Radionics Stick Pad | Berkana Labs

By | April 25, 2018

In this video we show you how to setup the Berkana Labs Radionics Stick Pad:

Using the Spooky2 Generator X, and Spooky2 Radionics v1.2.

We also detail how to use the Stick Pad, and run through what type of reaction you are looking for when tuning the radionics machine with a stick pad.

You can find the Radionics Stick Pad, and Spooky2 Radionics machine here:

In this video we're going to show you
how to use the Berkana Labs Stick Pad with Spooky2 Radionics three dial and the
Spooky2 Generator X. I'll show you how To connect the devices and how to
operate the Stick Pad correctly. So we are now going to run through the
connections for Spooky2 Generator X Berkana Labs Radionics, Spooky2
Radionics three dial, and the Berkana Labs Stick Pad. So for the purposes of
this video we are using the Generator X The XM signal generator can be used
also, so first we need to attach the Spooky2 Boost so we can use the BN
Radionics Healing preset. We are using G1 Generator. Attach the BNC's, and with
Spooky Radionics you should have Received a female to female BNC adapter
which will allows us to connect to The Boost port. We are using the BN connection And then we take one of our BNC cables And connect that to the BN port. Apply power to the Generator X Power it on, and we connect our Spooky2 Radionics device to the input, and We take our stick pad, which you should
have received a cleaning cloth with the Stick Pad. This cleans the acrylic
surface it helps with a stick reaction Stops reducing false positives. Take a second BNC cable and connect that To Spooky Radionics output, and then to the input of the Stick Pad. Adjust the cables Then we select G1 and Radionics Healing
start – and start again, and the system is active. So we are now going to run through how
to use the Stick Pad As many people now know the Stick Pad
is often used in place of a pendulum it Makes it much quicker to do Radionic
analysis than using a pendulum but it is Less detailed. It takes some getting used
to using the Stick Pad and it's quite Hard to explain by video or in text it's
much easier to pick up in person and I'll do my best to describe it you need
to start off with clean hands dry hands And a clean stick surface the finger
will pull freely along the Stick Pad When there is no response when there is
a yes response it will be grabbed so the Finger will not move freely so in this
demonstration we are going to tune into A tincture which you place on the input
and set the generator running Then we start to tune the dials slowly
start with the first one running a finger Along it slowly about the same pace you are tuning the dial and it will grab and This one's grabbed at two and sometimes
I like to check it again and its Grabbing at two, and move onto the next dial Its about three and a half

Four, stick at four, move onto the next dial Two and a half, adjustment three. So we now have a rate tuned in of 2 4 3 for the Tincture we have on the input. That's all there is to it really, it's hard to explain The actual grab reaction until you feel it
for yourself but the finger will not Pull. Gentle strokes across it, lifting
each time then it grabs when you've Made a stick reaction that is the yes