Parasite Research Video

By | October 15, 2022

Research Using CDS for Parasites

[Music] Thank you Hello everybody and welcome to United Network news I'm Sunny Galt at unn you Get the real news this is what's really Happening all around the world there's No spin no cabal we have no fear here we Are here to restore planet Earth In the U.S it is Friday October 14 2022. Let's kick off our update focused on What's most important of course that's Your stories here are the latest reports From our field Messengers located all Around the world Big news from ground command on Wednesday prompted one of our field Messengers to use frequencies and tests For parasites what did he find Well many of us are still celebrating The huge announcement made during our Most recent news update you know the one Where we learned Kim and her team have Eliminated all parasites including Archons unfield messenger Lawrence has Some specialized equipment that measures Parasite levels he shares a report on What he found when he heard the good News Hi my name is Lauren Trail I am a field Messenger for unn piece of a radionics Instrument is to measure extremely low Frequencies elfs I've been monitoring my Parasites I've been taking this CVS so It's been my parasites when I first

Checked them on this instrument were you Know about 200 300 I got them down to 30 To the number 30 on amplitude I'm going To demonstrate now that I'm going to Test my general vitality and then I'm Going to text my parasite number uh Kim Just gave us a good great wonderful Exciting Amazing news about eliminating the Parasites the theraco parasites so I Have a tuning on there for parasites and I've been taking this and it got once The my levels got to 30 they stopped and It's just been there and I'm just like Well maybe these are the you know what's Going months I've been taking this still Constantly but the numbers still staying There so I'm going to test it today According to what Kim just told us and Let's check it out and see how it Corresponds to the information Kim just Gave us man so first thing we're going To do is put me on here So the amplitude is 844 my general Vitality is 844. Um that's very very good now let's check My parasites Uh 19-100 parasitic worms and let's see Where my parasite number is now What zero what do you mean Well I want to thank you very very very Very very very much for what you have Done for Humanity and eliminating Pretty much a lot of our problems and uh

From the bottom of my heart let my heart Light shine I am sending Divine love and Divine gratitude to the whole team That's part of the restoration and Especially you Kim and the enforcer and Your team our team I love that doesn't that just make you Guys feel good having uninfield Messengers all over the world gives us Massive massive coverage over events and Issues and now we see another benefit Results from all kinds of equipment Knowledge and experience too thank you So much Lawrence for sharing that with Us that was really special