Radionics as a tool for personal discovery

By | August 27, 2022

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Radionics as a tool for personal Discovery [Music] Radionics is an amazing method of action On reality it can be used as a vibratory Method to act against disorders Illnesses and imbalances Also as an instrument of personal Development and achievement of Objectives It allows you to interact with yourself And others in a way that many did not Believe possible Its effectiveness increases with use and Experience Some describe it as a bioenergetic Methodology that transcends the ordinary Parameters of interaction with the Environment [Music] Radionics allows you to modify aspects That may seem immovable at first glance It generates new paths when everything Seems lost and makes it easier to Dissolve blockages that prevent people Or companies from moving forward But it doesn't stop there Do you need to find solutions to solve Complicated situations Do you want to help other people who are In trouble Do you want to facilitate the means to Find someone who complements you Sentimentally

Programming successful situations in any Of the fields mentioned is what is Usually done with radionics When we talk about programming we refer To mentally establishing what we want to Turn into a reality and then setting the Vibratory parameters that link with Those sought after situations To illustrate it would be like Programming the path to follow to reach A specific destination using your Smartphone Among different access routes you select The one that appears as the most Convenient What is your opinion Leave us a comment Setting the vibratory parameters is easy To do using a quality radionics device For this the touch plate of the device And the dials are used Once this is done the user remains Attentive to the changes that occur and Depending on what happens can adapt the Initial objectives to the opportunities And changes in reality that are observed For example someone may use their Radionic device to lose weight You can set a general goal of losing Weight and watch what happens After a few days in addition to Observing changes in negative habits he Perceives that several foods produce Specific alterations that are

Counterproductive to the desired weight Loss [Music] Reprogram your goal towards the gradual Elimination of these foods and radically Accelerate your approach to the desired Goal Radionics thus becomes a holistic or Complete approach to the materialization Of the desired objectives What should be the attitude of the Radionic user Simply open-minded Capable to adapt Observe changes and be willing to allow Those changes to occur If you want to know more about radionics Subscribe to this channel or visit our Website and Download our book on radionics for free We are waiting for you