Orgonite® Pyramid Set – 3 Medium + 1 Small – Product Demo

By | December 21, 2020

This video shows our 3 Medium + 1 Small Orgonite® Pyramid Set.

All of our Orgone pyramids are made of fine iron powder and high-quality, carbon-based epoxy. They are dark gray, sleek, have a metallic sheen, and are very dense. They look great while also being useful!

Our pyramids are made using the original recipe developed by the inventor of Orgonite® Karl Hans Welz.

We offer the only authentic Orgonite® pyramids available anywhere.

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In this video i'm going to show you our Three medium plus one small Organite pyramid set so i've got three Medium pyramids in our one small pyramid I'm gonna give you a basic overview of Of what it's for and how to use it So this is our least expensive pyramid Set it's our introductory set We tried to make sets at different Levels uh different price levels To uh so that so that a lot of people Could get them In this case you know we have our medium Pyramid and you can check out the Medium pyramid video if you want to see That but all of our pyramids are Made of extremely fine iron powder and High quality epoxy With orgonite you want an organic Material and an inorganic material In our case the iron powder is the Inorganic material and they have Carbon-based epoxy as their organic Material They're all very sleek they're all dark Gray they have a metallic shine as you Can see And they're very very dense so we Believe a pyramid You know this is probably the normal Size and i've got a big hand but This is probably the normal size that You see of most So-called orgone pyramids you know

Colorful ones but we believe this is Much better value because It does not have visible layers so the Layering of the organic and inorganic Material Is what we believe causes the Accumulation of orgone And when you see layers you see all of The layers that would possibly do that In this case because you don't see the Layers there are actually thousands and Thousands Of layers because the the iron powder And the epoxy has bonded so tightly Creating thousands of layers which we Believe is far superior For uh accumulating orgone all of our Pyramids are made using the original Recipe for orgone For orgonite developed by carl hans Welts who is the inventor of orgonite So you get the you get the original Recipe we've worked with a material Science phd to get the Composition down to get the look and the Feel down All of our pyramids have a nice felt Bottom that that sit Comfortably on anything going pyramids To the next level By creating a set so the purpose of this Set Is to link to a generator you don't have To have a generator to buy the pyramids

You can still get multiple pyramids Place them in different parts of your Home Have them accumulate uh positive oregon Uh And that will work what we really made These to do though Was to link with a generator and all of These pyramids come to you Structurally linked so they all have an Energetic connection with each other And then what we what we have in mind is This i'm gonna i've got a performer 2400 Hd here I'm going to turn it on there we go So what we really want to do here is all Of these are structurally linked and we Do that before we send them to you And you can link them unlink them but we Link all of them Before they come to you and this is the Anchor pyramid so what we do With every set there's a small the Purpose of the small Is to put on or next to the generator And then to place the rest of the Pyramids you know around your house so You could put One in your bedroom one in your office One in the living room you know they Look very nice you can you can Definitely show them to people And by structurally linking the pyramids This keeps each pyramid connected to the

Positive stream of orgone created by Your generator Okay so in essence we create an Energetic grid Of positive energy to ward off bad Energy So uh you know even if this is not in The same room or even the same physical Location as Uh you know one's an apartment one's in A house or an office You know even if this is not in the same Room as the generator it stays connected To the generator To restrict uh receive a positive stream Of orgone and you can send different Energy different intentions and Different frequencies To each pyramid if you wanted to so You know right here and it's a little Tough to see but so it's tough to see This right here but if i switched here You know a relaxation frequency I could do a i could set up a trend an Operation To send that frequency to this pyramid So maybe you put this in a room where You want to relax You send another frequency to another Pyramid in a room where you want to Sleep another one where you want to work Out another one where you want to be Focused on work So there's a lot of flexibility and i'm

Going to go over that in another video But the purpose of the set is really to Be linked with an orgone generator And uh and to create an energetic grid Around your house You know you can put one in your bedroom Wherever Um kids room uh living room like i said So uh workout room office so that's the That's the real purpose and that's That's where we think we've really made An improvement over Any you know there's a lot of Improvements over there we're going Pyramids and We will uh we will talk uh about i'll Talk about that more in another video But that's how you use it and so what You can do so you can keep this small One You can keep the anchor pyramid on the Device and have it Connected to the others right or if you Wanted to you know this is small enough To fit in your pocket So what you could do if you wanted to is This you could Because they're still linked right There's not the the link doesn't go in One direction So um you could put that on the pair you Could put that on the device You carry this in your pocket and then The other two uh

Would be you could just place another Room so there's a lot of flexibility Um and we think these are we think this Is flexible we think they're powerful And we're very very proud of them so This is the three medium One small organite pyramid set the Introductory set the least expensive It's a great value and we believe it can Bring a lot of positive energy into your Life