Patriji and Don Paris

By | August 11, 2022

Short Tribute to Sri Patriji and the Pyramid Spiritual Society

I first met sri patricia in 1996 I was on a tour With my wife and about 20 japanese Students of mine To see all of the great indian gurus Of the time Back in 96 it's like such a size baba Balasa baba Kaliwar swami And a good friend of mine Makoto iakawa In japan had already been on this tour And he said He had met one great indian saint And that was sreepatriji and if i had The chance that i should really Find him and meet him And so on this tour They asked us if we wanted to go Meditate in a pyramid and i said sure That sounds great i would like to do That And so the whole group went and We went into the pyramid and it was Pitch black Except for just a tiny window way up in The top And So it was mostly indian people in the Group of japanese And then i started hearing this flute Playing and it started out very slow and Melodic and then got faster and faster And the energy rose with the flute

Playing At one point i turned around to see who Was playing And There was just enough light to see that There was a white-haired man with a White beard and he was looking right at Me playing the flute and i and i could Feel his power and his energy Afterward we went outside and sat in the Sand And there were some vines behind him and He sat in the sand with us and gave us a Little set song That was very deep and meaningful And he was really a true genuine teacher Master Saint and Just a great soul i could feel that Right from the beginning Afterwards we went up and talked with Him a little bit And i remember asking him and i said Well this is really a wonderful event Here and every other guru we had seen They always pass the hat around at the End to collect money and he didn't do That And i was surprised by that and i said Well can we give you a donation and he Just Laughed and his head Flew back and with a great laughter and He said look around us we live very

Simply here and it's not about money And after that we went back to our hotel And the next morning there were several Books In front of our door when i opened the Hotel door about sripatriji And since then we've been in contact Throughout the years He came to bali and brought Students with him to bali to our retreat Center And several times to bali Actually and this is This is our staff With sripatriji and he was always very Kind Loving caring but held a very strong Spiritual current Every time i saw him all the time One trip we visited with him in his home And it was a very humble home and Sitting on his bed With him i was playing sitar and he was Playing flute and there was something That just went back in time we could Feel each other's presence that went for A very long time in the past and most Likely many past lifetimes And then there were the quantum energy Medicine conferences And again in bali many times he came to Bali We just had a very special connection And what i really liked about him is

That he didn't take on the master Student position He saw each one of us as a master from Beginning to end from the first day i Met him until the last time i saw him he Was always In his presence as being a master but Also seeing us seeing me seeing you As a master as well and i found that Very very humbling in one sense And also enlightening in another sense Of course we were at the pyramid in Pyramid valley even when it was first Being built and it was just a wonderful Experience to watch the pyramid society Grow into what it is today Wonderful wonderful being We wish you all the best repository on Your journey Stay with us stay connected And we'll see you on the other side Namaste