Quantum Intent Detector

By | August 31, 2022

Hello! Everyone, Welcome to our channel Modular Radionics, Today's our channel second video is
about Quantum Intent Detector, How to use quantum intent detector.
Would you want to know how quantum intent detector work? As a result, this video is for you.
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The heart of the Modular Radionic software interface is the Quantum Intent Detector. It is found exclusively on our Radionic software. Here we show the intent detector in action.

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Modular Radionics' Radionics devices use a novel, patent-pending, and incredibly powerful technology to establish Radionics
Frequencies and/or Radionics Rates in the form of a Quantum Intent Detector.

The Modular Radionics Quantum Intent detector is based on research conducted at Princeton University by the Princeton Engineering
Anomalies Research (PEAR) Lab between 1979 and 2007. The PEAR Lab conducted a vast number of experiments—well over 125,000 sessions
—to study human participants' ability to affect the fate of future events simply by hoping for the desired outcome.

The PEAR Lab papers and studies, which are still publicly available on the internet, demonstrated unequivocally that it is possible for a human consciousness to influence the fate of future events—basically, what Radionics is all about.

Our Radionics devices have an internal, built-in Entropy Generator, which is a more sophisticated version of the same sort of device utilized in the PEAR Lab investigations, but with current, cutting-edge technology in the form of advanced Microcontroller chips. The Intent Detector subsystem code then uses the Entropy Generator output to identify your intentions and set the necessary frequencies or rates depending on the gathered Entropy.

The intent detector's fundamental operation is straightforward: YOU THINK AT IT.

This is the identical technique that the PEAR Lab employed in their experiments: the operator sits in front of the machine and ”wishes” for a specific outcome. In our situation, the intended conclusion is the Intent, and you want it to influence the course of subsequent occurrences.
Manifesting is another word for this form of operation that has recently gained popularity, despite the fact that Radionics practitioners have been manifesting for decades!

Positive and negative intentions are both possible. A Positive Intent is often for something you desire to happen, such as receiving a promotion or enhancing a love relationship. A negative intent is typically characterized as something you desire to avoid. However, it is entirely up to you to determine what positive or negative means; we have discovered that other individuals have various meanings, and it appears to work for them as well.

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