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By | November 19, 2022

The highest level of spirirtual empowerment is through Radionic practices. The practices reveal everything! #radionics #psionics #orgonemachines





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Welcome everyone Dr Thor here get ready For gnosis well I want to talk about These spiritual past radionics now We have to understand that radionics is Not just some sort of tool it really is A way of thinking acting and living The use of the radionic or as I like to Call it the god box is unparalleled then Its potential We have reached a point where when you Study radionics and you understand the Greater nature of it that we understand That we're intermixing with the actual Energies of creation this is what you Could call God God is an energetic field That creates everything that's what Differentiates God from everything else And why it is unique unto itself and not Something that the egotistical satanists And their buddies the Christians like to Come out and stay that they are God the Little God you're just like God no You're not no you're not you're not even Close even to comprehend that you have a Creative force in you That creates the universe is kind of Stupid It's a special kind of stupid And people are good at that so the whole Idea is that uh this is an energy you're Tapping into it's one of the many Streams of empowerment that you need to Change your reality to and your game and This ultimately the meaning of life is

To ascend to a higher level of Consciousness it's not about getting a Lot of toys which basically will end up Uh in somebody else's pocket you live a Very short period of time and that Period of time that you live here is not About just gaining physical possessions And basically they're worthless yeah I See this with so many collectors and Everything else and I think I've stated This before but I I always found it very Potent I was in an antique shop in Los Angeles uh looking around and what was There was something that uh I always had An interest in and collected a certain Amount to myself uh were uh painted Metal soldiers which are something that Is Um has been collected by many people but I looked at those and these were um okay In their nature but I mean that you Could tell they were probably expensive That what did it say on the little card In front it said From a Jack Webb's Estate Well it's very interesting Jack Webb was A big movie producer did the Dragnet Series Adam-12 emergency made a fortune Uh in these kind of series over his life And here's what he treasured in his life Uh materialistically And here it is sitting there and I don't Think it was very expensive either but So that's what last area so your

Physical possessions no matter what it Is a car Um a collection of metal soldiers or What else ultimately ends up in some Store somewhere that somebody can buy at A pretty cheap price Yeah so the whole idea is that's not What this life is all about so it Doesn't matter what you collect and uh While rich people have a pretty easy Life in some ways I'm not sure how happy They are uh most rich people marry two Or three times they can't get along with People Um a lot of Rich parents uh Pierce Bros And Sons apparently living on the street In London uh he's a horrible drug addict So does that make Pierce happy So well these things happen obviously And you don't have control over others In your life as well so this is all part Of the understanding of uh the reality That what this life is about so and we All fight these things we all have Problems with others we live in a uh in A reality that is filled with very bad People who are in constant conflict and Really don't seek to change their lives They're very stupid so that's the way it Is and that's why Ascension and using Tools like this and understanding the Higher paths are not easy because uh This is difficult it's not meant to be Do you want this you want the higher

Ascended world to look like this sewer I Don't think so and I don't want to be With all those dysfunctional freaks Child molesters religious nut jobs and All the other people that are out there Uh I don't want that in the higher Reality so it's not going to be easy to Get in there and you don't buy your way In either so it's all about reaching a State of consciousness and that's what The radiotic temple is all about so the Whole idea is when you start working With subtle energy physics and these Tools you understand how the universe Works and your place in the universe and Why you're here to begin with it's all There in the radionic temple and Understanding the way it functions and Your path there and the only Organization that can guide you there is Radionic Tech and we have all the tools All the subtle energy tools from ancient Times up to Modern and even futuristic Tools that are coming out now from every Possible positive tradition is all there It's all there for everybody uh to Access and use as they desire so Um and you learn the way with the uh Being part of all access membership and Patreon you're guided on this spiritual Path uh there are others there seeking Similar uh so there is a camaraderie to A degree but you know this is a solitary Path you know this isn't going to church

On Sunday and Um communing with a bunch of low-life Scum that do nothing all the rest of the Week so we got to keep all that in mind And we have to understand the reality of That so Um You guys This gives you a whole opportunity all The training courses are there all you Everything you need to learn to empower Your life to ascend as an individual is All there many will be re released in The next coming months there's all sorts Of great new products and courses coming Out all there for you to actually access Them and uh evolve your life up to the Highest level and that's the game you Want to come back here you think things Are going to be better the next time you Come back you think the world is Evolving into a wonderful place as we go Into all the problems with Overpopulation with Wars with lack of Even raw materials yeah what a wonderful Place radiated whole piss hole of rotten Feces that you get to come back to and Of course you know we're getting into The uh Soylent Green syndrome where the Super rich and then there's all the Other people uh so this is what the World is turning into and it's getting Worse and worse uh so this is certainly Not a place to come back to on any level

Whatsoever the game is is to conquer This reality and Ascend out of it which Is a particular way how do you do that Well it's not a mumbo jumbo coming from India you contemplate your neighbor you Play to the 50-headed God no no doesn't Work like that it ain't gonna work in Some character guys that the dead Bastard of 2000 years ago is gonna do What well we got 2 000 years of that Religion and what have we got from that Nothing and that goes for all other Religions and all other past and the Wasted time four thousand year old Buddhism and what has Buddhist ever done What has Tibetan ever done so I've Begged for money so I you know I'm sick And tired of all these people that think That any so all religions tie you to the Earth they stop you from they stop you From ascending Well the main things that tie you to This planet are food sex and religion as Long as you're involved in those you Have a problem and let's not forget the Other religion out there which is called Science who lives in a dogmatic box of Stupidity and failure that wants to Think that they're better than someone Else so you're living in the ultimate Hell hole of feces and rotting scum and You have to get past that so their path Is clear now the problem with of course Radionic is is that they are an

Individualistic group and they're all a Little different they're all a little Tweaked they're all a little bent Everybody's a little odd on this path But you won't get that with the Christians who pay billions of dollars a Year to their get rich ministers and Their curing ministers and get zero from It they work together they're organized And they support their people if I had One tenth of that money you would see The amazing things that would happen but You got to remember this plane is about Building up and supporting fail earlier This entire plane of existence you can Put one giant stamp on it you want to See a big giant red stamp across Something well it says failure because That's what is supported by this Society Is failure there's not a single Institution that's done anything they've Claimed or wanted to do or has organized To go out and defeat whether it's cancer Heart disease a better Society you name It it's a failure every single aspect of This Society is a horrible failure and That's what people support So when Something fails we'll throw more money At the failure you can't stop houses From burning fire mannies well let's Give them more equipment and more men so They can just fail at a bigger level so It's the same old story out there and it Never ever ends and we have to get out

There and we have to make sure that we Stop that procedure so uh the Alternative of people are very fractured And they know nothing and they produce Garbage just like every other radionic Organization out there but radionic Tech Is producing garbage nothing of what They produce has value they refuse to Even work together on basic levels of Communication uh there uh most of them Are hooked up into criminal activities And Satanism so it just goes on and on And on every single one of them so this Is the reality that you run into and This is the bottom line of uh the Garbage that actually goes on in Alternative areas yet the Christians Don't do this to a degree well it's Interesting is that now there's a whole Movement of Christians that attack other Christians particularly these prosperity Ministers that break in billions of Dollars a year live in mansions and Their people are poor all the time so The reality of all this is that um There is a huge support for losers and For negative paths and very little for Righteous paths and of course who are The Righteous past the problems with uh Different organizations are pretty Pretty scary so Um of what's going on even with Alternative organizations so uh pretty Pretty frightening so all of us need to

Become aware of this and follow the path Of the radionicist you do that by number One by coming an all-access member of The organization we need your support And you need to learn learn and be in With people that are supportive for you That have the philosophy that have the Path for you you should be a patreon Member giving what you can there as well On a monthly basis this is how the Bottom line is that every organization To grow and expand and even just survive As the cold hard cruel fact of needing a Certain amount of monthly income and you Should be a spokesman for your path you Should be promoting it you should be out There stating uh how great this is and How this is the answer this is how uh You build supporters and find people of Like minds but you have to be with those That you'll never stay on this path if You're not with those of like mind you Need to have that feedback you need to Have that feedback and patreon and all Access you need a place to go you need Your temple here it is this is the Answer everybody radionic Tech has it All it's a spiritual path and you can be Part of it and you can change your life And obtain what you need in life what You need to get by to be comfortable and To go on the path remember that uh being Wealthy is a chain around your neck as Is being poor which are changed around

Your feet neither of those paths are a Good one nor there should there be Anything that you seek personally what You need to seek is minor Financial Security and being able to uh live a Life of being positive have the time to Do your studies and move the rest of it Is an illusion and the more you get Hooked into these chains that bind you To make money the more you're going to Have problems And if you're not Have enough money because you haven't Centered yourself and gone on the proper Path to make sure that you can Empower Your life well you also have chains on You so radionic Tech teaches you the Golden mean the proper middle path and It empowers you through it it gives you The support you need through the Organization and through General energy Being connected to an organization and The energy they put out is priceless Because that's what's going to carry you Through in the dark difficult times is That there's someone there that will Help you there's some that you can tap Into an energy to empower your personal Life you can use your God box to Actually manifest what you need at that Time plus So that's what it's all about I hope Everyone gets that and hope everyone Understands the spiritual path of

Radionics Until next time