Orgonite® Pyramid Set – 4 Large + 1 Small – Product Demo

By | December 22, 2020

This video shows our 4 Large + 1 Small Orgonite® Pyramid Set.

All of our Orgone pyramids are made of fine iron powder and high-quality, carbon-based epoxy. They are dark gray, sleek, have a metallic sheen, and are very dense. They look great while also being useful!

Our pyramids are made using the original recipe developed by the inventor of Orgonite® Karl Hans Welz.

We offer the only authentic Orgonite® pyramids available anywhere.

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In this video i'm going to show you our Four large plus one Small organite pyramid set all right so All of our pyramids are Made of fine iron powder and High quality carbon based epoxy we've Looked all over the world for Ingredients we've Found what we believe are the best so You can look at this they're sleek They have a metallic shine they're dark Gray And they're very very dense the large Pyramids are large i have a big hand I'm about six foot two so this is uh This is a large pyramid larger than the Other so-called oregon pyramids that you Find around Uh the internet so and as i'll explain We believe they are much much better Value So all of our pyramids are made using The original and only organite recipe Orgonite was invented by carl hans welts He invented a certain recipe for it and We used that recipe exactly Additionally we have worked with a Materials science phd To get the look and the feel and the Composition down so I mean that's how dense that is very Very dense Heavy they've got a felt bottom so it's A beautiful pyramid we're very proud of

Them You know you can put this in your home And not tell anybody what it is and Um and it would still look great the Purpose of all the pyramids Is to accumulate positive organ energy And Spread it to the surrounding area okay Now we have taken Uh orgone pyramids to the next level Both in the composition of the pyramid And also in Creating the sets and linking it with The generator so All of these pyramids all of these Pyramids Come to you energetically linked they Come structurally linked we call it a Structural link you can check our Website We explain that concept in detail but All of these pyramids are linked And this small pyramid the reason we Include a small pyramid in all of the Sets Is it is the what we call the anchor Pyramid so Let me pull the device up this is the Performer 2400 hd Beautiful device so back here you know I've got a power booster this is also Organite Right so you can kind of see it's the Same thing

Same thing so we got a silver output Tube back there So what you can do is you place This small anchor pyramid on the Generator Or in front of the output tube is a good Place really anywhere near the generator You know i think about it i usually put It on the generator and What we do uh what that does is it links All of the all of the pyramids in the Set To the continuous stream of orgone Energy Created by the generator so instead of The pyramids Just accumulating orgone from the Surrounding area They are linked to a steady stream of Positive orgone And they become basically orgone lamps So a lamp you know you turn it on and it Kind of Sends spreads light out into the room in This case because they're linked to the Generator When they fill up with orgone they Spread it out to the surrounding areas So It's a way to like enliven a room to to Put positive energy in a room And the reason we we do a set is what we Our original idea was to Have the small pyramid on your generator

And then take each of these pyramids And put them in different rooms put them In different locations A structural link we believe is the the Shortest distance between poop points You could put this On the other side of the world you know You could put these pyramids on the four Corners of the earth and We believe it's still be connected to The generator so you know you could take One pyramid put it in your bedroom one Pyramid put it in your living room one Pyramid Put it in your uh office and You can send different intentions you Can send different frequencies And you can run different operations to Each pyramid so and i'm going to explain That more in another video but You know imagine you put this in your Bedroom you run an intention to get good Sleep Okay imagine you put this in your office You run an intention to Be to have a lot of concentration you Know put this in your Workout room or wherever you do yoga or Something You run this to an intention to follow Through with that and to get your mind In the proper state To do yoga well so Uh that's the original idea with what we

Call An energetic grid so from your generator And the small To each pyramid And and really it's all like this too Right so i mean you can create an Energetic grid across your entire house To ward off negative energy To block negative energy negative Frequencies and That's the purpose that's what we came Up with is to you know Other people have so-called organ Pyramids i'm going to do a video on Those Those are not organized this is the only Organite In existence made by the inventor of Organized carl hans wells So what we're going to do so we came up With this idea You know we're seeing a bunch of fakers Running around and we came up with the Idea that We want to create something that that That you know real life force technology That takes things to the next level So we thought about creating an Energetic grid now something else you Can do So i you can put these around your house You can also if you're running just Operations on your generator and you Don't care about uh moving the pyramids

Around as much You know i keep my pyramids mostly next To my generator on my generator Uh the reason is they also function as An extra battery For your orgone generator so each of These You know by by being near the device Which is putting out oregon energy Constantly as As it's turned on um it will do uh It will they they basically function as An extra battery so this is absorbing The oregon energy coming out of the Device And uh and then now i have an extra well Of energy an extra battery to When i run an operation even if it's not You know related to Creating an energetic grid i now have Extra energy to draw on for that Operation So they're very useful um they're very Useful even uh Even if you don't put them in in Different locations and so So so we we originally made it with the Idea that you're going to put the small On the generator as the anchor to send To the rest but Since they're all linked in the Direction doesn't really matter what you Could do if you wanted You could take the

Take the large itself throw it on the Generator You know put these wherever you could Even put these on the generator as well You could put these on the generator as Well and then just carry this in your Pocket So now via the structural link it's kind Of like a pendant pair or like a power Booster with a pendant Um you carry this in your pocket and now You're linked to your generator's energy And the extra well of energy Created by the the organized pyramids So we've made it really flexible we've Made it simple to use and simple to Understand You know life force operations can Be a little confusing but this this is This is simple And um uh we think it's flexible we Think it'll bring positive energy into Your life We think they're very useful like i said I have probably 16 pyramids And um and we hope you'll give it a try We have a number of different types of Sets to account for different type of Budgets different needs so that's it This is the Four large one small organite pyramid Set Is a very powerful set large organized Pyramids

Dense uh high quality um Craftsmanship uh we we're really proud Of these We've been working on them for over a Year really perfecting them they'll be Beautiful for your home And or wherever you want to put them and They're also useful which is the most Important thing So this is the four large one small Organite pyramid set