Radionics and development of personal skills

By | January 4, 2023

Most people want to improve in some field of activity, be it work, school, sport, art or a hobby, and this is possible using radionic therapy. Whether at work, school, sport, art or a hobby, this is possible using radionic therapy. Do you want to know more about the advantages of radionics in the development of personal skills? Watch the full video to learn more.

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[Music] Most people usually want to improve in Some field of activity whether at a work Student Sports artistic or part of a Hobby whatever it may be is it possible To use radionics to develop a skill Radionic Theory explains that it is Possible to connect with any type of Positive vibration related to a concept Idea or action this implies that through A quality radionic device we can Establish coordinates that represent the Best states in relation to what the Person is looking for once those Coordinates are found which is easily Done via the adherence plate of the Device or stick plate the user or anyone Else can be connected to that Representation of the desired state from That moment and according to the theory That supports radionics reactions can be Expected that lead to the desired Improvement this progress will depend on Each subject and may occur at different Levels greater interest in the activity Renewed desire to dedicate time to that Activity appearance of different Opportunities to develop the ability Direct increase in potentiality or the Possibility of the appearance of Unexpected situations that facilitate The improvement process this coincides With the idea of synchronicity defended By the psychologist and psychiatrist

Carl Gustav young we would speak of a Theoretically induced synchronicity Through radionics continuing with the Concept of Albert Einstein that Everything is vibration and that of Nikola Tesla who said if you want to Discover the secrets of the universe Think in terms of energy frequency and Vibration radionic space is its Theoretical models within this stream of Thought there is nothing strange or Magical about radionics its Functionality is based on the Possibility of establishing energetic Connection Bridges between realities and Potentialities radionics offers multiple Possibilities for realization that Deserve the attention of anyone Interested in developing their Potentials the results can be surprising If you want to learn more about Radionics and its infinite possibilities Download now for free our complete ebook Through the link in the description