Orgonite® Pyramids — In-Depth Tutorial on How to Use Effectively with an Orgone Generator®

By | June 17, 2021

In this video, we dive into how to use Orgonite® Pyramids with an Orgone Generator®.

Our pyramids are extremely powerful and flexible. We walk through a number of ways you can use Orgone pyramids in conjunction with an Orgone Generator®. Topics covered include:

•Linking and unlinking pyramids
•The primary function of an Orgonite® pyramid and how to create an ”energetic grid” with a pyramid set
•Using Trend Cards with pyramids
•Using specific frequencies with a pyramid
•Using written intentions with pyramids

We hope this video shows you a wide range of functionality and enables you to use your own generators and pyramids more effectively.

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Everybody this is dave from and in this video I'm going to show you how to Effectively use organite pyramids with An orgone generator All right in front of me i've got the Performer 2400 hd Very powerful argon generator and i've Got a Four large plus one small organite Pyramid set And what i want to do is so this is Going to be an in-depth tutorial I want to go over our pyramids are very Powerful They're very flexible what i want to do Is go step by step with how you should Use them And talk about their flexibility and Hopefully Show you some things that you haven't Thought about okay So we're going to start at the beginning And we're going to go all the way Through And the first thing that you want to Think about with the pyramids Is how are they linked so When you get the pyramids they're Already linked by us structurally linked But i think it's a good idea for you to Link them again yourself so how do you Do that So first of all you can link the

Pyramids in any way that you want so I've got four large one small you know i Can link Small to each large but not Largest to each other i can link these Two together I can link these three together you can Really mix and match and link any way You want Okay and and linking stuff is very Simple So what i want to do is i want to show You Uh basically how to do that okay So how about we just link so the the way Pyramids are supposed to work in a Pyramid set and i'm going to talk about Individual pyramids as well but you know This is This is more based on uh our organized Pyramid sets that are supposed to be Paired with generators Um so i'm going to talk about i'm going To use that More as the context that will a lot of The things that we talk about will apply To individual pyramids as well what if You only have one large pyramid You know so a lot of the stuff we talk About is going to apply to That as well but i'm discussing in the Context of sets because that's uh We really envision the pyramids um Insets

Uh paired with an oregon generator so um You know this small pyramid the way They're supposed to function Is basically you have the small pyramid What we call the anchor pyramid Right so we got a small pyramid this is Supposed to be linked to the other Pyramids And then you take the pyramids and you Put them in other places uh you know Around your house Property wherever and by virtue of the Linking between the small pyramid and The larger pyramids These larger pyramids receive orgone From the device Okay so that's kind of the idea of And and since these pyramids are Organized you know these are these are Nice hard Smooth made of fine iron powder and Epoxy Since they are organized they accumulate Life energy okay so if you put this in The garden It will accumulate life energy from the Surrounding plants and soil and stuff Like that Um if it's connected to the generator The generator is producing life energy So if a pyramid is connected to the Generator it is going to be You know soaking in the life energy Until it becomes saturated

And then it's going to pass the life Energy off around uh You know to the surrounding area so a Generator when you turn it on it has a Radius Um and it operates beyond space and time We believe But it also has you know um we're not Sure the Uh of how far the radius is for each Device but you know i've had people walk Into My house before i've had generators on In a back room and they're like what is That i feel something you know So there's clearly a physical element to It you know It'll just spread you know orgone coming From the device will just spread Um and saturate an area until it's Pulled by living things or it just Dissipates The pyramids are sort of the same okay So this will become saturated with Orgone And i like to use the analogy of an Orgone lamp Um you know a lamp you flip on the uh You flip on the uh the light and Suddenly light lights up a dark room and The light spreads It's the same way with this so this will Fill up with orgone Fill up and then it'll start spreading

Orgo into the surrounding area And it's just an easy way to spread the Uh The the physical distance of a device Um you know with a with another physical Object so Um i think it's really good you know and And and it looks good you could put it In your living room you could put it in A lot of places in your house Looks like nice home decor it's it's Shiny smooth Uh black it's very um you know People could think it's something like Shungite or something but Really it's spreading orgone and Positive energy everywhere so it's very Functional as well So that's the basic purpose okay and and I Review that just to uh just to set the Frame for Why you would want to link things in a Certain way and then once they're linked The things that you can do with them Okay so basic idea we've got a generator We've got an anchor pyramid It's linked to these other pyramids These other pyramids are taking in Orgone passing it to the surrounding Area okay So that's the basic functionality of the Pyramids now I want to talk about linking pyramids so

I think it's a good idea for everyone to Link pyramids when they get them um so They're they're linked when they come to You but i think it's a good idea To link them again yourself why because They're your pyramids And they're your and it's your device so If you link them all together You know that that's probably a stronger Energetic connection so What you should do is first of all Figure out how you want to link them And then create a trend to link them So let me give you a few examples here All right so let's say I want to link the small pyramid with Each large pyramid But i don't want to link the large Pyramids together Okay i just want this to go there this To go there this to go there this to go There But i don't want to linkage between the Large pyramids how would i do that uh Quite simply i would just write a Statement That a simple statement that an Objective third party You know could read and know what it Means so like this Link small pyramid with each large Pyramid Um so this is a so when you write this You could write this in a number of

Different ways you know you could say Don't link large pyramids uh you know You could have two sort of trends or Two sentences and the uh in the trend But basically when you write a trend for This sort of thing something i was Talking to carl about recently Write it kind of for an objective third Party on one hand you know what you mean And that is good um but maybe it takes On a more of a life of its own if you Not only know what you mean but an Objective third party i Uh wouldn't know what you mean as well So i wrote these Uh so that somebody who i don't know i Could hand them this and they would know What i mean if they just read It so link small pyramid with each large Pyramid So all you do with this uh trend you can Put it on the device Or in front of the you kind of see the Silver output tube right here Put it right there boom linked Okay so it doesn't take long you know It's the intention it's saying what to Do It's the intention you create the Linkage very very quickly Okay so this is just one example of You know if i wanted like i said if i Wanted to link the small with each large But i

Didn't want to link the largest together This is how i would do it Okay quickly if you ever link things Um and you want to change it or you Forgot how you link things Something like that you can always Unlink the pyramids as well Okay and how would you do that a written Trend unlink all pyramids So you know i'll just do it if i place This here I place it in front of the silver output Tube really if i place it anywhere near The device Try to pull this here you know the the Pyramids are now unlinked Okay so just unlink all pyramids is very Simple You know if you had two links and you Want to unlink them you could just say Unlink those pyramids you know So once again um simple written Statements put it on your device Put it in front of the silver output Tube those are the places we recommend And really you could put it near the Generator but Um we say on the device here in front of The silver output tube okay Now how would i link all of we talked About A really important concept um Called an energetic grid okay and that's That's really

The foundation of why we came up with With these pyramid sets Is you know the idea is to have your Generator and then to have pyramids And to connect all the pyramids with Each other And with a generator to create an Energetic grid of protection of power Um that that's really why we thought This up so how would i Link all pyramids together so i want the Small linked with all the larges And then i want each large linked with Each other as well Okay so you get this real big crisscross Okay and i mean it's only four if you Had more Um you know it'd be it'd be a real Crisscross of uh Of connections so how do i do that very Simple Link all pyramids okay so You know i just unlinked them a second Ago so Link all pyramids link all pyramids And now regardless of where i take these In the world Um they each pyramid will be linked With each other and with the generator Okay So you know it's as simple as this is Linked with this And this is linked with this and this And this

Okay so um that structural link uh can Be very powerful And when you create a connection between All the pyramids you kind of get this Crisscross this uh this energetic grid Of of a positive orgone and that's very Valuable and i'm going to show you Some of the ways that you can use that Field and and manipulate that What if you only want to link a couple Pyramids um That's not hard so you know i could i Could i could do the same operation And i could just move some pyramids away Okay so maybe you take them to another Room maybe take them off the table But the main thing is um You know the main thing is you you don't Intend for these over here to be linked You just want to link these two Um that's a way to uh That's a way to connect just a few Pyramids so I could link the small pyramid with These two but not with these two and i Could just go put these in the house Somewhere you know what i mean Or i could link you know all three of These together but only link the small With each of these so these big ones Over here Are not linked okay you know there There's any number of configurations Just

Write the trend and place on the device Get In any pyramid you want linked or you Want involved keep it near the device Okay so that's the main uh that's the Main thing with linking is that you can Link them in any way you want and And you know even if i didn't have the Small you know so we made this to keep This on the uh On the device to link with other stuff Let's say i you know If i just wanted to link these two Okay i could do that and i'll keep this On the device and then i'll move this One You know or you know pull all of them Together the small is not even involved I want to carry the small in my pocket Or something I'll just keep this i'll just link this With all of these the size doesn't Matter The operation matters okay so just Figure out how many pyramids you have Where you want to put them and what you Want to do with them and then then you Can figure out How to link them okay so Um that's a i'm trying to give a Detailed explanation because i think it Is important to do Linkage yourself to link things yourself And it can be overlooked and i think

People Think that you know there's only one way You know uh to do something With life energy with life force there's A lot of ways to do things and many ways Work So i want to give you the flexibility to Know what you can do So that you know so that you can do what You want to do okay once you know what You can do Uh you can figure out what you want to Do and actually uh And actually execute it so now let's get Into some of the Functionality of the pyramids If you have pyramids and you have a Generator i would actually recommend you Take a computer Or over to them have them at hand so you Can work through this with me This this is this video is all about Empowering you To use your device and your pyramids Uh in a way that is more effective for You to get uh the results that you want That's what we're all about so this is a Hands-on tutorial the only way to learn How to use this stuff is by actually Doing it And you know if you sit down and you Watch the videos that we do and you Really work through it carefully You'll be able to use your stuff a lot

Better so Let's just uh let's start with a Let's start with trend cards because i Love trend cards I think they're very very powerful i use Them Daily um if i'm trying to create an Operation And there's a trend card you know Instead of doing a written intention a Lot of times i'll just use a trend card If one exists for The desired outcome effective result That i want So i love trend cards and they pair Really really well With uh pyramids okay so i'm going to Start with them and we're just going to Go through Kind of step-by-step um different things That you can do With the pyramids in ways you can use Them and then you can figure out what Best suits you Okay so let's assume That and i'll just do it here link all Pyramids Okay so our pyramids are linked Every pyramid is linked with another Pyramid okay So if you think about it you know this Is an important equation that we always Talk about Target plus trend plus life energy okay

Um the life energy comes from the Generator and because this is organite And it's connected to the generator Life energy is here as well okay so you Can and this is this is kind of a Foundational concept You can energize a trend Via a pyramid because it has pulsing Life energy by virtue of being connected To the generator Okay so let's uh Let's use an example i want to do a Couple examples okay Um and i think these are there there's a Lot of different examples but i want to Show you how to use trend cards With a pyramid and that'll set the stage For for talking about some other Functionality as well So here is a trend card Protection from physical danger okay now This could be broad this can mean a lot Of things it could mean from You know you don't slip and fall to you Don't want someone breaking in your home Okay but um but you know And the home thing is is where i'm going With this so Many people want to create you know they Want to put pyramids around their home Their apartment wherever To create an energetic grid of Protection Okay one way to do this and then this is

Just an example i'm going to do a couple Examples here But imagine you take these four large Pyramids And you put them on the four corners of Your home and they're all connected and They're passing or going back and forth And they're connected to the generator Okay um You could also put so well here's how I'd use the trend card And you can see i've got uh i've got Four of the same type of trend card Right If i want to energize this trend let's Say i put these on the four corners of My home Where i put i've got a front door and a Back door i put one on each side Of my front door and back door okay so I'm trying to create a grid For protection from physical danger for My home okay All i have to do is take these trend Cards And slip it under a pyramid Okay and i would just do this for every Pyramid And now the grid that it already exists By virtue of being connected to the Generator now that grid Is energizing the trend Of protection from physical danger Okay and you can do multiple trend cards

Under pyramids You know you can energize you can have Multiple operations running but this is Just a nice simple example of You know i want to i want to create an Energetic grid of protection for my home All right i put these on the four Corners of my house i put the trend card Underneath Boom okay so that's a that's a nice Example It's a simple example let me use another Example pull these out By the way i use this trend card on my Pets because I've got dogs and they're up at night And they bark at coyotes and Uh i don't want them to get hurt so i Use those for my pets The um so let's use another example Um Aid meditation okay so we've got this Trend card Okay and all these trend cards are Available in our trend card pack Um like i said i love trend cards i i Can't get enough of them that's why i Talk about them so much i'm going to Show you how to do so Uh do do stuff without trend cards but i Like talking about trend cards because They're they're so simple so the um So we have eight meditation so let's say So once again all of these uh

All of these pyramids are linked let's Say that there's a room that you go into In the morning you wake up and you Meditate every morning all right there's A room you go into Where you meditate i mean for me i wake Up i do in my bedroom there's a blank Wall I just go sit and stare at and breathe You know and try to realize i'm just Staring at a wall So um what you do Is so imagine that you want to sit in The middle Of all these pyramids Okay and you want the grid around you so You're going to sit right here and Meditate Well if you want to aid meditation You could just easily slip a trend card Under each pyramid and then when you're Sitting in the middle Now these pyramids are energizing this Trend and they're passing Orgone colored with that trend to you So now you're sitting right here all These pyramids have an aid meditation Trend under them and and you're Absorbing You're absorbing that uh uh that orgone And that trend Okay so that's just another example um And i I like that um i'd recommend you do that

A lot of people meditate And you know that this trend card helps So um So that's an example of you know when we Talk about an energetic grid Um this is a good example of You know these are just two examples you Could have any number of examples Um you know you could take the you know A lot of times people are worried about Um negative frequencies negative energy Kind of coming into their home um on one Hand you might not need a trend card for That because Positive organ is already being passed To the Uh to the linked pyramids um if you were If you wanted to kind of strengthen that Effect You could simply put the charge with Life force which everybody already has If you've been opening emails um so i Could take this charge with life force I could throw it under every pyramid and Now each pyramid i mean like i said Positive orgone is already going to the Pyramids but if you're worried about Negative frequencies you're worried About negative energy Um what you could uh what you could do Is You could take the charge with life Force trend card put it under all of the Pyramids and now you've got a grid of

Charge with life force Um uh energy Around your home around wherever okay Because like i said uh you know the Small pyramid is passing to everything But then All of these other pyramids are also uh Are also gridded so you know this this Is a everybody has this Everyone can do it um you know what Would be the difference between Using this card versus just allowing it Allowing the energy to pass maybe this Pulls more ambient life force as well From the The surrounding environment so um maybe This is a little bit stronger trend You know um but it's easy everybody Already has this You know i sent this out everybody Already has this everybody with a Pyramid set can use this card You know print off however many pyramids You have print off the number Link it up with the small link it up With each other stick it underneath Boom you have an energetic grid so um So that that's a good way to but but the Main Point is you know with these trend cards I'll pull it out here you know you have A trend and you want to energize it well What do you need to energize it you need Life force so i can put it on the

Generator but you know let's say the Generator's in a back room and this is Way out in my Front room well because the pyramid is Connected to the generator This the trend card still the trend Still gets energized Because of the structural link and That's the important point is that you Don't have to run everything from your Generator The the pyramids function um as a source Of life energy by virtue of their Connection with the generator So you can start to see the flexibility Here um Yeah so that's uh that's that's one way To do it Um now another way that i want to talk About Is kind of the reverse because once Again you know target plus trend plus Life Energy you need to make sure a target And a trend are connected to life energy And are connected to each other that's Kind of a big picture Issue um and if You just take that model then you'll You'll quickly see all the different Ways that you can do Something so a target and a trend must Be connected to each other because a Target needs to have a trend

And then both of those must be connected To life energy and you can do that Through structural linkage of orgonite Pieces and you can do that through uh Structural links like target codes trend Codes okay So another another way to use the Pyramids is this Let's say um i wanted to Do the protection From physical danger again so let's say I want to grid my house let's Just use this as an example but i i Don't want to put a trend card Underneath every pyramid okay so that's The way i did the first time i took this Trend card i printed off four times I put it under the pyramids i only want To print it off once Um so how could i have the pyramids grid With this trend without putting a trend Card under every single pyramid And the answer is fairly simple so we've Talked a lot about generator codes You know structural links you place on Your generator and then Put on something else we've talked about Trend link codes target codes So very simple so i have placed a tar a Trend code On the back of this okay so i've got my Protection physical danger And i've got my trend code on the back Okay now this

These are arbitrary numbers they don't Mean anything Uh this is a trend link code because This is a trend so this is a this is a Trend link This is a turn link code so what i could Do If i wanted to protect my home i could Do something like this i could place This i'm going to move this all the Generators are linked or excuse me all The pyramids are linked So i could place this on the generator And then I can write the same code And i can place that code under a Pyramid And i've written the code multiple times So i can just place that code I can just place that code instead of The trend card Underneath each pyramid okay So now the trend Is on the generator okay not under you Know Instead of doing you know so basically Instead of taking these trend cards and All the trend cards and placing them Under the pyramids i can just place one On the pier on the generator and i can Place the trend link code Under each pyramid and boom this does The same thing Okay so now these uh

The trend is the exact same because There's a structural link so This trend is now linked structurally Linked To this pyramid and all these pyramid to Each pyramid and the pyramids are all Linked to each other So you have the same energetic grid Colored by the same trend Or energizing the same trend and it Works the same as if you put trend cards Underneath all of them So why would you do this you know i'm Just trying to show you flexibility um Maybe you don't want to print off a Bunch of uh trend cards They are you know ink gets expensive After after a little while i mean i Print off a lot of trend cards so Um ink uh printering can get expensive And really i just want to you know it Highlights a bigger point is that You know as long as a target and a trend Are connected to Um life energy Uh via some way usually be just via Structural link Uh the you have an operation okay So this can function as a source of life Energy To energize a trend by virtue of the Structural link So once you start thinking about that You'll you'll start to see even more

Application Um so this is uh so that's just Another way to do that Now let's do a another trick so One another thing you can do so people Are very into so we're going to we're Going to drop the trend cards for a Second And i want to talk about frequencies So you know your are the generator mix Frequencies so each of these you know For the For the performer for instance you know Each of these is a preset frequency And then i have a continuous frequency Dial you can't quite You know you can't quite see the Frequency here i'll just do it for you But there's the frequency so um You know so you have continuous Frequency dials you've got a preset Frequency Uh so that that's for the performance All our devices have a frequency Okay and the frequency is the pulse uh Is an electromagnetic pulse Into the internal parts of the machine That's what we believe Produces oregon okay so let's But but frequencies can matter you know Frequencies give a different Feel in my experience and in our Experience Different frequencies you know orgone

Pull pulsed at Colored by different frequencies gives a Different feel example 7.83 hertz it has A very grounding Feel to it you know kind of earthing It's the uh Um an earthing feel 14.1 hertz more energetic okay Um 33 hertz is that the you know Balance so um different You know oregon colored by different Frequencies and frequencies themselves Are a trend link you want to feel a Certain way And you know so i will do you know Energy and focus At 14.1 hertz you know i'll add that to My To my own trends in my own operation Sometimes so Can you and like like we said You know a lot of this is to either grid A house or to place You know a pyramid in a room and to Create a certain atmosphere in the room Right You want it to pass positive oregon out To the rest of the room Whether people know it or not but let's Say you want to liven up a room You can use frequencies because they're Connected to the generator and like i Said What you need is you need a source of

Life energy there's the generator And by extension because they're Connected a pyramid Um energizing a trend and if it's just In a room you know the the basically the Implicit target is the room itself But what you can do is if you want Orgone to pulse at a certain Um frequency or to have the Characteristics or Feel of the certain frequency all you Have to do Is this so i've got a couple cards here I've got 7.83 hertz 14.1 i use both of these Um let's say i want to put this in my Workout room because i want energy Okay i take 14.1 hertz And let's do it I take uh 14.1 hertz And i place it under the pyramid and i Put it in my workout room let's say i Want to be calm i put this in my bedroom Boom now the orgone So as i said the pyramid will become Saturated with orgone and it'll start Passing it around To the surrounding area with the Frequency underneath Since the frequency is a trend Uh and it colors it's the best way to Say that colors the feel of the orgone Now this pyramid right here will be Passing around

Orgone colored with the frequency of 7.83 hertz you're going to get a more Most people are going to get a more Grounding effect okay so this is going To be in the bedroom The feel of the orgone in the area in The surrounding area as this Becomes saturated and passes it onto the Surrounding area The feel is going to be more grounding Whereas the feel of this one you know as It becomes saturated and passes oregon To the surrounding area It's going to be more energetic okay and We've had people You know use 14.1 hertz and say they Couldn't sleep and they clean their Whole house and Stuff like that so these are different The frequencies tend to Give a different feel of the orgone and Since it's a trend link and since it's Connected to a live energy generator Uh it's going to pass off orgone At that frequency with colored with the Feel of that frequency is the best way To say it Okay so that's a cool trick you know People are always talking about um You know i want x x y z frequency Um you know can i set my generator to That what i would say is We personally if you notice this Generator i've got all the dials

Hard right you know like very hard to The uh Like clockwise okay and i do that Because i want and i do that with all my Generators i have a red five as well I keep all the dials on each row turned As high as possible Because i like like when when the Frequency of the device is higher It's producing more orgone faster so People want to You know specify the frequency Frequencies and stuff but i actually Think you ought to keep it as high as Possible because that's the most organ The fastest which means you have the Most to work with And if you want a frequency from a life Force perspective If you write down the frequency and use That on your trend and use that just As a trend versus setting your device That it functions the same way So i can get 7.83 hertz Like feel of orgone without setting my Device to 7.83 hertz I can set my device as high as possible And i can use 7.83 hertz as a trend and I can get the same result So why would you not do it you know you You should do that like um And you can do it how you want people Use frequencies differently And the devices are very flexible and

They accommodate a lot of stuff a lot of Different methods but I just want as much oregon as possible As fast as possible And then i will personally color my Trends with a frequency Via written statement so that's it That's a good trick right there Something to think about give it a try Let me know if you get the same feeling I think you will i personally have so uh So let me know okay so now that you've Seen frequencies i want to show you Um you know what it looks like to just Put a different trend card under each Pyramid Um and not have all the pyramids gridded Together um So uh let's take this you know you'd use Something like this link Small pyramid each large large pyramid You could um You know you could link them all if you Want and you just have like a big Cycle of trends i mean that could work For for power Um in a lot of cases but um but let's Just say you want to put you know one Pyramid in each room that you have And you want to put a trend card Underneath okay So we'll remove the the frequencies here And this is a simple so at this point i Think you can see it you know link small

Pyramid with each large So the small pyramid is linked with each Of the large but the larges are not Linked with each other Okay so what would you do very simple And i just want to show you Let's say we're going to put this in the Bedroom and we want restful sleep Simple throw that under there okay You want to do this in your living room Where you're relaxing relaxation stress Relief Throw that under here um you want to do This In your work room concentration okay You need to be productive throw that Under this One your meditation room Or place where you meditate throw that So And you can mix and match these you can Put individual Cards under each pyramid i mean multiple Individual cards i could i could put Five under each You know it's all a matter of how much Organ do you have from the generator And you know combined with the pyramid Um as far as how uh how much each trend Will be energized you don't want to do Too many trends because you want You know it's better to get results with A few things than it is um To get less or no results with a lot of

Things Right so um you do need to decide how Much how many trends you're running and Keep an eye on that and and you can you Know We have a lot of trend cards so be Creative with them okay Um i'll give you an example uh check out A new love Right so this is this is as a trend card It's all possible instances of a new Love it's not just romantic love it's Not just Sisterly love it's not um you know love Of a parent to a child It's all instances of love okay and um So what you can do is uh you could place This let's say that you wanted to Uh you're having friends over you have One of these pyramids in your living Room You could simply place this under uh The pyramid and fill the whole area Fill the room with the trend of love You know via the connection of the Generator and this charging the Connection energizing the connection So you can be creative with it um but Keep an eye on how many you're running Not all devices have the same amount of Output um obviously like you know when We call something a heavy-duty device That refers to oregon output Uh mostly and so um

So yeah be creative and uh be creative But don't use too much Okay so now i want to cover So what we covered earlier with the Trend cards Was you know we put the trend cards Underneath And then we put i showed you how to put A trend card on the device but still get The trend energized by the pyramids okay What i want to show you now is you can Do the same Sort of thing with a written trend So first of all you can organize like You can put a written trend Underneath a device or excuse me Underneath a pyramid And energize it the same way as a trend Card so i've got my target link here Dave You might not even need the target link But i'll talk about that in a second And then look trends for dave now i've Put the structural link code there you Don't you actually don't need this Starting off Okay so you don't need this starting off Um so watch this I can simply if i want to energize the And the trend is deep peaceful restful Sleep so i want to Put this under the pyramid in my bedroom Because i need to get good sleep So what i would do is just this right

Here Boom now because there's a target and a Trend and a connection to life energy Um this is getting energized this trend Is getting energized okay I need a paper clip but bear with me so You could you can easily do this so this Has a you know a lot of flexibility Let's say that you're at the office You know i write a lot of trends Throughout the day all of my generators Are in one room and that's where i spend Most of my time But um you know let's say that Your generators are downstairs but your Office is upstairs but you think about Operations during the day and you just Want to ride them but you don't want to Walk downstairs You can pull a trick like this keep a Pyramid with you and Write your trend put it under and it'll Start getting filled up it might not be As good as if it were right next to a Powerful generator okay because Orgonite is limited to an extent by the Uh By the um you know the amount of Organite and the rate that the The oregon moves into it but it's it's a Start it's a good start let's say it's The office you know you keep your Generators at home You know maybe you could take a pyramid

To the office and when you think about Um when you think about an operation you Can just write it Make it real fast put it on the pyramid Then take it home with you At the end of the day but it's getting Energized immediately So this sort of setup the fact that you Can do you know previously So i could do you know i said restful Sleep now i've got a trend card for that But The trend cards are great and i use them When possible but a written intention Especially performed properly will uh Will do the same thing um and like i Think these are powerful So i mean i would trust these more than Uh A lot of my written intentions if you Will like i just think they're a great Thing Where i just know the quantity i just Know i know it's good Versus having to be good myself um so That's why i use it kind of just Efficiency But um but you can do a written Intention and put it under a pyramid and Because you've got the target and the Trend and the life energy It's going to get energized so whether Your generator is downstairs and you're Upstairs

Whether you're generators at home and You're at work you can Use this sort of uh setup To give yourself extra flexibility so That you don't forget an operation so That you ride it and get it immediately Um you know maybe you need to run trends At the office And um uh Um you know and you need fast results You know how this is one way that you Could do that So and as i say since this card says Trends for dave i Might not need my target link you know Because it's it's specifying who the Target is and you know Who you are and i know who i am so um You could just maybe do it like this Without and just leave this elsewhere Okay And i should and like i said this right Now has a trend link code on it For this setup right here you do not Need that okay I did not need to put the train light Code the reason it has a trend link code On it is for what i'm going to show you Next Which is what we did last time Was what we did with the trend cards is We put trend cards underneath each Pyramid And then i showed you how to put the

Trend card on the pyramid and put a link Code under a pyramid Okay so what i could easily do Is so now that we have this uh This trend link code on the trend link Okay You remember these little pieces of Paper so what i could do Is i can fold this up Put this on the generator with my target Link again you know do you need a target Link i i like using them personally So now i've got deep peaceful restful Sleep target link dave I'll throw it on the generator but i Want One pyramid only and as you can see link Each small pyramid with each large Pyramid so that the larges are not Linked I want to use one pyramid only To energize this trend maybe i have four Trends and i want up To dedicate a single pyramid to each Trend Okay all i have to do is take that Trendlink code put it under that pyramid That i want to dedicate to it And now this trend is being energized by This pyramid Okay and i'll remove this off just to Make it clear i'm just doing it to put It down but You basically you know a organite

Pyramid is an extra gas Tank okay it's an extra [Music] Um it's an extra battery so And and you can just mix and match uh Like we've talked about like if you want To dedicate a pyramid to a trend You can do that and it looks like this Um you know there's a question I guess whether um i i think You know because all the the large Pyramids are connected to the small Pyramid that's why i'm Removed the small from that because it's Like oh now we're getting all the Pyramids but Um the point is you can you can mix and Match and it and it's very Modular okay like you can you can Replace parts and add a new part and Um so but if you want to dedicate a Specific pyramid to a trend and have This the orgone that is going into this Pyramid And you want to dedicate that to a Specific trend that's how you would do It Okay you'd put the trend link code on The uh On the trend link and then you'd put the Same code under the pyramid Now this is dedicated so i could just You know i could create and i have Multiple target links for myself

But you know i can create three other Trends three different codes Uh put the different codes under each Pyramid and now Each trend has its own pyramid that's Energizing it So that's just a cool thing that you can Do um i just don't want you to feel Limited i don't want you to feel like You can only do One thing or two things you know you can Really move these You've got a lot of tools here these are All as we always say tools not toys And that goes for the generator and that Also goes for the the pyramids Themselves So you can mix and match and do Um some pretty cool stuff with this just With um Just with you know some simple stuff Like a trendlink code but but i want to Know i want you to know that you can do Written intentions You can energize those with a pyramid And here's two ways to do it you can put It under the pyramid Or you can put it on your generator and Put the trend link code Under the uh under the uh The pyramid and as a small uh addition To this So i want deep peaceful restful sleep Right

So that's my that's my trend You know deep peaceful restful sleep I've got my trend link code You can uh uh we'll keep this in mind Right now So can i add a trend card to this so i Do that a lot i do a lot of written Intentions and then i add a trend card As well So that's how i do most of my stuff i Don't just do written intentions I do i figure out what i want i do Written intentions i figure out if There's a corresponding trend card and i Do both So as you go down my as you go down my Trends You know i'll put them in order you know This trend card apply This trend card goes with this trend This trend card goes with this written Trend So what you could easily do is this so i Want deep peaceful restful sleep There's a trend card for that and i you Know i'm kind of specifying that just Says restful i say deep peaceful right More of an energetic connection for me i Could simply Do this and because of the trend link Code It's being energized okay I could also i could also Just put this if i remove the trendlink

Code i could just put this Under a pyramid and that would work as Well So you can mix and match written Intentions or other structural links With trend cards and there's a few Different ways you can energize them Right So so that's just uh even more Flexibility but You know you can really you can really Um Work these kind of pyramids and these Grids and do a lot of Uh a lot of interesting stuff with them So it's not all about you know you're Not you're not boxed in Like these are very very functional and Going even farther What if i want deep peaceful restful Sleep At 7.83 hertz well So i could either write 7.83 hertz on uh On the trend uh the written statement Itself i could write it You know i've got my 7.83 hertz card i Could write 7.83 hertz you know at 7.83 hertz On the trend card i can write At 7.83 hertz on my actual Written intention um i could even Set my device to uh to 7.83 hertz okay So there's just a lot of flexibility That you have um

To figure out to get to get the results That you want so um You know i can mix target link plus Written intention Plus trend card plus written frequency In a variety of forms and then what can I do I can put all of that under a pyramid Or if i don't put it under the pyramid But i want the pyramid to energize it I'll put it on the device then i'll put This under the pyramid now i've got one Pyramid energizing it What if i want all four pyramids Energizing it you know what can i do i Can either Link all pyramids together so that could Do something Or i can just keep putting these now I've got two pyramids doing that let's Get my relaxation stress relief Um you know now i've got two pyramids Doing it Now i've got three pyramids doing it You know and this is this is three when They're when the largers are not linked Right so um so just you know a draw Like i honestly i draw out my operations Like i map them out before i run them um Like it can take me a long time to write Good operations Because i'm thinking about okay i want To do this here and this there So using oregon effectively you know it

Takes some strategy Takes some strategy it takes some Thought and um And and that's just you know that that's What works for me is to kind of be Logistical about it analytical about it And uh Now so we've talked about putting stuff Around your house um You know and that's you know to grid Your property you can do that You know another way like what i Mentioned that i do in a lot of cases Is um is i like to put All of my pyramids and generators Together as close as possible Just on one table it makes it easier for Me actually two tables but it makes it Easier for me to kind of keep Track of stuff so we've covered a lot Here we've Uh i've shown you some of the Flexibility i hope this is very useful You know if you want to watch this video Again get your pyramids with you Get your generator get your trend cards Get your pieces of paper for Written intentions whatever your Structural links are and really follow Step by step and understand the big Picture principles of you know target Trend life force how to connect those And all the different options that you Have

And develop a strategy for how you want To use your generator and your pyramids Um and and you can really see uh what Sort of Flexibility and power you actually have Because these are all very very powerful These boost the output Of a device um by acting as an extra gas Tank that extra energy well So that's a good strong overview of how To use orgonite pyramids effectively With an orgone generator I hope you learned something and we'll Talk to you soon