Professional Grade Radionic Pendulum

By | December 5, 2022

Dowsing is critical for successful use of subtle energies. Using the correct pendulum is important too. SEE THE BEST!!
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Welcome everyone Dr Thor here and I want To show you my Favorite uh pendulum here which is uh Been basically specially designed for Radionic capturing that particular type Of energy this is a really beautiful Pendulum Um it's made with rose gold coating on It looks beautiful has a nice vibration Having it this Rose effect Um one thing nice about this pendulum is Look at the nice connector here It has a really nice connector here that You can hook any kind of Um chain onto it that you desire and you May find that chains are something that Um you want to experiment with but look At that nice attachment at the top here And also look at this this has a Lobster Claw attachment on it so it's not just Tight on there the chain is a good high Quality it's got this nice bead at the End for holding it it is very sensitive That's what these stack excuse me layers Of of actual one pendulums are made to Pick up vibrations you have to have all These types of Um shapes in here as the energy comes up These different shapes grab things and You know the one nice thing is that Having round pendulums seem to pick up Energy better and this has a round Component to it that a lot of pendulums Don't a lot of pendulums you'll see see

Are bullet shaped pyramid shaped having Round I'm finding that round is a very Effective for picking up energies and as I said you can use any chain it has a Nice opening here which you can attach Most anything to it's a really beautiful Pendulum very well made and these are Available now and they're sent direct to You from the manufacturer and uh you can Have these in a few weeks so this is Something the pendulums are critical to The use of radionics anything you're Trying to sense this is your meter and They're very good meters you just have To build your sensitivity up you have to Practice using your pendulum this is the Number one skill you need and Surprisingly a lot of people are not Very good at it we do have kits that Teach you fun kits particularly our Druid stump kit and even our stock Market kit which will teach you how to Use pendulums properly and you can have A fun way of building your actual skill Up also anybody who buys a pendulum gets Access to our pendulum training page Which is loaded with free books and Courses so you can read your little uh To your heart's desire learn methods Lots and lots of free charts there as Well lots and lots of charts are there For you to use your pendulum with you Can download these print them out and You're in business so get busy with this

Number one skill you need no matter what Um subtle energy physics you're working With here's the meter Who needs Electric