By | November 26, 2022

See actually what this Q-Link technology is inside.
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Welcome everyone Dr Thor here Investigating the uninvestable debatable So here we go again for part two Exactly is in this Uh Q Link uh and this is one of their Older models because this seems to have Been Uh actually they seem to change this a Lot Um there was a little substance in it uh Before now you do have this actual Um Copper wire here And the copper wire doesn't seem to be Connecting to what this is now what this Seems to be inside here which I was a Little bit surprised it actually looks Like some sort of memory chip So Um and I don't know if this is supposed To power it through the outside here if This is some sort of uh if light hits it That is this some sort of solar power uh Energy there So a very interesting and there does Seem to be A In the center there I'm not sure if that's uh what that does Either there that um That looks like some sort of diode or Something but Um so I don't know if that's supposed to Go in there and power this little chip

That's then supposed to put out uh Information at least that's a valid Aspect their new stuff doesn't seem to Be have it their new stuff which I've Seen from others is there some sort of Little goo that's put behind this that Has been programmed and they no longer Use what appears to be a memory chip but It doesn't look like in any way that This um a copper coil around it was Attached to the memory chip and again if You're going to talk about Electromagnetics well then let's follow Electrical systems I don't believe in Electromagnetics at least not in uh for Higher energies like radionics but It doesn't work like that but you know There are two sides of the uh of the Aisle so to speak on the fact that You have people that have Rife type Machines hurt seeing things well this is Electromagnetic and of course there is a Place for that Um but there is also regular science Involved of that as well if you're going To make something electromagnetic you Should be using coppers precious metals Get away from toxins now we're getting Into a program chip again and now as I've documented many times program chips Unless you're doing something very Special don't work well generally Anything that is digitalized has a Problem unless you're doing it in some

Advanced ways which I have figured out How to do but even that it has to be Combined with things that are Um more of a subtle energy physics Nature so Um so that's what this is basically this Is a chip I'm surprised I thought Initially it was just maybe some sort of Sticker but this is actually what it Looks like some sort of memory chip That has been put on there it is fair Fairly thick and of course you have your Standard Um I can see it here a little bit You've got your coiled wire there I Don't know if the coil and the small Strands of it it's not it's strand wire It's not a large wire which may or may Not be good Um of what's going on but you know since You can't get any information from them Of what's really going on and what even The concepts behind this is they give You nebulas that makes me head feel Better I don't bang it in the wall no More so all of these things that we have Out there is uh is reality so that's the Q Link as I said there's many Um generations of this different ones The new ones as I've seen have some sort Of gunk in the back following the gunk Reality brought To Us by Satan is called Organidi and uh looks like they had

Something like that and of course Programming things with frequencies and So forth of course how does it stay in There programming what you got to know What you're doing you got to know how You do it you got to use high energy This is not high energies and you're Sucking in electromagnetic you're Sucking in energies from that that's not High you have to be using the neutrinos The tachyons and boosting that with Gravitons that's where the real pure Energies are we live in a toxic sewer a Suit made of Filth and we have to get Over that and certainly this technology Doesn't do that so Um I hardly will ever recommend this It's something people should stay away From as usual uh stay with radionic Check which has valid tested products Over the last 40 years and your life Will Thrive until