistant prosecutors all the Prosecutors all the attorneys i dealt With so in the morning time with their Cup of coffee as they're reading their Morning email here's the average times And going come see rich perconi talk to People on the other side So Yeah the Kickback was amazing yeah I bet it was oh my god my phone was off The hook ringing off the hook the next Morning going what do you mean you talk To dead people what kind of nonsense is This Yeah until the guy who is um Least likely to call you calls and uh You tell him hey your grandma just told Me you know you should back off of the Pancakes you're eating too much and She's a little worried about it because You know you put peanut butter on your Pancakes and you're not supposed to Uh and he's how the hell do you know i Put peanut butter in my pancakes My advertising's real dude And uh that's what happens to me i know

They'll privately pull me off to the Side and i call these guys uh i mean That you know not necessarily law Enforcement again can be in some cases But kind of muckety mucks you know uh People in the community that wouldn't Want to be known as somebody who went to See a medium but they'll pull you off The side and say hey what do you think About this this and this you know and Don't tell anybody you know and okay i Saw privately give them a little reading You know or whatever it takes Uh to get their answer but I i totally get What you're saying and i remember going Out to lunch uh with a group that did Not know i did anything and the waitress Came by and i gave her a reading told Her her grandmother was there and she Was going to go into nursing and sure Enough exactly what i said was happening Was ongoing at the time she was in College switching to nursing going to do This and her grandmother was a nurse and Was pushing her to do all that but her Grandmother had been dead of course for A number of years And they're all looking at me and how The hell does he know all this and one Guy that was there he did know he goes Oh you guys haven't been out to lunch With terry in a while It happens all the time

Anyway That's about that that's what i was Talking about tara what you were doing You were showing blind faith in that you Know you don't think about the future And let your brain say oh it's not going To turn out well which it often will do You listen to the voice of your spirit Showing blind faith going hey i'm being Inspired to do this let me show faith in It and then you always watch the Positive outcome that's much different Than when we think too much and we try To control life in the way we want So good compliments to you Oh i appreciate that i know that when i Do teach uh various brand new Clairvoyance i'll call them brand new Just they're new and experiences all but I will oftentimes one of our field trips Will be going out to have lunch and we Will uh read wait staff you know and They we you know we ask we're polite We're respectful all that stuff but and They they love it i mean absolutely love It and i let them read them and then i Do my part and then we let them go ahead And answer what was correct and what Wasn't so they get that confidence like What you're talking about so if you're Going to go do a show i mean you don't Want to be standing in front of 20 30 40 People or a thousand uh and then get it Completely wrong

Um you got to have that faith as you say I think that's really critical and to Allow People that are getting into this to Really develop and you know this is uh Our This is not our first season of course We're in second season so we're gonna be Talking about more advanced things and So i think Um picking your brain on really how you Feel when you're standing in front of a Group of 50 people Uh what goes through your butterflies Through the tummy or or you just relax And just let it all hang out whatever Happens happens how do you do it You know again being self-taught i think I have a little bit of um Of advantage over other people i'm not Saying all people but you know most People where i got an education about The process You know some people were born with a Gift And they'll tell you stories hey ever Since i was a kid i could just see Spirits and it grew and that wasn't that Wasn't me So i actually became a student of the Process And then i realized the portion of us That was the spirit had this strength That i never used before and i referred

To it as the will of your spirit and it Has the strength to quiet your thinking And to put it in a secondary position As you do it over time over and over Again you reach a state of peace there's A state of quietness in a state of Stillness when you're in that state of Stillness you no longer look at yourself As physical or human So i'm able to get to that point and When i do Prior to an event My mental fears my mental anxieties my Mental stress no longer exist in my life It's all about just surrendering Yourself to a communication that's just Based on the truth sure but i agree with You tara that Tell me if you find this to be true As you go and you talk to the wait staff There might be moments where you might Be challenged on a greater level To communicate with someone in spirit in A different set of Circumstances that might be more Challenging to you do you find that to Be true Oh certainly certainly yeah and what the Way i may start uh an interaction with Them May not at all be how it ends it could Be completely it can just go from here To zoom way up here instantaneously Depends on what spirit wants to talk

About correct So it's not based on what people Mentally want but what people Spiritually need that's correct you know In many times it'll be from a you know a Close family member and they will say to Me like you know i remember one with her Dad and she said oh my god you don't Know how much i needed to hear from my Daddy Today And and she goes how did he find me how Did he find you And i said well the way i explain it to Them is this Uh it's like a telephone booth out in The desert If you were out there by yourself and You saw a telephone booth what would you Do you'd go in and call friends and Family that's what you do I Am just the telephone both he knew i had The ability to communicate with him and You were in close proximity so he made The call And i was happy to Connect it like andy and since we're Talking about cop stuff andy and Barney on mayberry i'm sarah i make the Connection You may have to have people google that Because there's probably a younger Audience that has no idea what you just

Represented Yeah I didn't want to say tom that i Recognize that show But i do very good Now let me ask you this and i'm going to Turn it over to tom here on this portion Of it but i want to move into the the Medical intuitive part because Mom does a lot of medical stuff and Related to this kind of work as well but When you get something on somebody maybe Maybe you're not even trying and you're Just sitting there and you're getting Something significant on somebody Medically Um First off how do you choose to say Something and then if you do say Something how do you say it and then What's your follow-up to that because we Both run into that but Let's get your take on that rich Yeah you know it's a that's a great Great question um The medical intuition was what first Happened to me Um it wasn't talking to people on the Other side so i always talk about this Process that i've learned so i started Connecting with a higher wisdom and i Studied the communication that allowed Me to do it and i noticed my mannerisms Changed my philosophy changed my words

Started changing and it represented more Of Um What we consider to be a philosophy Based on love And then i started seeing medical Imbalances in people and i thought it Was crazy and then eventually i started Talking to people you know on the other Side But with the medical Um That's also true with the spiritual talk Talking to people in spirit but also Talking to higher wisdom I went back to my original my original Education was there's a physical side And a spiritual side and i noticed in my Physical side that i would observe life Through my eyes and it would record in My head And then i noticed my spiritual side had A different set of eyes That i referred to as my awareness i Could be aware of energies or a presence That told me a story And the cool thing as i studied this Over a period of time was i had control Over what i wanted to be aware of So when i started making myself aware of A person and Any kind of imbalances inside of their Body The story that was told to me was about

Those imbalances And then i know i could apply that Process to talking spirits if i became Aware of someone you know in spirit they Would tell me a story about their life Or a higher wisdom i became aware of the Higher wisdom they told me a story about How all this was created And so learning how to have faith in it Um i think was you know in the in the Beginning learning how to have faith in The mental intuition because i didn't Even know what it was i had i had zero Zero education about all of this And Showing of faith started off with me Just diagnosing friends And then telling them to recommend other Friends that i never met before their Friends to come to me and let me Diagnose them and then watching the Similarities between Moments where People would say i just got back from The doctors and you shared everything That the doctor did and he had to do all Kinds of tests and you did it in five Minutes here or ten minutes here so It was eye-opening and then Then came the cures or then came being Inspired with How can i make them better like what tom Does you know with the natural medicine You know can i do that and then i have

Great stories connected to that So how do you Buy into it because When i start off i ask people what their Spiritual belief system is yeah he Didn't to see how far i can take it Because some people would be completely Shut down if you suggested something To it obviously how do you sell it to The folks So i think it's um i always say that The most powerful conversation we can Have is speaking the truth but in a Loving way And so when When i do that i think the most Important thing is not violating Somebody's free will So again i go back to Being a student of how we were created Equally so everybody has free will So i would start off saying hey Are you interested in a reading And just by them saying yes to that Means that they were open to some kind Of truthful Um understanding about themselves when It came to medical imbalances And then what i would preface it with or What i would end it with concluded with Was are you interested in the knowledge That i'm being inspired with on how to Correct it And then i would always say to them you

Know in a truthful and loving way Please verify it do research Um see whether or not it resonates with You as the truth and if it does Then take steps to include that in your Life but make sure it's your own choice So i wouldn't violate the free will So i feel like our role is always to Inspire people but never overstep our Boundaries and being too forceful If you run into this I know i have You're trying to do the work but you're Getting a clear message that um You're not to intervene in this one Yes That's happened several that's happened Several times and i always show faith in What um and what i'm receiving so There's been many moments where I can I can spiritually sense that no matter What i say people aren't going to listen Right Yeah Yeah that can be changed That could be challenging for sure when You have some information that might be Helpful or You know as terry and i have talked About maybe it's a life path life Journey uh lesson type thing that you Know is on the table that you're not Supposed to get in the middle of it

Correct for permission before i even Begin With the higher powers How do you handle it tom what do you do Well if i get that kind of feedback then I just try to give them the positive Spin of what i have But not share what i'm not allowed to Share Right kind of using uh terry's telephone Analogy you know i might be on a Different circuit so I don't belong there right at the moment Yeah I think one of the um i think i i so Agree with you and i think one of My understandings about all this is that I always have to look at it like we're a Spirit and not physical and the body's Going to run out at different points in People's lives But it's not my responsibility to help People it's people's responsibility to Help themselves And all you have to do is start off Being open to the truth you don't have To listen to what people say but just be Open to it and see if it resonates as a Truth with you so i think i give these p I i think what i try to do Is give people tools That that They're going to acknowledge that makes Sense to them like yes i'll make my own

Decision please speak but if it Resonates with this you know within me I'll choose it for myself so i think It's empowering people That when something resonates with you That's a voice that doesn't come from Your head it's coming from your spirit Absolutely you know there's a lot of Well i'll say science some people called Pseudoscience about connecting your Heart And your brain And when you connect your heart and Brain that's when you're able to make Those contact Uh your points and get the data that's Necessary and that's written in ancient Mystical texts in a lot of different Ways putting a lot of different types of Languages and we have to understand it In the modern sense and really i tell People you know when Folks in the woo world are doing things This is all a mind game this is all with Your head And it's not a physical thing it's Strictly with your head And your heart and that's when you've Got to come from a position of love um You know when i do a scan on somebody Mine's A little different than some people Because i really kind of come up here And it starts to scan almost like an mri

It starts to go through like this and if I find a spot all of a sudden in the Brain I have a choice i can either stop and Talk to that spot Or i can just make note of it and then Continue to go all the way down through The body and get the spots that are you Know Of problems i guess i would say and then Go back to and address each one of them And i typically ask for the one that's The most important to that person's Health and i'll go back and you can Actually talk too and this sounds so Weird i get it but you can talk to the Consciousness of a Whatever a spot on the liver Uh so to speak and why are you here What do you represent who are you here For This kind of thing and um you know what Emotion helped move you into this Position that you manifested uh in a in A physical sense And are you serving a purpose or or is This something that's can be done away With that's already purpose already been Served so there's a lot of questions Because you i put on my you know Investigator head detective hat as the Case may be and i really start quizzing Them over back and forth and i think for Those of us that come from a law

Enforcement background and interview an Interrogation on a daily basis for 30 Plus years Uh boy we get really good at that and i Have no problem talking to whatever Entity um In the same form and fashion and people Ask sometimes does this stuff ever scare You you know a demon or something Hit a 45 stuck to your head cocked and Locked and they're going to blow your Skull off you could get a little scared There if you wish right but this other Stuff no it doesn't scare me because you Guys haven't lived in real life Until you've had some of these other Things happen and then that's really Scary okay so i don't know for me uh my Mind's more like an mri and i go down Through it that way and i find these Spots and pieces and then sometimes even These spots and pieces will tend to have Almost a bit of a personality themselves Right now if you're going to talk Churchy church because you know i got The reverend title in there too Uh You can that's what people would call Those things uh an attachment or a demon And you can take the church of church Approach where you can take the science Approach doesn't really matter uh but Ultimately what you're trying to do is Remove some

Low vibration energy from an area that Uh it's not benefiting Oh 100 Yeah i agree with everything that that You're saying You know what and as you're talking the Amount of hats that you wear isn't Absolutely amazing to me Like you went from you know being Connected to the church i know in your Past about the law enforcement About you know the martial arts the Boxing the training it's absolutely you And tom are just amazing to me Well likewise that's why i like enjoy Talking to police officers people have No idea how well-rounded they really are In most cases especially those that have Advanced themselves through into Specialties they really went to school All the time and i think anytime you Bring the synergy of all those different Parts and pieces to Any one particular event You're drawing from all that just makes You that much better practitioner Correct Yeah Awesome so let me ask you this um How many people would you say and i just As a guest because i understand i would Be in the same boat if somebody asked me This but how many people would you say You practiced on

Before you did your first public event Oh wow you know what's interesting about That that's a great question What's interesting about that is that i Never wanted to do any of this I was just looking at Living a life where i was more open to The truth Because i didn't want to disappoint Myself By saying that i followed a philosophy Or an education that wasn't based on the Truth And so My initial Um approach to this was let me just Learn from myself and that's it Along the way To validate whether or not the Communication i was receiving Was credible or not you know i would Just do practice readings on people and I would meet him At the starbucks in the library on a Corner In a car Just because i wanted to learn from Myself and show the credibility is this Really really true It's their communication within our Spirit And uh I think it was about a year and a half To two years into it so about two years

Worth say i did You know 300 readings That all of a sudden i got inspired to Do a group but in a public way And i think tara this is what we were Talking about that Divinely we're going to be challenged We're going to be inspired To push ourselves to go to the next Level And so I thought it was going to be a one-time Thing just to prove it and that's it and After that event there was like 21 People that attended the event And the feedback Was very positive and then people Started calling me for additional Readings and wanting to sponsor me and And i said to myself i never wanted to Do this And i still don't want to do it but There's a difference between what we Mentally want and what we spiritually Need and so i've learned to i've learned To surrender control and ownership over My life to what i'm being inspired to do And i'm glad that i had that approach Because since then there's been So many personal miracles That's happened to me in my family but Also to to other people That i'm super proud of Yeah

You know i do tell my students something Similar i said you know Just Don't get hung up on the phenomenon You know that is really a secondary Thing Keep climbing closer and closer to the Creator As you get closer to the creator these Other things will be given unto you some People may remember that some certain Scripts Um and you'll get all this you know you Become i mean look at jesus what a Psychic medium i mean Yeah They call him anything other than that i Mean he is a complete 100 psychic medium Complete contact with the creator you Know at the 100 level so um from from The creator's mouth to his ear you know And vice versa So He said what I do you shall do and greater Well i believe him 100 what you said that's my favorite Line Tara go you go you for saying that That's my favorite line that was Actually in the first book that i wrote That line yeah There you go how about that green minds Think alike don't they 100

Very cool very cool um is there a Particular story that you've had i mean Obviously you've done a lot of these That Really resonates with kind of Kind of wraps up your totality of the Benefit that you get as a giver because You're really giving of your time and Your energy and your connection to Somebody who had a particular reading or Something that really Made your day and it still resonates With you that this is one of the reasons I'm into this Yeah um Again it's i use I i do this again because i'm being Inspired to do it but what benefits me Is the education that i continue to get That i use in my own life To I guess progressive or to evolve it so i Am so grateful for all the little Stories that you're asking me to speak About That Tell a specific education because the Education's differently And yes there's so many of them Um the one one that pops into my head Right now that I usually use at my galleries Was in preparing for an event um i think The room held like 35 people

A little boy Around the age of 12 years old approached me and said my Name is nick And i died from a medical disease that Happened in my head And my living loved one or someone That's connected to my living loved one Is out there in the audience And so you know he shares his name with Nick and all that information I then walk out into the event and i Give my opening greetings and i can see Him standing in front of a woman So that's the first reading that i do so I share all the information he's around 12 his name is nick he's talking about a Medical condition happened in his head It's maybe cancer And he said he passed away And he says that he's connected to you And the woman says absolutely not There's nobody in my family like that There's nobody that i personally know to To Like that no friends of mine and i said Are you sure and she said yes absolutely Not And so i went back and showing blind Faith again i talked to nick again and Nick says nope she's connected to me and My response to her is what you just said Isn't true So telling someone not that they're

Lying But but Debating them that no it is connected to When they're saying no again is an act Of blind faith in the part of us that's Spiritual and showing A respect for that communication So i said go outside of your family into Your work area because he's shown me a Picture of her work And then she goes oh my god She says I have A There's a supervisor at my job that i've Never spoken to But just the other day i overheard her Say she lost her son who's 12 years old And his name was nick So i said here's what he wants me to do I said he's asking me for you to show a Personal courage He's asking you to show a faith that if He's here and he's giving he's sharing This information with you that the Police share it with his mom because He's trying to reach her and Everything's going to go well Because her first approach is her mental Her mental thinking's gone it's not Going to work out well what if it's too Soon what if she says get away from me I'm not interested in any of this He's all had he's sharing that he has a

Preconceived understanding it's all Going to work out if she just shows Courage so she does Sure enough The woman breaks down in tears gives her A hug and says thank you so much for Sharing this with me And Attends my next event secretly And sure enough her son stands in front Of her and shares all the information And it was just an amazing experience I think that it was about love it was About everybody if they just do their Part in a loving way if they just speak The truth That this outcome this Synergistic outcome Is capable of happening more often than What we think Absolutely Yeah i tell people you know if you're Going to do this for a living you need To Buy stock in kleenex Yes Yes you're going to need a lot of them And You know As you as you know i i went in for Surgery here not too long ago for A knee replacement you know so And uh But i had three

Nurses crying One in pre-op one in post-op and one up In my room And um it was all from giving readings Because i've tried readings when i've Been in the mris right hands Under the influence of you know um Drugs from from doctors you know to see If i could still do it just because i Like to challenge myself yes i was able To do i've been able to do it every time You know nothing's more fun than sitting In an mri and you're giving the mri uh Guy you know a reading about his Grandmother in the farm and you're Describing the whole damn thing to him And he's like what the hell because i Want to see if it interfered at all and Since you're completely outside the body It does not interfere at all And you're able to do it it's really Kind of cool i i I enjoy doing that lambo on this i would Say Say that again tommy i just put a Disclaimer on this if anyone in the Audience has these skill sets i would Not suggest doing this pre-op Yeah Can you imagine can you imagine terry Tom in the middle of like he's heavily Sedated under anesthesia and as they're Working on him he pops up and goes oh And one more thing

Yeah but You know i i i've had that down i got a Spinal injection and i gave readings to Um Virtually every crew member there And And and One lady Had a particular question and they Waited until after they had given me Squirted the juice in And then they asked the question and i i Went ahead and answered it and they all Said that's well you told her you're Right you're right you're right they're Like this you know and then doc walks in And he goes hey i understand you're Giving readings to everybody and he's i Said yeah but i'm not going to give you One i got something for you but not Until after we're done because i may Have to kill you if you hurt me so And so uh yeah after it was done then i Would do it but uh yeah it was fun and And i enjoy doing that i have a i told My wife you know i said i can't imagine Anything more fun than just traveling Around the united states just giving Readings to people Out of the blue Um that would just be a blast to do that And um You know if you make a living had a Great you know um but just being able to

Do it just in general is is just fun Oh absolutely you and tom are going to Be on the road soon you watch Very likely We've been asked many times to be on the Road and we've been on the road in other Genres as you know um speaking and doing Conferences and books and blah blah all That kind of stuff so but it's been such A god's uh blessing to get the Opportunity to talk to people such as Yourself and people who have these skill Sets and be able to you know kind of Drag out of you and sometimes it's not That hard it's pretty easy but to get Your story so that the people out there Can understand hey you know i might be Able to do this myself or at least if i Can't do it or don't feel like i can i Can at least understand You know these people are not super Weirdos um they're not devil worshipers Um they are folks who've just got Themselves in high tune high high energy High vibration Connection with the creator and all that Is which is Everything all together in one as they Always say we are one And so i think that's just been Fascinating to be able to do that You know what's amazing um to go along With what you're saying is how many People have

So many similar experiences But then when you think too much you Dismiss them Yes and you don't you don't follow up With the education like how am i able to Do this like a simple A simple moment where you had a gut Feeling like you just knew information That was based on the truth and you'll Touch here And all i did was i said that's not me Thinking How was How did i get that information And then i started this process of Saying wait i was inspired with it I feel like it came from outside of Myself I said it resonated as the truth with me And then also i feel like it served some Kind of loving purpose or some kind of Loving guidance for me to pursue And then i started putting together that Four little steps going that's my spirit And then as you show faith that there's A communication That we all have i got away from oh it Was a gut feeling You know i instinctively knew And started Started to give it the respect that it Deserved How many people have that experience Where they go i have a gut feeling and

Then they think it away Yes It's amazing It's almost always relationships yes Right and then in the back side they go I knew better why did i Yes It's amazing tom right you have the two Voices inside of you Yeah we think we're losing our mind Because you know why can't they Communicate and get on the same page You have to be kind of a Demanding ass is what i call it you know And you Have to just You know Say hey You know is that me or is it come on Boys give me a little a little more a Little more because if you don't know And you're you're having a hard time Discerning i always say discernment's The greatest gift being able to discern You know it's just huge um but if you Don't know If it's me Or if it's from the other side you gotta Keep asking the question clear the Chalkboard try again And and it's gonna be something that Comes in that Something you wouldn't normally say or Do

Because they're going to use your clip Art and then most people who use Computers know what clip art is and we All have our own version of clipart you Know you might have 1.1 i have 1.2 he Has 1.3 uh you know and are our clip Arts created by our experiences In life Um our education our experiences our Interactions and so they'll draw from Our clip art to create A communication with us yes through all Five of those senses Using the sixth inch which is the Gateway to the other five um and that's How it's expressed And i think really We have to really really concentrate Sometimes to make sure we are giving Accurate information i always tell People you can get a Medium to the 70 mark of accuracy you're Doing really well most mediums want to Be at 100 or 95 or way up there uh Because we don't want to give people Erroneous information and sometimes we Hold back if we're not 100 sure we hold Back and just won't tell people Um everything but sometimes if you let It all hang out something that sounds so Crazy to you as that medium Means a hell of a lot to somebody else You know if you run into that or not Yes um

There's so many moments in my galleries That i'll say to myself exactly what you Said tara That how does this even make sense So Just recently Just yesterday the day before There was a father spirit i was Communicating with Um to a woman And he's telling me you know his age That he passed he's telling me his name He's telling me all these different Details Um About himself and He also brings up the fact that this Morning in the morning time he saw his Daughter Um icing a cake Um with her son And gave the son's name and she's going Oh my god that's true He then shows me what looks to be like a Calendar And is talking about The personal pictures on the calendar And when i bring this up to her She says That makes total sense to me it made no Sense to me whatsoever She says i'm in the process of making a Calendar and i'm putting all different Family photos including photos of my

Father on the calendar so that when People go from month to month they're Going to see a different set of photos That have to do with family experiences And i'm going to give it as a gift Christmas time to my family Here's a guy in spirit Proving that he's alive He's telling his living loved ones this Is what you did earlier and this is what You're in the process of doing To me that's the greatest proof in the World Yes absolutely Which you know Let's talk a bit a bit about Prophecy And also maybe a little on akashic Records Um this all kind of blends together and For our listeners You know prophecy is obviously Predicting things of the future and i i Always consider prophecy typically a Little more wide-ranging than just an Individual reading it's it's a bigger Reading you know for a country or the World or whatever the case may be but Some people just call prophecy an Individual thing but it's it's a wide Scope uh and then and then akashic Records from the akash uh sanskrit name For you know basically What christians would call the book of

Life in other words a book of uh all Your souls activities that has ever Taken place with your soul and i will Tell people you know if you don't Believe in reincarnation then none of This is going to make any sense to you And the way you would read the bible or Any other script [Music] Will make a complete difference if you Read it from the perspective of Reincarnation so as we start to go into This i want the listeners to understand It This is based on understanding you go Round and round and round you just keep Coming back Into a body and inhabit that for us Purposes of soul growth and helping Others as well as yourself of course so What have you run into prophecy-wise and And or akashic record whereas why did You do these things Um you know when you talk about prophecy Where i had a moment Earlier this year Where my mother and my father both are Going through medically challenging Times in the beginning of the year January they were both diagnosed with Advanced dementia My father's advanced dementia quickly Took a turn for the worst He was placed in well we we put him into

The the hospital Based on inactivity in his head thinking He might have had a stroke While he first is admitted to the Hospital I said to myself Can i see Is he going to come out of the hospital Or is this the last time i'm going to See him Is he going to eventually pass away Under their care Now The doctors Started speaking in such a way That he should be there for like two Days And then he's going to be released home And the initial tests don't show any Kind of stroke in his head so they're Just chalking it up to advanced dementia My sister Who passed away Two years ago From stage four cancers I then said to myself Can i communicate with her and can she Give me insight Is it possible And so i took time Um quieted myself Disconnected from noise from around me Inside of my home And just like when i do at my events i

Started a communication with what i Believe to be my sister She then shares with me and shows me Vision through visions that tell you a Story That That's not going to last long in the Hospital He's going to pass away on monday at 12 O'clock Specifically monday Specifically at 12 o'clock And i'm going to be there i was given The right to be there to help him cross Over Now this is A week before on a tuesday so she's Saying six days later Sure enough He took a turn for the worst under their Care And he slowly started going downhill We expected to take him home within a Day On monday At 12 o'clock as i'm ready to go out the Door To go and see him in a hospital i get a Phone call And The nurse said i'm sorry to tell you That your father just passed away And so right at the time that my sister Said right on the day that she said

But also what she said is that i'm gonna Be there to make sure he transitions Into the next world Which we couldn't ask for anything more Comforting to that if the credible Information comes through that proves Itself Then knowing that she was there to cross Him over is something that we all wish For Absolutely So to me that was a prophecy that was Something that did come true since then It's happened on several other occasions But that was that was one of the first Ones where you know i communicated with My sister who passed yeah Have you noticed your sister helping you Out in events or she showed up from time To time or she strictly stick to the Family stuff She um she has showed up at the events But she also too Um Fast forward She also too Actually communicated with me Through a different spirit medium So i never go for it's very rare that i Go for readings almost like never but i Was inspired to do an online session With a spirit medium who was nationally Well known and there was a group of like 400 people

And he was on for like maybe an hour and A half And after an hour he had like he did six People So i'm ready to leave the group knowing There's like 25 minutes left And all of a sudden my sister said nope I'm the next one And i said no way And so i waited for the next reading and Sure enough he began and said i'm Connected to a sister spirit who passed From cancer who passed on july 8th and That's exactly when she passed She then said we worked together During her life And when i which he meant working Together was my understanding about the Spiritual life Benefited her when she crossed over and She wanted me to know That the education i gave her prior to Her passing is all true It was the coolest thing That's awesome I was one of 420 people that got a Reading on that day As i said you can't make this up Can't make it up no it's inspiring it's Inspiring to people right there truly Truly it is i mean my daughter died when She was 24 And she comes through All the time uh she's constantly at my

Side assisting Um trying to direct and help and and she Said hey dad i'm gonna be your wingman Rock on the coolest thing it is the Coolest thing you know and uh you know So When you get one of those close Relatives that have passed and they're They're still hanging with you um it Gives you a sense especially when you're Dealing with other people who are losing In the process of loss coming Or have just lost someone you can relate To them directly and also the fact that You know hey i'm still talking to my Daughter you're still talking to your Sister Um man that gives them a little hope a Little inspiration of course they've Never believed they can do it themselves They believe you can do it for them but Um i get that and it is a little Challenging sometimes to talk to Your own relatives it's so much easier It seems to talk to other people's Relatives um because there's not the Emotional connection and i do know that When people do pass it is sometimes Takes a while before they'll actually Connect to you because of the emotions That's going to cause you when you make The connection and i've noticed with Other mediums and stuff that that's Sometimes the case although i will say

In in my particular case that my Daughter was actually hooked up to Machinery and you know we had to pull The plug kind of situation but she had We were driving to the hospital and she Came to me as we were driving to the Hospital so i knew she was already out Of body And she she came through and dead and Daddy here's what happened She's telling me the whole story about What actually occurred and i was trying To relate to relay to my wife as quickly As possible and then whoosh she was gone You know like that so by the time we Actually arrived i mean i already knew The story Which was fantastic but um That she Does not talk to certain members of the Family just because they get too Emotional about it they don't want to Upset upset him Tom do you feel it rewarding based on Your perspective now where there's a Spiritual side that your daughter is Fine Um Yeah i mean The fact that the daughter's fine is Gives me a great sense of relief and I mean i i get it Better than other parts of my family Because i'm i'm at a relaxed state

Whether she's fine she's happy she's Good Talking to her as much now as i did when She was you know in the physical so i'm Not good with that So yep i know tommy you've had that same Thing with some of your family members Too you know them showing up and You know some extended family and That kind of thing Yeah they show up a little differently i Don't usually get that back and forth Conversation i always have the sense of Knowing stuff and i always say Things like i don't know why i'm about To say this but That's For me It's a little bit different presentation Absolutely they had challenges talking To their family and the body so how the Hell is it going to work in the spirit Easier actually easier you don't have All the Crap that goes along with being in the Body so what about akashic records i Mean for people who don't know cash Records typically we think of past lives Although it could be future lives um any Any experience with past lives for folks Yes um You know again being open to an Education about this because that's Always been

Um i guess the the road that i was Interested in in having these personal Experiences but then extracting the Education from it all So in the very beginning I started seeing People's spirit In different bodies In In prior lives So i started i started exploring it and Realized oh it made sense to me that a Spirit Has Different life experiences in different Bodies but it's still the same spirit so When people talk about past lives it's Almost like past jobs to me that your Spirit had And When i started pursuing it i started I started getting specific information About where they were Names of their families The circumstances of their death But also too I started i started getting connected to Life lessons that weren't realized So a lot of times something happened to Them And Into this particular life they bought a Fear with them of some kind of past Experience

That they didn't have control over So i said okay let's take the next step And let me see if i can do A past life Reading on someone who's been to a past Life regressionist first So I found several people like that that Have already been to a past life Regressionist and found it to be Validating incredible i said let's see If i can come up with the same lies That they did in the past that they Proved themselves And sure enough that was true i didn't Get them all i think i got three of the Four And And the other one that i got connected To was much different than the last one That they had Through the life regression this past Life regression is but it doesn't mean It wasn't true so yeah i think Validation is key and i think that's Always been my goal just to prove this Communication And give People an education about how it works Absolutely well as a master Hypnotherapist and regressionist more Happy Dude let me tell you something when i Those hats on that wall keep on growing

I can tell you it is a lot of fun to go Back and do a past life regression with Folks And it is so healing and i have used That many times for some significant Significant healing where people have Had really major issues and when they Find out that this was a soul memory Coming from a past life and we go Through this release process While we're in the Hypnotherapy Um and then they wake up and you know Boom It's gone and they have no problems Anymore it is completely totally Resolved and Absolutely phenomenal to see that and Then also I'm very fortunate I know most people can't do this but uh I can even if somebody else is doing a Regression on a third party so i'm just Watching i can actually and i've done This before i i remember had a nurse Sitting beside me and i i was writing Very very fast as this person was Getting on the couch and the Regressionist was just beginning to give Instructions and and i'm running very Fast and i'm going page after page after Page after page and i handed her five Pages and she goes what's this what's This i said that's what they're going to

Talk about And she went through and he went in went To his hypnosis and she was going check Check check next page check check check And she goes how in the hell did you not Even sketched a little picture and he Was talking and describing a picture it Was of atlantis but i'd already sketched Out the picture what it looked like and Blah blah blah and she had it there and She's like this This is nuts You see this before it happens yeah sure It's already happened why would i not See it Well that's the great stories tara that You know i'm so that's why i'm so Grateful for people like you and tom That have these podcasts that can Educate people like this is something We're all capable of this is something That over time when you show faith in You nurture it and it grows this Communication this awareness being aware Of energy that tells you a story So compliments to both of you guys for For having this podcast and its success Too So Well um as we get ready to wrap this up I mean if people want to get ahold of You rich what's the what way would you Prefer them get a hold of you i mean We'll certainly put it up here on the on

The podcast but you know what do you Want to tell folks how to get a hold of You and why should they get a hold of You Yeah um thank you so much for for for That opportunity Um yes um i do do services i have um i Have services that i provide where i do Personal readings for people um talking To people's loved ones in spirit also Medical intuition Also spiritual insight guidance and also I educate people on how to do this Communication themselves Unfortunately Um i'm booked up for like a year and a Half in advance so i stopped taking Any kind of requests for You know personal sessions Um so anyone who is interested i Apologize beforehand But yeah right currently right now i Just i temporarily stopped i'd still do Events you know anywhere from like 12 to 13 a month Uh publicly uh in new jersey and all Also in pennsylvania so please come to One of my events but if somebody does Want to get in contact with me an email Address or my website just getting Contact me through the website would Probably be best it's

Very good Tommy you get anything before we wrap it Up and i just appreciate you stepping Forward in doing what you do um you know Especially coming from that background As we uh we know that what a challenge That is to step outside that box and the Risk is ill so thank you for doing that And sharing your story today with Everybody it's awesome Yeah so true my friend thank you so much For having me you guys are both a Blessing to my life and many many other People continue doing what you're doing Please We will certainly do then thanks for Your service uh in the world for police Work and continued service you know in In this metaphysical world because you Know both things are very much needed One in the physical and one in the Mental and uh lord knows we're mental Already so but We wouldn't have been in law enforcement To begin with so uh yeah so anyway well Very good rich i love talking to you we Need to sit down and have a beer one of These days and just and then just go on And on how we'll probably end up in a Holiday inn somewhere Just keep talking so but uh for Everybody else out there that can't sit Down have a beer with us uh we will do Our best to relay our our information to

You in this format or others so a rich Uh burkoni man thanks for being on on Board and uh we'll talk to everybody Else later and we'll see you on the next Podcast for all of us here at the Metaphysical mysteries We're out You