Orgone Pyramids – Common Questions Answered

By | December 29, 2020

In this video, we answer some of the most common questions we get about Orgone pyramids.

Topics covered include:

•What is an Orgone pyramid?
•What is an Orgonite® pyramid?
•What is an Orgonite® pyramid made of?
•How do Orgone pyramids work? How does an Orgonite® pyramid work?
•What do Orgone pyramids do? What are Orgone pyramids used for?
•Do Orgone pyramids work?
•How do you use an Orgone pyramid?
•Where do you put an Orgonite® pyramid?
•How to charge an Orgone pyramid
•How to cleanse an Orgone pyramid

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Hey everybody this is dave from and in this video I'm going to provide a basic overview And tutorial about our orgonite pyramids We get a lot of questions asked about Orgone pyramid so i'm going to go Through a lot of those questions and Provide answers Some of the questions are phrased a Little bit differently so i'm just going To go one by one but they're all getting You know they're getting at the same Topic so i'm just going to go through Each Bucket of questions and provide an Answer i'm going to shoot a second video That's going to be a more advanced Tutorial on how to most effectively Use our orgonite pyramids by themselves With a generator And i'm going to go in depth on features And functionality so that you can get The most out of your pyramids But in this video i'm going to cover Some of the basic high level questions Just to uh To give a background and an overview so Let's get started A first question uh which is very basic Uh what is an orgone pyramid What is an orgonite pyramid so online You see a lot of colorful ornate Pyramids being sold Um some have gemstones some have a

Little bit of metal And uh and and combined with resin Those are orgone pyramids or supposedly Oregon pyramids And the purpose of an orgone pyramid Overall is to attract Uh life energy uh basically acts as An orgone accumulator pyramid you could Call it that An orgone energy pyramid so that's uh Supposedly the purpose of all Oregon pyramids we believe our our Pyramids are Our real orgone pyramids we believe They're the best oregon pyramids Um because we believe they're the most Effective at Uh attracting and accumulating universal Life energy Chi prana orgone all those things are The The same thing now our pyramids are made Of orgonite And we have the only authentic organite Pyramids for sale anywhere on the Internet Orgonite only comes from one place we Work with the inventor of orgonite and The inventor of the orgone generator Carl welts so we have the only authentic Organite pyramids Available anywhere you can only get them From our site so the difference between An orgone pyramid and orgonite pyramid

Is you know an orgonite our organite Pyramids are orgone pyramids because we Believe they're so effective At attracting orgone but another orgone Pyramid Uh is not an organite pyramid does that Make sense so what Are orgone pyramids made of and what is An organite pyramid made of So orgone pyramids as i mentioned they Can have you know around the internet There's a lot of different types Some have metals some have gemstones Crystals uh and and they're made of Resin and i'm gonna have another video Where i do a comparison between ours and And some of the other ones that you can You can see um our pyramids are organite Pyramids So organite is a combination of Organic and inorganic material so for The organic material we use high quality Carbon based epoxy For the inorganic material we use very Very fine iron powder Our pyramids are dark gray they have a Shiny metallic sheen which you can see They're extremely dense very dense And they have no visible layers which is Important i'm going to talk about that Later We use the same recipe developed by carl Uh Over the past 20 years so this is this

Is 100 Authentic organite And we've worked uh this year with a Material science phd To perfect the look the feel and the Composition of the pyramids and so we've Got the different sizes you can see So you can get this small so here's a Small Medium large and giant and we sell them Individually and we sell them in sets We use the highest quality materials Carl has searched the world over the Last 20 plus years to to find the best Materials for this and we believe that Uh That that we found them and that's what We use in our pyramids So how do orgone pyramids actually work Uh how does an organized pyramid work Well as you can see on our pyramids Shiny metallic and there's no Visible layers this is just smooth it Gets a little hand marked that'll wipe Off That's all because we use so much iron Powder also we got a felt bottom so it Sits Really uh softly on top of anything but Layers the layering of organic and Inorganic material that is what is Believed To attract and accumulate life energy

From the surrounding area Um when you see pyramids uh So-called orgone pyramids that have Visible layers Of you know metal color you know Gemstone Those because they're such few layers we Believe they're much much less effective If they work at all at attracting organ Energy from the surrounding area In our case um so in essence if you see Visible layers That is not an effective uh at Attracting orgone Because the interplay the dynamic Between the organic and the inorganic Material That is what we believe attracts orgone So In our case because there are no visible Layers what that means is that the The iron powder and the epoxy the Organic and inorganic material is so Tightly bound that it's creating in Essence Thousands and thousands of of invisible Layers And that's why we believe our pyramids Are so effective at attracting orgone You know even our smaller pyramid even Our small pyramid This is worth much more we believe in Terms of attracting organ energy This is worth much much more than a

A much larger pyramid with visible Layers Because this is dense and tightly packed Very dense and tightly packed No visible layers so it would take a you Know a pyramid with visible layers would Have to be much much much larger To to do you know to attract Orgone at all so that that's part of the Value of our pyramids is that You can get something you know at a Similar price And uh at a similar size but it's going To be much much more powerful Because of the interplay of the organic And inorganic material with all of these Layers And the goal of our pyramids is to not Only look great But also be useful so these i mean you Can see them they're sleek they're dark Gray you could place this As home decor you know you could place This in your house not tell anyone what It is And it's still going you know it'll look Great and we believe it'll be useful as Well So what do orgone pyramids do what does An organite pyramid do What are orgone pyramids used for so in Essence as i mentioned they're used to Attract Life energy from the surrounding area uh

Preferably positive life energy though That's not always the case and i'll talk About that more in another video But i'll also talk about in this video So the goal is to attract positive life Energy And then uh spread it to the surrounding Area so This is in essence you know and i say When connected to a generator You want this to be filled with positive Life energy And then it will spread it kind of like A lamp spreads light It'll it'll spread it around the room And then you get reaped the benefits of You know additional positive life energy However our pyramids you know in any Pyramid that attracts orgone there's Positive life energy and there's Negative life energy there's positive Organ and there's negative organ It's possible for a piece of organite to Attract negative energy as well you want To avoid that And if it does happen then you want to Clean the orgonite and i'll talk about That later But the overall purpose is to attract And accumulate positive life energy And pass on the benefits of that Positive life energy To the surrounding area to your family To your pets to your home

Now do orgone pyramids work do organite Pyramids work As i mentioned some so-called orgone Pyramids we don't believe don't work at All Or they work very very minimally do our Orgonite pyramids work we believe yes we Believe this is the most effective Substance that's been found To accumulate life energy and we believe These will pass on The life energy whichever type you know Preferably positive We'll pass it on to the surrounding area Into people so the benefits Of an organized pyramid is that you will Have an excess of life energy that's Been accumulated And it'll be focused in one spot when People have more life energy they You know we get people telling us that They sleep better that they're The energy in their house is better that Um That they're more relaxed that they're Calmer that the The the the room is livened up and those Are just some of the benefits um I would suggest on our website go and Look to reviews both for the pyramids And the generators and you'll see a lot Of uh A lot of uh really positive feedback From people who

Who uh who love the products that they Have now we get a lot of questions on How to use an orgone pyramid Where to put an organite pyramid uh you Know where do you where do you place an Orgonite pyramid And that's a really good question and That's what i'm going to really dive Deep into in the second video But what i'll say is this um you can Place this in any room in the house like I said they look really good Uh if they're just by themselves you Know we recommend placing them In a place that's uh you know you could Place it next to a plant A plant like all living things a plant Is an orgone generator itself you know a Human is an organ generator Your dog is an orgone generator any Living thing generates life energy So when you put the the uh the organite Pyramid next to Some like a living thing like a plant or You put it in a Natural place like a garden or near a Stream You know positive orgone is is about Movement It's about flow so when you put one of These pyramids Uh next to that it will accumulate life Energy from that flow from From that living thing and and fill up

Like a battery Like a battery or like a a tank like a Gas tank for uh A positive positive organ so you can Place these You know we recommend placing these in a More positive environment in your house You know in your house or in your garden Um on your property there's a lot of Places that you can put them Now we think the best way to use our Pyramids so we sell them individually But we also sell them in sets so this is For instance You know our sets come with a small Anchor pyramid That uh let you let me move this Trying to make it look nice so our Our pyramids come with small anchor Pyramids with a set so this is a three Large set With one uh small this is a four or Excuse me a three giant set with one Small This is a four uh large set which would Have one small Um uh that would be you know i've got a Medium and two more that's a three Medium set with one small So we did uh we made our pyramid sets to Be preferably linked with an orgone Generator We believe you know people ask how do You charge an orgone pyramid

We believe the best way to do that is to [Music] Late have a set and keep it near your Generator And our sets come structurally linked And i'll talk about that in the second Video But in essence the best way that we Believe to charge an organ pyramid Is to uh is to link it with your Generator So that the you know the generator which We believe actually generates Uh orgone energy versus just Accumulating it meanwhile the organite Pyramid Uh accumulates uh positive orgone so the Generator is producing positive orgone The pyramids are accumulating the the Orgone from the generator We believe that's these generators are More powerful and efficient than say a Plant now maybe if you're in a forest Okay that could be you know deep in a Jungle with tons of life just swirling Around Okay that's probably a pretty high orgo In place but for most people You know in our modern society this Generator is the easiest way to produce Orgone quickly Quickly and directly so the best way to Charge an organ pyramid in our opinion You know you can put it next to a plant

And um or you know in a stream But linked to your generator near your Generator are structurally linked to Your generator So all the pyramids can uh can Accumulate the The orgone produced by the generator and We also get the question you know If an organite pyramid accumulates uh Negative orgone how do you cleanse how How how do you cleanse an orgonite Pyramid well if the generator is Producing a continuous stream of Positive orgone That is getting the negative orgone out That is replacing it So when people ask how to use an orgone Pyramid Or where to you know where to put an Organic pyramid where to place an Organized pyramid We believe the best way to use it is With a generator and Then you can keep your pyramids near the Generator like it is right now Or because they're structurally linked You got the set if you get a pyramid set It'll be structurally linked to your Generator and then you can place Organite pyramids all over your house And they're going to continuously Receive a stream of orgone Uh no matter where they are as long as They're linked to your generator

Then i like to call that like an or an Organized lamp you know this almost Becomes a lamp because it's got a Continuous stream of orgone And then it's just pulsing out that uh That positive organ to the surrounding Area Uh continuously 24 7. you can keep the Generators on 24 7. that's what we do I mean i have not turned this thing i Have not turned most of my generators Off in Almost a year and most people i mean you Can really keep these on 24 7 and they Last for years Um so we believe that's the best way to Use an orgonite pyramid Is structurally linked with your Generator next to your generator You know in conjunction with an orgone Generator and you'll get the benefits of The generator and you'll get the Benefits of the organite as well Um so that's a basic overview those are Those the questions Um you know just what is an organize What is an organized pyramid How to use it those are the basic Questions that we often get i hope this Was useful Uh keep an eye out for uh the second Video where i go in depth on how to use Our pyramid sets and our pyramids With our generators it's going to be a

More advanced tutorial but I think it'll be very useful