Q-Link Part 1 – DOES IT WORK?? WHAT IS IT??

By | November 26, 2022

A look at and testing of the Q-Link technology. Complete review.
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Welcome everyone Dr Thor here with Another General review I don't do too Much of these anymore because people Seem to get caught up in the fact of Being promoted for some reason and then Go and buy from these Stooges I can Never understand that Um when I tell you something's bad stay Away from it so I don't do too many Reviews but there's nothing really worth Reviewing out there here's the Q Link Now Q Link has been around for many many Years they have a slick Um website that says absolutely nothing A bunch of testimonials from what I Would uh What I believe are nothing more than uh PR people or PR agencies they hired to Go out and find people of Um reputable notes is that a good word To describe it uh saying that these Things just one wonderful form and it Does everything and again all the Nebulous stuff makes me sleep And no longer skip Uh toothpicks in my eyes all thanks to The Q Link uh so the whole idea is that You've got this kind of stuff and uh This is a pendant again and they have Them uh selling for hundreds and Thousands of dollars and they're Basically all the same thing it just Depends how fancy you want it's Basically a copper coil this is just a

Plastic casing Um let's cost virtually nothing to make I think they sell these for 100 or 120. Um and behind it is some sort of Programmed Um uh uh actual substance what can you Say uh some sort of stuff that they Think does something now Um I'm going to take this apart and show It to you because this is just a piece Of junk I'm going to throw it away here Um so there's a lot of saying of nothing I believe they got into problems about Five or ten years ago uh making claims And the we're taken to court over it and They were selling uh millions of dollars Of these products shockingly Millions Um I believe two or three million Dollars uh in a 90-day period because I Had to refund people was in the court Case if I am correct Um so these Styles have changed you Don't see this in the front anymore and Again that's just copper they claim to Be programming this uh that brings your Energy fields around you and of course You know it's all interesting and you Know a lot of this stuff is uh basically You give people a good story they get it And they say it's the placebo effect of Course you're a positive person you want It to work for you so what do you do Well You get something like this and then

Every little thing you feel good oh yeah It's the Cutie cool baby I can fly uh This is what you do and um yeah so you Have to also wear things over time and Everything else and I've had this for Over two years now I've been wearing it And so forth nada nothing zero basically You're in zero or I should say minus Positive energy because the energy that It took to buy this is down the old Flesharoo so the holidays you get kind Of double screwed So Um and as you said it's in a plastic Case if they're working in the Electromagnetic reality of Life uh Putting something in a plastic plate is Not a conductor plastic is not a Conductor so the whole idea if you're Conducting energy and you're using Copper and then you should have Something that is metal this doesn't Conduct anything so it's supposed to Draw energy to you I guess as I said Their website is so horribly poor they Are so scared of making any claims or Saying anything that they say nothing You can't even really get their website Doesn't even give you the technology Behind I've never seen anything quite as Bad as that and the fact that these People can keep selling uh this stuff Which couldn't be any worse now let's Check the good old energy page of it

The usual pendulum let's use my fancy Pendulum so you can see it better on YouTubey So this is a big monster very rare Pendulum uh so let's check the uh let's Put this over here and you always get it Going a little and this is a big heavy One so it can one thing about heavy Pendulums is that you can sense Um very subtle energies better so let's Put this over here and see Does this have positive energy in it Which would be clockwise or is it Negative energy which is Counterclockwise Oops Now just because it if it has positive Energies which I think this does but it Doesn't mean it does anything for you Just means it's not negative does this Have positive Energies Yes Does this really assist your bio Energies Oops Hard to hold this camera here I'm gonna Get my stand okay Does this assist your bio Energies And of course counterclockwise know it Doesn't so basically while it's not Putting out toxic energies uh it Certainly isn't doing anything to help You and that would be my results as I Said I've been wearing this uh for over

A year on a couple of years and have Gotten absolutely nothing out of I can't Feel I wouldn't use this on anything I Wouldn't put it on a radionic machine I Wouldn't boost the energy it just is Very little to nothing there that's the Problem so and a lot of things are uh Not negative but are they helpful and That's something when you're doing uh Pendulum work you need to look at as Well or is it helpful well first of what You check is it negative as we saw with A um with some products it will say it's Negative it's putting off negative Energy which is quite interesting then You have actually products that well This you know it's not negative but is It strong enough to do anything and this Is not strong enough to do anything I'm Not sure what you'd want to do with this My next video on this I am going to Break this open and we will take a look At it and then we'll see what's inside So apparently it has this this coil but Uh behind that is some sort of Programmed Um substance of some sort but again you Know they don't even talk about what any Of this stuff is you know you get stuff Like this it looks cool and then you Tell people that uh it's doing a lot of Stuff and you put a lot of personal Information up there saying I like it it Made my hair purple uh I went into stock

Market you know stuff that doesn't mean I feel better with it I have less strain There's less stress and of course Apparently you can make all the claims You want on um pain eye pain is less Because pain is a real problem and they Let everybody State everything's for Pain because they want people to buy Stuff instead of take medications uh as Your typical failed medical industry but Here we go again this doesn't seem to be Anything but a little printed sticker on Here so I'm not sure what that was Supposed to do that has been removed of The newer models so don't waste your Money come back and see what the guts of This is Do we want to know it's like they say Don't talk politics and don't ask what's In the sausage