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By | April 16, 2020

In this step by step Radionic Remedy Preparation video guide, I take you through the process of restructuring and producing a water remedy for radionic imprinting. I cover the methods I have found effective for preserving the water for long term use and to create a high-quality remedy base.

Radionic Remedy Preparation Blog:

Basic Radionic Copying/Imprinting:

In this video I will take you through
the process of creating a water remedy For radionic imprinting. We will look at
one method for creating the water base That I have personally found most
effective and cover a simple Restructuring method using a magnetic
stirrer as seen here, now let's begin. In This section of the video I'm going to show
you everything you will need to begin This process, but first why do we use
water well we use water because it is a Highly impressionable substance for
information imprinting anything can be Imprinted or informed with information
but water has an excellent capacity to Store the information and retain it for
this reason that we need to erase the Water before we begin the imprinting
process which is often known as Restructuring if you are curious to find
out more I would suggest looking into The vast amount of research surrounding
water memory to begin this process you Will require a magnetic stirrer and
stir bar, they range in price from $20 to 400 But they really do not need to be
anything complex you can even make one Out of a computer fan and a couple of
magnets there are a number of videos on YouTube showing how to do that if required
you'll need a flask or a beaker in this Case I'm using a conical flask with a
stopper if you use a beaker with a high Velocity stirrer the water will tend to
spray everywhere so you will need to Cover it. Next you'll need food grade
distilled water or reverse osmosis water This is quite cheap to buy in bottle
form or you can produce it yourself with A distiller, though please ensure that your
distiller has a stainless steel boiler Rather than aluminium used in Cheaper
versions we use distilled water to keep Any impurities in the water to a minimum
we're after a blank slate for imprinting If you are unable to use distilled
then use still bottled spring or Mineral water as a second option failing
that filtered tap water and last in line Tap water straight from the faucet we'll
be using 70 milliliters of distilled Water or 70 percent by volume depending
on the size of remedy you are making in Our case 100 milliliters next you will
need colloidal silver any type will do This has simply been used as a
preservative and some charge retention You could imprint directly into
colloidal silver after restructuring but The cost can add up depending on the
amount of remedies you're producing if You were to use that method I'd suggest
to use a low ppm colloid traditionally Ethyl alcohol is used which is fine to
use though in some countries it is not Possible or easily obtainable however
make sure you only use vodka as a

Guideline so it is safe for consumption
do not use isopropyl methanol etc which Are extremely toxic if consumed and can
even blind you. If you can buy it in a Licensed store down the spirit aisle
then you are good to go next we have 5 Mil of colloidal gold this is completely
optional but I like to use it as a Fixative for the imprint its excellent
conductive properties of gold for this Purpose Now take the 70 milliliters of distilled
water and pour into the flask which you Will place on the stirrer Now you can take your 25 milliliters of
colloidal silver and pour that into the Flask now last you can take the five
milliliters of colloidal gold and add That to the flask Finally add the magnetic stir bar to
the flask add the stopper and place on The magnetic stirrer Usually the magnet in the stirrer will
capture the magnet in the stir bar we Just adjust it for that purpose now
begin the stirrer and run for twenty Minutes minimum sometimes takes some
adjusting this one will take a while to Ramp up this particular stirrer allows me
to set a time limit for twenty minutes So it will countdown and stop when it's
finished also allows me to alter the Direction of the stir bar every minute
in this case it is going in one Direction and we will let it run for
twenty minutes and come back to it when It's finished for the final part okay
now that the magnetic stirrer has Finished restructuring the water we can
remove the flash from a stirrer and Decant it This particular flask does not have a
spout so I will pour it into a beaker With a spout it makes it easier to
decant into the bottle … we will Be using in a moment also has the added
benefit making it easier to retrieve the Stir bar if that falls into this bottle it will be
very difficult to get out easily Now we take that water and we're going
to pour it into the bottle that we will Using for a remedy That's crucial take your time with it and
don't rush it like I just did or it will Spill everywhere and we can place
the dropper back in the bottle screw it On tight and this is a hundred mill
cobalt blue bottle and the color helps To preserve the remedy it's now ready
for imprinting so we will move on to the Next step it's best to imprint as soon
as possible after restructuring has the

Water is highly impressionable in this
state and will begin to take on Environmental information now that you
have prepared the water remedy you can Place the bottle on the radionic
instrument and begin the imprinting Process and I will cover imprinting in
another video I'd run this for at least 20 minutes and set some rates etc or
tune in to the samples on the input Again we will go into more detail later
on for the imprinted remedy it is best to store Refrigerated for long-term use when
using your dropper avoid any introduction Of contaminants back into the water
ideally use within six weeks of creating Remedy for longer time storage consider
using sac-lac or sucrose pillules Wetted with the imprinted water and
allowed to dry before storage ensure all Your glassware is sterilized before use
this will benefit long-term use of the Remedy if for some reason the water becomes
cloudy and any organisms take form Dispose of it immediately and take care
to follow these steps again exactly that is All for this video thanks for watching