Radionics, samples and connection

By | February 2, 2023

Radionics theory explains that it is possible to energetically link with a living being through a sample related to that living being.
In the beginnings of radionics, some bodily fluid (saliva or blood) was used as a sample, but later it was found that it was possible to also use radiography films, photographs or simple small portions of hair to establish an effective “vibrational connection”. What can we do through that connection? watch the full video to find out.


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Radionics Theory explains that it is Possible to energetically link with a Living being through a sample related to That living being in the beginnings of Radionics some bodily fluid saliva or Blood was used as a sample but later it Was found that it was possible to also Use radiography films photographs or Simple small portions of hair to Establish an effective vibrational Connection what can we do through that Connection you can easily have a type of Energy information that is to say we Measure vibratory levels non-physical How is it at the level of General Organic functioning what is the Vitality Level of a certain body system how about The heart how is the stomach what about The other organs or systems Relationships can also be established Between imbalances and possible Corrective elements is there a positive Reaction to a certain remedy what Improvement can be seen by applying a Specific nutrient is it convenient to Use a specific Homeopathy maybe a Special food will it be enough to use Only radionics with the same idea it is Also possible to establish whether a Certain food or even a remedy is Negative for a certain person the Possibilities of using a sample with a Good radionic device are very wide to Explain why a simple sample can reflect

The state of a person at different Levels we will consider the concept of Hologram a hologram consists of a Three-dimensional image of an object or Person that has been captured by laser Beams by cutting out a part of the Hologram and placing it in front of a Laser beam the entire object that Appeared in the original hologram can be Seen each part contains the information Of the whole in the same way a sample of A living being can be considered a kind Of holographic fragment through this Fragment you can access all the Vibratory information that makes up the Physical substrate in radionics and in Relation to living beings the aim is to Act on the sample to also obtain a Response in the complete organism the Radionic theory based on quantum physics Explains that there is an Interconnection between the biological Entity and its parts or even samples There is no doubt that all this implies Enormous possibilities for action and Improvement both at the level of Alternative therapy and in the field of Personal development individual Experimentation is the best way to get The most out of all this if you want to Learn more about radionics and its Infinite possibilities download now for Free our complete ebook through the link In the description