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By | June 25, 2022

Psychic medium Michelle Bunting is back on the show! She joins Terry and Tom for Season 2 on The Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast. Michelle is from New Jersey and she refers to herself as The Conscious Cultivator and her website is. In this episode, Michelle will be discussing her work with sound therapy and channeling Seth. A lot has happened for Michelle since the first time she was on The Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast in season 1.

Michelle has been guided and has utilized her ability to channel and weave in the energy that is love, back into the crystal bowl frequencies that she learned how to play. She got into sound therapy when she got into crystal bowl baths and started to notice things occur within her body. What really stuck out was at the end of the sessions when people would sit up and share their experiences and they started to share that they had come in with pain, post-surgical opportunities, and they were now no longer in pain.

Integrating Crystal Bowls and Sound Baths In Her Practice

That really impacted Michelle, whose family members suffer from chronic pain. She had went to another sound bath where she was laying down and experiencing all the frequencies that move you into harmony and alignment with all that is. At that point, the individual’s communication highway becomes very easy for you to have that connection, to receive clarity, and to have any experiences or communications that are necessary for you to move to your next level of awakening.

During a session, Michelle heard a voice that suggested that she get sound bowls for herself. Now, she has immersed herself into sound therapy and has integrated it into her practice. She typically does an hour in public session with 1 on 1 groups, groups of 2 all the way up to 20. If you are interested in registering for a crystal bowl/sound bath class in New Jersey, you can visit



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Hey folks this is terry and tom here at The metaphysical mysteries Uh with the special guest michelle Bunting she was with us on season one But things have changed and she's moved Up the ladder here and into some new Areas and new adventures um and michelle Comes to us from the great state of new Jersey and her uh She's called the consciousness Cultivator at least that's the website And uh Michelle you're gonna talk a little bit About i mean we already know you channel Seth so we we get that that's cool and Everybody can watch season one to get a Little more background and stuff but i Think you're gonna demo a little bit of That but before we even get into that We're going to talk a little about sound Therapy and using crystal balls and Stuff and and i got to participate in Kind of a beta testing on some of this With you so uh give us an update and Show where the heck you at what's going On Well first you know thank you uh both of You too for having me back on season two It really is a pleasure it's always a Pleasure to see the both of you And and have our wonderful discussions A lot has happened Um as you had indicated uh would happen Quite some time ago

Um i have been guided and led to Utilize my ability to channel And Weave in the energies of love into the Crystal ball frequencies that i learned How to play Um Initially for my family I went to a couple of Crystal bowl sound baths and Started kind of noticing things Happening to my body Uh but what was really interesting to me Was At the end Some people sometimes would sit up and Would share their experiences and they Started to Share that they had come in with pains They had come in from post-surgical Opportunities and They were now in no pain And that was that was very noticeable For me because my mother has been Suffering with chronic pain for decades My brother suffers with chronic Pain for decades and i thought huh I'd really like to figure out a way Where i can get My family to have regular exposure to These frequencies And it was something that plagued me for A couple of weeks And then i went to another sound bath

And i was laying there and the beautiful Thing about the frequencies is that it Moves you kind of into that harmony and Alignment with all that is which is Just it just feels so good as you Already know And What happens is the communication Highway then becomes Very easy for you to have that Connection to receive clarity to have Any experiences your communications um That are necessary for you to move to Your next level of awakening which is The sassy part for me but i was focusing More on the practical aspect as far as The healing properties of sound when it Interacts with the body Um and All of a sudden halfway through my sound Bath i heard a voice and it said it just Like this Why don't you just get your own bowls And play for your family yourself And my i was my eyes were closed i was Really no mind my mind was completely Clear just enjoying what how the Sounds were feeling on my body and i Tell you when i heard that terry my eyes Flew all the way open And i started looking around okay you Know i don't know why i do that why do We look around when when that happens as Though we expect something to be seen or

Maybe someone else heard it which is not The case But the sound healer who was playing the Balls Noticed that all of a sudden my eyes had Flown open and she did ask me about it Later on like i saw that all of a sudden What was that Um And and i shared it with her so i got The bowls I started playing for my family and a Voila It Worked like it was supposed to My brother got up with no pain now it Did return three and a half days later My mother has much more severe chronic Pain and So her pain went you could say from a 10 To approximately a three which for her Is life-changing she used to have to Pull herself up on the headboard just to Leverage herself out of bed and the next Morning after a sound bath she was able To sit up on her own and hop on out Herself My sister's best friend came to one of Our family baths And she walks with a walker she's been Waiting for her surgery she has two Places in her spine that are broken the L1 or l5 or something like that anyway Um so she's she's not a not an older

Woman she's a young woman About 10 years younger than me but she Has to walk hunched over to keep the Pressure off her back with her walker Um she's very skeptical not in the Woo-woo community at all Knows that i am and always kind of she Loves me but she kind of always looks at Me sideways you know what i'm saying So Um i encouraged her you have nothing to Lose so she laid down and a voila when She got home she could walk up the Stairs for the first time Her steps to her door for two weeks she Did not need that walker she was pain Free So i will stipulate that everybody is Differently Um but they do respond and i'm Experimenting now um with angelo rizzo With a sound table they're very Prevalent on the west coast um but They're non-existent on the east coast Um and we're experimenting now Let's do this let's pause for just a Second we're gonna queue up so the folks The listeners and the viewers uh can Listen to a little sample Of what you do so we're gonna Cue this up right now and everybody just Take a listen And we're back so it gives everybody a Little example of uh what this actually

Is going to sound like of course that's A very short snippet of something that You want to sit in for You know considerable period of time What is it some somewhere close to an Hour is that typical or what is the Normal sound recommendation you would Lay in relax mode and listen to this What would be your recommendation for People i yeah i've done um Private baths that were only half an Hour long with people that were Suffering from chronic pain or some Level of pain Um in their bodies and They were able to get up and and Experience feeling much better but i Typically do an hour in a public Session Now you're doing you're doing some Pretty good size groups i mean what's The numbers you typically try to run With or have been running with It you know it can vary i Right now in this particular age that We're in this space and time there are a Lot of things going on Um so i've done Groups that are as low as two And Up to Gosh 20. And Some now even more

Um are in the works for February uh much larger groups Um Right now and they can see those the Events are constantly going up on my Website Of course yeah you know um I've said before you know that The medicine that we do right now In 20 years will seem barbaric In in In Relationship to what the future medicine Is going to be all about light and sound And this is an early example not an Early example actually kind of a Rediscovered example of things that were Done in the ancient times and we just Think we've discovered it but in reality It's been around a long time especially In the eastern cultures um they Certainly did that and even in the uh You know in the americas both north and South america may not have been done Necessarily with crystal balls but can Be done with voice and other things Where shamans and whatnot and you know i Think the native americans and so forth Doing different work in that range you Know so i really feel like that's Interesting and i just so the folks Out there know i i participated a little Bit next i had a significant uh surgery A knee surgery and uh so uh michelle

Sent me some stuff and said here you Know be my training dummy and of course Me being you know perfectly adept at That i said sure I'd be happy to I will tell you that um you know it was Pretty raw um when i did it and i did it For about an hour at a time And what i noticed was the You know Of course that comes down to the concept Of vibration and if you have a Traumatized limb or body part or Whatever the case may be they're running At a lower vibration and we know if you Have high vibration put into low Vibration it overcomes it and puts it All in tune because the body wants to be In tune and um so anyway what i did Notice was a significant amount of pain Increase Um At the beginning When i would lay there and you could Feel just my in this particular whole Leg was just aching Aching aching like that um Interestingly enough you know afterwards Though you could tell a difference it Was it was really Noticeable difference and i even i Noticed the next day i was able to get Up and move around a whole lot better Than i had and uh

But i also know it also knocked me out And i went to sleep pretty easily which I needed to do uh you know when you're Post uh major surgery um boy it feels Good to rest and it was very difficult To rest otherwise so yeah i'm a believer Yeah i know it works i absolutely felt It myself Well you know it's interesting about What you felt terry was That when the as you know our bodies are 75 water and sound moves the easiest Through water and so what happens is That when the sound waves are Encountering your cells The cells that are operating at a lower Frequency Begin to Mimic and train to the vibrations of the Sound waves and so then your cells start To go through a process called frequency Following response Where the cells will start to Alter themselves at a molecular level so That they can raise their own vibration And match The frequency that's interacting with it And what you felt was the movement of Your cells as they were raising Themselves to a higher frequency All right i felt it To begin with it hurt you know and i'm Like wow this is crazy you know and i Thought maybe i was just laying there

Being too stiff or something but it Really was just that leg that was Hurting because i kind of checked in With myself and the rest of the body Wasn't hurting just that leg And uh wow pretty significant and tommy I know you're you're you know you and i Work in a Field where in telecommunications where We're very familiar with frequencies and And so forth and and light spectrums and We're doing crime scenes and stuff like That so this is all pretty Routine i think for for folks in the From coming from a law enforcement Perspective maybe not applied in this in This particular way but we can Understand the science of it Absolutely and you know there's a long History of this and i mean i'm having a Duff dust off the cobwebs And go back to my days as an electrical Engineer to get some of this stuff that We're talking about these days but Um you know the whole idea of the Vibrational frequency and we've been Saying this for a long time that you Know in the end everything is energy And we can manipulate it to make changes And this is just a different way of Doing it i've done it with various Devices over the years different sound Frequencies not with the bowls but with Electronic devices to get a similar type

Response that we can take the physical And translate it into basically Frequencies and let people listen to the Healing instead of adjusting medication Stuff and that's you know kind of a Little bit out there right now It's down the road by but The groundwork has been laid for this so This is another application of that Whole concept You know one of the things tom wrote um Some time ago and i i'm also an Instructor in this but it's about um Because we both do public safety diving Is about ice diving And there is frequencies um that on the Ice if you're to like drive a vehicle Across the ice at certain miles per hour Um you'll fall through because it Sends a wave of frequency that destroys The ice um you know and you have to Drive either higher or lower than that Time i don't know if you want to go into Any of that but uh It's running down the same exact kind of Path here yeah that's what they call a Resonant frequency so the vibration of The tie is basically gets to a place Where it's matching up and it Destabilizes the physical And so that's what we have to be Cautious of with you know in the Application you're talking about terry Yeah so that exists for everything there

Is a resonant frequency with things Running at optimal so to speak Yeah so when you're when you watch ice Road truckers on tv You'll actually note that there is Minimum speeds Uh that they have to obtain in order to Go across that ice otherwise they could Crush through those even though it's Very thick thick ice like up in northern Canada and into alaska and what's what Not but that there there's actual Science to all this and even Even roads that you see you know 18 Wheelers going across at 80 000 pounds They're vibrating that concrete and That's why you know one 18 000 pound rig going across a piece of Concrete does more destructive damage Weight and vibration than 50 000 cars Going across it's it's crazy but this is All science and i think michelle what You're doing is taking you know what we Know is science that's what the show's All about taking the mysticism and the Science and blending those together and See how we can use them and ancient Mystics have been doing this for a long Time i don't know if you have any History on there you want to share with That um but in bringing it forward and Applying it in this particular case for Health related effects Well i think that what you said earlier

Is very important to remember that In the history of our race the human Race That We have been using sound for various Purposes Of beginning And even now today if you Go to certain aboriginal groups of People who have not come into the modern Times they are still practicing those Techniques today And they are healthy and they are Thriving but also going back and Touching on what tom was saying earlier Again on the west coast They have been using and leveraging Sound for healing For so long that it has become a normal Part of physicians practices to Incorporate sound healing therapies With their oncology patients with their Post-surgical patients And to them it's like yoga you know we Have yoga studios on every corner here On the east coast they have sound Healing studios on every corner in the West coast i was talking to my cousin And i asked her if she was familiar with Sound healing and she kind of shrugged Her shoulders like that was old news and I was talking about something that was Just like i'm talking about yoga um so What my goal now is is to

Use my Um my ability to Channel the energies of love as i was Telling you before like a corkscrew Into the frequencies that are traveling To The Physical forms of the people who are at My bath For their maximum opportunity to Leverage them for their highest good However they would like to use them And of course everyone has free will but Yeah it's you're right absolutely right This is not new not only is it not new And still being done again with Aboriginal tribes all over the world our Own country on the west coast is using It left and right and it kind of Gave me uh a renewed purpose to bring This technology and bring this Understanding to the east coast Um then so that's that's what i'm doing Every day terry You know i will even go back and go so Far as to say militarily uh we've been Using sound weaponry for a long time um Not only do we think of things i mean You we talked about see was it the Embassy well not necessarily it was a Council council in uh cuba where all Those americans uh had brain damage and I think they originally and they finally Found out that that was related to sound

Uh being projected directly at them in a Negative way uh that was causing issues But you can go all the way back to the Walls of jericho the biblical times Where they remember they had god had him Walk around you know seven times and you Know chanting You know get the vibrations up and going And the seventh day blew the shofars and The walls come crumbling down So what was that that's using you know All sound mechanisms for various Different purposes And uh so the seven days was probably Based on needing to loosen up the Material over the course of time um and Uh then eventually all blow and shofars At the same time so you know um yeah This has been around a long time so i Want people to realize that this is not Necessarily Um this is science it's used Routinely all the time i mean even in The you know breaking up your kidney Stones you know in a bath in a hospital Uh that's using sound waves for a Beneficial effect In the crystal system do you want to Deal Talk a little bit at the show about Crystals in and of themselves i mean we Know crystals hold certain energies There are certain crystals that Supposedly

Do different things for different people Uh people will wear Uh you know a garnet you know for you Know love life or whatever Or sex or or whatever the case may be You know or or a rose quartz and you Know they start breaking it up and Rubies do this and diamonds do that and You know whatever amethyst does this and That you know and and so i don't know if You get into any of what you use with Your crystal balls and what they're Supposed to do what they're supposed to Resonate as and if there's some bowls That are different than others or or Just exactly what and how long when you If you strike a bowl and run a usually Run it run a piece around it You know how long does that take just Give some insight into how this actually Operates Yeah absolutely no problem at all um i Actually Took lessons from sarah joy cullen at Divine harmonies and what i learned is That the crystal bowls are literally Quartz crystal that has been taken from The earth Um and has been manufactured meaning cut To a hertz frequency of 432 Um each bowl you will notice in the Video is a different size And that's because each bowl resonates a Tone

So the f note the d note the c note and So on and so forth g a b And each tone like in music resonates a Particular frequency And so the crystal balls that i play and That a lot of people play Are Representative of the seven energy Meridians in your body we'd call chakras Um So what's interesting about your story With your knee terry is that i may be Playing The crystal bowl that is the f Bowl which is the heart chakra Um and you would think oh well that's Going to help my heart well yes but Your body is an intuitive creature and Understands And knows what to do with sound in a Loving healing way And it can actually Know where to send the frequency so i May be laying on the heart chakra or the Root chakra or the crown chakra But your knee is going to your body's Gonna say oh good here's here's the good Stuff let's send it there let's share it There too so it doesn't necessarily mean That if the player is playing a Particular Chakra bowl i call it a chocolate bowl a Sound bowl Um it doesn't mean that that's the only

Place in your body that it's being Leveraged Um Frosted bowls Right i was going to say similar to Reiki because people talk you know you Know as reiki master when we put energy In We tell people it's going to go where it Needs to go And so you don't really have to worry About it you can target it specifically If you know but you don't have to You know as seth says our bodies Were designed To protect itself Against everything And that the reason why our bodies were Designed this way is so that each soul Would have the optimal opportunity To have the all of the experiences that It wanted to and of course it's only the Energy of our beliefs that There's maybe something different in our Experience but originally it was a good Plan our bodies were Designed to literally be able to know How to be a part of this mind body Spirit complex in our journeys Let's see 12 notes on the musical scale Is it correct and um Um 12 sign of completion and there's Technically 12 chakras of course like Edgar casey said

When they asked him about that you know Said you know We talked about the seven chakras we Typically talk about he said well There's actually 12 well one of the Other ones and his i think his comment Was a little sarcastic oh why would i Tell you about the other ones you're not Even using your seven I love that that's awesome that's Awesome yeah exactly Yeah tommy I think it's just some really cool stuff Um I think people should give this a shot Uh like i said there's been a long History of the utilization of this stuff This is just a different application of It so if you haven't tried it before Give it a shot at first it's kind of Weird i'll admit that the first time i Did i'm sitting there listening going Like really But uh once you get past that you get it You do get an impact if you're open to It Absolutely well i know um We were trying to figure out what to uh What to call this stuff or at least i i Remember michelle you talked and i kind Of Did a little meditation on that and uh i Got back uh Chi splicing and she was dealing with

Energy and energy's Vibratory in nature and light and nature It's wrapped up kind of like a candy Cane both of them And uh When you think of qi your energy and It's splicing over into something else It's taking a high energy splicing into Low energy so that they weave together And become the high energy and that's The way i saw it and they showed me that And why they did it Cheese blessing uh i guess because I knew what that would be And they also called it uh i asked for a Second name just Because i don't know i was in the mood For it i guess and they said it was Called kaisei which was i think more Japanese than chinese I don't know why they said that i don't Know but um kai say is again energy but It was an energy sword and a sword that Does not touch blood But still would would uh have an effect On the body of course uh in light almost Like a light sword so pretty pretty Interesting stuff a little jedi mind Going here and keep talking too much but I know one of my degrees is in Telecommunications management and uh so This this kind of concept has is Certainly very common in my mind uh to The average person i suppose it doesn't

Even strike them But when you think of your microwave That you use every day i mean that's all In the spectrum You're looking at infrared light a lot Of times you go into a gymnasium gym and You're working out You know like these planet fitnesses are All over the country almost all of them Have a total body enhancement there's a Infrared light you get the booth you Know like a tanning bows except it's Just infrared light and that's going Into that particular frequency to heal Uh you know a lot of tissue issues and So forth and make you feel better so This is concepts that are coming right Online right out in front um michelle if Somebody wanted to get involved with This as far as um start themselves and And Pick up a crystal ball or get some Training what what would you say for Them to do Um i would encourage them to Kind of First of all Have been intuitive Activity There there's a certain level of knowing Your your soul knows what to do with Sound waves But to get the full body and range of Information i would consult with

Professionals that are experienced in Their field again i took lessons from Divine harmonies but i also I also realized that i needed to kind of Go beyond that as well and understand The impact as what you just said terry Hurts frequencies and the different Levels of frequencies and how they Impact the body differently which is Kind of what i'm integrating now In designing um my sound baths to Understand that You know 40 really helps with tissue Regeneration and broken bones or you Know so on and to learn all the Gradations um so you're right it's not Just the seven chakras it's not even Just the 12 chakras there's a lot of Different ways to incorporate the body Of knowledge of sound even if you're Only just playing the crystal balls i Would start with lessons though Yeah absolutely well you know and tuning Forks are another version of this in a Way the tuning forks are typically not Done with crystals uh or quartz but it's Done with metal you know And but it does create the vibration out Of course for police police officers They use tuning forks every day and They're regular if they're on patrol They do anyway especially because That's how they check their radar guns People don't know that they use tuning

Force they have two of them typically And they'll check one and for a low one And one for a high one uh and it picks Up those sounds and then if you put them Together it creates and yet another Third if you put the two together so um Kind of fun and so then when we're out There shooting the radar going down the Highway it's picking up your car at a Certain vibration you know of course When your radar detector goes off They've already got you just fyi a Little behind the scenes yeah because uh It's already hit and years went off and It's already bounced back and they Already got you so [Music] How good those are maybe get for the guy Who was in front of you as the one Antelope says to the other when the lion Approaches uh you know i don't have to Outrun the lion i just have to outrun You so it's just kind of one of those Things you know um anyway so um But with those this is pretty Commonplace and i think the application Is where people really need to dig in And find what their application desire Is um if it's mental health we we had uh Jenny brinker on she was an rn we had Her in a season one And she used this in pennsylvania at a Hospital um and there was a lot of People with ptsd and drug issues and so

Forth and she would use the crystal uh Bowls to get them to a better state of Mind uh in the process and and i think There is ongoing research in all of that And i don't know if either you have a Comment on that but i know that's that's Happening Well if you look on my website on one of My sound pages um you'll see if you Scroll to the bottom That was one of the most fascinating Things for me to understand is that Sound healing therapy is being used in Prisons it's being used to treat Soldiers who are returning with ptsd Issues And a variety of mental health issues And when you think about it You're elevating and altering the Vibration of your cells And so The impact to your Mental wellness your level of happiness Your level of being able to feel good Even when times could be challenging is Everything I mean it's everything we just came out Of a holiday we're running into new Year's eve it's a stressful time for People you know the the points in your Life when you're feeling these Difficulties i think and i agree with Tom You have nothing to lose

Try it even if you're not a person that Suffers with chronic pain if you haven't Just had a surgery There's so much more to be had um with Using sound frequencies very cool do you Have any your bowls handy there or Anything close to you that you could Show us I Don't At the moment Although If we want to pause For 10 seconds I can go get it it's right there i can Just take one out Okay we can do that Okay back by magic michelle has uh thus Produced a crystal ball that's a pretty Good sized one and you say that's That's just uh standard quartz i mean It's not like smoky quartz or any of the Others quartz variations it's just This this quartz has it's it's frosted Um but this this is material that comes From The gaia Um that we can use to heal ourselves and This is the f bowl Have you ever ate so i like this one Because You ever ate rice krispies out of that Does that give you special powers Yeah you know it's not a bad idea i get

The best ideas for me terry i love that That's awesome Well you know here's the thing i read a Story uh read a story or saw a story About a um A crystal that a guy um was this related To i'm trying to think if it was related To this skulls you know the the 12 Skulls you know crystal skulls or Whatever anyway Long long story short um it was a Crystal that they had people put in Their water and they would drink the Water with the crystal in it every day For like a month to get Um a a Outcome uh that was and in this Particular story It turned out very well they were quite Ill and uh so so even though i was Joking about the rice krispies in that Bowl because that would be a probably a Terry sized bowl um But i just it makes you wonder when People i mean they try all kinds of Things why not you know i mean what do You get to lose like you say but yeah Maybe frosted many wheats maybe that's More my my thing so i don't know But now that i've quite interrupted you And i'm hungry must be what it is and You can get some food Go ahead show us how you how you play That thing what do you do okay so it's

You know again it's very intuitive you Want to be gentle because it is it is Quartz crystal that has been cut To Be 432 hertz Um this tone of this size bowl resonates To the heart chakra so if i was going to Do a little something i might as well Send out some love right So you just use a striker this is a Basic striker i like to use silicone Um Where the silicone striker sticks but This is perfect demonstration I use these to [Music] Do that And And you just do this for a little bit And your body Is going to respond Again the word is in train entrainment [Music] To the frequency of the ball After you strike that how long does that Frequency last before you have to Restrike Depending on The impact of the striker on the ball [Music] Different lengths of time Okay Gotcha Pretty cool it's fading in out of your

Background so it looks kind of magical From this side Sorry now how much how much does that Actually cost if a guy or gal wanted to Invest some money and get their own System Well so what's a ballpark range somebody Sound healing sound healing instruments Are Are not cheap you can get a basic set of Bowls with the Um the cases that you can carry them in You know and you're looking at a Thousand dollars Sometimes If The universe is good to you and the Universe is always good too you can find Some on sale for less than that Um but there are some bowls that are two Hundred dollars a bowl three hundred Dollars a bowl Um you know strikers alone carrying Cases And then of course there's other quartz Crystal Sound instruments i just received for Christmas from a dear friend It's in the shape of a pyramid It has but this is glad it looks like Glass it's not frosted And [Music] It sends off the sound waves

Which is a popular thing to use in Individual sound healing therapies Um so they can run fifty dollars or Three hundred dollars depending on the Size Very good very cool Well um tom you got anything left on That we're gonna shift over to uh some Of michelle's other uh Unique techniques here if unless you got Anything else No i think let's go for the next next Segment that'd be awesome yeah We're we're always excited to see magic Shows We're like little kids you know what can I say it's just the way it works so yeah Um so folks uh michelle also does Channeling um and she channels seth Seth is a group of consciousness There's other group consciousnesses out There How would you characterize seth for the People that are going to you know Potentially watch this or listen to it If you think of it as Like kind of almost like a collective Consciousness and there may be One One of the Individuals for us We have to use linear terms that speaks For the the collective that's how i Would describe it very high vibe very

Loving very much in service To humanity would you say that these uh Seth is coming from a Fifth dimensional six dimensional Seventh dimensional i don't know what What what have they ever indicated that They come from You know the interesting thing that seth Has explained is that There is an awareness outside of our own Dimension of course of your own levels Of existence And that there are levels of his own Existence that he is aware of but not Necessarily isn't able to consciously Um Be able to communicate within others yes Others yes very much so Um so when you look at that he would say Well i am in all levels of as we all are Of existence and yes Yeah exactly Exactly Yeah we're we are in all levels we just What we're focused on right now is we're Speaking as third dimensional stuff so Yeah We kind of keep our focus there that'll Help folks understand better for those That are more advanced and they can Drift off into whatever dimension they Seem to need at the time and kind of go From there could get a little woo-woo For some folks on that end of it but

Um so now as you go into trance here um And tom and i would ask a few questions Is there anything we should know Beforehand that uh Wide open that every human on the planet Can do this That every one of us has been designed To have multi-dimensional aspects to our Existence that Was intended for us to be able to Leverage Um in service to our divine journeys so For those who think it's a little Strange i would encourage them In a very patient and loving way to Understand that what they're seeing is a Reflection of their own abilities that's Probably the most important thing Would you say that because you are um Connecting with seth that that's Part of your you're in that group Yourself i mean your higher Consciousness your higher self would be In that group or would you say Maybe not maybe just yes If we have to Um and and the relationship is evolving The relationship as i evolve My ability to understand it more evolves Um I'm beginning to understand is that The understanding of Um Our actual oneness

With everything In all of the universes And So on i know the question that you're Asking terry And I'm exploring that answer I will share with you something that Maybe you intuitively might be able to Intuit For many many years i've been fascinated With having wolves it's been one of my Things in my bucket list to get me a Mountain in the appalachian trail And i would travel to the west coast Where i've identified a place that um Breeds um wolves now of course you can't Own a wolf it's not legal but You can own a wolf that's only 99 wolf And one percent dog And so i've done my research and i know Exactly where i'm going to get my pack Of wolves pack of wolves I understand that mine will be the black One because that is my one of my spirit Animals um and of course my children Will have one and i have this entire Construct um in my mind i was reading on One of my free workshops that i do every Week where i go through an actual set Book that was written by jane roberts And i like to go through it because i'm Still learning And i have people that attend and we

Basically pick apart the seth material And do you know That two months ago Um i read In one of the books That Seth The Incarnation where he was called seth Died Because he was attacked By a pack of wolves The shock that resonated through me I I couldn't even pretend they were i Stopped talking Because i i put the the pages up on a Powerpoint screen so that everybody can Read along with me And i don't read the book in advance i Read it together with them so we're all Reading the material for the first time Together And i know that there is no coincidence In the universe But i am still journeying through these Coincidences that i have been stumbling Upon there is something Um And i'm not sure exactly the breath the Full scope of this relationship but I Any thoughts on that terry you know i Love your intuition

How is it that this thing that i have Been Dreaming for myself to to co-create and Be one with nature in that way Specifically with my with a pack of Wolves that my family can enjoy that we Can the symbiosis of the relationship of Humans and wolves Um which i am There there's no question in my mind is The very way That when seth had was one of his Incarnations he was called seth he likes That name that's why he calls himself That name now He's fond of that name but in that Incarnation that is how he died Attacked by a pack of wolves Well What happens when you die You know there's a there's a transition Of energy is there not Yes there is what do you transition into Oh you transition back into home Non-physical Your truth who you really are okay And so In his particular case Uh taken out by wolves i mean wouldn't There be an energy transfer there But i love wolves I want i want my own crowd Well once again um yeah i mean wolves Represent a lot of different things to

People i will tell you though from a Canine handler point of view um I wouldn't recommend it anybody have Wolves um Uh Wolf dog Usually bred with german shepherds they Breed them down to about i think the Fourth generation away from the wolf Before they consider them safe to be Around just fyi because they're such a Uh You know wild creature so um very people Do find themselves uh chewed up into Pieces um owning some of those some of Those wolves wolf dogs um and so forth But um i understand the concept of Wanting to You know bond with the with the freedom And The group mentality but it makes sense Because they run in a pack you're Talking to a group consciousness and so Forth so that does make sense And uh And they they work as a team together to To get things done so it makes sense Yeah that would be part of part partial To this that's why i ask if you feel Like your higher Consciousness your higher self is part Of that group i would suspect that's Accurate So just talking to your own people

That's why it's a wolf pack It's a great representative Representation of uh the style of the Group consciousness So thank you yeah so anyway well hey We'll let you uh get into Your whatever zone you need to get into And we'll hang out until you're ready How about that Yes Okay Okay Greetings divine creators Greetings Happy to have you here Happy to be with you in this moment In space and time You available for Questions i am available for assistance Absolutely yes Inquiry number one Could you give us insight into the covid Disease What purpose it serves for Humanity at this time Although The global event Was created As a mass event meaning Individuals create their own reality And such Groups can also create their own Realities We would call them mass events there are

The individuals and the nature then of Mass events And so collectively this was A Condition that was created By the masses however The situation itself Is utilized very uniquely and very Individually By each person meaning each person will Interact with the creation You call covid In a way That they choose to experience Some When they make the decision to Leave their bodies You call die There is no death but in the terms that You think of it Some would like to use this situation As a way to Express something And utilize it to die others Use it and leverage it as an opportunity To overcome an opportunity to exert the Force of their will to overcome a Challenge Others interact with it very differently And so Can then begin to get the range that Although The event was created as a math event By all

Meaning Humanity Wanted this situation but To be used individually for each owned Creative intent then And it has served everyone in that Fashion If you look at death as a bad thing Then you will see the event itself As a negative thing Instead of what it actually is An experience Very good thank you The Next question Relates to Of course on the planet we have Countries and the Future Of the united states of america as Might be seen through The Eyes of seth As the group The future in the next Say 20 years Of our experience This is a very good question As each one of you is Creating their own reality from the Unique perspectives Of their belief constructs then Beliefs resonate energy thoughts Resonate energy everything is energy

Each one will experience a nation From the lens Of that energetic Standpoint Meaning There are those who are evolving Into the fourth and fifth Densities of awareness who are able to Cognize Larger concepts in a fourth dimensional Platform And how they will experience this nation In the next 20 years is very different From someone who holds belief structures That the nation Has problems the nation is bad those who Are not Moving As far into the precepts of unity Consciousness Most assuredly on an energetic level Are going to have very different Experiences meaning From a quantum perspective you have Heard of the concept of a new earth Yes Yes In fact There are an unlimited number Of earths representing the unlimited Number of probable realities parallel Realities that have come forth in Creation From

Your race then and so then a big Question then becomes Which earth which country on which earth Are you speaking of then you understand That for every reality there is an Unlimited number of probable realities In which for a nation exists And depending on the lens of your belief Structure will depend on the nation That you are experiencing for example if You are aggressively seeking to evolve Your own state of awareness in this 3d Structure Moving your consciousness into What others think of as a higher levels Of vibration meaning into the unity love Structure Into the oneness Energy structure you call alignment Many co-alignment for those they are Understanding the concepts of oneness And unity In a way that creates beliefs like this We have no enemies We have no enemies is a large Belief That is difficult for most of humanities To assimilate why Because they have lived life experiences That have demonstrated that people are Unkind But for those who are retailering their Belief systems They are reconstructing beliefs so that

Their world Will reflect The New beliefs that are being constructed And the energies So then if you understand that everyone Is a reflection of you in that every Single human on the planet is a portion Of the one consciousness each having Their own unique experience for the Purposes of the expansion of the Universe or all that is then you Understand the other people Are you And you are them if you can understand That and understand that the source Energy or the source code some people Refer to it as is termed the Energy of unconditional love Then in truth you have no enemies If you believe this you will merge from A quantum perspective into realities Where you will experience that truth a Nation of peace A world of peace A world without racism or hatred But if you have others that want to Fully experience You understand they will experience a Very different trajectory a very Different country on a very different Earth you understand I do and the question would be I propose that

If individuals understood and this is Based on the reincarnation principle If they understood each had been male Each had been female each had been black Each had been white Asian Indian whatever race Uh perhaps That level of consciousness would raise Individually thus creating a change in The group is that correct That is correct for every person That awakens And achieves Echelons and levels of awakening meaning They are furthering their evolution The clarity the energy the knowledge is Shared into the collective and assists Others Who would still like to awaken That energy is utilized and leveraged by The others in your race so you have Heard the term or the concept That One Can change a planet yes Yes Exactly and it makes it easier for the Others There's always going to be the Way showers and once they have Assimilated to higher levels make it Much easier for others to follow um Those first ones are the more

Challenging ones would you confirm Um that some of these folks are simply More seasoned Or however you would characterize it More seasoned souls that have been here Longer and can make that way showing Occupation that the movement a little Easier than others that have not maybe Experienced as much Indeed The breath and scope of the universe as You know it is beyond the human brain's Comprehension so i will attempt by using This limited language in this construct To explain it All that is the universe source Is much more than what science has Understood then about the universe you Live in Meaning There are Life Entities and forms that exist all Throughout the universe In various degrees of Form If you will If you think of light if you think of Matter If you think of The inconceivable ways that life can Exist And so yes there are Souls as you say i say

Aspects portions of consciousness That are Wise Seasoned old in terms that you Understand it but there are also Very high Vibrational beings That have also Come to your planet throughout time To assist The Ascension of humanity and so you have What you call it's kind of a blend then If you can You have those souls That have emerged and evolved As a consequence of having Experienced this Life as a human You have You have people Who are here To assist humankind In The form of what you Think of as human when in fact the soul Did not originate from your planet you Understand I do but selected To incarnate On this planet To assist humankind with their ascension Into love then Which can be tricky because one can get

Caught in a loop you understand that i Do in the veil of forgetfulness that you Refer to Following that concept Using the religious constructs that Exist i'm going to Focus on christianity and Judaism um let's go to judaism first There is a concept or understanding that Elijah as the soul or aspect was known Um He reincarnated as john the baptist but Yet there is a Uh Some discern that that's not Fully accurate that there will still be Another elijah Type Um Soul to come on and to Start a And begin a messianic age if you will or The christ consciousness Uh not necessarily jesus the christ Coming back Christians would say he would come back In a physical form um others say it Would be in a uh energetic uh crash Consciousness forum is there any Anything you could do to clarify any of Those Thoughts that come from that probable Reality already exists And

The Soul That Exists in fractals let me explain this Let me Let me explain this to you And this is disconcerting for some People Your soul Is fully within The Body that you are occupying Right now In this incarnation But you This incarnation Are only a fractal Of your entire soul you Understand that Completely and So The Reality the The choice point that you just described Already exists In A What i term a probable reality it is Then Up to the soul itself Which of course at all times Can't exercise its free will it is up to The soul itself at that point then To

Choose On whether Another incarnation Will be able to have that experience Whether it desires to have that Experience and how it wants to utilize The broader perspective of the Experiences that it is having then are You following me Yes On whether or not it is going to Leverage The awareness of another information To have that occur i hope I did not say that in a way that Confused you Don't bore the audience I think i got it If there was one what you speak of is Already happening now and this moment Because outside of the third dimension You understand Time does not run only in the forward Movement Here you have a past a present and a Future you understand but if you can Understand quantum from the quantum Perspective That there are an unlimited number Of realities that one human Has created In this incarnation alone you can try to Imagine the scope Than of the vastness

Of all that is And so what you speak of is occurring Right now Then Yes People are looking for An individual an incarnate body Is what they're looking for it may not Be What they get but it is what they're Looking for and they tend to look at it That way from since they live in a third Dimensional linear thought process That's why they asked those type of Questions Understood Tom If there was one message that you would Want to give to a world today That would help them in their growth What would that message be What do you want them to know The most beautiful question The only thing that is important to know That you came to remember yourself And in remembering you came to come into The fullness of love To be kind To remember That you are an untapped reservoir Of the energy you call Unconditional love You are worthy to receive and worthy to Project it

You are An entity that has already been Entrusted With the Power To create worlds it has been shared with You By all that is You are trusted You are Trustworthy You are deserving you are the embodiment Of the ability for all that is To love Through You then You are love If there is only one thing That you will try to believe in the Observation of this experience Believe The truth of who and what you really are Release judgment of self In release judgment of others The universe expands [Music] From Experiences There is no wrong There is no bad Unless you believe it is true Resonate and align with who you are The embodiment of love at all times And you can transform

Everything Very good well we don't want to keep you Um we will Say thank you for this uh experience and That we will allow michelle to regain Her composure and um Until we uh speak again thank you Thank you Wish to extend our gratitude and Appreciation For The work that you are doing The time we have spent together here Was A time of projecting [Music] Clarity Projecting truth And projecting love into the collective And so it is with deep gratitude to both Of you That we bid you only a temporary ado and Extend the heartiest of our appreciation For your work Good afternoon Thank you Okay very good for our listeners and uh Michelle is back for viewers See that she is michelle how's that feel After you get done with one of those Sessions Hi Hi yeah like you got high [Laughter]

So how much do you tend to remember when You go into a trance session i know a Lot of people don't remember anything Some maybe fifty percent and there are Few i am aware of the words as they are Being spoken Right I can remember now Parts of it you know what i remember i Remember seeing Fields and fields and fields of earth's I remember that i don't remember the Question that spawned it But so i Snip it yeah right Right Yeah it's it's every every channeler is Slightly different i have found that They do um On their remembrance They get a some of them just have a Sense of what was covered in other ones May remember 50 or or or more it's Possible uh edgar casey using him we Talked about him a couple of times i Mean he would go into a deep sleep Uh and so he would remember nothing And he would have to have that fed back To him so he could you know kind of You know go through it himself to learn Because really you're setting yourself Off on a shelf i tell you take the Little little michelle and you just kind Of sit her on a shelf and let the

Greater consciousness come flowing Through that instrument so you can get a A a better microphone out there to the Folks So yes yeah so it's pretty cool stuff so Well you know what we've covered a ton Of material here everything from you Know obviously channeling seth and Getting some really cool earth uh Information for everybody i hope Everybody's enjoyed that and then also If people are interested in moving Through Into this field of um sound healing uh The the kind of things that michelle has Shown here and Uh uh you know described and we've got a Chance to see it uh little snippets and Listen to it a little bit uh and we'll We'll put some of her contact Information up at the end of the into The podcast and on the website so you Guys can reach out michelle people want To reach out to you you want to kind of Go through how what's the easiest way to Do that how you prefer that Yes um i i love um helping people Learn and expand so if they have any Questions or if they want to get into Sound healing i'm happy to help in any Way that i can they can email me at Um you'll you'll see me there Um

Feel free to send an email i put my Phone number there feel free to text Feel free to call um i think we're all In this together so i do try to respond Within 48 hours so be patient um the Consciousness is the best Way to go Very good tom get some wrap up Yeah as always michelle it's a great Experience when we get to a chance to Share these things with you and i think The audience um Had an experience that they weren't Going to find anywhere else today so Thank you for offering that up and being Here for everybody really appreciate it Well thank you tom i really appreciate You and i appreciate terry for You know having me back it truly is not Her and you know what i just like Talking to you guys So thank you Likewise you know and as we say here on The podcast the most interesting part of Your day And so with that i will on behalf of Everybody here at the podcast and Michelle uh i will bid you ado as seth Would say and uh we will uh talk to you All very soon all right we're out see ya