RADIONIC BLING!! Do you have yours!??

By | November 26, 2022

Cool fun new tools everyone can afford! Do yopu have Radionic Bling???
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Welcome everyone Dr Thor here with Another fascinating uh empowered tools From radionic Tech uh engineered and Designed by the great Dr Thor so have You got your bling have you got radionic Bling I mean these are the type of Things that if you were really cool and A rapper would be wearing instead of Some garbage stuff made by some uh Goofball Um designer this is really cool stuff Now check this out we have this design There's two designs that you can get Um it says red rad Tech on here and of Course this is a radionic or classic Um design uh that works like a radionic Instrument so I mean you just uh These are really cool now these come With chains but you don't have to wear Them that way I mean you could wear These with change Um and wear it around your neck and show The world that certainly would be fun And interesting I would assume this Would be quite a conversation piece Um The um these are made these are custom Made you can see how they cut them out Specifically for whatever design uh they Have a metal chain and of course on the Back uh we put Um or you can put it doesn't come like This but you can get a tacky on sale I Always put our attack on neutrino

Graviton cells on everything but it does Not come that way Um and of course it's made from plastic Which certainly would be nice to make it For metal but you can't make custom Stuff out of metal like this uh that Would be practical but you use it like Any other Radion machine in plate Outplay put your two thumbs put your Thumb here and on the other side pump Your thought form into it and so forth Now you don't have to wear this Obviously you could carry this around in Your pocket in a briefcase and it's a Pretty good size here I mean these are About three inches here uh it's about Three inches here so it's a good little Size uh you can use this Anytime Anyplace you can place it somewhere it's Just cool to have these and of course we Have our two designs we also have this Design as well which is our typical uh Three dial again it says radionic Tech It's plastic the chain with this comes In a black but you can put any chain you Want on there if you want to wear it Like that or not Um but certainly as I said this is Another thing you can carry with you and Again you have that shiny type plastic On the back up so it is kind of cool it Is again custom made these are made for Radionic Tech and uh as such they are Made to order so

Um you can certainly go to the website Check it out you'll find a link below Some more Cutting Edge Fantastic Tools That are reasonably priced so everybody Can have a manifesting machine everybody Can use radionics easily there's no Tuning there's no dialing put your Thought forms into it it's as simple as That and then you will see things Amplify you know visualization the Secret ain't much of a secret and it's Pretty worthless because there's no Empowerment if you're not empowering Your thought forms by putting them into Empowerment symbols like this which have Been proven to work well then you're not Going to get any place it's as simple as That so use these Fantastic Tools They're available now for everybody Get your order in and then wait the Joyous weight until you get the prize of Prizes delivered to your home I hope you've enjoyed this more Cutting Edge tools to come check out the website In general support us on patreon like This particular video go to our link up At the top right for our website our Patreon account and support people who Are doing things who are actually out There in the front lines making tools to Change people's lives so Get involved work with it become an All-access member support us on patreon Go to our website and enjoy a prosperous

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