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By | October 11, 2022

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Welcome everyone Dr Thor here get ready For gnosis Now Let's talk about another important issue Here I mean we live in a world that we Must understand what this world is all About now we live in a fantasy world and Uh I don't know if my generation was the Last generation of fantasy worlds of Course my parents came from really kind Of tough neighborhoods they were able to Um move out of that thanks to uh Basically the Korean War and the boom That came after that and the great place America was and the basically from the Late 40s up to about 1980 uh where Everything started to change radically Uh because the increase particularly in Real estate prices without the increase In salaries But We have to fully understand of what is Really going on here and what's Happening in life but you know life Really has never changed but there Seemed to been some sort of delusional Reality from my parents generation and Because they were able to move in kind Of genteel circles and they got the low Middle class rewards and a lot of people Who were smart unlike my family were Able to make lots of money buying real Estate getting into businesses not Really working for corporations but if

You did you the prices of everything was Good cars five six thousand dollars Houses in Southern California were Talking about here 30 35 40 000. So and at the even the mediocre salaries Then everybody could afford things Pretty well just really uh how much Money you made you could get fancier Stuff fancy your cars fancier houses Etc Uh so there was a real stupidity in These basically Korean War type veteran People uh that were out there that lived In this pretty fake reality uh that was There after the Korean War of course you Know we couldn't wait too long after World War II to get into another world War that we lost again So uh as we uh have to understand that So but what is the world law the world Has really never changed and it never Will change because the basic principles And the caveman reality we live in the Fact that hoodlums run the world and Always has what do you think Genghis Khan was Uh I will go and bring civilization Through the rest of the world Was that right people that didn't even Bathe because they didn't want to go Near running water because that was evil So they never bathed and they just were Loaded with fleas and everything I guess That made them good Fighters because They must have been pretty pissed off

So his goal was to bring civilization of Course Genghis Khan who raided uh the Great libraries of the Middle East Particularly in what was then Um Iraq and they claim that the tiger Was the Tigers River there Um you could almost walk across it with All the Scrolls that he threw into the River No these are hoodlums they went to Civilized places Killed the people that made things Because they weakened themselves by Being productive So that these guys could come around and Rape and Rob and hold them hostage Ah is there anything different in the World today Is there anything different everything Because really the world is just run by A bunch of gangs you got a Russian gang You got an American gang you got European gangs and we go all around the World and they're basically gangs and a Lot of the gangs and other places run The gangs and other places So this is the way it works so there's Nothing new there and neither has it Ever been the great question is why is Man intrinsically evil and why is he Destroying his environment and Destroying his neighbors nobody sees any Value in working together for a unified Goal of higher belief systems and really

Uh judging a person or not even judging Person but giving a person the Possibilities to become a higher Spiritual person which is the only thing You can really take with you you can Collect all the gold you want when You're dead you're dead Now I've never seen that gold turn into Energy and go up with the dead person or As we should say go down with the dead Persons uh So I mean you have a very limited time Here and people want to collect all These toys that really are valueless After very momentary uh joy that having A possession gives you having a nice car Having this well yeah there's a certain Joy in that but it's also very momentary Just as so we everybody's so possessed With sexuality which is so momentary Again you can't take that with you So the bottom line is that only Spiritual empowerment can you take with You some we have to be careful of that But what do you do when you're here now Everybody is thumping on you if you're Different they don't want you to get Ahead in life they want you to be one of Their clones and if you stand up against Them they're going to try and destroy You And this is not only the people in power As the so many arguments I got into with So-called Authority pictures

Particularly the scum of the barrel the Worst stinkiest scum there is the Teachers But who enforces the teachers well Doesn't the administration protect Teachers I had teachers that were drug Addicts that had some sort of medical Condition I think a very bad back and he Was on pain pills the guy was a total Lunatic and they let him stay in a Classroom other people came out and made Political statements uh that had nothing To do with that class In a very sensitive time in the middle 70s people coming out against the war in Vietnam now that's not the issue Of going to a geography class 50 000 people died in that war to make Your comments there with people that had Relatives dead is the epitome of that But did the hippie dippy pot smoking uh High schoolers uh stand up to the [ __ ] teachers No I stood up And they attacked me the class members I expected that from the scum bucket Teachers But the whole idea is that this is the Reality that's going on in your world So but what is this real world really Come to really what does it really come Down to I mean you can really look at Childhood development you'll understand

How things progress in a very particular Manner now pretty much the first thing You ever get from society no matter what Is not the fact that oh I got this great Friend next door I met a friend at School and got together and played a Game we shared toys is that what you Remember Now you remember the punks that run the Schools that the impotent Administration But these punks are the people that Become going to the military they've Become police officers they become Politicians these kind of scum that are Based uh and coddled for all their lives In a system that should be crushing them Is ridiculous If you're a kid you're allowed to Assault Even close to murder another kid and you Get off with it what does that have to Do you know you're not supposed to do That These people should be put into children Prisons they should be rehabilitated This should never be tolerated Yet it is And constantly So the point is is the first thing You're going to learn in life is that You've got to of course if you don't Then you're going to be these scared Kids that run home all the time being Chased by the hoodlums

You learn That you are going to be physically Attacked and this seems to be okay with Society now I think anybody that Physically attacks another kid uh should Be immediately grabbed and put into Prison And rehabilitated If they can't be rehabilitated I don't Care whether they're eight or ten They should be executed They have broken society's laws they Have terrorized children that will never Get over this The bottom line is the first thing you Should do if you have children is you Got to make sure they learn how to fight Armed and unarmed how to use weapons how To use guns and of course your Martial Arts taught by a real instructor you can Find one that isn't I'll go take your Shoulders off and let's wear bathrobes Yeah I always fight with my shoes off And on a bathroom That's not fighting That's a business These people know nothing about and most Of these people are pretty wimpy to Begin with and most of them can be taken Out very very easily and of course They're so stupid it wouldn't be too Difficult that's not Warrior training That's exercise So the point is that everybody needs to

Do that but your children and yourself Should learn how to use weapons guns Knives clubs anything that is uh also Legal everything from stun guns to Anything else that you can carry legally Tear gas Etc and you gotta use these Things you don't keep them in your purse With a little thing like it's lipstick And then pull it out no you use it all The time weekly you'd be buying these Things constantly and learning how to Use them In a defensive posture so that you're Able to use these of what happens and There's specialized training that you do With this But nobody does that they'll get tear Gas or they used to have to get a little Permit for it and everything else Um that's not you're not going to run Into that you if someone attacks you You're going to be you're going to be Shaking like a leaf you're going to be Scared to death what you're trained in Proper military situations is to act With Instinct you don't think of fear You think of what you have to do And of course people that go to gun Ranges and stand there and shoot at Paper targets when everything is cool Baby that's not what you're going to be Into and most likely you're going to be Shaking like a leaf you're not going to Be able to hit anything particularly

Hold guns up that's not how life is So proper training is important but You've got to get down to the fact that It's either you your wife or anything Else I made sure I taught my wife how to Use pistols in a combat situation And that isn't holding in front of you Shooting at a paper Target Nonsense that's not how it works I'm not going to go into that training Right at this particular moment but the Point is is that's what you need to do And everybody should be armed and ready To use their weapons at an instant Notice and nobody is Your children need to be taught how to Do these things your children should be Know how to use weapons they should know How to use efficient weapons Guns shotguns And they should be using them on a Weekly basis so you keep honed into how To do these things I keep a gun in the Closet and then when something happens Well how do you use it All these things have to be done and Have to be done properly because that's The world we live in And it's never changed you CA there is No single pacifist society that has ever Been uh surviving anywhere in the world Unless they are tiny communities like The Amish and other ones who are Protected by the Greater Community

They certainly wouldn't have survived The Rampage of attiliva hun Um or all the other Invaders out there Now these are fake people living in a Fake World believing in a fake book Of course they would be goofball Germans So the whole idea is you know more Delusional Psychopaths uh bred from that Particular part of the country so the Whole idea is that we have all these Situations uh that we have to deal with Some well if that brings us to the point Of what do you do now the point is is That obviously we don't live in a world Now uh the only people who can get Revenge are Crooks corrupt officials and Of course the corrupt Police Department Which is there is no such thing as Please it's all corrupt So you can't go around shooting beating Hitting people period of course if you Have your own personal little gang or Organization well maybe you can put a Strong foot forward but that's for Another time and place But ultimately you can't take physical Action obviously you want to do things To protect yourself and most of the time And there are strong laws that pretty Much back you up for self-defense even In [ __ ] California which has bad gun Laws and everything else if somebody Enters your house you legally can kill Them home invasions you just kill them

That's a law it's legal So Um but of course you have to be careful And you don't want to really go around Beating people up stabbing them shooting Them Etc this is going to cause you Great problems and of course this is Always the question Um you don't want to lose your life Meaning your freedom and be convicted of A crime or even murder uh is going Against the fact of why you're Protecting when you're protecting Yourself so you can survive but Surviving in prison is not surviving so You have to be very careful Of course having a good support group Stops all of that so but that's again Another issue So the whole idea is that we're living In a whole new reality but it's not a Whole new reality Do you think the Romans survived because They were peace loving and had a great Society oh they they were armed well Armed well-disciplined Fighters and That's how they conquered a huge part of The world with a tiny Army and of course Who did they fight against the Mongols Genghis Khan the other ones what did They do well first of all these people Attacked their own people and took it Over Just because they were better Fighters

And because they were good with horses And Bows these were the tanks and the Machine Guns of their time so what they Did is they were able to put that Together and just take whatever they Wanted why work just take it from Somebody it's much easier than doing Anything else So and of course that's the nature of The world today it's all about taking The vicious evil strong who are well Armed take over everybody else who isn't So you couldn't disarm your military if You wanted to as much as I am not a Military supporter and that budget needs To be cut by probably 70 percent uh There's no um getting away from the fact That we have to have some sort of Military or somebody will just March in And kill everybody that's a fact of life So that puts you in a militaristic Organization whether you like it or not The Romans were smart enough to use all The people they conquered as their Soldiers and of course they did Everything right that's why they ran the World for 600 years Um and really were never conquered they Conquered themselves through infighting And Civil Wars uh certainly the Bubalicious so-called Invaders from Other parts of Europe certainly didn't Take the Romans in their Prime it's just Nonsense there was nothing left to Rome

When they came there So the whole idea is that all of the Things that go with that are part and Parcel of what is going on in the world So what does that mean now as a person Who is a radionic a radionic IST and Believe in the um Radionic Temple so to be this is your Basic belief system and what you follow As a tradition you have to understand There's two sides of everything in life It's not that you want to spend time Doing that but Justice is very important Justice and retribution is all what life Is about and along the longer you let Your enemies get away with it the Stronger they get in the more they will Victimize you So everybody needs to get into Using retribution and Justice energies Now we've come out recently with a new Kit which is a pretty effective little Tool we're going to be getting more into Radionically using these as well and There's many of these things coming out We don't have anything available to the Public at this time but those are all Access and patreon members will have a Chance to get more of the advanced tools As time comes we can only build so many Of these things and they should only go To at least people that are putting up The face of it being supportive So

As all of these things go you need to be Aware of that so you as a person need to Take active protection in your life now The greatest protection as the old Cliche goes the greatest uh defense is An offense you've got to keep your Enemies that will not stop attacking you As so many of these won't uh they're Dedicated to their evil ways unless you Are disrupting them as well you have to Attack them and it's not really Attacking that's why I use the term Justice and retribution The highest form of positive work is Attacking enemies getting rid of evil no It's not love and healing no it's Destroying evil And of course this has been taken out of You by a gutless garbage religions that Most of them preach this uh particularly The pseudo-christians who have murdered Millions and millions of people under The name of Jesus including the Inquisitions who tortured people Horribly to death just to steal their Possessions how christ-like So the whole idea is that all of this Kind of nonsense and of course due to That mythological story of course Peter Was a tax collector oh Is that how Jesus made his money So the whole idea is that all the stuff That goes with this stuff is uh just Nonsense but we have to get out there

And we have to make sure in your life That if someone is hassling you and I Don't care who it is and I don't even Care to a certain extent how minor it is If somebody's going to be throwing Negative energy at them you thump them You get your Justice tools out and you Make sure you're sending their energy Back to them and adding a little whipped Cream on top of that and you do this as A consistent practice not you should be Doing practices to protect yourself keep Your chakras open keep yourself on Cross But if you're gonna have enemies Attacking you all the time you're just Going to be sitting there wiping the Stuff off it's never gonna end you've Got to put up a shield and a shield is Not a force field that things bounce off Of that's only one part of a protection Understanding protection has to come From uh aggressively sending energy back Or sending known animes Disruptive energy so they are too busy In their conflicting life to bother with You One of the problems that I've noticed is That you know all of these people that Do attacks on someone evil people you Know they're very dedicated and they Don't stop You know you think you can protect Yourself and everything else and Protection works you know 98 of the time

About two percent of the time a little Bit of the goo gets through and that Kind of upsets the apple cart it usually If you're doing proper protections is Something that doesn't cause major Problems but you're going to have things That just don't work out why are the Energies negative around you well if You're having problems or maybe you got A little bit sick and the negative Energy comes in well it's going to Compound and make things worse How do you stop all this stuff well you Have to get out there and be proactive So you have to do a lot of offensive Work and go after known people so Anybody who's sending negative energies To you is part and parcel of what's Going on So you have to be active there is no Such thing as sitting in a castle and Defending yourself From what I understand there's never Been a single historical bunker that Hasn't been penetrated certainly not in Medieval times all castles can be taken Down over time even if you're just Starving the people out and they run out Of water and food you still can't stay In there So ultimately castle sieges and other Things were stopped by the people inside Coming out and fighting the people who Were besieging them

It's as simple as that So this is part of life and things that We have to learn so you have to have a Warrior mentality not only do you have To be prepared for physical combat and For protection of yourself and your Family but you have to be energetically In the same type of mode so if you don't Have some sort of justice and Retribution tools uh you are at a Disadvantage and secondly you got to use These this is a high art now there's Always been the case and this has been Something going around circles you know A lot of this started in the 80s and 90s Uh with uh Wicca in particular who was Kind of kind of got screwy different Belief systems in terms of uh the way They think but you know weekends you Claim that you know the three four Whatever you send back you get threefold Uh and all of this tended to be the most Aggressive nasty people out there and Would do most of the cursing and of Course people that go into alternative Practices particularly magical things Are kind of bent people they're Different and this is good and bad uh But the point is they're easily Corrupted and they're seeking power uh For the sake of power and anybody that Steps uh in their way or anyone they Want to get after they go after plain And simple so

Um this is uh but What you send out you get back and this Was the whole idea of oh it's gonna Bounce if I send out this energy first Of all that's uh misinterpretation like So many things in life are So Um so if you were to kill a mass Murderer a dictator or save somebody on The street maybe you had a maybe you had To show them Pulled a knife on somebody was stabbing That person So you happen to be armed so you shot Him You get negative energy back Is that bad Well in my mind you get a huge bolt of White empowering light to you because You just taken out a scum bucket and you Just eradicated them You have to be careful about Frontier Justice because Um you got to make sure you're in the Ride and this can be very difficult So but let's keep it simple the bottom Line is that this is so there's no the Only time energy people are always Worried about energy coming back on them Because this is what you've been Brainwashed particularly by a weak need Cowardice Church who wants your money But they don't want anything of it and They want their balls of perverse evil

Deviants that are pretty much in all Church systems uh to run things and what They want to do is keep you impotent That's why the Romans started the Christian religion because it told you To give and forget bend over So the whole idea is that that's how it Was set up to do to control the Frontiers which they were having trouble With mostly because of their own Corruption again but that's another Story and a lot of bad decisions like All these people do but the whole idea Is that Um this was the reality of moving into That and it just suited everybody's Purpose and of course the Romans figured Out well you know our Gods really didn't Do much for us let's get a God in there That other people can bow to us for But let's not forget the Romans of Course did animal sacrifices and magical Rituals you don't hear about that or They don't talk about this before they Went into battle and everything else so They were empowering themselves Magically as well as doing Um military operations Uh which they're basically unbeatable uh Tricked But the whole idea is that uh all of That that goes into that is part of the Reality that we have to face um this is Part of it so if you're working on

Bringing Prosperity yourself and you're Working on keeping yourself well and Protecting yourself well you're ignoring The fact that you know A couple of miles away a tidal wave is Coming And you feel gray and you get your Windows nailed down oh I'm protected Yeah until the wave hits and it knocks You out you can't live like that you Have to be actively when you know There's a threat you do something about It And of course there's always a threat And you always have to be working in This area so anybody that gives you a Hard time whether it's the waitress uh The uh checkout person uh your teacher Uh your neighbor you thump them Now hopefully you're working from a Hypnostic reality meaning you're working From higher Consciousness not because You're jealous or uh you've over or it's Your fault you know You're doing something terrible on your Property and the neighbor complains so You say oh he's complaining well you Shouldn't have been doing that he had Right to complain it's hard to think Like that so think about what you're Doing and think about uh how you're Doing it as well before you just Willy-nilly attack someone But the whole idea is that the more you

Attack people give you problems you're Pushing their energy back you're sending Back their energies what does that mean Well two things happen there first of All it's a huge protective element it Means you're lessening your cross Condition The negative energies that are thrown on You are not surrounding you you're Pushing them back just by the fact of Using aggressive attack methods The other thing that happens is those Bad people get some of their negative Energy back if everybody got their Negative energy back they're putting out Maybe and of course this is always a Problem with any kind of Justice rituals Is nobody really learns the only thing They learn is when their name is on a Tombstone and they're taking a dirt nap That's pretty much how most people learn That are bad people they keep going on Getting away with it so that's the only Thing they understand but the bottom Line is is that when you're protecting Yourself and sending back their negative Energy uh they get hit with it so Hopefully they wake up or they figure oh Well you know I I you know I get bad Energy when I do bad things so maybe I Shouldn't do bad things to that guy I'll Do it to this guy which who's unarmed Helpless and being easily affected So this is something that happens all

The time that people have to be aware of So the issue of having energies come Back upon you because you're doing Something wrong is a total Misunderstanding of what's going on to Begin with if you feel that way then you Shouldn't do these things because you Will psychically draw negative energy Back on you if you think that way you Only do something when you're a hundred Percent sure that you're in the right Plain and simple did that person deserve That so when you're 100 on the right Then you do it and it's always good not To do things too hot-headedly So if it's someone you know think about It for a few days and make sure if it's Just a random person but you know I've Got to the point now that you know Someone sends me a nasty email or leaves A bad comment I write your little name Down and you go on my Justice altar you Got negative energy and I wouldn't Really give a damn what happens to you Anyway but the nerve of you to send that To me is insulting and it is an attack That everybody should do that the more You keep sending it back the less Crossed you will become the more energy You take in now if you've got 10 20 People sending you even minor negative Energy and this could be you know Comments on YouTube or emails or Whatever you're getting into or whoever

Is sending you this energy and there's a Multiple well this is an attack and if You have enough it's a strong one guess What happens this is where cross Conditions come from So obviously you want to try and stay Out of this the best way to stay away From bad people Well on this planet where do you go Everybody's bad to a degree So most likely your family is thumping On you all the time and that doesn't Mean that you can't thump them as well If you have a negative family member Will you make sure you send the energy Back to them as well whether it's Mommy Daddy sister brother uncle whatever get Them out of your life and in the Meantime thump them It's a plain and simple so this is how Life is and this is how things go and The more you allow yourself to be Victimized the more trouble you're going To have now as I said if you have some And this is built into a lot of people I've heard this for years and years uh That you're going to get something back As I said this was traditionally taught Within magical circles uh that was very Popular because the major type of magic In the 80s and 90s was some sort of Wiccant religion that was out there for A while which is nature religion that's Supposed to be balanced of course none

Of the people in those movements are Balanced uh matter of fact usually They're very unbalanced and they're in There for power and greed But you used to hear that all the time This pseudo preaching So Wiccan organizations wouldn't even Take my ads the circle news which was a Big paper I guess their pride I don't Know if they're still out there or not I Don't take your ads you you you you too Dirk I'm dark So yeah well you're just a coward so all Of these things were a particular Problem and they didn't like uh the Organization back in the 90s Um so the point is these are weak need People and they were the first ones when They're criticized to attack everybody Really very quickly and easily very Vindictive very nasty they turned on Their own people Etc all this stuff uh Is part and parcel of what's going on so Uh so we go with all that stuff and what Does that that mean so you make sure You're 100 right if you need to think About it for a while do that once you Have committed to the process you never Turn back and you never doubt that's Where you draw psychic energies back Onto yourself for Spiritual energies you Curse yourself can you feel bad I Shouldn't have done that you know the Problem with this world is not that we

Don't have enough love in this world This has always been the reality out There which is Um oh you hear this from the pundits It's it's so fashionable oh when it is Love love You know and all these [ __ ] songs That we've heard for years And of course everybody says well you Need more loving life well I'm not sure What that means but we certainly have Plenty of love I mean people love Everything they love their pets you know The stupidest people I love my country Oh you love a political system Unbelievable so the whole idea is that You love this I love pizza I love beer I Love bourbon so the whole idea is what Does all that mean and we throw her in That love uh tonight what is all these T-shirts with the heart on it I love New York you love New York well you really Messed up but the point is whatever city That is you you you are you are stoned Dude or should be uh so the whole idea Is that you love something so I mean we Love everything people love all the time And of course people love their own They'll go out and murder rape and Rob Everybody else and they've done this but Then they come home to their family oh We love you you know it's amazing all These people uh who were torturers Murderers even up to this day of course

They all went home to their families at Night after they were torturing and Murdering people that were not their Families oh I love them You are scum My family is good you know just like the Uh and I always give this an example of The gypsies the gypsies of course uh Will steal and do anything possible to Non-gypsies but don't do it to a gypsy You'll be in trouble they'll hang you You'll disappear they'll kill you But they have no problem doing Everything to everybody else but their Own Clique and their own people they Don't so again they love their own they Don't do it with anybody else this is The kind of world we live in so it's not About not having love the problem is is That people who are problems are never Eradicated and this has happened right Now they Romans held the world for 600 Years because they eradicated their Enemies they go in and kill an entire City of people so they didn't have Babies and women to come after them Later they didn't have any arguments Over who owned the land all of that was Done I always tell people you know the Opening of the famous Godfather movie ah Really shows it now in the opening of That they saw was it Corleone I don't Haven't watched it in many many years

Um but the bottom line is that Um I think it's corioni who uh kills uh Who they killed his father or something And he went away to America or something And the wise old the person said hey Don't let him get away He will come back and get you And that's exactly what happened because You left one of them a lot This is how life is in general so if you Don't have that type of a policy then You're going to have the same enemies Cause the same problems they always had And pretty much if you look at history You can look at the realities of the Different problems we've had through the Last few hundred years and it's the same People causing all the same problems Even within five to ten years after a First problem where millions of people Were died like World War one because That wasn't handled properly So this is the way everything goes in The reality so uh so nothing is ever Finished so the point is is that you Have to and these aren't negative energy These are white light positive Constructive energy If you eliminate a Toxin it's picking up trash bad it's Getting rid of toxic chemicals properly Is that bad well you're destroying them You're hurting the bad chemical this is Going to bring something back on you You're destroying

No What kind of idiot thinks like that well What idiot thinks like that is a church That wants to make you weak and Dependent upon them and uh who Internally is some of the nastiest scum On the planet so the whole idea is when You do stuff like that and you get rid Of uh negative people chemicals whatever You're doing high level positive work And now if everybody did this the world Would change but nobody does this and as He said the nerve is is that everyone's Been brainwashed that this is a negative Reality and that you shouldn't be doing That And it's amazing how people draw lines Of what is a combatant and a Non-combatant and I did a little lecture On that which I removed because it's way Too advanced for most people but the Bottom line is there are no Non-combatants In life so the whole idea is you have to Get out there and take care of yourself And make sure those people who are Pushing their negative energies on you And the rest of this so they're just not Victimizing you they're just not sending You garbage they are sending everybody Garbage and they are attacking everybody And they're causing great negativity and The negativity they cause maybe somebody You run into who gives you negativity

Because they're being victimized by this Person now the only way to stop this Visual circle is to make sure that Everybody gets back what they said Good people you help bad people you step On you thump them That's how life is And there's no mercy in thumping you do Whatever is necessary uh to eliminate Them from your particular reality in a Proper way that's what using magic and Metaphysics and Technologies are all About It's physically doing these things is Going to get you in Greater trouble Unless you're Defending Your Life your Families or someone else's and you have To be very careful there So but it's an attitude in life what's Your attitude So We need to keep this fully understood Everybody needs to understood that there Is no negativity from going after bad People you get nothing but positive Energy back from that we have to be now If you're doing something wrong and you Feel you're doing it something wrong Then you shouldn't be doing it and you Know everybody knows what's wrong or Right you may be jealous for someone you May not like them for a jealousy reason You know that Everybody knows it's right or wrong it

Seems to be intrinsically built into the Human characteristics but it's something That nobody follows nobody pays Attention what's right or wrong but they Know what's right or wrong And no matter where it is People have their right or wrong belief Systems which generally come down to Very simplistic understandings of life It's amazing how in prisons they have Their own little codes of conduct Which are basically based on the regular Codes of society of the society that put Them away in prison is the kind of codes That they follow in prison with a few Variances it just amazes me or wherever You're at But there is no such thing as a defense That will protect you you can't stay in Your Castle you have to come out and you Have to fight those who are besieging Your Castle directly And not just think you're going to build A stronger and stronger castle that will With strong more and more would stand More and more attacks it just doesn't Work like that nor is it effective to Keep you uncrossed so part of uncrossing And keeping yourself on crosses to get Rid of that negativity what do you do With that negativity you send it back to The people who are sending it to you and We're going to go into this with more Details and practical techniques and so

Forth in the future as well and we do a Lot of this stuff on all access and of Course even patreon so uh the Real Techniques and other things are given to Those people who guess what support the Good people and are willing to be in a Participant in a better world in a Better place and you do this by joining Patreon and joining all access Supporting this organization so we can Develop these to higher levels produce Proper products for everybody or at Least for a select few and start Changing our own little world you can Change the world if everybody got Together to do what is very Straightforward and stop their own Personal Corruptions and took care of Bad people the world would change very Easily the point is is that people love Corruption they love to be part of the Gang and that's the bad gang And that's the way the world is and the Way to counter that is to constantly be Seeking your own personal judgment in a Balanced Gnostic Viewpoint and your life Will be balanced and work well With that until next time