Radionics and dowsing, the rebound effect and how to avoid it

By | September 11, 2022

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Radionics and dowsing the rebound effect And how to avoid it Practitioners of dowsing and also Radionics can be exposed to the So-called rebound effect What is it and how can you avoid it When we work on other people using a Pendulum or a radionic instrument We establish an energetic link with them Generally the link is established to Restore the balance of that person To positively influence the subject or To solve a specific problem Once the energetic contact is Established the dowsing or radionics Operator performs an emission action on The person However it can happen that the energy of That person is so powerful Even when sick That it can contaminate the emitter this Implies that we can receive back an Unbalanced altered or contaminated Vibration that could affect us very Negatively if measures are not taken in This regard In dowsing in addition to requiring much Practice it is imperative that the Operator of a pendulum regularly Rebalances himself But maintains himself in good mental and Physical condition to counteract this Possible influence it is something that Practitioners often forget

In radionics it is much simpler You can avoid this negative rebound Effect by choosing your radionics device Wisely It is advisable to choose equipment that Has a powerful orgone generator also Called vital energy generator which not Only serves to enhance results in the Target person of the radionic action but Also protects the emitter That is it acts as a barrier between the Target person and the person using the Radionics equipment the more powerful The more protection and better results What is your opinion leave us a comment The rx3 pro device has the best and most Powerful modulated orgone emitter of a Radionic equipment today as well as Being very easy to use This is decisive both to obtain faster Results and to have total protection This device can emit or go and at Different frequencies to achieve higher Performance Although the equipment can be used in Manual mode it also has simple and Powerful software which can be easily Handled by anyone even without computer Skills It is a device that can be used at a Private level or at a professional level So you can amortize your purchase Quickly if you work or plan to work in Alternative Therapies

[Music] The software has an anti-pollution Program and also a program against Harmful influences of any origin [Music] On the other hand the operator can be Treated automatically using this Software in a very simple way to have an Optimal state of well-being Consider all this when purchasing the Definitive radionics equipment You will achieve better results and have A very valuable item for your personal And family use If you want to know more about radionics Subscribe to this Channel or visit our Website Www.radionic and Download our book on radionics for free We are waiting for you