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By | January 28, 2022

Take a trip to one of the most haunted and historic spots in America…..the exquisite New Orleans. In this episode of The Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast, we will be getting the 411 on the ghosts of New Orleans from our guest Professor Andrew Ward Ph.D.

Andrew Ward is an Assistant Professor at Tulane University in New Orleans for the Department of Political Science. He earned his B.A. in Religion from Mary Washington College and taught English at Polonia University in Częstochowa, Poland for three years. Professor Andrew Ward also earned his Masters of Education from Framingham State College’s European campus.

In this episode, Professor Andrew Ward will be sharing his expansive knowledge about the history and culture of New Orleans – from tales of ghosts and portals to haunted and paranormal spots in the city. One of these spots includes the legendary haunted Lalaurie Mansion in New Orleans. Professor Ward is especially proficient in knowledge and lore about the infamous Madame Lalaurie. In fact, Andrew Ward will be releasing a book on the paranormal spot, titled “The LaLalaurie Mansion Story”. It will be on sale later this year.

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Good day folks this is terry and tom From the metaphysical mysteries with Another exciting episode and today we Have with us professor andrew ward his Phd Tulane university in the great city of New orleans a big Mix of everything that is american French creole indian african-american There's everything in new orleans and uh Lord knows he's got a list of things and Experiences there he is uh an assistant Professor of uh Political science in fact and uh International development Down in tulane And he grew up in Several different countries yemen egypt Saudi arabia india and Weirdly enough virginia united states I like that uh you got your ba in Religion and after going through all Those countries you probably needed it Um Then you taught history of english I i probably need that myself uh in English lit so um And then you taught in uh polona is that Right university in poland is that Correct that's correct in the great city Of chestahova Don't ask me to repeat that but I'm with you um Then you get your masters from uh

Framington state college the european Campus uh where you uh uh introdu or uh Entertained yourself and others as a Lounge singer So Some of my uh more wilder times yes yeah Yeah you got quite an eclectic Background that's that's fascinating uh Get your ms and phd in international Development there in tulane uh Interesting and kind of getting into the Guts of probably what we're going to Talk a little bit about today as you Became a tour guide uh in the french Quarter and directed uh uh you know Tours around for a lot of different Reasons i'll let you explain those in More detail uh but then you also Uh were involved at a director level for A lot of not not for profits and um Some other uh programs that helped Bridge the islamic world with the usa uh In a project So those are cool you've got some you've Authored several academic pieces stage Plays the one i thought was kind of Interesting here was a play uh uh a Bourbon street sojourn uh A six-foot creole cockroach guides an Eight-year-old boy through the quarter I think i'd like to see that one just to See the costumes if nothing else so Anyway with all that being said uh Andrew uh welcome uh to the metaphysical

Mysteries glad to have you thank you Terry it's a pleasure to be here So Tell us about well whatever you want to Tell us about you've got quite a Background i know the tour the tour Guide and the ghost thing you know in The metaphysical world uh clearly that's Of interest but i know you get so many Different experiences from other Countries uh with the religious Background and so forth that you know How did you come to be this uh tour Guide and that's a lesser of your Positions but probably Pretty fascinating oh and so much fun Too uh yes you know thank you for the Lengthy uh intro i hope your listeners Are still with us here and actually Ready for us to dive in the way that They're used to having listened to your Podcast before um yes so as you Mentioned i grew up abroad i come from a Long line of diplomats professors and Drunken sailors and somewhere but you Know in the mix of that venn diagram of Humanity um you know traveling around Places like north yemen and india and Pakistan i fell in love with a real Third world developing country south Louisiana and uh you know moving here in 2004 i was utterly Fascinated you know by this little Pocket of what calls itself part of the

Usa but couldn't be further from i mean We're really just the northernmost point Of the caribbean with the same like Socioeconomic indicators uh as many Parts of west africa and uh so it is a It is an american it is a it is a Caribbean city masquerading as an American town and uh basically the day i Arrived i said that's it i'm not moving Around anymore i found my permanent home And i'm here forever um and so one of The best things that ever fell into my Lap was uh you know this this potential To become a tour guide in order to pay My way through the dissertation writing Stage of my graduate school experience And Probably the best job i've ever had i Mean i you mentioned before you've been On a couple tours before Tom have you have you ever visited the Big easy crescent city before absolutely Was down there a number of years ago for A couple of conferences and it's a great Place to be especially the jazz festival Oh absolutely did you have an Opportunity to go on a ghost store for a Chance I did not Well that's why i'm here i'm delighted To tell you a little bit more we can do A a a truncated uh version of it today It's at the level of your interest um And so i got uh you know passed the test

Because every tour guide in the city has To you know essentially give dna samples And fingerprints and you know pee in a Cup and then you pass your written exam And then you farm yourself out with your New certification to uh various Companies and see where you are a more Natural fit so where i ended up as a More natural fit was in the wide world Of haunted history tours and um one Thing that was really striking you know I was 25 years old when i moved to the States in that period of time i don't Think anybody had ever asked me that Quintessential american question do you Believe in ghosts because it was just a Given it was just completely understood Everywhere else that those other Entities were around us in various forms It was only uh upon my advent in this Country that there is this you know Deep-seated skepticism uh sort of like The missouri motto you gotta show me i Won't believe it till i see it and smell It and have you know triple proof about It um it was really curious to me That of all places it would be the United states that had the greatest Level of skepticism against all things Paranormal supernatural and metaphysical Um You guys deal with this on the daily has That been your experience as well is That there's a a general resistance to

All matters of this variety yeah i mean You know i i was born in missouri so i I understand your comment uh totally Because i say that all the time show me And uh because we take that approach but You know like reincarnation uh only in America do you get a raised eyebrow no Place else in the world do you get that I mean 85 percent of the world Understands that's an absolute concept Uh even the university of virginia you Know has an entire wing dedicated to Reincarnation studies and uh that being Said once you understand that then the Things that go bump in the night make a Whole lot more sense and the idea that You know when everybody dies you know Some Move through the light probably 80 some Percent 85 but there's always that 15 Percent that don't for a number of Different reasons and they end up on tv Shows And uh you know they go up in the night And those are the ghosts and they they Have issues and they they they'll Eventually go but uh in the meantime People are making money off of them and Uh you know that's kind of sad and happy At the same time but uh yeah so yeah They really do have that same issue i Believe tommy i know you're out in Massachusetts And you've got salem right there in your

State i mean the classic witch tales so What do you think about that out there And that's really the attraction up here That the one place that people will open Their mind to it and there are a lot of Haunted you know locations around the State in new england But once we get past that it's more of a A one-off rather than the mainstream Thought process So it's it's hard for people to accept Up here new england's known as 200 years Of tradition unimpeded by progress That's good i'm stealing that and i Might rebrand it for parts of louisiana As well but gentlemen what do you chalk This up to why is there this you know Why all those eyebrows being raised at The notion of reincarnation well what is It that is so distinctly american about Doubting something that 85 percent of The rest of the planet takes is granted To church Yeah religion is probably the biggest One sure absolutely i mean um I don't know that they Consciously do it on purpose but you Know they tend to put a lot of fear in People and when you have fear in people Um you know Where they go to some place they think Safe and that's somebody who In effect controls them to a degree and Once you're not fearful anymore uh you

Don't necessarily go there as much as Often or with the same kind of reverence I suppose but i i believe that uh the Victorian era still stands strong uh in America we're only three generations out From that really and uh it's handed down From your great grandparents on you know I mean you couldn't even look at a Woman's ankles back in the day Gonna go to hell for that for sure and So uh in the concept of hell uh that is A big factor in all this believing in You know voodoo which um I i use it in the journal sense down There it's very specific Um but believing in the woo-woo and airy Fairy stuff that's all for kids and kids Tales and grim fairy tales and so on and So forth but in in reality People truly know and even the deepest Most religious people sometimes end up In my office or oftentimes do and they Know there's more to it than what They're getting told and they don't like To get the wool pulled over their eyes Americans don't like that at all thus The current mistrust in government um You know when people don't tell you the Truth then you get a little wound up so You want to go explore it so then they End up down in new orleans with you Going okay show me I'm from missouri show me what you're Talking about and then you get to put on

The uh you know fantastic tour and get Them in there so you you have the people Coming in what are they asking you i Mean you're dealing with them every day In that kind of concept We have uh okay so i would come right Out of the starting gate and agree with You that about 85 of spirits go on to The light and about 15 for whatever Reason and there's a wide wide spectrum Uh they linger beyond i would say that's Uh probably the general number in new Orleans i think it's probably closer to 40 percent i would say 40 of the the Living humanoids stick around after Their corporeal death in the city uh for A number of reasons one whatever it was That drew them here in the first place Is similar to them in not being able to Go towards the light after death and Some of them are just having so much Damn fun why would they go anywhere else There is not a bar in the city that does Not have a little corner a little nook a Little altar For the dead and that level of respect Is something that they Feed off of that they uh they appreciate That level of uh being honored And remembered and why would you be in a Hurry to leave if there's going to be a Pretty bartender pouring you a shot and Leaving a cigar at the end of the bar For you you know every week uh

Anniversary for you um For years after you're gone we have There's at least i'm thinking up the top Of my head there's three bars in the Quarter that have shrines to dogs that Have died we have jazz funerals for old Cats the preservation hall uh you know Down on st peter street um they had a Cat that was there for about two decades And when he finally you know across the Rainbow bridge there was a parade with About 500 people and two brass bands Honoring you know his time there and People swore the very next day that he Was back they saw him out of the corner Of their eyes they're like why would This cat go anywhere else how could he Be in a hurry to be reincarnated as a Boring old human when you could be a Celebrated cat for the rest of eternity Um so one of the things that shocks a Lot of people when they arrive here is The ubiquity of the dead you know our Cemeteries are above ground you're never Going to have this uh almost sanitized Sterile separation that is so prevalent In other parts of the country where the Dead are over there you don't watch them Die you have no interaction with them um Whereas here they're positively Everywhere and it goes that way also With intergenerational relationships Something else that i found is Distinctly american that doesn't exist

In new orleans is you know 50 year olds Tend to hang out with 50 year olds and 20 year olds hang out with 20 year olds Whereas in this city it's perfectly Normal to have friends twice your age or Half your age and to have these social Structures so People see each other in every stage of Life whether it's bringing new life into The world or being ready to pass out of It yourself And uh so that's something that people Instantly see and sense on a sixth or Seventh sense level uh upon arrival and Then i get to talk about basically uh What How people have died here in gruesome Ways um in lovelorn ways and in heroic Ways over the last three centuries you Know new orleans was founded in 1718 but We have a good 2000 years of indigenous Stories that precede them Um But i i don't mean to monopolize Everything right out of the starting Gate i was wondering if you had a Particular area of interest uh that Perhaps you'd like to go into well you Talked about haunted tours what are the Categories if somebody was wanting to Take on the tours you know let's start Out with something simple what what kind Of tours could i take if i wanted to oh Sure i mean we've got uh you know this

Was obviously a big spot for people who Were opposed to prohibition at the Height of prohibition it was rated as The uh fastest place to get an alcoholic Drink in america uh during prohibition This guy gets off you know he's a Federal agent he gets off the train and New orleans 42 seconds and someone Offered him an illicit beverage right There and you know things haven't really Changed much we still have drive-through Alcoholic daiquiri service we don't have Last call the bars are 24 7. um we you Know you can the zoning is all kinds of Wacky we have liquor stores right next To elementary schools by god we should Freedom and so with um you know you You've got your prohibition tours you've Got your kennedy assassination tours You've got your uh creole history and uh You know this is a creole town not so Much a cajun town but you can get some Cajun history as well we've got your Cocktail tours and your culinary tours And then for those who are more Interested in the metaphysical world We've got our vampires because anne rice Is from right here in new orleans and we Have a Sizable contingent of people who Actually live the vampirical lifestyle Uh here in new orleans going out as they Interpret it you know going out Exclusively at night participating

Actual in uh live consensual donor uh Bloodletting etc and Blood consumption uh obviously the the The Biggest one that draws the most people In is the ghost tour uh new orleans is Often touted as the most haunted city in America which i think is probably five Or six other cities that you know might Give it a run for its money but new Orleans certainly none too shabby with The amount of people that have died here In unpleasant ways and uh their desire To to stick around for a little bit Longer yeah i would think new orleans Would be up there i've been to i've Traveled this country From stem to stern many times I would say salem gettysburg new orleans Those things come to mind pretty quick On on quantities what do they all have In common aside from the sheer volume Uh the intensity of emotion that took Place in those local locations and they Leave an energetic pattern of course and Uh Depending on you know the vibration of The entity is whether it's a pattern That's a repetitive pattern you know Which is a little bit weaker pattern or Whether there's an actual entity uh That's just not transitioned you know so It just depends on you know a lot of Different things just like society

Itself ghost society is its own unique Thing and each of them have their own You know issues uh you know even today i Was working on exorcism from a distance And Um Some sisters and a mother together with Some issues and uh they were trying to Tune into this they're not psychics or Anything they don't believe they are Anyway but they actually have some skill And they were dealing with some kind of A reptilian looking animal and these Were legit Uh folks Church-going people And they're just and stuff starting to Fly around poltergeist stuff is Happening uh tommy you just had a couple Of uh in the last couple of days uh same Kind of thing entities Yeah two of them yesterday where one Basically was cutting them the Gentleman's tour so he was having Trouble breathing swallowing the whole Deal And then another one was residual from 40 years ago where the person did a Demonic exorcism and literally there was Bystander witnesses that watched the Entity leave the woman go right through Him lifting him off the ground and Throwing him to the ground And there were some residual energetic

Patterns that had to clear out of that What type of uh remedial action did you Take A little bit of a spiritual healing just Taking them through it and Letting the entities know it this wasn't The place for them to be hanging around Their uh welcome mat was closed Um Interesting Yeah there's uh there's definitely no Shortage of uh demonic entities Lingering around here as well feeding Off of the type of energy when tourists Arrive here they tend to let their guard Down a lot more than they do back home They're not participating in a Protective spiritual practices they're Not attending their usual church Services or other religious devotions And they're uh taking risks and chances Whether it's uh you know substance Ingestion or sexual exploration that They wouldn't do at home and they're Opening themselves up not just Biologically not just physically But to all sorts of other uh often Negative uh vibrational uh assaults And so a lot of people you know they say What happens in vegas stays in vegas When you come to new orleans you pick up A nasty spirit you take that home Pardon my french exactly exactly kind of Like the disneyland tour you know

They're going warm with you and uh so um Well on these tours what have you seen That has been uh and unique or people Would get a little of a little Adrenaline dump if they were to see it Themselves oh yeah okay so we have a Whole bunch of really good examples i I'd love to start with a a little Playful one if i may um there's a hotel Called the andrew jackson on um royal Street in the 900 block and The andrew jackson hotel was originally An all-boys boarding school and in the Second great fire of new orleans because It burnt down twice in the space of just Eight years The the boarding school burnt down along With hundreds of other buildings and Inside three little boys lost their Lives The thing about really young children And i know you guys know this already is Oftentimes they don't even know they're Dead So their spirits continue to hang around Completely oblivious to the fact That their bodies are no longer there And they perceive time differently but Their personalities really remain the Same So the antaradaxan hotel has endless Numbers of uh complaints that there are These kids running up and down the halls And they're screaming and they're

Laughing and they're flicking the lights Back on and forth and uh every time they Try to turn the news to you know turn The channel to the news it'll change by Itself to the cartoon network and you Know all kinds of sort of pleasant fun Things uh That are really quite sweet but when They call down to the front desk and They say hey get those little french Kids to shut the hell up my wife and i Are tired we're hungover we need to go You know get some rest they say yes sir Right away sir hang up the phone put the Feet back up on the desk and do nothing At all because the andrew jackson hotel Has a very rare collection of antique Furniture and children under 12 are not Allowed to stay there so they know Perfectly well you know what they're Hearing but they didn't check in that Day they've been dead for 200 years and Of all the tales that i'm familiar with It was 1987 and there was a a newly Married couple from california They come out and they do all the usual Stuff in the quarter and they're running Around having a good time drinking way Too much and uh their last night in town You know they have this gorgeous suite At the back of the hotel on the other Side of the courtyard with 12 foot high Ceilings four poster bed you know Glorious bathroom and their last night

In town they tear it up a little bit too Much and they had over booked all the Activities they wanted to do so the next Morning they have to wake up at the Crack of dawn and go on a swamp door They forgot about it like oh god all Right well let's just pack now so we can Get as much shut eye as we can So into their satchel they put the Following items granola bars drinking Water and their camera now it's 1987 so The camera you know requires film and They the camera that they've got the Little point and click still has three Shots left on the existing roll and They're like that's not going to be Enough to see all the gators throw in an Additional roll and carry on So they wake up like three or four very Blurry Hungover hours later they're so Discombobulated they don't realize not Everything is exactly as they left it They go out to the swamp it's time to Take a picture of a gator and the film Will not advance it appears that they've Been cheated out of those last three Rolls of film if you remember in the 80s You know kodak would do that on occasion And they're like whatever that's why we Brought the spare pop it in and here we Go Fast forward two weeks they've returned To california they have developed all

Their honeymoon pictures and there's Gorgeous shots of them on bourbon street Wonderful stuff in the swamp But then rather unsettlingly three Photographs of themselves asleep in Their bed at the andrew jackson hotel And they send the camera the prince and The negatives to the general manager Demanding you know who was in their room Taking his picture Those pictures their last night in town And he does like the night manager and Says uh yeah um you know i see these Pictures and i believe it but uh you Can't blame any of us you see those Photographs are taken from an altitude Of 12 feet flush with the ceiling Directly over the sleeping couple Looking down So i always invite people on my tours if You would like to stay at the andrew Jackson hotel i invite you to do so but It's very actively honored by three very Very mischievous little boys who are Absolutely harmless But creepy as hell And so Countless people have come on my tour And told me yep okay that explains Everything and some people immediately Are like oh yeah i want to stay there And other people like we're getting the Hell out now we want nothing to do with That place and that's one of those

Classic examples of something that's Harmless you know just sweet um You know minus the fact that we're Talking about three dead children but uh There There's something quite pleasant about That and it's a great way to sort of Warm people up to what they're about to Experience and hear on the more horrific Levels going on in in the rest of the Quarter the You talked about um them not Understanding they're dead and um we Were we did a we actually defined that At one time actually got it you know Copyrighted it's we call it soul shock Shock is especially true with uh let's Say uh A soldier all of a sudden gets boom pull It right through the head not prepared To die but he gets a bullet through the Head and uh soul shock is where they Simply are knocked completely out of Their body the body falls to the side They have no idea they're dead Whatsoever and they are in complete Total denial of being dead i remember Talking to a uh Sounds crazy but a civil war soldier we Were out with a actually a federal agent Who uh had a lot of gear and equipment And my wife was with me and and she's a Nurse an rn and so forth and We started talking to this particular

Entity and i asked him so what year is This he goes 1863. um and i said well What if i told you it was 2013. And he said well i'd tell you you're Crazy and i said well if i was dead like You i would say the same thing but i'll Assure you and he was um from a regiment It was civil war this was a gettysburg Experience in fact uh and he was from a Regiment in Central illinois uh that was deployed Down there we could probably look him up And figure out exactly who he was But he was actually looking for some Help he had no idea and you couldn't Convince him that he was dead because All the buddies were around him also and So many died from dysentery and other Things you know but he you know in this Particular case Uh yeah it was a soul shock situation so Um and we find that a lot and so we have To have um For those that move others on moving Through the vortex moving through the The gateway whatever you want to call it They end up having to have these are Psychic typically they have to have a Conversation with them and they have to Kind of show them some different things To show that they are in fact Gone and they can go ahead and move Through the light but they are how do They do that what type of things can you

Demonstrate uh in your experience that Would actually um indicate their own Passing Um you can see them if you are somebody Who can see on the other side of the Veil you can actually watch them in a Few it's especially interesting when you Have multiple people who can see and One's kind of acting as the conductor if You will and doing what's necessary to Open up a portal and allow them to move Through and then other people see them As well And i remember a long time ago a family Member of mine Has that ability as well it's kind of Runs in the family and of course We we know ions did a a nice study on That as well um Which is the noetic institute stuff but It's a brand new pilot project but to Try to determine whether genetically the Stuff is handed down father to son Mother to daughter you know all that Kind of thing and uh the preliminary Pilot project did in fact show that on The seventh chromosome one group had a Protein the other group didn't uh you Know as related to being psychic or not So so there is some genetic stuff coming I would imagine um they will Do a much broader thing but anyway not To get off the point too much um Family member i had uh saw a little girl

In a corner in an apartment and uh Another family member came in and and Was able to see as well And Said hey we gotta bring her grandmother Down here to get her and They went and opened the portal Grandmother appeared they could see her Snatched her up and She was gone oh wow Um and you can move multiples you don't Have to do them one at a time you can Move multiples and that's something i Sometimes talk about sometimes i don't But uh people don't believe it anyway so So i don't talk too much about what's Possible but uh yeah you can move Multiples i mean you can work large Scale if you know what you're doing and Uh and you the beauty of that is having Other people who have the ability to see Saying a word just watching then Comparing notes take notes afterwards Then we'll read them off and see what Everybody saw and interestingly at four Or five and they all see the same thing You know it's happening There's verification there and those are Interesting tests uh but you keep in Mind some of these hotels and stuff you Know they Don't want these entities to go to the Other side because they're making money Off exactly there is a brisk business

That goes along not just for the hotels But there's a guy named finest shellnut Who which is a magnificent name is it Not finest shellnut uh you know is a Realtor in the quarter and uh he always Posts you know haunted not haunted Underneath every single bill saying for Lease or for sale and under because We're the only state in the country that Has napoleonic code as opposed to English common law and we have our French civil code and among other things You are required to to disclose not just If anybody has died in the property but If the place is haunted or not uh you Know and that is something that has to That has to come out in all the Paperwork something that is a holdover Of people who just take it as you know It's not a matter of do you believe it Or not this is a reality that must be Contended with and you know so as you Discuss various people's abilities i'll Be very upfront and say i am not Clairvoyant i am not a medium I am surrounded by people who have time And time again proven their worth uh in Those categories and of course there's Always going to be you know two percent Of any population a bunch of charlatans And they give a bad name to everybody Else um but that certainly does not uh Disprove or discredit the ones who are The real deal and those are the majority

In my experience but the there is one Thing that i can say i have seen time And time again Unquestionably and there is a portal um On the corner of governor nichols and Royal street in the quarter of the famed Lalorie mansion um this is where Madame delfin lalorie Who had Cycled through two husbands previously Who both died under mysterious Circumstances and she inherited Everything eventually marries a man Named dr louis ladoy and they proceed to Throw lots and lots of parties in this Grand elegant Very very eerie gray mansion on the Corner of governor nichols and royal and You know probably the second day i was In new orleans back in 2004 i go on a Ghost tour and i hear the horrific tale Of what happened in there and before The punch line had even come I could feel something inside of me Saying uh You haven't done enough to protect Yourself you need to back away from the Structure um this is not where you need To be right now if you wish to retain Your health and sanity and i chalked it Up to just this being a great Storyteller i'm in new orleans i'm Excited you know How much of this is purely psychosomatic

How much this is grounded in any form of Reality when i started becoming a Tour guide you know just doing practice Rounds with my friends We would turn the corner On you know to to to gaze at this house And people would instinctively before i Said a word guys take a step back There was just a feeling on a hot august Swampy summer day People would get a chill you don't get a Chill in new orleans in august that's Not a thing right but these people would And so by the time i get my license and I'm taking groups of 28 this is the Maximum by law you can take out at a Time And we will be roving the streets and People be like ghosts i love ghost Guests come on let's get another drink Suddenly they would calm down There would be all of those drunken Bridesmaids all those hootin and Hollerin motorcycle guys all the girls On a birthday party suddenly something Would happen the whole energy would Shift as soon as they were in front of This three-story gray mansion And that's before i even told them what Happened gentlemen are you ready for me To tell you what happened Absolutely Splendid So madame delphine and dr louis lalorie

As i mentioned throw parties not one or Two a month but about five or six a week Grand elegant luxurious parties that had A budget through the roof and she would Appear wearing three Latest parisian ball gowns at each one Of these parties the money that they had Is somewhere equivalent in modern day Money of just under a billion dollars of Value And they did not spend it uh you know by Investing in the market they spent it by Having these lavish parties that Everybody was invited to they were Extremely glamorous um and they were Very very powerful as as money tends to Be An indicator of and so one night it's April 10th 1834 fire breaks out in the Kitchen it's now the garage but it used To be the kitchen separated from the Main building specifically in four fires They didn't want the third great fire of New orleans to occur And everybody is evacuated they come Across the street and they're saying are You okay are you fine all right Everybody's fine where's our host and Hostess where's dr louis where's my damn Delphine we need to see if they're okay And uh out comes a small army of Servants and white glove-wearing slaves With silver platters saying no no pay no Attention everything's fine just stay

Exactly where you are and they serve Them hors d'oeuvres on the street across From the house while flames are leaping Into the night sky they roll out a Barrel of wine the band sets up a stage Across the intersection and continues to Play it's beginning to look like the a Deck of the titanic here right and Everybody's having a fabulous time Eventually the police and the fire Marshal show up they go into the kitchen They find they put out the flames and at The center of it is the 71 year old Slave woman who had intentionally set The fire in a suicide attempt because She had broken some minor house rule That morning and madame delphine said After the party she was going to be Taken to the uppermost room She doesn't know what happens in the Uppermost room but she's heard rumors And those rumors are terrifying enough That she would rather burn herself alive Than find out for sure Naturally this intrigues the police and The fire marshal so they go upstairs to Investigate The center of the top floor surrounding All sides of the hallways no windows of Its own Is this room Which is barricaded uh on the outside And locked so obviously this means it's Designed to keep certain people from

Outside getting in but also vice versa So the fire brigade removes the large Beam and uses it as a battering ram Eventually the door falls to the ground And so do these grown men of the police Department and the fire brigade to their Knees vomiting uncontrollably as the Stench of rotting human flesh has Completely overwhelmed them They light a couple lanterns and go in To the right the police chief is the First one to cry out as he bumps into One of two operating tables upon which a Man and a woman have been chained and They are still alive And then he realizes he's mistaken Yes they're still alive no they're no Longer a man and a woman they're the Victims of a crude sex change operation With all the tender bits below their Waist hacked off and surgically grafted Onto the other person's groin And over on the left the fire marshal Finds a reason to scream for himself as He bumps into a male slave arms chained Above his head face sliced down the Middle and across the center from ear to Ear underneath his nose each quadrant of His face has been meticulously peeled Back and pinned to a corresponding Portion of his skull In the dim light it appears violent Muscle contractions are going on Underneath where his face used to be

They bring the lantern close and they Find these are not muscles contracting These are maggots feeding magnets Intentionally introduced by dr louis in A sadistic experiment to see how long Human life could be prolonged with the Vermin eating the growing infection There Then there's a muffled groan on the Other side of a waist high wall lying on Her belly on the floor as a 20 year old Slave girl arms legs amputated eyes Gouged out lips nose ears tongue all Surgically removed she uses her chin to Sightlessly propel herself across the Floor like a human caterpillar And the last living horror in the attic Was inside a box according to the police Report which you can still read of the Historic new orleans collection large Enough to accommodate a medium-sized dog But there's rattling and scratching Going on inside the box they kick the Lid off and inside it's a 16 year old Girl folded up and crammed there in they Gingerly remove her unfolding her like An accordion and they find that every Bone in her body longer than six inches Has been snapped and reset To grow back at odd and opposing angles To make her as physically small as Possible and she can still move Scampering across the floor on her back Like a crab

Now every one of those people i just Described was still alive and they were Brought down by the fire brigade and the Police in front of that crowd which i Previously described sipping their wine And enjoying hors d'oeuvres and Listening to the band and they were Whipped into an angry mob they wanted to Storm inside and lynch the lotteries but They never get a chance because almost a Billion dollars in modern day money buys You a lot of police officers and they Managed to put up barricades at either End of the street holding back the mob And gave them enough time for them to Get inside the carriage and then crack Goes bastion the loyal slaves whip they Make their way all the way up governor Nichols street to uh bayou st john where A boat is waiting for them it carries Them to lake pontchartrain where a Second larger boat is waiting they make Their way to new york city they go Shopping for nine days then they book Passage to france And then they disappear they're never Heard from again now we know that ship Arrived safely in france we know Everybody else on the ship's manifest Arrive safely but they themselves are Never heard from again not there not Then not anywhere not ever And The simple fact of the story is the

Lalories were never brought to justice For their crimes but we're left behind With this mansion and with the horrors That happen inside and to what you said Earlier terry this is a space of intense Human emotion Wild intensity of uh experience that Left a mark a psychic scar on the place A swirling vortex of pain and sorrow so The very next day people were walking by The house on the other side of the Street and they hear screams coming from Within there's nothing inside they Completely ransacked their place they Burned all the furniture the people were So disgusted by what they saw So then eventually they call the priest And the priest is told you need to go Inside and exercise this building and The priest says i want nothing to do With this building so he hires six Protestant american soldiers to go in With him they go inside 20 minutes later They run out screaming one of them even Left his rifle behind inside the Building according to the priest's diary They heard and i quote otherworldly Languages of the dead spoken by angry Spirits that would not respond to the Ritual of holy exorcism unquote Years and years and years past and they Tried everything tried making an old Girl's boarding school at one point in Time that didn't work out very well they

Tried to make it a boarding house for The irish i mean why not the irish are Expendable go ahead throw them in i can Say that those are my people and um You know the no matter who you are no Matter how brave one thinks they might Be You're a 22 year old irish woman with Your baby and the 14th time in a row you Wake up screaming from the worst Nightmare you've ever had you check on Your baby in the crib next to you and You find she has finger shaped bruises On her throat if you are moderately Intelligent you will get the hell out And they did So again it changed hands dozens and Dozens of times 1953 the city of new Orleans itself the city council said This building's been pissing us off for 120 years what are we supposed to do I know said one council member Let's subdivide it into apartments and Get people from the north you know tom's People to move in there it'll be great So they did yeah Yeah and in the um in the renovations You know they're like well you know this Is an old building we need modern Plumbing which means you gotta put in uh You know we gotta put in new pipes and Gotta rip up the old floorboards And underneath the old floorboards is a Lot more than the old pipes hundreds of

Human bones Thirty-six complete human skeletons but This is the worst part the underside of Those floorboards Had scratch marks Those 36 people were illegally smuggled West african slaves not on any ship's Manifest unknown to everyone for even Existing let alone being trapped under The floorboards and because they were Fresh off the boat from west africa they Didn't speak french or spanish or English or any recognizable european Language they spoke an obscure dialect Of senegambian which was then Misunderstood by the priests and the Soldiers as otherworldly languages of The dead So they starved to death underneath the Feet of the only people that could have Saved them Now this story made people say i want to Go there and live there and other people Saying i don't even want to go to new Orleans because i don't want to have a Proximity with a horrible place like That either way those apartments had Full occupancy all the way until 2006 When it was converted now the average Length of stay was eight months all Those people for half a century most of Them couldn't hack a single year most of Them were saying this is a horrible idea I want nothing to do with it two people

Committed suicide in that period of time Six went missing and a whole host it Depends on how you measure it were Institutionalized for various forms of Mental illness Um The Interesting thing is that it was in 2006 It was purchased by none other than the Ghost rider himself nicholas cage This was i believe his 21st property he Had Mansions and manor houses and castles You know all over the world once he got That one though he goes bankrupt he Loses all of his money the only piece of Property he owns left anywhere in the World is his own grave in st louis Cemetery number one a gigantic pyramid Uh in the oldest cemetery in new orleans But he lost that house and eventually uh It ended up in the um in the possession Of a gentleman named uh mr whalen who is Uh part hollywood producer part oil Trader out of houston that's who Currently owns it he himself has said That nothing strange has ever happened Inside the building um Except for some creepy dreams but Over my years of telling stories in Front of that house i've had 36 people Faint pass out right in front of that Building that's before i even got to all The gory creepy unpleasant stuff they're

Just looking at me and they're like i Don't feel very good here and looking The blood drain from their face the Knees lock up and down they go timber One after another after another Of all the people who fainted Um My favorite was this guy who was with His girlfriend who said i don't feel Good and they go across the street to Get away from the building And uh the whole time he's he's mad you Know you can tell that they were early In their relationship because if they Had been together longer he would have Stated fine you And so i hear him Mumbling and muttering the whole time as We're making our way to jackson square He's like why didn't you let me listen i Really wanted to hear the story blah Blah blah it's all fake anyway none of It's real you know it's all in your head So we get in front of st louis cathedral In jackson square we're about to discuss Public executions that occurred there Before i even start he's still Railing this girl you know with with his Um With his grumblings about why you know He should have been there and none of It's real and boom down he goes Head slash slams into the cobblestones Right but they're actually flagstones uh

Right there by st louis cathedral and You know how head wounds are so much Blood oh my god this gigantic lake of Blood coming up behind him he's still Conscious the whole time right and all The tourists in the universe all like This is so cool they're taking all these Pictures like it's real it's real the Curse is real so i count him as number 37 uh but i've had 36 faint in front of The building and uh he is number 37. so The story of the lowly mansion continues People have tried to make movies it's Been on a e discovery channel history Channel travel channel sci-fi bravo even Playboy did a spot on this on this Particular building i urge everyone to Go and take a look and to check in with Themselves and see how they feel People have sworn they've seen something As simple as orbs and clouds of Ectoplasm but overwhelmingly it is a Place of intense Physical and uh spiritual misery and That Pock mark on the face of the city Remains and is every bit as powerful as It was 180 years ago Yeah that that's exactly the kind of Stuff that causes hauntings and uh you Know all kinds of energetics that people Get a chance to feel and i i think People have to understand that they you Know their souls their their spiritual

Souls they're just inhabiting a bag of Bones right now but the bag of bones Serves as their radar sonar all the Senses come through that that's how we Navigate uh you know this particular Environment that we're in and so when They get close to that all those senses Start firing off in in range that They're not accustomed to and it's an Overload and then they go down with the Faint or worse as the case may be so Yeah that would be substantially correct Uh An assessment of what's going on there So that's that's fascinating well if That doesn't uh entice people to uh uh Come to new orleans and uh check out and Ghost stories and and tours i don't know What what would and i you know i know Out in the uh plantations uh there are Some of the plantations uh that have the Ghost stories and of themselves but they Take the tour about half an hour out of Town or so Um i was out there let's see was it last Year Last year maybe Earlier before anyway Fairly recently and um I was walking through one of the Plantations and and i asked him about That and they said uh yeah you know we Get folks come through every now and Then so i i just kind of started to tune

In And i picked up on a lady in one room But i said this described her And said there was a death here and then But i said she goes back and forth to This other room and we went into the Other room and then i said this is her Right here there was a picture a little Little picture and i said that woman Right there is who i'm seeing and they Said that's exactly what we get every Time Interesting that's the woman so do you Remember which plantation it was perhaps Oak alley laura Myrtles i think it was laura Yeah that i think that was what it was i I Did all of them you know at one point so Uh But i think that's what it was chap And uh So yeah and i want to walk the grounds And you know you can feel different Energies if you walk the grounds and you Know if you're tuned in and you can but A lot of it's been dissipated to a great Degree because There's a lot of reverence and respect Now in in in those areas where people Come to Uh not to make fun of but to understand Educate themselves so we don't repeat Some

You know Terrible injustice uh again you know in Any kind of respect so some of that just Has dissipated in some places but This was a caucasian lady Um who was uh the mistress of the house At some point And then it would hand it down to Younger generations but she still stayed Uh anyway and there was one room where Several deaths took place and i think it Was related to the i want to say the Birthing room or something okay it would Happen that makes sense that would You know make sense back in the day the Percentage of people died in childbirth So for them babies they died as well so So but anyway yeah it's fascinating if People get a chance to get down to new Orleans to see some of this um so has Any of this uh helped you when you i Mean you're teaching at a major University you know uh visiting Professor tulane uh so any of this Background has that helped you in doing Your professional job Unquestionably um so it actually went Into i ended up writing my doctoral Dissertation on the tourism industry in New orleans and uh you know One of the remarkable things everybody Touts tourism all over the world is a Fantastic export economy it's a way of Enriching a general population it's a

Way of employing large numbers of people Um but what my research indicated uh With new orleans as one of several case Studies Is that generally no is that the Overwhelming amount of the money that Comes in from the tourists gets hyper Concentrated in the hands of the very Few and while wages remain stagnant over The course of decades costs of living Continues to go up and there was a time I mean in 19 at the you know at the end Of world war ii in 1945 50 000 people Lived worked played shopped went to School in the french quarter 50 000 People that was their neighborhood right Now less than 3 000 people live full Time in the french quarter because They're the only people who can afford To you know there's only there's about 10 kids under the age of 18 that live in The french quarter whose homes are there Whereas there used to be hundreds and There used to be thousands um So that that very significant uh Transition has occurred as a direct Result of the economic shift and as a Result of the preference of the tourism Industry so one of the things that Popped up was okay well why you know new Orleans has more uh bartenders with Master's degrees per capita than Anywhere in the country because Everybody wants to stay you came here

You got your graduate degree just like When people die and they don't leave you Know you you've graduated you've got Those precious letters after your name But you don't want to go back to des Moines you don't you know you don't want To go back to no offense boston or Wherever else you found something here That resonated with you on a level that Nowhere else has been able to do and uh And and that's more meaningful than However much someone's going to pay you So people stick around in these low-wage Jobs with very little mobility getting Paid cash in hand and new orleans says Several times in history been the murder Capital of america but one thing that's Always remained indisputably is the Missing person's capital it's really Easy to be anonymous here you can show Up pay your rent weekly in cash you Don't present any id you can live a life As a person whoever you uh pretend to Masquerade yourself as there's going to Be a job available for you and people Won't ask questions um and you know this Is the number two pick up place for Mercenaries in america miami is number One new york is a distant number three But so many people former military down On their luck come to new orleans to Drink away their sorrows and then they Get picked up by one of the recruiters That are here and they say hey i can

Tell by your stance by your haircut by Your muscle tone you look ax military uh How about an exciting life you know Doing security security in the gulf or In west africa or wherever else a lot in The philippines um And so Those people all play into my field of International development whether it's The you know the military industrial Complex whether it's the uh economic Industry the the great Hope of tourism to revitalize fledgling Nations and fledgling communities um Every major social issue that is Currently being faced in our country if Not the world is being faced right here In new orleans you know climate change We We see it up close and personal an awful Lot you know storm after storm after Storm becoming more frequent just in the 17 years i've been here more frequent And more intense and so The Opportunity i will call it the privilege To have met so many people on all the Tours that i've done and gotten their Perspective What is it that they felt what you know Seeing this city again through their Eyes coming from across the country and Around the world Informed my dissertation informs my

Lectures for class and no less than half A dozen of my students have gone on to Become tour guides themselves so that's A long-winded answer to your question But i hope it's sufficed Well i know katrina when that hit you Know i i got deployed down there and i You know it was such a bizarre thing Because i had been to new orleans at Least a dozen times you know for Vacation type scenarios and uh i think We talked a little bit about this but i Remember walking Down bourbon street and there was zero Human beings there zero and uh i was Walking With a military guy a guy from new york Pd a couple and myself and another guy From my department out of illinois and Uh just stopped you know and just Stopped and just stared and you know if You could look up at some of the Skyscrapers type stuff and the windows Were busted out and the the Uh You know curtains are flowing in the Wind and it was one of the most bizarro Worlds uh that you could possibly Imagine i mean the only thing was there Was the guests and You know i sometimes wonder if they Didn't head for houston for a better Drink that day But that you know and i i wonder um

Since since katrina now you know with Ida that just came through but um any Change in and uh spiritual You know stuff and ghosts and so forth And so many people died with katrina i Don't know if you've seen any uptick and Especially in the lower ninth and so Forth or if anybody's even tried to Figure it out Absolutely and the senior describing you Know Sort of a lot of what just happened with Ida really brought back a lot of the Feelings and uh the dread and unsurety That i experienced in katrina and i know I'm not alone in that at all um The The desolation was was truly uh Unbelievable it really was Post-apocalyptic film style um and that And you're describing bourbon street you Know which didn't even flood whereas uh You know the the parts of the city where The wall of water just washed away an Entire neighborhood in under 60 seconds Um you know a lot of people said why Were they even there why would you Rebuild new orleans etc you know the I find often times demographic is Information is is helpful for people you Know 80 percent of the people who died Were over the age of 65 and they were You know they had all kinds of Underlying health issues how are you

Going to tell you know miss nancy who's 80 years old on dialysis with Hypertension that she needs to walk from The lower ninth ward in late august to Get to the convention center or the Superdome she has no car she doesn't Know anyone who has a car Etc etc Um So A lot of the people who died felt an Extreme sense of abandonment um and a Lot of that negative emotional vibration Has stayed and people have done the Locals have done as much as possible to Honor to remember and to make as many Preparations as possible to ensure that Something like this never happens again The official tolls about 1800 people Died They stopped counting after a point and They were still finding bodies a year Two years later so i would put the Number significantly higher um and and That's been corroborated by a number of Different reliable sources um but one of The things that everybody uh Who was there No matter their level of belief in the Woo-woo as you mentioned earlier Will you know get enough drinks in them And they will you know pull you aside And they'll say i saw something i felt Something in the aftermath of the storm

Uh all of those people i mentioned Earlier all those bridesmen all those Bridesmaids all those uh bikers they Provide a lot of energy for many of These spirits to feed upon and when the City was evacuated and there was nobody Here and it was just those fluttering Curtains out the windows Uh the spirits were very very they were Starving and so yes they would they Would have been better served to go to Houston and get a good meal there But the ones that stuck around prayed Extra hard on the humans that stuck Around we had a very very unfortunate Case as a Young couple attractive couple uh that Was working in the service industry uh He worked at buffa's she worked at Spotted cat and they wrote it out in the Storm they were on the cover of the new York times you know everybody was uh Like oh look look at this couple they're The future they're gonna be what the Rebuilding new orleans looks like Well one day neither of them show up for Work and a couple days later uh you know He jumps off the roof of the omni royal Hotel To his to his doom and they find in his Pocket a uh eight-page suicide note Folded up and put into a Plastic bag Says he did you know he had been in the

Service and he had done things in i Believe it was kosovo and In iraq and he didn't feel guilty about It and because he didn't feel guilty About it he knew something was wrong and Then he completely went over the deep End and did something especially Horrible to find out what it is go to His uh apartment which was at that time Above the voodoo temple on rampart Street a lot of people read way too much Into that um but that was purely for uh Locational reasons that i mentioned it So they go inside and you know his Girlfriend had been Murdered had been dismembered and had Been partially cooked uh You know for the purposes of his own Consumption of her flesh and this Murder-suicide cannibalism You know shocked the country and again Tourism tourism tourism if you're saying If you're telling everybody about this Nobody's going to come to new orleans It's not going to be a family-friendly Place so The press the police department city Government and the scions of the tourism Industry all got together and they said That's it no more of these stories are Coming out i don't care how many Horrible things happen to tourists no Matter how gruesome and gory we will Keep that under our hat because we need

Tourists to come here and revitalize our Economy so the Endless Tales stories rumors that every single Hotel worker in new orleans can tell you Uh continues to live on but most Certainly not the national press because Those spirits are still trying to regain Their vibrational calories that they Lost out on in 2005. Yeah you know i do tell people it's a Lot like i said you are nothing more Than a slurpee from 7-eleven that you a Ghost and and they just want to stick us Draw on you and suck you dry that's how They live they need that um electric Light energy you know to to be Functional otherwise they they will They will transition to the other side Uh they will never have enough gilgo Juice to stay here But they're dependent and people always Say you know are the ghosts and uh Cemeteries well You know Some cemeteries i mean like in new Orleans it would make sense because There's so many tourists that go through There but a lot of the remote cemeteries No there's no energy there right theater Or stadium or or something like that you Know an inner city where you've got more Slurpees just to you know drink from and Uh lots of different flavors too so you

Know that's pretty pretty interesting Stuff so um you know I did a quick remote view with you Yesterday do you have that uh piece by Chance in the in the room that i i Reviewed that uh Face mask thing i'd like to see what it Was do you suppose This was it Or Perhaps this one Uh the one in your right hand I believe that would be the one yes that Would that would look like it yeah Um yeah interesting so folks what i did Was we were talking um yesterday just to You know chit chat before the podcast And uh i would just did a remote view And i said there was like this wooden uh Face Head kind of looking thing and i said it Looked african and And andrew of course said yeah yeah i Got it i got it right here you know so i Had not seen it so thank you for showing That to me it's nice to get some Confirmation on what you see when you do A remote view and one of these days We'll do a nice uh podcast on remote Viewing get one of the original stargate Guys or something to come in and do that So that's a lot of fun tommy you had Something I'm just uh enjoying the stories from

Down south this is really powerful stuff And i think the audience is going to Agree with that um though you'll be Having a lot of rec requests for tours i Think from people across the country When you look at this um i know you Talked about there was different people Coming down to you know national Syndicated Uh Television Programs and such has anyone done any Work on trying to help these spirits That exist transition Or is it the case that they're just Trying to hold on to them because it's Great for tourism Uh short answer yes to both um the There have been innumerable Well-intentioned but i don't think very Powerful uh spiritually people who have Tried to heal that psychic gash and have Tried to assist them going into the Light and generally just backfires the People that i'm familiar with who have Attempted that end up having an Unbelievable slew of bad luck themselves Afterwards and there is no diminishment Of the activity at the place itself Um i think The Experience of the people You know tortured there um they i don't Think they're i don't know if it's soul

Shock maybe you can look into that a bit More um They're they're still so hurting it's Sort of like a you know someone who is In a great state of emotional distress Uh they're not interested in being Rationalized why they're in emotional Distress they just really want you to Know that they're hurting and they're And it's been 170 years um But uh i i think uh I think they still want us to know and They want more people to know and until That critical mass of knowledge has Occurred i don't think they're going to Be ready to go on So what you're telling me is you're Going to get a group of highly trained Psychic mediums And you're going to bring them in They're going to start to tell stories You're going to write a book that's Going to bring all this out into the Public and you're going to make a Million dollars at it and will also Clear up the space at the same time Uh that's exactly what i'm saying and The book will be coming out next spring Look for reverend dr andrew ward's the Lala rie mansion story That sounds like fun to me uh yeah i Mean really i will say this on that Thing tommy and just The auschwitz and other concentration

Camps world war ii obviously horrendous Problems my my understanding is in some Of these anyway that there had been a a Group of uh buddhist monks that had come And and worked To clear those spaces and people that i Know that are um Psychic medium types that have went Through Uh and toured those have reported yeah It is No pun intended dead i mean it's there's Neutral space um and there may be one Spot or two in there maybe where Experiments or something was done that's Still a little live and get some issues But i think what people try to do when They come in to do that is they try to As the classic statement is uh you know How do you eat an elephant you know one Bite bite at a time and so they tend to Try to get it all done in one fell swoop When you gotta work around the edges First and then start to move your way in Little by little as you slowly slowly And the entities also will see what You're doing and you do it in a Respectful way you're trying to move Things on get the energy cleared and That's going to take time and very few People in america particularly have the Time nor the desire nor the energy to Actually do it so it would be a project And the challenge is it is america

Ultimately although new orleans but Who's going to pay for the time and the Effort uh to actually go through that Process unless you get somebody who once There's a billionaire wants to Underwrite that and have proper people There for a year and a dedicated process They are going to have to have time away They need to decompress themselves you Got to rotate people in you you know it Would be a process in my estimation it Would be well something that deep it's It's not going to be a one one-man One-band show it's gonna take a while To change the energy over and doing Positive things around the fringes very Positive things around the fringes Uh that would be my recommendation and Then slowly start moving in you know First floor start doing really positive Things and having only positive Experiences in there um that's how you Work your way through the whole thing It's no different for i'll say police Officers clearing a building Don't just run into the center of it you Start working it get the light on if you Can so you're not having to work with Flashlights you know start working your Way door to door placed clear clear Clear clear clear eventually the whole Building becomes clear and it's safe to Go in and there's not no hidden traps That we are expecting and that's the way

I would go about it if i was assigned That task uh to do so i mean that's just My two cents worth for what that's worth No that's a great analogy and it makes Perfect sense i mean it's uh you know we We don't do full frontal assaults in Warfare anymore you know we we've got to Try to outflank them and do it Incrementally i couldn't agree more so Well very good um we're gonna wind this Up for now um fascinating fascinating Stuff and great storytelling no wonder You're you're at the top of the heap on The on the tourist list uh to come and Do these and i'm quite sure you could You could tell stories uh all day long In all different categories and keep People uh educated and entertained Forever but andrew uh as we get ready to Wrap this up is there anything you want To leave the folks with uh here on the Podcast i invite everyone to come down To new orleans and be part of the uh the The rebirth of our city but do try to Get out of the corridor see the rest of This town eighty percent of the tourists Spend most of their time on six blocks Of bourbon street but there's a whole Lot more of our city that's waiting for You and if you do that i promise not to Feed you to the spirits There you go tommy you got anything And i just want to thank you for coming On and sharing these stories i know some

People have trouble believing this stuff And You know with someone of your background Your statute to be able to share that Messaging can really help open some eyes I believe Going forward so To do that that's really an honest so Thank you for being here thank you tom i Appreciate it Very good Well um with that all being said I will say that uh for tom and myself uh And andrew thanks for joining us for This very unique uh podcast related to New orleans and all the ghosts and so Forth there so i uh thank everybody for Being here and uh boy We will talk to you next time Thank you very much Ciao You know android there was one question I should have asked you how many Entities have you seen that we have Beads